Anglin invited to cross floor

| 19/03/2009

(CNS): The debate on the Education Modernisation Bill took an interesting turn on Wednesday, when the Minister for Education, Alden McLaughlin, who tabled the new legislation, invited his opposite number Rolston Anglin to cross the political floor and join the People’s Progressive Movement (PPM). Concerned that his legislative peer could be lost to the political wilderness on the opposition benches, McLaughlin said he did not wish to see Anglin waste his best years.

As a result of his, albeit qualified, support of the new education law, the minister said that the second elected member for West Bay’s support for the bill was important as he considered Anglin the most progressive member of the opposition benches.

“I would have been concerned if he did not support this bill as I know he has an abiding concern for young people. Quite often his views accord with those of this government and the question is often asked by many why he is not on this side of the House. I value his contribution and I believe he has much to offer this country,” McLaughlin said with a wry smile.

Inviting him to step across the floor in order to develop and achieve his future, full potential, McLaughlin said Anglin might want to consider changing his current party allegiance with the UDP for the sake of his political career. “I would not want to see him spend the best years of his life wandering in the political wilderness, ensconced for eternity on the back benches,” McLaughlin added.

Not surprisingly, when asked by CNS during an adjournment of the House proceedings how he felt about the invitation, Anglin said the PPM was clearly in trouble and confirmed his own continued membership of the United Democratic Party. “I am where I am,” he said taking the minister’s invitation in jest, but not actually saying outright that he would not cross the floor. However, Anglin did say he was confident that the UDP would beat the PPM at the forth coming general elections in May.

Anglin also noted that his support for the new education bill was not as enthusiastic as the minister would suggest and he still had concerns about a number of issues. He said he felt the legislation may well be the bones for the future of education but the meat was yet to come, which would  be in the regulations, he said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rolston is too pompous and disrespectful!!! he is just riding on the tale coat of McKeeva.

    McKeeva might be what he is , but, we know what his motives and he believe in human rights and everybody must eat….. every government complains, and they are always saying what they will do when they get into the house if elected, and they end up being just like the first group; truly I just wish there was a group of politian’s who got into the house for the benefit of THIS COUNTRY AND NOT THEIR POCKETS!!!!

    That’s for Alden I wonder how many stupid high schools he can build??? here’s a thought why don’t he build a Trade school in Frank Sound, not everyone is good with words for example a LAWYER = LIAR…..but they are good with there hands and they can make things or repair anything, but because they dont have a piece of paper they cant make $25.00 an hour, they resort to accepting $5.50 per hour



    • Anonymous says:

      You levae Rollie alone.

      "McKeeva might be what he is , but, weknow what his motives and he believe in human rights". 

      Oh really?! How do you know what his motives are? When did he declare his support for human rights?! 

      "That’s for Alden I wonder how many stupid high schools he can build??? here’s a thought why don’t he build a Trade school in Frank Sound, not everyone is good with words for example a LAWYER = LIAR"

      How ignorant can you be. You have only shown the poor quality of supporter McKeeva has.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, Hush. Mac has been returned to office time and time again. Why? Because he represents his district..always….If theire is a death, birth, argument, crime, domestic dispute, or just a citizen trying to cut through red tape, He is there, Rolston is there, CG and Eugene are there. Always…They KNOW their constituents by name and address. They are our representatives because we hold them accountable. They grieve with us, celebrate with us , and hold our loved ones hand when they are dying.  They cry with us when our kids are lost to drugs…and they make sure that were are safe in hurricanes. and after .Yes, the team has made mistakes, of course..Who among us hasn’t? But I know that their heart is for this country….It’s not easy.  Mac has been in power in West Bay a long time…More mistakes to rack up, but more accomplishments as well…Name the Best accomplishment for this country ober the last four years…Really… Think hard and long and express why you thing that we should or should not elect our choices…I can defend our West Bay reps. with a clear conscience..By the way…Cline Glidden, Jr. is a role model for any child. Never have I met a more gracious, and courteous Caymanian gentleman.

