Independents carry on regardless

| 27/03/2009

(CNS): Despite the failure of the thirteen independent candidates to gain allbut one of the seats in the Legislative Assembly in the 2005 elections, this time around twenty-two people are still going it alone for the 2009 polling day. Last election, Moses Kirkconnell in the Sister Islands was the only candidate who made it through the ballot as an independent and then became a member of the People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) within a few weeks of being elected.  In spite of  recent political history, this year’s ballot shows that Cayman remains unconvinced that the indpendent candidate is a thing of the past. (Left Theresa Lewis Pitcairn – Indpt Bodden Town)

Even though the 2005 election campaign seemed to solidify the party system in the Cayman Islands, three former United Democratic Party candidates have ditched the party colours for Election 2009 and are taking to the hustings as independents. While four mixed candidates are running in a loose group in West Bay, three are returning to the political fray to do it all again, alone, despite their failure to gain seats outside the party system the last time.

Given the results of 2005, it is surprising that only one who contested the 2005 election and failed to win a seat as an independent has joined the party system, that being Ellio Solomon. Speaking after the polls closed in 2005 Solomon had said that while he recognized the trend towards the party system he did not believe that this necessarily eliminated other options for the future.

Sandra Catron who is seeking a seat in the district of Bodden Town says that the independent surge for this election is a reaction to what the candidates hear people want from the doorteps. “Despite what happened in 2005 the people of Cayman have not bought into the party system. People should not be fooled by the result as it owed much to a ground swell of people wanted to remove the UDP purely because of the status grants,” she added. “Many voters are saying they will not vote straight ever again and that they intend to spread their vote not just between a party representative and independents but even across party lines.”

This time around West Bay has the highest number of independents on the ballot, with four people running in a loose group but with very different agendas and three more individuals, including Bernie Bush, who was one of districts the highest polling independent candidates in 2009, taking their places along side the four incumbents from the UDP

In North Side, an interesting battle is already brewing as there is no incumbentfighting for that seat. Joey Ebanks will be taking the mantle from Edna Moyle for the PPM and will be facing off against two independents — Oswell Rankine and Ezzard Miller, a veteran politician who has said he will help the UDP over the PPM to form a government but refuses to pledge allegiance to the party.

In the Sister Islands former UDP MLA Lyndon Martin is choosing to go it alone in the political battlefield despite having a tumultuous and difficult year. Maxine McCoy-Moore is also trying her hand again, even though she was unable to poll enough votes the last time around to keep her deposit.

Meanwhile in East End, John McLean Jr is following in his father’s footsteps and is taking his chances against incumbent Arden McLean, the PPM Minister for Communications Works and Infrastructure, who has a significant majority in the district.

In Bodden Town, one of the districts where this year’s election is likely to be won or lost Theresa Lewis Pitcairn, who offered an intelligent start to her bid for election last night, lines up against the three PPMincumbents, two UDP hopefuls, as well as four other independents — the former UDP member and Health Minister Gilbert McLean, Sandra Catron, Justin Wood and Vincent Frederick. Although new to the political scene, Pitcairn has been courted by the UDP and is seen by that party as a possible convert, but she insists that she will remain independent.

Bodden Town’s three seats will provide a hard and interesting fight for all those who are contesting them. With the safest seat in the country it will take a gargantuan effort for anyone to remove Anthony Eden, though the other two seats are considerably more vulnerable and as a result could produce some interesting surprises.

The nation’s capital, however, is likely to be where the hardest battle of all will be fought. Currently, the PPM‘s home ground, to form the next government the PPM will need to hold on to all four seats. However, the UDP is clearly keen to take these seats away and that party will need to secure at least two to give it a chance at political power. With 13 candidates and the largest percentage of the newly registered voters, it is likely to be, as they say, anyone’s game.  In George Town the five independent candidates are lining up against four brand new UDP candidates and the four PPM incumbents. Dr Frank McField, the former controversial UDP minister, will be battling along side newcomers Eddie Thompson, Burns Connolly, Walling Whittaker and former North Side independent candidate Bo Miller.

The issue of party vs independent candidates will not lie down in Cayman and the question of horse trading before or after election day remains at issue as, in the end, people need to co-operate in order to get down to the business of government. Last year, even before he crossed the floor to join the PPM, Moses Kirkconnell was extolling the virtues of the party system when he said, “The positive side of the party system is that voters already know the proposed policies of the new government.”

