Swine flu virus thought to be “mild strain”

| 01/05/2009

(BBC): Preliminary analysis of the swine flu virus suggests it is a fairly mild strain, scientists say. It is believed that a further mutation would be needed in order for the H1N1 virus to cause the mass deaths that have been estimated by some. But at this point, it is impossible to predict with any accuracy how the virus will continue to evolve. UK experts at the National Institute for Medical Research will outline on Friday the work they are due to start on samples of the virus sent from the US. The research, being done at the World Influenza Centre in Mill Hill, will be vital for working out the structure of the virus, where it came from, how quickly it is capable of spreading and its potential to cause illness.

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  1. Seth MacFarland says:

    I’ve heard that colloidal Silver does have some health benefits. I think that there are some uses around bacterial infections that have been shown to work. I’m not sure about that H1N1 application either though. Better do a bit more research into that one before going ahead with it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Ebanks the Plumber : talk of evolution is dangerous heresy.  Please can you put a warning on this story that evolution is not a fact just a theory and that othe people hold different views about how God created the Universe, of which the most popluar in this country is "by pure magic".  If you don’t I’ll tell Juliana.

  3. No silver lining! says:

    Sorry for the typo but I meant "not recommned" re heavy metals – stay away from it!

  4. Ebanks the Plumber says:

    "it is impossible to predict with any accuracy how the virus will continue to evolve."

    Well, we’re safe in the Cayman Islands because, thanks to our "head-in-the-sand approach to science and science education", we all know that evolution isn’t true!

    Can’t wait for an outbreak of MRSA.

  5. anonymous says:

     You friend iswrong. It’s useless and dangerous. Are you sure she is a doctor?


    Read this:




  6. No silver lining! says:

    Sorry Twyla, but colloidal silver is generally recongised as useless.  Also as a heavy metal I would recommend taking anything with silver unless there is a clear approved therapeuitc benefit.  So I would suggest you stay away from it and don’t believe the hype!

  7. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Just had a conversation with a Friend (Medical Doctor from Cuba) who informed me that COLLOIDAL SILVER will benefit a person if infected with SWINE FLU.

    She says it attacks all viruses within a 6 minute period, which also include Cancer and Aids. 

    Will someone do some research on this and tell us  if there is any truth in it.    We never know.Blessed.