  2. Anonymous says:

    PPM has put this country into a black hole or should we coin that as "RED HOLE" (hence the colour of their party) where all revenues coming in are now being sucked into that hole.

    I am all for the PPM leaving the house and the yard. They could/should be sent to Exile Island for what they have done to this country in four short years. How could one Government make such a mess of things

    But, the lord giveith and the LORD takeith away – They should have stayed out of the barrooms and spent more time in the boardrooms.


  3. PPM Member! says:

    Come on over Rolston and join a real party system. In the PPM you will be able to make decisions, because we included everyone. It is not a one man show over here!!!

    You are a smart man don’t let Mac hold you back!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      "You are a smart man don’t let Mac hold you back!!!"

      That’s true. Rollie is easily the smartest of the current UDP crop but he will have to kowtow to Little Mac.

    • Elizabeth Nigel says:

      Dear PPM Member:

      Rolston Anglin will not be going anywhere! He is a founding and dedicated member of the UDP. He is not wasting his talents at all…..on the contrary, they are flourishing greatly by the day and becoming more fruitful as he uses them wisely! He is Deputy Leader and understands the true meaning of unity for the greater cause of the country.

       "It is not a one man show over here" – You are right as your party has shown us that you all have no leadership within the party or in our government. Your members are allowed to do as they please without any accountability to anyone, not even to you as constituents and their followers.

      "You are a smart man don’t let Mac hold you back" – It is not Mac that has held anyone back but more along the lines of Kurt , Alden, and Chuckie holding this ENTIRE country back by their lack of governance.

      And for the love of God…..will you people please get over this status grant situation! It happened, yes! McKeeva did it, yes! Now move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From what I can gather from this whole situation is that, McKeeva accomplished so much greatness for this country that you all have nothing else to fault him for! I think that’s a great record for him and the UDP team! What you all need to be focusing on this election is no longer the status grants, as that is sooo last election, but the state of this country now. What about your cost of living, your jobs, your children’s future??? Think about it… was all this 4 years ago?? I believe it was very good and everyone was reaping the benefits and a piece of the pie….which is why you could focus so much on the status grant issue. However, today is a different story……….no body is prospering, rich and poor alike, nobody is reaping any benefits, you may not have a job month…next year and not be able to pay your bills, feed your children, school them, etc. So please, stop wating your time on this past event and worry about today’s and tomorrow’s serious situation!


      • Anonymous says:

        "And for the love of God…..will you people please get over this status grant situation! It happened, yes! McKeeva did it, yes! Now move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From what I can gather from this whole situation is that, McKeeva accomplished so much greatness for this country that you all have nothing else to fault him for"

        Sorry Elizabeth Nigel this is still relevant for two reasons:

        1. It will continue to affect us for generations. It is what has added a strain to our infrastructure as all of a sudden lots of people who were not entitled to be here now are. It has given away our birthright.

        2. The UDP has never acknowledged that it erred and apologised to the people. Instead they have tried to justify it. This means that they are apt to do something equally insane again. 

        You clearly have not been reading the posts if you believe that is the only issue.  The whole UDP style of governance is dictatorial, petty and vindictive. There simply isn’t space here.    


        • Anonymous says:

          Stop about the status grant s…we now have 26,000 permit holders, many are asians, who are already expecting Caymanian children. by your husbands..I for one recommended a woman for staus, who had been here 15 years, working for dirt wages, and I mean dirt wages, taking care of a very prominent family. She is God fearing, bought a small home that a Caymanian was trying to sell for over a year, and therefore stimulated the economy so that the Caymanian girl was able to buy a nicer home, therefore spreading $ to constructon, suppliers, duty, etc. She is taking a job from NO ONE. She babysits, ocassionally, shops, improves her modest home with things from Kirk Home Centre , etc, and keeps to herself. And goes to Church. She is a model citizen and I am glad that she is here. Perhaps she can be a role model for us and our children….And as far as the writer is alleging vindictiveness, there has never been a more vindicttive person than Chuckie Clifford. Ask any of the families affected, including his own. His influence is not merely petty, it’s devastating.