Conversely, George Town independent Burns Connolly recently said that an independent candidate has the advantage of being able to debate and vote completely in accordance with their constituents wishes or interests and not be forced to toe the party line. “They do not have to follow any party consensus or the party leader’s wishes,” he said. “The truly independent candidate is free to vote for or against any proposal put forward to ensure that it is in the best interest of people.”

Whether, 2009 will see the return of the independents of consolidate the party system remains to be seen but there is no doubt that during this election the 22 candidates without party affiliations will play an important part in the political battleground.

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  1. Twyla M Vargas says:


    In respect to "I hope that  Theresa  is not on UDP Team" 

    when elected  Theresa has a big job to do of getting the people together for a better Bodden  Town.  I am very pleased with much of your comments, they are very intelligent and straightforward.   I do not know if the name UDP and PPM will phase out after this election.  I really wish it would, because it seems that Caymanians are not in favour of party politics.  I must also agree, it has caused some bitterness and resentment.    Please take into consideration that when elected, Theresa will have to sit either with the Back Benchers or Government Benchers.  There will not be a special chair marked Independent.  She definately does not want to be called UDP or PPM.  Simply for the people and of the people.

    When Theresa is elected to office she will work with whom ever else is elected.  This will not be a one sided affair, as have been the case before.   Some would fold their hands and pout  collect their salary while others worked.    I want everyone to realize that this job is a FIRST TIME for all new candidates.  If you were a preacher before you would still have to learn to be a politician, show a little patients, give the candidates of your choice  a chance.

    I am aware that there are many intelligent people in savannah, breakers, northward, newlands and BT Central who do care about this district  like the writer of comments above.  It is very important that people like you voice your concerns.  they may not necesssarily be the same as mine, but it is my duty as a resident of this Town to listen.   Like I said before WE want to see a WOMAN get a seat in Bodden Town this year.  There are too many issuses that needs a woman addressing.   Forget about not seeing her before in the district, think about that she wants to make a difference with your help.   She needs every one of  you so do not stand back of the crowd, come up front stand tall and voice your concerns for a better  Bodden Town.    We can support out of towners, there is nothing wrong with that, but our concern is our own District.   I believe that makes sence.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some very interesting posts here. What I think the poster who said Theresa  is too smart may have been saying is that she needs to do a better job of communicating her message.

    The people need someone who is smart; but smart means that you know how to talk to people on their level as well – not just book smart.

    Hope this adds some balance to the discussion.

  3. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    I really hope that Theresa Lewis Pitcairn is not affiliated with UDP as I was actually thinking of giving her a vote.  As the saying goes "birds of a feather flock together" and I would hate to think that this young, educated and affluent member of society has aligned herself with the likes of UDP.  As a young, educated Caymanian I have been in frequent talks with my peers and the consensus amongst us is that UDP is definitely not good for Cayman.  However, it is unfortunate that our Caymanian people seem to have short term memories when it comes to politics.  Let’s not forget the many MISHANDELING of power and money that was done by UDP.  Also, let’s not forget that it takes almost a full term to amend the mistakes of one government and the second term can concentrate on their policies.  I for one am not sure where exactly all my votes will go but it will be either PPM or independents.  By independents I mean true independents and not any that are aligned with UDP.  Everyone has the right to decide who they will vote for but please ensure you make an educated vote and not just vote by here say.  I encourage you all to do your homework on each candidate for these islands before you make your decisions.  Invite them to forums at homes or public places and have a list of questions lined up for them all.  May God give us all the wisdom to vote the right people into government this election.  This could be the toughest four years ahead of us and we want people who are really concerned for our Islands and the Caymanian people and not just their pockets and short term financial gains that only blind the uninformed and hurt us all in the future.  Let us not continues to sell our souls to the devil for a dollar and temporary gains.  Let us ensure that we are not bribed by a $100 bill,fill or a refrigerator as we should be insulted by such gestures.  Our votes are not for sale! 

  4. Nicky Watson says:

    To Lawanda Watts

    Could you post comments in lower case, please. We automatically delete comments written with the caps lock on.


