Burned to the ground

| 15/03/2009

(CNS): A 76-year old house on Cayman Brac was destroyed by fire Saturday night. Two adults and a baby who were inside the house when the fire started escaped out of a back window and are unhurt. The old home of Captain Edward and Mary Foster, built in 1933 in The Rock area and now owned by their descendents, contained much of the original furniture, as well as family photographs, artifacts and jewelry. Nola Bodden said that among the family treasures in her grandparents home were the baby clothes of her father, the late Nolan Foster.

However, she said she was relieved that the occupants were safe, though they had lost all their possessions, including important documents. Three cars in the yard of the house were also destroyed.

Faith Foster, who lives close by, said her daughter heard what sounded like a gunshot at around 11:15 pm Saturday, which alerted them to the fire. “The flames were huge,” she said, adding that people had said they could see them from the Coral Isle Club on the south side of the Brac. Hearing screams from the direction of the house, her husband, Eddie, and their son went through the bushes to the burning house to rescue the three occupants, who had managed to climb out of a back window but were then cut off from the road, she said.

The Fire Service apparently arrived approximately 11:30. On the scene Sunday were officers from the Brac station and an officer from Grand Cayman investigating the fire. No official reports have been released at this point.


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  1. anoymous says:

    thanks guys iam proud of  you for being there protecting the public well done job for only three of you i dont know your names

  2. noel tari says:

    to cayman brac fire chief  mr.bryan you can be very proud of your firefighters  with having to deal with the fire on saturday night.

    i am a vistor to the island and was just taking a late night drive when the fireengine came around the  curve so i decided to follow to see what had happen and it was not pretty  the three firefighters that  arrived  should  be commened highly  for being soooo brave as tackle the fire  with three burning cars also a house well done guys i will can sleep on the brac comfortable because of the fireservice there to protect the community.


    noel   taris

  3. Anonymous says:

    the fire chief can be very proud of the first three firefighters that arrive at the fire because they did a marvelous job

  4. junior dilbert says:

    I moved to the Stake Bay area in Nov. and incredibly this is the second home that has burned down very close to where i live since Ive been here. Thank God that in this case no one was hurt. This must be very devastating for the occupants at this time to lose all of their belongings  including their cars, especially after the devastating Paloma. My heart goes out to them, but I do know that the community will join forces to help out these people.