          • Anonymous says:

            WE WILL NOT STOP ABOUT THE STATUS GRANTS! When the UDP and Mr. Bush in particular has admitted they were wrong and apologise to the country then we will think about it. Until then we have to expect that they would do something else equally insane if given the chance. 

            And please enough about what great reps Big Mac and the three small fries have been. The three just slide in on Mac’s coattails. One is perfectly useless and simply taking up space when a competent individual should be there. We know why certain Bayers vote for them and it has got nothing to do with the great quality of their representation. They have introduced a welfare mentality in this country that has firmly taken root. This is why we need one man, one vote.

          • Anonymous says:

            "there has never been a more vindicttive person than Chuckie Clifford. Ask any of the families affected, including his own. His influence is not merely petty, it’s devastating".

            We have no reason to believe so, only McKeeva’s ranting. How is his influence "devastating"? Please explain. What has been "devastated"? 

      • PPM Member! says:

        We will feel the affects of those grants for a long time to come!

        You asked the question about our childrens future. Well here is an answer for you that relates to the Status Grants. I am having a difficult time getting my child in to a school. Want to try an guess why??? Parents of those Status Grants are now bringing their children here and the school are reaching capacity.

        Are you or those of you who want the rest of us to get over the fact that McKeeva gave away your birth right now going to tell those new Caymanians that they can’t bring their children here to live.



      • PPM Member! says:



        Here are a few examples or what is was like 4 year ago. 

        Ritz Cayman gets $4.46m duty waiver


        According to a letter written on October 22 last year by the then Financial Secretary, the Hon George McCarthy, and signed on his behalf by the current Financial Secretary, the Hon Ken Jefferson, the Cabinet has granted the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman a waiver of import duty amounting to US$4.46 million.  The Cabinet had apparently been asked by the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman to waive US$22.3 million in import duty


        Government paid double for West Bay port land


        The Port Authority of the Cayman Islands has paid some CI$650,000 for a parcel of land in West Bay for use in connection with the proposed new cruise terminal in that District. The price paid, however, was reportedly more than double the fair market value of the land in question.  Research by Cayman Net News has confirmed that the Port Authority held a meeting in April 2004 to discuss the acquisition of the subject propert

        Caymanians missing from top professions


        Even with almost a one hundred per cent return rate of Caymanians studying abroad, government officials have said there are still too few nationals eligible for places in the top professional category of the workforce here in the Cayman Islands.  At the official announcement by the Business Staffing Plan Board, of the new exemption for expatriates in senior professions from the seven-year fixed term policy

        Crime climbing: 3 shootings in just 36 hours


        Another man in the Cayman Islands has been murdered – succumbing to injuries received in a shooting incident on Wednesday 30 March. His death as a result of violent criminal activity thrusts the number of shooting incidents in which people have been injured over the last 36 hours up to three – a rate that has never been seen before in the history of the Islands…. 


        Government chose port bid for $3m more


        The process of tendering over Government projects is coming under fire once again. This time, two local construction firms say their joint bid for the Port development was almost $3 million lower than the one actually awarded to Misener Marine to develop the new George Town port. A joint-venture bid for the new port project was made by local contractors McAlpine and Arch & Godfrey but a spokesperson for the two firms

  4. Anonymous says:

    to the poster of "Anglin already in a black hole". I have to say you make me laugh, honest??????? really???????????? they didn’t get the 1500 they wanted thats when they started to make a fuss.

    Please, don’t you see whats happening to the people of the Cayman Islands? That was not caused by the people who received status, that was cause by a drunken govt, sitting on their backsides, and dreaming of the next drink, hoping that things will change.

    They did nothing to prepare for what everyone could see was coming. We all know that Mr. Bush has his faults and who ever wants to vote for him thats thier right. But its time to stop this partisan rhetoric, and look for persons who are willing to put country first and thier buddies LAST.