  5. Anonymous says:

    PEOPLE THIS IS NOT A GAME….we need competant people to help us lead this country. please stop talking ignorant, that is why Caymanians are viewed as STUPID when they say comments that has no logic or reasoning. "too smart" "never seen in BT central" "UDP all the way" WHAT!!!! are you on crack!!!!  Please let’s be reminded BT is not only "central" so, as far i’m concern central can vote for stupid, empty candidates but they don’t dictate the direction BT will take…have we forgotten Savannah, Newlands, breakers, northward? another point, if she is too smart for some…the most idiotic comment i’ve ever heard, just because she aint drinking beer and wasting her time at "GUN SQUARE" doesn’t mean she is disconnected and can’t talk to people. stop your negativity and let’s look at what the person can offer, not the party game. This is not a GAME, my future, my children’s future is not a game to me…CAYMANIANS get SMART and start looking for good representatives that can stand strong to G20 countries, get more free trade agreements, start focusing on global effects on cayman, someone that can talk Obama’s language. remember CAYMAN is not the ONLY country in this planet..we need well rounded, EDUCATED people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know Theresa personally, but I can’t believe that people are posting stupid comments like "she is too smart" or "she hasn’t been seen around Bodden Town". Cayman is not where it was 20 years ago and has to be represented on a different scale in the world. I would prefer somebody with some balls and brains to represent these Islands, someone who is actually familiar with the financial industry (the main pillar of these Islands), and not the good old boy who likes to sit in the bar with some people, listening to their petty complaints about drive way pavings etc. School education, Health care systems etc are rarely discussed in a bar or underneath a tree. Whilst their is some importance to stay connected to the people in the community, it is also important to represent the WHOLE island and not just a specific district. This is exactly why we are in the mess we are in. Everyone wants to have a representative who hangs out with them and they can call him/her by their first name. That can’t be the reality anymore and shouldn’t be the driving factor who your vote goes to. As long as there are ignorant voters like that, Cayman will continue to go down the drain. Give somebody new a chance, we may actually be surprised! What is there to loose? What are the great things any of the other politicans have done so far?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Go UDP, we need you badly! If it wasn’t for you and your leadership, we would not have had this country back up and running as quickly as we did after Ivan. We would have starved to death waiting on this PPM government to do anything! UDP made sure our financial services were up and going 1 week after so that we had our incomes passing through this island and restoring faith in us as a top financial institution. Our tourism soon followed with the cruise ships and then eventually our hotels.

    Poor Little Cayman and Cayman Brac are still trying to recover and look at their size compared to ours! UDP LEAD this country back and they will do it again! We desparately need them, as we have not seen the worst of the storm yet to come!

    The ‘independents’ are good people as indiviuals, but we need unity at a time like this. We need people who share the same visions and know what it will take to get it done. We need them to be able to work together and use each of their strenghts in the areas that they all broadly represent. Voting for individuals at this point will do more harm than good, as it will only delay decisions in the long run. I like and appreciate all of you ‘independents’ but we need a unified team right now.

    We NEED UDP!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote Straight Cayman!!!!!!!! We need a voice for our tourism, financial, health care, elderly, youth and musical/arts industries!!! If you all look at the UDP candidates and get to know them and their backgrounds you will see that these very important industries are all covered by experienced individuals on the UDP slate. So stop being closed minded and listen and talk with these people and you too will "come alive"!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Twyla, I dont know you , but thanks for having the courage to speak your mind. Shame on those that  dont respect your opinion…Cowards.

  9. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Ms. Theresa held her first meeting on Wednesday night last week.  There are no words that she and her committee can find to say how very much we appreciated seeing each one of you there.  There were feed backs, and Theresa and her committee would like to say thanks to those persons who spoke personally to her or her committee, giving critics where it was needed.  This is exactly what she want to here.  Theresa is new in Politics, not because she is a lawyer makes her an expert at politics, No, she must take time and get there like all of the others who have entered for the first time.

    Some persons critized members of her committee for personal reasons.  Please I am asking you do not do that.    I personally know that Bodden Towners which includes straight up from  Savannah to Frank  Sound have some of the most intelligent people we can find.   Its true, so use that intelligence and do not listen to negative talk.

