Ebanks: ‘I don’t owe salary’

| 17/04/2009

(CNS): Launching his campaign in the district of North Side on the People’s Progressive Movement ticket, Joey Ebanks offered the people a plan for the community’s future to develop sustainable tourism and bring jobs. He also told the small audience that he did not owe the Turtle Farm money and he was not using turtle meat to buy votes. Supported by both the current seat holder, Edna Moyle, and Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts, he said he was taking the people on a new journey.

Saying that it would be the last time he spoke about his opponents on the campaign platform and what they had said about him as he was from a new generation with a different way of doing things, he answered some of the criticisms. “I don’t owe the turtle farm any money for salary and I am not handing out turtle meat for votes,” he said on Tuesday night. He did not elaborate on the circumstances of how or when the salary advance was returned to the Turtle Farm but moved on to talk about his plans for the district of North Side.

He said there was a lot of talent in the district which was not being utilised, but he had already formed a district committee with which he was working to create opportunities for the community and to grow the local economy at what he described as a sustainable rate, and develop entrepreneurs.

Ebanks also said he had already started after-school programmes, which included sports and traditional activities like cat boating, as he said it was important for children to know their history. He spoke about adult literacy and giving the older members of the community a chance to excel too. “We need to treat people with respect and help them learn so they in turn can help their own children,” he added.

North Siders need to take advantage of the economic miracle in George Town, he noted, and said he wanted to introduce mentoring programmes between corporate Cayman and the district as well as improve access to scholarships for youngsters in the community.

He said the PPM had got many things done. One of them was the Clifton Hunter School, which the community would be able to take advantage of it as not only would it be a state-of-the-art learning facility for our children, it would be a recreation and sports facility for the community as well as a hurricane shelter and much more, he said. The school was proposed in 1972 and Ebanbks said that finally there was a minister who was getting it done and reforming education.  “Children can no longer learn under a tree. We cannot send our kids to the best schools in the world without first preparing them here.”

Speaking about attracting tourism business to North Side, he said the district needed a sustainable model as North Siders did not need another Seven Mile Beach. He suggested the district needed bed-and-breakfasts or a boutique hotel but it also needed entrepreneurs to exploit opportunities by offering kayaking rental, fishing tours, bicycle rentals, eco-tours and shore dive operations to tap into the potential tourism business in the district. He said such things were low cost start up and that together the community could work to make these things happen.  

If the people of North Side elected him into the Legislative Assembly, he said he would work hard to make these things happen and as the world economy might decline North Side’s economy would be on the up. “I will work so hard in this district, Arden McLean will need a new nickname!” he exclaimed.

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  1. gtdawg says:

    From the debate I heard on rooster this morning, this country needs a representative like Joey. He was intelligent and pragmatic. Ezzard sounded angry and his responses sounded more like they were directed at Joey’s responses than independent assessment.

    Mr. Rankin almost put me to sleep…sorry but it’s true.

    And on another note, regarding the salary advance, didn’t I read in the paper that the Auditor General did look into the matter and didn’t see any inappropriate payouts?

    But it is a joke that some of you can whisper malfeasance about this Administration and forget about the Royal Watler report and Boatswainsbeach financing. Those things scare me. A poster below ask why turtle farm not paying him. He should ask how muh debt Mac leave them with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    UDP signs go up in Bodden Town and others go down. Your point is?

  3. Anonymous says:

     Ezzard put up his signs at the very start and no one disfigured or did anything to the signs,  HOWEVER, with in hours of Joeys signs going up in franksound THREE of Ezzards sign was knocked down, when I say knocked down I mean flattened.   So I …

    I heard the same happened to the UDP sign on West Bay Road after the PPM signed were put up.

    PPM has no standards of scrupples they will stoop to anything measures to win. Sorry PPM you have to go and it can’t be soon enough for me.



    • Anonymous says:

      "I heard the same happened to the UDP sign on West Bay Road after the PPM signed were put up. PPM has no standards of scrupples they will stoop to anything measures to win. Sorry PPM you have to go and it can’t be soon enough for me".

      Has anyone watched the video "Bush’s brain"?. This reminds me of what Carl Rove is said to have done in a Texas election  – when his candidate was beginning to lose in Texas, he planted an eavesdropping device in his own office and blamed it on the opposition! People were so appalled by what the other candidate had allegedly done that it turned the polls around and Rove’s candidate won. Later on it was discovered that the bug only had 6 hours of battery life total and only 15 mins of that had expired – it could therefore only have been planted by someone who had ready access to Rove’s office all the time.

      My guess is this is what the UDP is trying to pull off with this sign business – don’t fall for it Caymanians! We all know that is not PPM’s style, but it is definitely UDP’s.        

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a shame. I feel for the Northsiders because there is not one good candidate up there. Whoever gets in just needs to remember that they didn’t get in because he is the right man for the job – it is simply because there wasn’t anything better to pick from…………

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh don’t feel sorry for Northsiders, we will make the right choice. Make sure you do the same wherever you are voting.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Northsiders should remember Ezzard’s terms as MLA and Minister all he did was dream up big projects that he could not implement.