    As I see it this government  is all about a selected few, and not the majority. All PPM has to show for the time they have been in is roads that Arden continued from where the previous govt. started. And he did that so that NOBODY could have it to say that he didn’t do HIS job. He may be arrogant (my opinion), but that is the only thing that they can brag about, and if it wasn’t for Arden they wouldn’t even have that, cause they certainly don’t want anyone to know the debt they have inflicted on generations to come.

    Are you blind? Can’t you see the direction the people in this country is moving. "NOBODY wants unna stupid party politricking, we’ve had enough, so save dat fa you frens who tink like you".

    • Anonymous says:

      "But its time to stop this partisan rhetoric, and look for persons who are willing to put country first and thier buddies LAST"

      You should take your own advice. 

      That is why we should vote for independents.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous Fri, 03/20/2009 – 09:02.

      You won’t be laughing come May 21.

      No amount of spin can erase the UDP abomination of the status grants for which they have not apologised to the country. This means we can expect more of the same from them.

      One minute the PPM has done too much, the next minute they’ve done nothing.

      "NOBODY wants unna stupid party politricking, we’ve had enough, so save dat fa you frens who tink like you".

      You describe the UDP to a T. Must be a UDP get this contract, position etc. Get that one fired because he criticized me inthe press. Pure vindictiveness. 

      Give me a break!!   

      • Anonymous says:

        I will be laughing because I voted independent last election even tho they didn’t win, and I will vote independent again.

        As I said in my first  post, nobody is interested in the party politricking, and to the person who said I should take my own advice, I did that last election, can you say the same?????

      • Anonymous says:

        I strongly agree Rolston is a smart man but what I don’t agree with is that Mac is holding him back. If it wasn’t for Mac he wouldn’t have won the election the last times. So a word to Rolston stay put!!
        The islands was good when UDP was in charge at least poor people could live. As for the status grants I am sure PPM gave their fair share. We should be thankful that UDP said how many were given I bet you won’t hear PPM say how much they gave.

        • PPM Member! says:

          It is because he is the smartest in the WB UPD camp why Mac is holding him back. He will never let him out shine the Mac Star!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            Whenever the UDP cannot intelligently address what Minister McLaughlin has to say the stock phrase now "he is so arrogant". Nice catchphrase for the lemmings. Do you have anyone in your camp to compare? No not one!

        • Anonymous says:

          "The islands was good when UDP was in charge at least poor people could live".

          That had nothing to do with the UDP govt.. We had Hurricane Ivan and after that everything went to hell. People were homeless, house insurance tripled, crime sky-rocketed, cost of living escalated, price of oil spiralled, Governor went on a rampage and cost the country millions of dollars to little effect, world economy went into meltdown.  Nothing any elected Cayman govt. could have done about any of this.  

          Part of the reason we need to spend so much on infrastructure now is because UDP failed to do the necessary during their term. Instead, they wasted millions on unnecessary pet projects like Boatswain’s Beach (I think they call it "pork" in the U.S.) and on poor deals with Cayman General and have the nerve to pose themselves now as the party of fiscal responsibility. They even took to forming companies to exploit the disaster. They must take Caymanians for idiots!

          B/T/W, Rollie does not need Mac to win an election now. That is more than the other two can say. 

          PPM could not of course give any status grants since they were not the Govt. It was one thing to recommend some deserving people it is another thing to grant over 3000 people status without any proper screening, some of whom did not even live on the Island. The UDP must take full responsibility and stop trying to hide on this issue. You sound like a schoolboy: "well they wanted some too". That’s what you call leadership?!

  5. annonomous says:

    Mr. Aglin is a stooge. Crime is of the chart in West Bay. The voters are as stupid as they come.