    Some persons expressed about not seeing Theresa in the Town for some time……….Now read carefully and tell me if this makes sense.   " Theresa has a family, three children, and a job in George Town,  When she finish work in the afternoons and arrive home at about 6 to 7pm, it is already getting dark.  Should she spend the time sitting on the Bodden Town Public Beach, Playing dominoes on a corner or hang out under some trees somewhere"?   Should she go straight from work to Bodden Town, not seeing her small children and husband/ No  Is that what you were expecting?  Remember she is not your politician for 4 years.  WHERE WERE THEY……..THE PERSONS YOU VOTED IN FOR FOUR LONG YEARS.

    They were representing you, not Theresa.    Theresa is comming on board now and when you elect her to office she will be there for you.  I Twyla Vargas will make sure that you will see her when she is your representative, because I dont talk or stand for foolishness  and you all know that.    So dont be fooled by uncertain people who is carrying a grudge for her or members of her committee.  If anyone have anything negative to say, ask them in a nice way to give you a good reason why they make such remarks.

    Bodden Town in no uncertain terms need a CHANGE in fact the whole Island need some changes.   I am not going to sit here and write nonsence and make personal attacks on any Politician or their committee members.  

    I am on Theresa.s committee to see that a job is done, To see that the people are well pleased.   I WILL NOT THROW STONES AT ANYONE LIVING IN GLASS HOUSE, BUT I PROMISE THAT IF ANY IS THROWN AT ME…………WINDOWS WILL GET BROKEN..  "Do you get what I mean"? Good.

    Now let us all work together in harmony, address the issues of the  district and Vote for change.     ‘GEESOM PEETERS" Who want to wear the same hat every day, Its dirty,  CHANGE IT. But put on one that fits your head and looks good.  That means be careful where you put the other two votes.   God Bless you all.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why all the fighting? Is that what makes a true bodden towner? Isn’t unity what we are trying to acheive? This is no why to root for Mrs. Theresa and if she doesn’t watch it, she just might loose her chance, thanks to her new mouth piece. Mrs.Theresa, please educate your committee that there is a time to speak and fighting via this forum for you is very damaging, keeping quiet sometimes is best. Theresa you might not share these recent views but how do we as voters know that you’re not as angered as 2 post down from this. I suggest you distant yourself publically or reducate your committee if you really want a chance. Minister Clifford is a good guy. He can’t win for loosing damned if you don’t. Damned if you do. The majority of these comments appear to be personal and not really providing a solution.Anyone that really knows this young man know he a family man, a home person that enjoys spending time at home and not out womanizing or catering to the bar room. He has kids and these remarks here I feel so hurt for his kids and wife and it saddens me to know that we as Caymanians get such a thrill today pushing our own into the ground and once we have a diaster like Ivan, tails go in between legs and you cry for unity amongst caymanians. As a young Caymanian I am ashamed of reading some of the hate, and at the same time we complain about expats hating. You look in the mirror and get a little respect. Not for anyone as much as for yourself. I hope half of you don’t have any kids, because God so help them with the example you’re setting just by writing such hate. We are destroying ourselves. Please let’s stop.

  11. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Well since I have been accused of acting as Town Mayor, I might as well take the unpaid job.   Honestly, I am tickled to death, and laughing as I write this letter.  I like you.

    Anyway I feel pleased that you agree with me supporting Theresa but that I should not dictate as to who to vote for.   My dear friend that is what politics is all about  to try and win.   Play the game, Anyway I am merely asking the people of Bodden Town to consider and give Theresa a vote.  What is wrong with asking for one out of three.   You tell me.  In fack I want you on our team.

    You know what I want, I want you to come out to our meeting again on  Wednesday night listen to Theresa and her team talk about what we would like to see happen in Bodden Town.  If there is anthing you are not happy about call me up and let us discuss it.   I want you on our side too, never can tell maybe I can encourage you to join the team.  Trust me I would not want anything better.  So Thin k about it..  Bessed