    He refused to listen to advice and in the face of a march he promised to dress up like a cowboy with riding boots and hat to meet the marchers in 1991.

    He was the most arrogant MLA ever and he has not changed.

    Careful Northsiders this is a trying election, cool heads must be elected,  not tired wahed up old men. Did Ezzard not say some year years back he had retired from politics?

    Has he too reinvented himself?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard-Has he too reinvented himself?

      Alas, if he has, it is only into an identical model of the old Ezzard. When someone as super bright, super qualified to reform Health Care, the Governance of the Cayman Islands (remember he is for independence) and to find a cure for cancer and all the employment relations issues pending worldwide plus, probably, to find the reason for the universe, wants to reinvent himself, wouldn’t he do it to become the perfect entity he was before and ever shall be, world without end?


    • Anonymous says:

      And don’t forgot the power struggles he had with McKeeva Bush.  I believe it got to the point that for years those two didn’t even speak to one other. Can you really imagine them coming together now to work for the good of the country. No, it will just be more power struggling because neither of them know to work with or get along with people. It’s their way or no way at all. And while you’re imaging those two being united just add Elio to the mix and see how  united the United Democratic Party really is. What they are is power hungry, Be careful voters. Look beneath the surface.

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s all the political rhetoric about old men, old women, old this and old that?  Remember, you too shall grow old, that’s if you are luck.  So, for heaven sakes, please, harness your energy and try to focus on the problems that  ailel this country and try to find solutions.  Stop running down those who might be older than you; hasn’t anyone told you that you are to respect those older than you?

    • Anonymous says:

      Lets be fair here, it is any ones perogative to change their mind, I trust that we can all do so freely, so the man is unhappy with the way his district is going so why shouldnt he give of his time and talent, you all know aside from the fact that you all hate him and thats all because the last ,and I pray the last MLA  planted that seed in all of your heads about the man and his family,you all know that he is by far a better canidate for the district.

      Like him or not, you have to vote for the facts and what he stands for, so what if he buckl heads with a few other heads in government, I would rather that he did so than to give in to some thing that is bad for us all.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone can change their mind at any time, waffling for political gain is a whole other ball of wax. Ezzard is still Ezzard, the man who after he lost the last time he ran called in to the NCVO telethon and donated $1.00 in honour of the exact # of votes he got in the election. In other words if you don’t vote for him or agree with him you have no value. Don’t worry there are many northsiders that know the real Ezzard Miller and won’t be fooled by him.

  6. Anonymous says:

    With all this reference by PPM  to student candidates, I would like to see the names posted of every politician, who, before taking office, had experience of being a MLA.  How quickly one forgets that they were student candidates themselves.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The PPM Government – KT is a very poor excuse for leadership. And as for the rest of his crew, they are a bunch of sea ragged men. This country is now in the worst condition then it has ever been in its history. That is certainly nothing to brag about. And as for the dirty, nasty remarks on other persons characters – The PPM needs to have a look into their own back yards.

    The time for a change has arrived Cayman. No more hiding your heads in the sand like an Ostrich – This government has failed the Cayman Islands – They have damaged this economy beyoung any immediate hope of a quick fix. We need serious people to run this country, not some egotistical, loud mouths.

    Cayman take a serious look into your country. Stop listening to the rhetoric the PPM is throwing out to distract you from the truth. They think that if they can keep this Circus show up long enough we the people will be so distracted with the acts, mud slinging and smart retorts that we will forget that they have put us in a very precarious situaton.

    This country has actually retrogressed under their leadership. For it will take many moons to make back the monies which was spent, pay off the astronomical debt that we as a country find ourselves in (as a result of this government) and then move onward from this point.

    I have not heard one word from the PPM on – where will we find the money to pay the debts, why were the books not audited – when will be have a tue picture of where this country stand financially, what is the true economics status, where is Hassan and why has he not been brought back to this Island to face his charges, where is the helicopter? Ladies and Gentleman the PPM has no solutions for this country. I hear them calling for the opposition to give their solutions, but we are getting nothing from the PPM on thier proposals – all we are getting is what other lavish building they are going to build. Their is no solutions coming from the PPM only, spend, spend and more spend.

    If we give PPM another term the IMF will be waiting at the doors to pay off our loans and then we will know the true economic status of this country and what damage the PPM has done.


    • Anonymous says:

      “New Journey”?

      I hear Kurt promising to take the Caymanian people on another four year journey, but why would we do that? The last journey he promised to “put the people first” (he put CUC and a few special interest groups first); he promised to “take our country back” (and went to sleep on financial services matters, and was allegedly misled at every turn by Kernohan, Syed and crew).

      I say we send Kurt and the majority of PPM on a New Journey out into retirement.

      Vote anything but PPM.

      • Anonymous says:

        WE LOVE KURT & THE ALL PPM, leave them alone and go and look for lick lick if that is what you want.  Lookout they are coming back for another four years.    

