Ellio sacrificed for baby girl

| 06/05/2009

(CNS): Facing a considerable amount of criticism in postings on the CNS website and from various quarters on the campaign trail over his undergraduate education, Ellio Solomon, a candidate in the forth coming general election, has told CNS that the only reason he did not complete his degree was because of the birth of his daughter Shawn Renee (left at four months old) in 2000 who has sever disabilities. Solomon said that no one understands the decisions he had to make as a father, but as far as he was concerned his family came first and there was no other choice.

Solomon’s wife Betsy explained that since Shawn, who was born 1 November, became ill suffering seizures a few months after her birth, the couple have had to make many sacrifices for the sake of their daughter, and her husband’s studies were just one of the difficult choices they made. Speaking about the comments and criticisms that her husband has faced, Betsy said it was very hurtful. “When people make unkind comments about other people’s lives, about things that they cannot understand, it’s very painful,” she said, adding that no one can know what it’s like unless they experience it.

She explained that, as a high achiever and only six months shy of finishing his degree, it was incredibly painful for him, but Ellio was forced to quit because of the specialist medical treatment as well as the care their daughter needed. However, Betsy said that they had grown as a family despite the sacrifices and that they thanked God every day for their beautiful little girl. “Every day we are thankful for our daughter because she has made us fight, and fight hard, to help her and other Caymanians,” she said.

Adding that the family had achieved many things, she said that people don’t see the incredible pain and struggle behind the triumphs but in the end their family was more united and stronger for it. Betsy said that from the time Shawn was four months old until she was 5 years old, the couple and their two other daughters did not see her smile, but today at 8 years old and a student at the Lighthouse School their daughter is a bundle of smiles and the family’s pride and joy.

“Shawn does not walk or talk, she smiles, she gestures, she laughs, she holds on tight and she continues to spread joy in our lives and all that she comes in contact with. She is our inspiration. She is the one who keeps us fighting for all of those who cannot fight for themselves,” Betsy added.

She explained that when Ellio speaks out on any subject people can hear his passion and that he does not need to read from any prepared documents as he speaks truly from the heart.

Reflecting on his circumstances, Solomon said that he would have loved to have completed his bachelor’s degree in Science and Business Adminstration at ICCI, which he was taking when Shawn was born, but there was no question of him not taking responsibility for the special care his baby daughter would need, and as the man of the house, he said, he needed to work. “Of courses I would love to have finished but my family and their needs came first,” he added.

Solomon has demonstrated since the launch of the website Caypolitics in 2001, during his time as a host on Rooster’smorning show Crosstalk and since taking to the hustings for election 2009 as a United Democratic Party Candidate that he feels very strongly about the myriad issues affecting his people and has a strong desire to serve them and advance their cause.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If this is a contest, PPM tells more lies, every day, even in their sleep…..On your knees and pray. 

    Please don’t embarrass the country any further. Overseas visitors read this everyday, and now have to hear the judge foolishness….how embarrassing…and where is the heart doctor…..the word is around that there is not one and now our older visitors are questioning if they should even visit…..But I guess if Alicia Keyes is coming, it’s all irie.

    Please, save us from this crazy PPM.

  2. fam of a poli says:

    I hate when personal business and families get dragged into these politricks…

  3. Anonymous says:

     Two more untruths

    Having listened to this for the first time I agree that Elio should have corrected Austin.  He was trying to give an impression that was not entirely true.

    But there were other untruths:

    Mike stating that the George Hicks high school site was due to be torn down for a football field and he suggested that this would make an ideal site for a Vocational school.  Only problem is that this has been the PPMs stated plan for some time and has been discussed at Chamber Forums and on this website as well.  No original idea – trying to claim Alden’s ideas as his own.  There is no plan to make this into a football field.  Shame Mike.

    John John stated that the Attorney General & Elections offce told him that he and Mark were fine and could be elected – we know this was untrue as both denied it. Shame John John

    Is there anything that we can believe that these folks say?



  4. Caymaniam says:


    PPM and a few, Grasping at

    In the face of direct, pointed questioning by a caller, Elio allowed a misrepresentation of his qualifications to stand, supported by his former, long-time co-host on Rooster, in his presence, with the ability to set the record straight, then and there. He did not . 

