Woman seriously hurt in hit and run

| 04/05/2009

(CNS): UPDATED – Tuesday 9:45 — Following the announcement on Monday that a women pedestrian was hit by a car that left the scene, police said this morning that after a medical assessment the victim has been airlifted to Jamaica for surgery to her knee and police are continuing to apeal for eye-witnesses. Police said yesterday that officers from the Traffic Management Department were investigating a hit and run which occurred on Mount Pleasant Road at around 8:30pm on Sunday, 3 May, in which a woman was injured. Police said that the vehicle which may have been a white truck did not stop at the scene.

According to police reports, the 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call from a member of the public reporting that a woman who was walking had been knocked down in the vicinity of Neon Close. Police and medics responded to the location and found a 44-year-old woman requiring medical attention. The woman was taken to hospital and treated for cuts and bruises.

Police are now seeking witnesses as they stated the vehicle did not stop at the scene and officers are actively trying to trace the driver. Police say that it may have been a white truck which will require front end repairs. Anyone who witnessed what happened or has information about possible vehicles should contact the Traffic Management Unit on 946-6254 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

 All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000 should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.



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  1. Um, what? says:

    My Friend, I make fun of everyone regardless of race, religion,  employment status, political affiliation or otherwise, please don’t take it personally.


    Statistics show;

    2001 – 1311 unemployed Caymanians, 798 unemployed non-Caymanians, 7.5% unemployement rate

    2002 – 1058, 492, 5.4%

    2003 – 857, 222, 3.6%

    2004 – 887, 424, 4.3%

    2005 – 1039, 264, 3.5%

    2006 – 682, 261, 2.6%

    2007 – 1059, 336, 3.8%

    2008 – No figures released.

    Fluctuating figures, don’t show that one Government or the other has done a better job than the other really.

    And I do hope that lady recovers fully from her injuries.

  2. Future Vision says:

    This is really bad I live in Mount Pleasant and we saw the lady lying on the side of the road while driving by lastnight, there were some people walking towards her at that time, I slowed down and I wanted to stop but I did not, now I really regret that I did not stop to offer her help, what really hits me about this is when my wife saw the woman on the side of the road she said, maybe a car knock her down and did not stop, GOSH now I just got online and read this terrible news, now it hit me like a rock that I did not stop and offer her help. 
    You know I am always stressing about how dangerous Mount Pleasant Road is because I was almost knocked down while walking home with my wife a few years ago.  I never allowed my wife to walk from work to home on that road alone when we never had a car, because of the danger and excess speeding that is constantly up and down that said road, its narrow and at night very dark in some areas, and drivers are so inconsiderate of pedestrians, that said, I would say also that many times I see pedestrians walking side by side and as stated previously walking back-on to traffic, when they should be walking facing the traffic.
    If I had a speed radar and the authority, I would surely be able to add revenue to our government treasury by ticketing drivers speeding constantly along this very narrow residential road, am presently sitting in front of my house typing this letter and the cars are zooming by like they are driving on I-95, in fact sometimes I watch the police car and public bus go by speeding in opposite directions, this is a fact.

  3. Um, what? says:

    Timeline of events;

    8:30pm Sunday night – Woman hit by vehicle

    11:19am Monday – CNS posts story

    12:30pm Monday – Ingoramus tries to make it a political issue

    Must be one of those 1200 "unemployed" with nothing better to do

    Now on a more serious note, those roads up there are dark, narrow and extremely dangerous.

    Many people have a tendency to walk with their backs to the traffic(and I am not suggesting that this particular woman was), so they can’t see it coming, which is a very dangerous practice and limits their ability to get out of the way should the need arise.

    Hope they catch the driver and the lady is ok.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I am one of the 2000 Caymanians made unemployed by Bozo and his band of merry men called the PPM. But the fact is that GT has the highest road accidents and fatalities – that statement wasn’t to make it political – that was to show that there is an issue that neededaddress for the past 4 years that hasn’t been.

      Oh, and you shouldn’t make fun of people that are unemployed.


  4. Anonymous says:

    We need more pavements!

    This sort of accident could be avoided if there were decent pavements/sidewalks in Cayman! I risk my life everyday walking on the roads. 

    Pavements would encourage people to walk places instead of jumping in their cars and in turn this would have a beneficial effect on peoples health and the environment.

  5. Caymanite says:

    Absolutely outrageous!!!!!

    Probably drunk otherwise why would he or she not stop?

    Time out, people are HUMAN BEINGS – you do not leave someone in the road like that! I would not even leave a dog or a cat in the road that way.

    What a spineless person this must be.

    Stand up for your actions. You may have killed that lady – you may have taken her life. You did not.

    Not too late to do something about it & turn yourself in.

    • Anonymous says:


      GT has the highest rate of road accidents and fatalities, but nothing has been done to reduce this in the past 4 years.