    • Anonymous says:

      The parties are solely focussed on ‘survival of the parties’.  Right now we need people with knowledge and vision who will focus on ‘Survival of the Cayman Islands’.  The parties are not offering any solutions, they are just patting themselves on the back and literally trying to show who is the ‘biggest and baddest’.  There is even a song contest between the leaders of the two parties ‘Who can sing the Best?’

      There time is up – they both had an opportunity to demonstrate what they could do and they both failed appallingly! 

      Time to listen to the independent candidates and please stop this nonsence about how the independents will form a government.  My God, that’sthe way things were always done before the advent of the crazy and divisive party system.

      Coalition governments can and do offfer the best alternative. 

    • Anonymous says:

      What ever the PPM is doing, should have been done  over the last 15 years, and we would have paid for it already.   Bodden Town had looked like time for got and now we are proud of BT.  PPM delivered to the people and they need to finish the WORK, DON’t  STOP THE PROGRESS.      GO PPM. I WISH I COULD VOTE FOR ALL THE HONEST PPM MEMBERS.   

      • Anonymous says:

        Remember the Dr. Horter Hospital, Ezzard’s baby, that he rushed through signing a contract with his friends to build just days before election.  Unfortunately for him he wasn’t re-elected. Well done North Siders. McKeeva, upon receiving POWER immediately walked on to the site and abruptly stopped construction and broke the contract. That  move cost the country milliions of dollars. McKeeva’s plan was to re build the George Town hospital which cost the country more than the new hospital would have.  This is just a glimpse of what we have to look forward to if these two are put in power again.

        Remember also the master ground transportation plan that McKeeva used his power to stop because the "country couldn’t afford it." I wonder how much more it cost the country to do now. What vision!




        • Anonymous says:

          Whoever wrote this post about Hortor has no idea of the  costs of the new hospital (on time within budget) that everyone loves in walking distance of george town residents but he/she is right in saying that the Hortor fiasco  was all down to Ezzard’s friends and supporters. Ezzard hid the true costs of Hortor and his redevelopment of the Gt site because of course he thought Caymanian voters were simple. He still does. They’re not.

          But the poster is right in saying Mac and Ezzard are both at fault and a joint venture after the election-along with Walling who looks good in GT-is rather scary.

          • Anonymous says:

            Let me understand this comment on the Dr Horter hospital. Ezzard would have build a new, state of the art hospital for $20,000,000.00 that was stopped by the now member for health. Anthony Eden gave us a refurbished old hospital for $50,000,000.00 and you love this despite the fact that the Dr Horter would have been completed 2 years quicker. By the way what did Oswald or Joey  ever try to give us in health care.

            Just think, if the present PPM Government minister for health had been into saving money instead just spend, spend, spend, just think, by finishing the Dr Horter Memorial Hospital instead of throwing it away, he would have saved some $30,000,000.00, just enough to cover the $28,000,000.00 deficit the Cayman Islands now finds itself stuck with because the PPM does not have any ides of how to save for a rainy day or as they call it "unforseen emergency expenses" or better yet the country could be $30,000,000.00 less in debt than the $700,000,000.00 we are in right now.

            At least Ezzard tried and for this he has my support.

            You seen to be another one that thinks North Siders are idiots and only someone outside North Side has solutions to our problems. North Siders can correct North Side problems and we will on election day.

            • Anonymous says:

              "Let me understand this’

              It’s not worth re-hashing this i’m afraid. It’s obvious that this post about the "refurbished old hospital" is either from Ezzard himself or one of his clones-this particular terminology was theirs despite the fact that the new hospital in GT is-er-just that-new! Not refurbished as an outpatient place as Ezzard wanted it. Can the poster say what part is ‘refurbished"? No, I agree.

              And, poster, can you give us the audited-repeat, audited, not gossip/political mischief- figures that would tell all CNS readers that the George Town hospital that Anthony put there cost  $50,000.000?

              Well, no, I thought not. Because the documents are there that show the true cost.. Please stop spouting Ezzard’s nonsense. He’ll never get over the fact that he effed up that whole thing, lost the election and was cast into the wilderness for so many years. How can such a brilliant man be ignored?

              • Anonymous says:

                Let me understand this

                No my name is not Ezzard Miller. Yes I am a 100% Ezzard supporter. Also I am on the far side of 50 years old. Me, nor anyone else in North Side are clones as you suggest nor are we ignorant wife beaters as Joey suggested.

                You on the other hand, is obviously a Joey PPM supporter who, like Joey believes the older people of North Side are ignorant and cannot understand and figures or track cost and make informed decisions on our own, but need people like you to "set us straight". And no I don’t beat my wife and children either. But to answer your questions:

                1. The whole part, with the exception of 2 new buildings is "refurbished. Don’t you think the people of North Side is smart enough to know that there was the OLD hispital long before Mr. Eden was elected. Can you tell the public what became of the existing hospital structure?