  12. Anonymous says:
    I feel so sorry for you and for us as a people. You are not willing to do anything to uplift yourself so how can someone like you  uplift our islands. And that is sad. Your comments about Theresa only confirms that we will have to work hard real hard  to make negative people like you understand that it makes no  sense to put each other down. That is what we as Caymanians do extremely well. Put each other down just all the time. Imagine we now have a Candidate who is not stuck up and wants to run a clean campaign and do things that will make us all live a better life in Cayman and all you can say is that she is smart. Get a life! So what is it only the foreigners that must be smart? That is our problem right there and no wonder the expats tell us that we are dumb and we believe them. Theresa is saying to us that we must not tear each other down and that we have to work as a community TOGETHER to make our islands better. TOGETHER. I only hear this woman speak positive vibes that is all. I like what I hear her saying. She isn’t tearing anybody down. What kind of leader do you want? A donkey? I know from personal experience what she has been doing for years to assist students and to mentor them. What have you done? I know that she taught my kids in Bodden Town Sunday School. I know that she tutored my friend’s child when they were doing A level English and for free. When was the last time you went to church and taught our children and mentored them? Can you tutor any of our children?  I wonder if you are a Christian and if you are one of those people who break down the church door every Sunday. If you are then try and listen to what the pastor tells you about being mean and ignorant. Caymanians are sick and tired of hearing the nonsense from leaders that don’t care and cant represent us. All your comments serve to do is to send the message to the expatriates that "we are still stupid and do not want sensible people to represent us. We are happy to continue to tear down our own people who put themselves on the lines by trying to help us because this is who we are as Caymanians and we are happy being this way as Caymanians". Is that plain enough for you to understand?
    From: a Caymanian who is praying  for our stupidity
  13. Anonymous says:

    Same reason Ezzard has joined the UDP but will do so if he gets in. It does not make – but they have said it before they think we are stupid and get a say once every 4 years.

    Who said that these parties have to make sense. They think "Oh let’s just have a crowd and that’s enough to get us elected".

  14. Anonymous says:

    You’re also back 20 years yourself! Tell me which candidate that we’ve elected in BT that has given us true representation or has visited the district once they have been elected? My gosh..they all live IN the district and we have yet to see them, only in passing.

    If you’re truly a Bodden Towner and as you claim from Central BT then let me know when you have seen any candidate/s come there and associate themselves.

    Central BT where you’re from and so is Theresa I understand is a thing of the past. Understand the voters list. Judging from that you should cast a vote for her and see if that would put Central BT back on the map.  

  15. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps you should take some time from your busy schedule and investigate her accomplishments and participation on the various Governmental and Private Sector boards before casting your remarks.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Same reason why Ezzard is not running on the UDP ticket but is clearly a UDP man. Do one said what the parties do make sense but they do it anyway!

  17. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Dear person from CENTRAL BT.  Please answer me why I should not ask the people of Bodden Town to vote for Theresa Lewis?   I believe I gave courtesy to you when it was necessary.  Please consider what can you say that you have done for anyone in this District accept try to smother their efforts..   It does me no harm to hear your critics because I will not try to match your uncaring attitude.

    You said that Theresa has no experience to enter.  Tell me if the other candidates who have  entered was a politican somewhere before?  If they were we all would like to know.    You said that she has not been seen in the district.  You want to comment in this media as to how many time you have seen the others and infact yourself.  I do not see you that often.  Where have you been my friend?

    Re think your thoughts about Theresa.  Remember you can vote for her too.  So  be nice and give her a vote.  Oh! by the way the word  Spells MAYOR not MAJOR.  It really does not matter making those remarks, about being MAYOR OF THE TOWN, because I am more intelligent than you  know. However you said the word and in a way I feel good about it, because I really believe your are giving me a Rank, thats great so why should I worry.  I am really happy.  Thanks

  18. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Theresa is UDP. Ask her if she was not instrumental in helping them with their position on the constitution. Do not trust this lady at all when it comes to the parties. She’s in bed with them long time and anyone with sense knows this!

    • bw says:

      If Theresa is so linked to the UDP then why didn’t they add her to the Slate in Bodden Town to offer a clean sweep?

      And all this talk about Theresa is too smart for politicis…. PLEASE! That is embarassing to hear caymanians say such a thing.

      What do you want? A candidate that has no education, no inteligence, no solutions. Is that what this election is about? Bringing down the candidates with solutions while praising the candidates that are full of hot air?

      And I’m not even a supporter of Theresa. I think she has the intelectual capacity to handle the job but as a politician she lacks certain skills. Theresea you need to sharpen your message and you must try to inspire the Bodden Town public in to believing that you are the candidate that has the solutions.

      You’re an incredibly inteligent woman, but you have some work to do if you expect to be elected.

      • Anonymous says:

        "If Theresa is so linked to the UDP then why didn’t they add her to the Slate in Bodden Town to offer a clean sweep?"