  6. noname says:

    MMMMMMmm  – Now why would Anglin want to cross the floor into a black hole. Expecially when the UDP is about to make history. Alden must be sitting on the wrong end and obviouly off his patudy. Poor, Poor man. So so sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anglin already is in a black hole. He is being thrown a life line. You heard it here first: there will not be a UDP Govt. The Caymanian people know that whatever the shortcomings of the present govt. it pales in comparison to the culture of fear and intimidation of the UDP govt. where there were substantial reasons to suspect corruptiion in so many different areas and the utter disregard for the interests of Caymanians most notably in the 3000+ STATUS GRANTS. Is that a govt. you would want to entrust the future of our country to when they have not even apologised for their past misdeeds but have tried to justify them?! And no, that is not yesterday’s news, its serious negative impact will be for us for generations. Say what you like, but the current govt. is honest and decent.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Alden’s arrogance never ceases to amaze me!

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden is so arrogant!

      Alden is so arrogant he makes me sick to my stomach.

  8. Anonymous says:


    Stick with your position. don’t let these jokers play politics to try to make the public think you are talking to the other side. tell them like it is and let them know they cant make you switch to a group that has done nothing for this country aside from spending a lot of money and having nothing to show for it.

  9. Anonymous says:


    Looks like just campaign politics by alden to me. I think it is a bit of abuse of the LA for alden to be doing this but Idon’t know much about the rules..anyway it is true that it looks desperate. that is also why edna from northside retired because they can see that there is a wave of sentiment against them due to their failures.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nice try alden

    But this will not save the PPM. the PPm must be hgeld accounable for performnaec and nothing else. that will speak for itself and i suspect that we will all have that answer on May 20th.

    Seriously guys…anyone else is better than the government that is responsible for an economic crisis, fiscal mismanagement,  debacle in the police, scandal at UCCi among many other issues…Kurt and his team really must move on.

  11. noname says:

    This is just anotther example of PPM desperation. They do not have the numbers to form a government so they are reaching out to the other side.

    The PPM have had their opportunity to serve and improve this country. Time for them to step aside.

  12. Anonymous says:

    oh dear, how cocky of Alden McGlaughlin!

  13. Youngone says:

    What an awful Picture of Mr. McLaughlin. Please remove this. He looks like a laughing Hyena.

  14. robert hamaty says:

    MR Anglin future is secure and he can see that clearley as he is standing on the shoulder of a giant .Mr Mckeeva is the only leader the cayman islands have at this time Mr Anglin will be Mr Bushes replacement in the future and its warraned and meritted . why would he want to join the (PPM) PEOPLES POOREST MOVEMENT  . MAC WILL BE BACK

  15. concernedCaymanian says:

    The PPM is only playing with Anglin. They are out-rightly laughing in his face. Any fool can see that. Who iwould be stupid enough to fall for such obvious puffery – well, I hope Anglin knows better than to fall for it  – I hope he is smart enough to know when he is being stroked by the PPM.

    I think it is very disrespectful of the PPM to make Rolston the laughing stock of the House. Rolston should be smart enough to realize he is being made a mockery of.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What a nerve? How can Alden McLaughlin be so sure that he and the rest of the PPM croonies will be returning to the House. What does he know that we don’t? Alden has had "quite a lot to say" in the past 4 years, as a matter of fact he acted on many occasions as LOGB, as the present LOGB can’t stay out of the "bar rooms" long enough to do what he is supposed to be doing. 

    Come May 21 2009 we will all see what the outcome is…UDP we are behind you all 100%. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    Yes, well the party system is dead in Cayman. We, the voting public, were never asked if we want it and I can tell you that we do not want it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The party system is still young here in Cayman. In democracies that have had this system in place for years occasionally members vote their conscience which may not be along the party line. I would suspect that Mr Bush the leader of the UDP would be cross with any defection by his party members as would Mr Tibbetts.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The fact is that Mr. Anglin is the only one of the other three WB MLAs who can stand on his own two feet and win an election. However, as long as as he is a member of the UDP he will have to toe Mr. Bush’s line. Although he has responded with bravado he will be thinking about this come May 21. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Rolston is too pompous and disrespectful to his elders, if he was not on McKeeva’s back bone, he would not have goten into politics.