                2. You have a nerve, asking me for audited-repeat audited  accounts from the PPM Government. The people of North Side know full well that this Government has never produced audited-repeat audited accounts for anyone to see. I used the figure that Mr. Eden published in the papers . Since you seem to be in the know with PPM expenditure, why dont YOU or Joey give the people of North Side the true facts on whet the refurbished hospital cost? Or do you think the people of North Side are too ignorant as Joey does?

                3.  How can such a brilliant man be ignored? Easy, people like Joey publishing in the papers that the older generation in North Side is ignorant. If a North Sider says this publicly, why should anyone else on the Island think any differently. I think Ezzard is doing an excellent job of proving to the public that people in North Side, over 50, are not ignorant at all and that we do NOT need East Ene and George Town polititions to come up here and tell us how to correct the problems in North Side. North Siders are well capible of taking care of their own problems. What is the matter with Joey, can’t he stand on his own two feet for a change? Does he need Arden and Kurt to prop him up everywhere he goes? Why did the PPM and Edna ignore the problems of North Side for the last 4 years?

                As another poster on this said, lets hear Joey’s solutions, not constant personal attacks on Oswald and Ezzard. 

  8. Fed Up Caymanian says:

    It is REALLY sad to see the level the PPM has stooped to. Their first meeting (the one that government vehicles was used to keep the dust down), was more like a group of first graders playing he said-she said. I ask the PPM to stop bashing the young UDP candidates and referring to them as students. The PPM in 2005 had 5 student candidates (Lucile, Fonzi, Chuckie, Ozzie and Moses) so why the cry. Like someone has said, if you live in glass house DO NOT throw stones. The country is in THE worse position than we have ever seen. High prices, High un-employment, high crime, high spending, high borrowing- everything is HIGH.

    If this is progress, then I for one surely do not want to see regress. UDP- keep your chin up and continue to hit the PPM with the facts- as it is obvious that they have no answers for the TRUTH. If the UDP is so bad, why did they have over 1500 persons at their launch while the PPM might have made 600……………..and for a island wide rally Thursday night- I saw that the PPM had MAYBE 200 people. If these are the kinda numbers that PPM have to rely on for election, then may I suggest that they all bow out now with some level of dignity.

    Its time, its UDP time- and when its over we will once again walk down FREEDOM STREET


    • Anonymous says:

      I am appalled at what has happened in two days,yes two days since Joey put up his signs in north side,Here is the problem, Ezzard put up his signs at the very start and no one disfigured or did anything to the signs,  HOWEVER, with in hours of Joeys signs going up in franksound THREE of Ezzards sign was knocked down, when I say knocked down I mean flattened.   So I am asking what is going on,  it shows that his campaign just like the last canidate will stoop to any level to win, not for the good of the people but just to get in self gratification.

      Another problem I have with this race is, WHY or how would Joey leave a job that  he still says was very lucrative to run for a measly job like Lucille Seymour asked him, why. I smell a rat here, why Joey do you want to come to represent these ignorant people, is it because you feel that we are so ignorant that we will acept what you stuff down our throats, well this is one north sider that will not vote for you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can someone explain what the hell Joey Ebanks did to deserve the Cayman Net News person of the year beyond taking out a rather large marketing contract with Desmond Seales’ PR company?  

    • Anonymous says:

      What did he do to deserve that title, not a hell of a lot,but if you think back thats when the ppm was priming him to take over north side,when he went around here with pockets full of money,appeasing to all of their croonies,promising anything and everything.A lot of money went through yhis district but only for certain people,

      his mug was in the papers every week, if he spit they put it in the papers, people in this district that have gave of their time and money but never let it be known you do not hear about them as they do not contact the papers to show up for simple little things that they do, that is one reason I cant votefor Joey, he wants to be in the center of every thing and get attention or recognition, biggetive one.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I made this comment on 17 April, and was not posted.  I hope that it will be now!!

    Alden is heard saying at the PPM meeting on Thursday, 16 April…Mark Scotland is my friend, but if you lie with dogs you will catch fleas.


    Mark is a good father and husband more than what we can say about you!! People that live in glass houses should not throw stones!!

    Your being scandalous against other people will not help you to get re-elected, and we can actually see you shaking in your shoes!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Poster – would you elaborate a bit further and give  the readers a hint as to what Alden could possibly catch by his lying around?  Not enough to get you in trouble though.

      What might the results be?

      Heard some  reports during the past month, but is there any proof at all?

      I beleive that the GT electorate has the right to know at this time, might give them a better perspective of the minister.

        Glass houses are very delicate structures and its inhabitants must truly be careful when they  throw stones, since one of those very stones might bounce back and destroy your dolly house.  Just saying!

      What about Miss L.  at the PPMs launch lambasting  and denigrating the promising candidate, Peralina  about not being black enough, her hair, skin and nails not being her own –  Miss L. should be ashamed of herself.  Peralina was one of the young persons who looked up to  Miss L.  while being coached at  basketball by Miss L.  Tell you what, how can Miss L. say that she represents our youth, when she spits out such hatred as soon as that very same young person  whom she says she supports tries to make their mark in politics but just on the opposite team as Miss L.

