Manderson warns of prison investigation

| 07/04/2009

(CNS): Although silent for several weeks regarding the issue that the prime suspect in Sabrina Schirn’s murder was a serving prisoner at Northward, the HMCIPS is now breaking the silence and, according to Acting Chief Officer in the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs, Franz Manderson, prison officials are affording their full cooperation to the ongoing police investigation into the brutal murder of the twenty-one year old last month and indicated that an investigation would take place into what happened.

“Prison officials are fully supporting the police investigation,” Manderson said yesterday. “Once the police and judicial proceedings are complete, all events and actions taken by prison officers will be reviewed to determine whether any further action is necessary within the prison service. In the meantime, we are respecting the process which is underway, and allowing the law to take its proper course.”

The inmate arrested on suspicion of murder was one of the prisoners allowed to work on the prison’s farm, located in East End. In a statement from GIS, it was revealed that following the discovery of the victim on a nearby property on 17 March, the use of prisoners on the farm was discontinued on 18 March and has not resumed. Commissioner of Corrections and Rehabilitation Dr William Rattray said that inmates working on Wilderness Farm have been reassigned to other programmes within the prison and stated that administrative procedures at Wilderness Farm are being reviewed as a separate exercise from the RCIPS investigation.

Speculation that a prisoner could be responsible for Sabrina’s death was raised within days of the murder but the inmate was not arrested until 3 April. The announcement was then made to the media by Acting Police Commissioner James Smith later that same day.

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  1. Only For Caymanians says:

    As an ex Prison Officer and, experience of the operation in NorthWard Prison and knowledge of the way things are done now. It sure has taken a much different approach in running the Prison now that  the present Administration has taken over.

    In the Present investigation being done by the Police and the nature of this incident, If there was an Officer or any Party leader involved in this incident with a Prisoner having done such an offence, then the Officer or Party leader would therefore be "Suspended from duties pending an investigation".

    Rather than that Mr, Rattry from the Prison discribes it as a Teacher with children who is not able to watch all them at one time….. A very poor excuse and a mild way of trying to coverup for the Officer/Party leader and try to have them continue their duties "without an Investigation being done on the Officer/Party leader."

    The present Administration has taken the cost of keeping a single Prisoner in H.M.P. for one year  from approximately  $21,000.00 until December 2004 to  $51,000.00  just before December 2005. Well the Government accepted this recomended Administration from a passed Director of H.M.P. Northward that was caught into "wrong doings" under his Administration…. You can easily figure that one out.

    Prison Laxed? or Prison run bad ?      Or is like they said once before, "Her Majesty Palace"?

    After hearing from the Officers and Staff concerning the running of the Prison, I think H.M.P. Northward needs a "Revamp" of the Administration and the Officers running this Prison as there is dire needs for a better way of running the Prison.

    On the other side of this coin, The Government can keep the present committment as the high cost of each Prisoner has been almost doubled in such a short time, and keep the present Administration which will only now lead to more of these types of offences being committed by more Prisoners and bringing Society under more jeopardy and fear.

    Only For Caymanians

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see that this matter is being handled properly. I also wondered who was running Immigration and called a friend there today. Mrs Kerry Nixon is acting Chief and Mr Bruce Smith is Deputy Chief, both born Caymanians….

  3. Souljah boy says:

    Rather than farming, I would like to suggest using alternative rehabilitation methods for prisoners like the one being used in the Philippines. See the link below:


  4. Anonymous says:


    Get rid of all them that only waiting for payday to come around.

    This is a wicked and inhuman act, and she didn’t deserve to die this way.  She was someone’s child, niece, coursin and family and friend.


  5. Anonymous says:

    So who running Immigration right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can The Immigration departament in conjuntion with the Police start doing random search, like they do for expired  coupons on the side roads?Maybe they may start finding more interesting things than just an expired coupon.Spesially if a report is made about a mising person,very sad;Also get dogs to search for people as they search for drugs.We need to get FINGER PRINT for every one entering the Cayman Islands.Also it would help a lot to easy the peoples minds to see more Police cars and Police men on the roads and every were,just to assure the public that they are protecting us.One good example of what the Police and the Immmigration can do together is their rapid action in spotting any Cuban rafle, no matter how small they are ,no matter on what side of the Island they are passing by ,they are always spotted and reminded of their rigth to continue with no help or to stop for help and be sent back,very sad to say ,them people are only passing by BEGGING FOR a glass of water ,a piece of bread or just a helping hand to try and make it to USA.Non of them have ever made it to land ,never been allowed to get any help ,not even knowing if this could be the last place to see tem alive,God bless them all.So then people just joing forces and start preventing criminals from in side and out side, from doing so much harm.let’s work Together, We can do it .Let’s make Cayman the place we can safely raise our childrens.May God bless all the good people in the Cayman Islands and keep us safe.