        It’s called political strategy. The UDP senses that many voters are fed up with the parties and may not vote straight but instead may choose to vote for independents, so they create an ‘independent’ to fill that void. What gives this more credence is the fact that they do not have a full slate for BT.   Why is that? Could they not convince even one more person to be on their ticket? And it’s obviously not because their standards are so high – just look at the second pick in BT and picks elsewhere. How odd it is that Roy Bodden had a falling out with the UDP leadership but yet is supporting its candidates apparently over Theresa his former campaign manager and mentee. Obviously there is more to all this than meets the eye. On Theresa’s side it makes sense if the UDP does not get the victory they expect she can always slip over to PPM having been an ‘independent’. Capiche?

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe in someone who is interested in seeing our country move forwards. It appears that you’re so caught up in party politics that you’re failing to realize that the country which we all call home is in the garage for some much needed repairs!

      Should Theresa be involve in assisting the UDP I certainly don’t have any quams about that…should the PPM ask her the same favor or advice for that matter, I too would agree with her assisting them.

      Why can’t we all get along? It has been proven that both parties have been given a chance at governing this country, but both have failed us! It’s time for us to try something new. Voters in this years election is fed up with all the rheoric that both parties systems are throwing out.

      It is quite obvious that Theresa is needed. Bodden Towners I trust in you to give her a chance. Be proud of her and embrace her for the common goodof all of us.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Nope I’m not super smart. I’m a regular guy looking for someone to represent me – but I have to understand what they are saying.

    • Anonymous says:

      You seem to be lacking quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to verbal interpretation. What puzzles me though is your failure of acknowleging and improving your communication skills which seems so meaningless to you at this time.

      Stop sitting on the back bench!!! and give some thought to sharpening your sixth sense – common sense that you also seem to be lacking. We can’t go to school for that, but both are needed in today’s environment.

  20. Anonymous says:

    How do we know if she can do the job? Tested … we need to see what has already been done – going back to Miss Cayman days is not long enough. What was that? 20 years ago?

  21. Anonymous says:

    You’re definitely a Caymanian!!! If you was WISE enough you would have read properly the editorial before you engaged in conveying utter NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The person who referred to education as the source of rehabilitation for you should be congratulated.

  22. Anonymous says:

    After reading your comments on Theresa I’m left to wonder where your intellectual capacity lies. Having attended the meeting myself, I have to say the content of her speech was at ground level, She could have spoken a bit louder and be more assertive with delivering her message. However, I’m only assuming that this relates to her genetic make up.

    Positive words my dear friend makes us all strive to be better. Needless to say, if there is one thing we should all consider and that is to better ourselves. Why my learned friend do you have to be so negative???….Isn’t it best to embrace our own people? There’s always the phrase of a foreigner taken over Caymanian jobs. Well this is the same reason….. we just don’t do anything to help ourselves!!!….

    Your comments definitely reverts or for a simpler term goes back to "EDUCATION". If we don’t do something to redefine our lives then most of us will be left behind!!! 

    Enlighten yourself my "Caymanian" and I say Caymanian because a "Foreigner" would read your comments and laugh out loud….get real, face the realties of today and rather than using the media to display you mentality..I suggest a course or two at UCCI or ICCI would be a great asset on your part!!!

    If age is an excuse for you not to attend, and God has blessed you with kids then ensure that they are given the best…read to them each night…play a part in their school and social activities and I assure you will reflect again on the negative comments you made about someone else’s child!!!….



  23. Twyla M Vargas says:


    I have lived in this district all of my life, and I have been seeing Theresa ocassionally, so I do not know where those  who have not seen her have been hiding.    She is a mother of three and a lawyer, Were we expecting to see her every evening sitting on the public beach or around a domino table with the men at the watering holes?   I am positive it is not an expatriate who is making these comments about Theresa, its one of us.

    We have three candidates for the last four years.  One who I understand lived in Bodden Town for 20 years.  I lived here all of my life and I hav never seen him.  We have other candidate who is from Bodden Town, who has a business.  I do not see him.  We have another candidate from Bodden Town, if you want to see him check all the funerals.   Please find something else to say about the woman please.  But becasuse there is othing to say, we say we dont see her.   We say she is too smart.  What do we want, "An Idiot for Bodden Town seat"   We should be very proud of theresa.  