      Must say Perlina has handled the insults with dignity.  Don’t  stoop to Miss L’s  standards Perlina and hold your head high.  You’ve worked hard to get where you are; now, just ignore the ramblings of a jealous has been teacher, candidate and  coach.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Give me a break! this is rubbish Joey will lead NS! Ezzard stay retired.

  12. Anonymous says:
    Joey understands that to have tourism we need to have a very, very good environment.
    Joey understands that the Caymanian people have allowed businesses, politicians and Government to wantonly destroy our environment for many years.
    Joey understands that the Caymanian people are now waking up to the fact that they need to seriously protect our environment to protect our tourist economy and our health.
    Now, look amongst the candidates and who else has proven that they really will protect our environment, well maybe Mr. Miller has proven his concern for the environment, but all of the others have not really protected the environment.
    I sure hope that Northsiders wake up and realize how good a man Joey is for the job to represent the North Side District.
    Thanks for this space.


  13. Anonymous says:

    I have been doing my best to follow all candidates, with the hope of making the best decision!  As a result, I attended Mr. Ebanks’ meeting and was very impressed with his care and concern for our island and for the district of NS!  I left his meeting very motivated and encouraged as a young Caymanian myself.  He was able to share what he had been involved with and how he has assisted the NS community in various areas, but more so he was able to identify areas that our people can take advantage of and grow.

    In every election process, there will be some inappropriate words back and forth but I have tried to look at the other aspects in this process and I encourage others to do the same.  Look at what the candidate have done already, what they intendto do – DO NOT place your focus on a Salary Advance that would appear to be addressed! 

    Someone commented that the candidates are acting like 2nd graders but it would appear that it is not only the candidates but others in our community as well based on the immature comments below.  I agree with the persons who said below put your focus on the most suitable candidates!!!!

    On May 20th this decision will be for the benefit of our country and for 4 years!!!!!!  Do the Right Thing here!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that it will be very difficult for us to make the right decision in this election with all the press seeking to publish only the news that smears and they themelves continue to sling mud. We will have to stop reading the news papers until May 21st.

    • Anonymous says:


      I am a North Sider who has not decided who I will vote for yet and was leaning towards Joey. However I have been to two of Joey’s metings including this one specifically because he promised to explain and clear up the circumstances surrounding him giving himself a salary advance from our cash strapped  Turtle Farm (yes I said Turtle Farm as that is what it is. It is not in Bostwain Bay and there is no beach ….. truth in advertising). I have heard nothing that makes me the wiser from what Joey said. Joey do yourself a favor, come clean on this issue if you want this North Siders vote. Don’t take me for a fool that will be satisfied with a flippant response such as "I don’t own the Turtle Farm any salary". I am not talking about any salary, i am talking about the rumor that you issued yourself a rather large loan with only your salary as collateral and then removed yourself from receiving that salary without first paying off the loan, in effect leaving the Turtle Farm in the position where they had NO collateral between the time you resigned and the time you paid it back. 

      Mr Ebanks what I, as a North Side voter, and others would like to hear are the particulars surrounding this "loan" such as: How much was the "loan"? When was this loan money taken? Did your bosses (TF directors) approve this money? How long did you have to pay it back? What was the interest rate? Was it your management decision that the TF could afford to make loans? Did you make loans to any other member of staff? … Your answer to these questions speak to your management style and how you would run this Country.

      This is not money from a private bank we are talking about (that would be your buisness alone not mine) but this is our cash strapped Turtle Farm that is still losing $500,000.00 (1/2 million) dollars each and every month that was already paying you hansomely. The rest of us North Siders have to go to the banks and sometimes get turned down.

      You paid it back so there should be no issue you say. Well it goes deeper than that. A representative for our country must demonstrate good buisness decisions, especially in terms of spending money when the country is in debt and losing money. Will our representative after May 20 be spending money that the Country does not have in trying to fullfill pie in the sky campeign promises. This is what got the Country in the mess that it is now in financially, in the first place.

      I will continue to go to all candidate’s meetings in North Side before deciding how to vote, however my score card to date is as follows: Joey Ebanks – Lots of shouting and embarresing talk about what he did for individuals in the past. Keep this between you and the people you helped, address this issue clearly then move on. Oswald Rankin – Real likeable guy with a caring and christian attitude towards the elderly. Some good ideas but I need to hear the details of how he would implement them. Ezzard Miller – Appears at this time to have a considered well thought out opinion on the problems of the Country such as Health care, putting qualified Caymanians to work, education and fiscal responsibility and how to address them, hard worker, proven track record in North Side, personality like a pit bull.

      OK you guys, lets have some sensible campeigning, get off personal attacks, treat me as an intelligent voter and address the peoples’ and my concerns so that I can make an educated decision on May 20.

  14. Anonymous says:





    • Anonymous says:

      Will the UDP party please tell the country which 5 will form the cabinet in the event that all 11 UDP candidates are elected on May 20th? Will it be the 5 experienced candidates of which 4 of them represent West Bay or will it include some of the six student candidates?

    • Anonymous says:

      Kurt if Older!

      I hear the PPM crying about McKeeva being an old man (an argument given to Kurt by someone in the PPM that actually wants to replace him as leader of the PPM), but the fact is that Kurt Tibbetts, was born March 1954, and McKeeva was born January 1955 – so unless the  PPM can’t count (which would explain the $29M deficit) Kurt Tibbetts is actually older. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe the PPM calling for Bush to step down  is actually one of the  PPM  minister’s ways in subtly telling KT it’s time to step down and leave the business of leader to AM.  That’s one position that  AM wants, but , then, he is already the puppeteer and KT is the puppet.  Makes sense.  I’m just saying!

    • Anonymous says:

      Joey vs Ezzard?

      Joey is no match for Ezzard – in any sense of the word; and even by the twisted definition of the PPM Ezzard is not a "student candidate" – so unless Joey is giving out turtle meat, or got a substantial salary advance – the good people of North Side will be voting for Ezzard.


      • Anonymous says:

        Joey vs Ezzard – Speak for yourself. This is one good person of North Side that WILL NOT be voting for Ezzard and rest assured there are many others.

      • Anonymous says:

        No we will not!  We will vote #1 Joey all the way!!He is not going to fly over us and build a wall around his house to keep us out. Remember North Siders…"I wish i could build a wall around my house so high i would need to fly over it to get in and i could then fly to mothers house to visit. That way i would not need to see them North Siders" Spoken like a man Ezzard. You will never get this North Side vote or the other four in my house. Stay retired!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Joey v Ezzard?

        Unfortunately the poster is correct. Ezzard will steamroller his way into the seat, agree to be UDP with Mac in exchange for the Ministry of Health (Y’all cant really see him on the backbenches can you?) and set about bullying the crap out of the health care providers/insurance industry and running the place single handed as he did last time around-after all, there’s no one else in Cayman as knowledgeable as he is there? Mac is definitely in with a chance of being back despite a dreadful showing last time. But what will he give Walling?

        God help us.

      • Anonymous says:

        Looking beyonds May 20th 2009 and say the all eleven UDP candidates have been successful, we know that the cayman brac candidate has already been guaranteed a Ministers seat so that leaves four to be filled. Since the UDP has boldly declared one seat perhaps we could just as boldly let the country know who the other four will be.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are we not hearing about how the PPM is going to jumpstart this  failing economy , how they are going to deal with crime and putting Caymanians back into jobs and the various other issues facing Cayman. 

      Guess right now the only people they are interested in finding work for is themselves. 

      Is that the best they can do, when they talk about lice, and whose hair , nails and skin belongs to whom, and cussing on the plafform.  Boy, have they failed us!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Both parties sounds like a bunch of 2nd graders.."he hit me first" "she said I was ungly" "but my hair is mine"…I wonder if they listening to themselves?. I can only pray that the cayman people are really listening!! and is not side tracked with the circus behavior!!.

    Do they really understand situations that we’re now facing,and and where we are headed in these beloved Islands?. I urge us the people to LISTEN to all Candidates and honestly PRAY for ALMIGHTY GOD to guide as to where we place that X.

    Remember we the PEOPLE have the POWER…use it wisely.


  16. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Joey  I love you to death, but I do not believe this is your time.   You was doing a wonderful job at the turtle farm.   Dont stay on a sinking ship, you will get drown.

  17. Roy Tatum says:

    re Student Candidate

    The point made was that the UDP team comprised a few experenced politicians/candidates and everyone else are student candidates. 

    Joey may or may not be a student candidate but he has 9 experienced legislatures in the PPM to support him.  The PPM slate is far more experienced that that of the UDP. 

    However, this is also not his first election bid so  student candidate does not fully apply to him.  Finally Joey has worked in the NS district as well as contributed /volunteered time and effort to working for the Caymanian people in various ways.    Can the UDP say the same for all their so called student candidates?





    • Anonymous says:

      For the life of me I cannot understand why north siders dont get up in arms over this mess, Joey came to you all in 2005 after the elected member desserted you all for more $$$, he was running around n/side fixing houses, started committes and oh yes, none of his so called committes is still going today, they fizzled out just like the MLA  did, and just like Joey did.he and his boss PPm had a falling out and the money stop flowing in north side.

      Now he comes back yelling and screaming that he is the man for n/side and what all he did

      Now let me tell you all the difference between Ezzard and Joey, You all that Ezzard has helped you never hear anything about it on the streets or you never see him getting his picture in the paper all the time like Joey was doing for two long years, this is the difference folks, Joey needs and wants recognition for all he do and yes he do tell people that you are all lazy people and that he have assisted a lot of you.

      I want you all to remember that Joey walked out on all of you just like Edna did, and if he do not get the ministers seat that he wants he will walk again.