    You know at a political meetings a long time ago I heard a Candidate make these remarks ‘IF YOU DRESS UP A BROOMSTICK IN BODDEN TOWN THE PEOPLE WILL VOTE FOR IT"   And to no surprise at all I heard all the people reply "yea, yea"   That,s called using your toungue without having your brain in gear.  We propose to run a clean campaign and unless we are stepped on you wont hear any squealing.    So to prevent that happening I say we stick to the issues at hand, for a better bodden town.   Otherwise I say  "Bring It On"   Be blessed

  24. Anonymous says:

    I toally disagree that Theresa is "TOO SMART" to relate to the people. This sounds like someone who is trying to mislead people for their own gain.  This is one of the reasons why we Caymanian are no further ahead today…just because someone was able to get an education ,AND IS WELL SPOKEN,and live in an upscale area certainly dose not mean that they forgot where they came from .

    I was at the meeting and found it refreshing that Theresa is SMART ENOUGH to talk issues and leave the mud slinging to the SMALL MINDED. With my secondary education I was well able to comprehend what was said….Theresa you have my vote. 


  25. Anonymous says:

    As a person from Central BT i appreciate Twyla’s support of this candidate; but everyone should know that Twyla is not the major of Bodden Town Central. She does not dictate who we will vote for – Sorry Twayla.

    Theresa has not been around. Does not matter how smart she is; that’s not the only thing that we care about. That is but one factor. She lacks the exeperience and true committment to the community. I have not seen or heard of her until a few months back when she decided to run. All of a sudden the calls to the talk shows started. We are tired of people who do this and then can’t be found for the next 4 years. Are you planning on moving back to Bodden Town and out of South Sound? I doubt it.

    On your website all we see are pictures of when you were Miss Cayman. You speak of your Bodden Town connection – well, that’s the problem. You are living in the past and what you did 20 years ago. We need people who are living in the present and can take this country into the past!

    In my mind any candidate that does not use and understand technology will never get a vote from me.

  26. Anonymous says:

    It’s time for Moses to make a wise choice and move away from the PPM.

    • Anonymous says:


      Sorry Moses Yes it is for the Best.

      Our Tourism Support from the In PMM Minster Was ZERO!!!Still waiting on that "Invincible" Air Craft….Just a Snotty person who is not interested in Poor Brackers as we have no Glitter but something he does not have that is "Pride".

      Our Education Minister…Well we did see the plans for the "Elaborate" schools for Grand, but no offer for Us!!! Just Trailers..

      As for the Leader no Offense he is a very nice man but Forgot Us as plainly reflected on the lack of attention to the Hurricane Insurance…Ooops the Brac was not covered!

      Moses You will get the support of the people but mind your steps with the PPM

  27. Anonymous says:

    Theresa I haven’t seen you in Bodden Town and I have been living there for over 15 years.  I am also a voter in Bodden Town.  One thing I can say is one of your committee members have never been on a winning side yet, so be carefull.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dose it really matter whether or not Theresa has been seen in Bodden Town?. Can she do the Job? this should be our concern. By the way I have lived in Bodden Town for over 20 years and has always seen Mr Eden…but tell me, what has he done?

    • Anonymous says:

      You have been living in Bodden Town????…. Where have you been…yourself? At a watering hole?….Are you for real???…definitely not a true Bodden Towner……

      If you were sober enough you would have realised that CHUCKIE isn’t from this district and we VOTED him in!!! BIG MISTAKE!!! then there are others including ARDEN, ALSONSO AND KIRK who also felt the dire need to perch here as well to call BT their home. I wonder if their fellow district voters feels the same way about them?

      Wake up….out of your slumber….. and open your eyes….. you’ve been sleeping too long….learn to SPELL the word CAREFUL next time about whom ever you’re making reference to on Theresa’s committee.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Well she spoke above my head. I was completely lost at this meeting. No doubt that this woman is smart but honestly she may be TOO smart to relate to the people. Sad really, but this is a classic case of where you have left the people behind and forgotten where you came from.

    The mark of an truly educated man/woman is that they can communicate in a method that wiill be received by their audience. This was clearly lacking in this case.

    Sorry T – but you will not get a vote from me. I’m still undecided but will see what the other candidates have to say.