      I beg you all to vote smart,vote wisely,give north side what it deserves, a canidate that has experience,knowledge and the guts to go out and get things done for north side and the whole cayman islands. God bless



      • Anonymous says:

        Does the fact that he could possibly still owe money to the Turtle Farm warant the auditor general looking into this? That’s the only way the truth will actually come out . 

        To get this behind him why not get an affidavit from the board/treasury denying that he owes money, that would certainly clear this enitre entire mess up and he would be better able to focus on his solutions to issue facing NS. 

        Better yet, if he does owe money what arrangements have been made for a pay back?

        Once you put yourself on the public stage your life is examined through a microscope so  one has to make sure that one can stand up to the glare or at the very least, back up any accusations with documented facts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jumping ship,student candidate, community worker,church goer on and on, this election is not about  personalities, it is about the islands our districts,thats what you all have to remember when you vote, WHO, can get the job done, Who, is experienced, Who do assist the people of the district with out expecting the news papers to follow him and print their mug in the papers, press is always notified when Joey is going to be some where, north siders cant you see that all he wants is attention,no different than the pass MLA,looky,lookly, who I am, I say poor poor pityful you.

      This is our future,our district,our children, dont sell out to turtle meat, cartoons of cigarettes,or a few cases of beer. Shame on you Joey, you are the one that are campaigning on the youth, well teach them something that is better than that.

      Why dont you invite them to come to your house for a good talk and a b/q or better yet why dont you invite them to church and you lead the way.Maybe you can convert them from being IGNORANT NORTH SIDE MEN, you know the ones that you critised in the net news man of the year.

      Yes north side you men are regarded as ignorant, he said it, they printed it.

      GO Ezzard, and if not Ezzard, then Oswald, either is better than the turtle meat man.

      • Anonymous says:

        I read that statement in the CNN Person of the year as well, the reference being made was tothe level of intelligent young people today compared to those of the good old days. I agree with Joey there, our young men and women are better equipped to lead today. Also, ignorant is not a bad word, it means unaware. Lets face it, the youth today who have obtained an education are able to better understand the complexities of globalization…that’s just the way it is. He even names a few of these young Caymanians, Winston Connolly being one of them. Is he not from North Side?


        • Anonymous says:

          You know I read the statements here about the canidates and what they stand for or against. Not all of it is what we want to hear , or agree with but we must give them praise where it is due and respect and we must call them on the carpet when they say or do something wrong.

           How ever it seems that the ppm canidate cant tell the difference between the truth and trumped up lies. You see even when it is verified that the stories that Joey is telling people about the rumour that Ezzard,s committee said about his family has been told and verified by people who was at that meeting to be blatant lies Joey still takes every opportunity to spread those lies.

          I would hope that he would come to the source and get the truth. At no time did Ezzard or Mr Whittaker say the dreadful things that he is advocating that they said, it is unfortunate that there was not  a radio audience there that night to dispel these lies, This is a pure political ploy,same old play on the peoples sympathy, lie on the other canidates and they will vote for me.What a disgusting shame.

          Speak the truth and speak it ever, cost it what it will, he who hides the wrong he does, does the wrong thing still. Please vote with your brain,not your heart,vote for intelligence.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re "Jumping Ship Student"

        If you want to recommend the non-Joey/non-Ezzard candidate for North Side, perhaps you should get his name right. It’s Oswell not Oswald. Many call him by his pet name "Sonny". No one ever , ever calls him Sunny.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone shed light on why the suppliers  to the Turtle Farm are having such a hard time getting paid ?

  19. Anonymous says:

    So if he does not owe salary what is going on here? Where there’s smoke there’s fire and for sure something has happened here.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Turtle Meat for Votes!

    Unless you believe that the PPM responds to every criticism (which you shouldn’t because, for example, Kurt still has not explained what really happened to Hampstead) this effort by Joey really shows you how desperate things are economically in the Cayman Islands that politicians in the rural areas feel the need to defend themselves against allegations that they are giving out meat for votes.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Salary Advances

    Why is it that almost everyone connected with the PPM gets a Salary Advance before they leave their job. The last guy who did this was Hassan Syed.

  22. Anonymous says:

    "Student Candidate" for the PPM

    I heard Kurt say last night that the UDP had some "Student Candidates" – I suppose Joey is the "Student Candidate" for the PPM.

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you compare 1 student candidate for the PPM with 6 student candidates for the UDP?

    • Anonymous says:

      If perhaps the UDP is the controlling party after May 20th, would some of their student candidates then become MINISTERS, or would the Cabinet be made of the FOUR experienced West Bay Candidates and the ONE experienced Cayman Brac candidate?

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe because they don’t cut under the table deals like the UDP.

    • Anonymous says:

      If he is a Student he has good honest teachers and will be a good MLA for North Side. Go Joey. 

    • Mario Rankin says:


      Here are a few comments on the recent rumors surrounding the PPM candidate for North Side, Joey Ebanks. It seems that he thinks that the public of the Cayman Islands is gullible or just plain stupid, for him to want us to believe that he left the Turtle Farm in such a speed that he forgot to pay back the salary advance(s) in which he received and spent before he handed in his resignation. Certainly someone within his office reminded him weeks before that he owed for the advance(s) before he made the decision to resign which leads me to ask the question whether he honestly intended to repay or did he hope that no one would come forward and expose him. He claims he left in such a speed,       “that everything could not be wrapped up as it should have been”. Well my question to you Mr. Ebanks before you knew that you were going to resign, did the powers to be call you on the very day of your resignation and advise you that you would have to resign and leave the premises within ten minutes, because that would be the only speed in which I could understand you leaving without taking care of your responsibilities. Well, Mr. Ebanks it seems like you will need that divine intervention that the Minister of Education talks about to save your political aspirations.
      So I urge all Caymanian people not to be misled by any excuse that they are trying to blind us with because it seems that he is guilty by his own admission.
      • Anonymous says:

        In response to Mario Rankin "if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones" use them to build the wall around your property that you think the PPM Govt should have done and did’nt thus causing you to jump ship.

        • Mario Rankin says:
          Can you give me a better reason to not jump ship?? Has the safety of your children been put into jeopardy, do you anticipate a car running through your house every day, every night, do you constantly have to live with those thoughts in your head??? I think not.  Before you decide to respond to anything I write in future, I suggest you get your facts straight.  I did not ask the PPM for a wall, I asked the NRA for a guard rail to protect my family and was told that the Minister of Infrastructure advised the NRA that I should and would not be getting a guard rail.  As a home owner whose house is within feet of a major highway, I am very much so inclined to have a guard rail.  As far as jumping ship goes….we are all on the same ship just changing Captains. 
          Mario Rankin
      • Anonymous says:

        Well if Joey is guilty then all of us Caymanians are guilty in some way, but all of us might have done something or someone wrong in our time, including you . Stop the hating.

        at least when Ezzard was in LA he lived in North Side, you never heard or seen him, but come christmas is at people door step handing out rum, wine to people that had vote him in, but since he lost his run i think in 1990 or 1992 to Mrs. Edna Moyle, he then picked up and moved out of North Side

        North Side deserves the best, and the best is Joey Ebanks

  23. Anonymous says:


    Joey is a star and will be elected May 20th! Ezzard has no vision for North Side. He will support this country moving towards INDEPENDENCE wake up NS. Don’t destroy this beloved Islands by supporting Ezzard. Joey has worked hard in this district and will provide new concepts. Joey You can do it! I will support this new candidate for the district of NS. He has provided lots of his time in NS Primary that proves he cares for the district. NS needs representation and Joey will provide.

    Ezzard its time for you let go you have not been an elected official, NS we need to move forward he is a MAN of the past. People these are serious times. Do not Elect EZZARD for office. NS we are more intelligent it will be a fiasco.




    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately…North Side will be providing the comic relief for this election…just look at who is running.

      A turtle meat distributing salary advance taker rejected by BT voters

      A polyester wearing rejected EE candidate

      A rejected NS former minister

      All three have already been rejected. At least Ezzard is not jumping from district to district. Go NS. You can have the rejects from EE and BT…they sure as hell dont want them

      • Anonymous says:

         This is in response to Unfortunately……..NORTH SIDE

        i’m a proud North Siders, and for your information Joey Ebanks was born and raised in North Side until he got married and had a family. Even so he has not stop coming to North Side to socialize with  the North Siders and he has helped many young North Siders find a Job. I can name some of these young people, but they know who they are. My vote will be going to Joey EBANKS.

        And for your information he did not steal any money from Turtle Farm, and the Salary advance was paid back in full, so he do not owe any money, and further more he did not hand out any turtle meat for free to get votes from us North Siders. So please get your facts right before you open your month.

        Why are people having so much negative stuff to say about Joey Ebanks? Since it’s a problem for Joey to be running for North Side, why did’nt you go and signed up as a canidate, so i can see how far you would have reached. Please grow up


        JOEY as long as i live you have my support all the way, GO JOEY GO. PPM ALL THE WAY


    • Anonymous says:

      I just left the ppm meeting in north side and I must say that I did not get much sense out of it, what I saw and heard was a lot of self praising, no stamina in none of the speeches.Beating their own chest and self praising. lot of hate was dispelled thats for sure.

      Let Joey tell us what he did and for Gods sake Edna stop talking about the 75 things that you did in north side, show us, put it in print, not shallow talk, you did nothing,nil,nada so dont confuse the peoples intelligence by saying that we will get another 4 years of good representation, we dont need that ,we need action,experience, not divisiveness like we have had for the last 16 years, Edna split this district apart and she should appoligise to all of us.

      I have not made up my mind as yet who I should vote for I like Joey, but if he is going to give us another 4 years of what we had I guess that I will have to pick between Mr. Miller and Mr.Rankin as I cant stand by and watch for another 4 years of lame representation.

      I have to sign out as I feel sick to my stomach about this dillema that we are in, no one with a vision that can help us. Wow, come on men can you do better.