    That is not a lie, but it speaks volumes to me about honour and integrity.

    I am not a PPM supporter. Indeed,  my opinion of party politics is one I thought that Elio (prior to joining the UDP) until quite recently, shared. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    PPM and a few, Grasping at straws

    Writer of:

    "My dear friends we must simply accept this now. Ellio ‘technically’ didn’t lie but he failed to correct Austin when he said to the caller that Ellio has a degree. Which many can argue is just as bad!"

    I’m not sure what is more pathetic, this lame attempt at grasping at ANYTHING to tarnish Ellio’s character or the actual lie its self.  The REAL LIE that we have all seen now, is that Ellio lied.  That’s the real lie perpetuated by you and others here that we all know who there by now.

    Even the face of the cold reality that Ellio DID NOT LIE, and the record was always straight, lets address now this new version of your lie your putting out there of this "TECHNICAL LIE",  Which is nothing more than a twist of your original lie you continue to push.

    You have thing right in this, the part of "My dear friends we must simply accept this now. Ellio ‘didn’t lie"  with the "technically" left out is the truth.

    If you ACTUALLY read the text, Ellio was actually REPEATING himself when he said he had an accociates degree and that he had attended blachelors studies.  By time he was correcting Austin, would have been the SECOND TIME he says it.  So this whole notion that he someone was trying to fool everyone that he had a degree when he clearly states which degree he had from the VERY BEGINING right in the open, and HAD TO REPEATE IT AGAIN to the caller shows shows your idiotic argument, abviously designed with one sole purpose in mind,  that is to tarnish Ellio’s character at any cost, even with such a patheticly weak argument.

    The REASON you’re pushing this pathetic argument is because you KNOW and the PPM (and others like Sandra Catron) KNOWS that they cannot run this campaign on issues and NEED to wage this campaign on attacking people’s good characters in hope to tarnish their reputation.  The PPM needs a red herring, and therefore perpetuated this via Sandra Catron. 

    THESE ARE THE FACTS, and they are VERIFIABLE FACTS AND THEY ARE INDISPUTED.  All you have is a buch if biased speculation twisted in a way to not only disregard the very facts that you’ve mentioned but to once again try to tarnish someone’s character.

    This was further exampled by Sandras back door underhanded tactics to dig up anytkind of dirt she could find on Ellio and paid the price dearly, which will be evident come May 20th.

    This intent and purpose is obvious to EVERYONE and fools no one, you are not convicing anyone.






  6. Truthfinder says:

    Yea, our forefathers never had to go up against the likes of Obama either. it’s very dangerous to have this line of thinking that we don’t need educated people to run our government – it’s a huge mistake.

    While it’s not the ONLY criteria – it should be at the top of things we are looking for in these candidates. The world has changed quite a bit since our forefatheres were in charge. Look around!

    Exception: to run a country and not be educated

    Rule: be educated and running a country so that you can appropriately handle the countries affairs and deal with heads of states and international and regional matters.

    It’s a dying breed of people who think you can run anything in this day and age and not be qualified to do so.

    Leaders need a lot of qualities but I do think that education is one of them. We are not longer the island that time forgot and we can’t have it both ways.

    I for one do not agree that Cabinet Ministers should be uneducated. That should at least be a prequisite for them if not for the regular MLA.

    Look at what Anthony has done to HSA – if he had some learninig that agency would not be in the mess that it’s in now!

  7. anonymous says:


    Subject: how the UDP will form the next GOV


    West Bay Mckeeva Bush, Ralston Anglin, Clide Glidden, (Bernie Bush or Eugene Ebanks)    4 seats

    George Town Mike Adams, Elio Solomon                                                                            2 seats

     Bodden town   Mark Scotland                                                                                              1 seat (may be contested but if it’s by the PPM they are risking a challenge of the will of the people)

     North side        Ezzard Miller                                                                                                  1 seat

     Cayman Brac/LC Juliana O Connor-Connolly                                                                          1 seat



    Bo Miller (GT)?? Sandra Catron (bodden town)  both running a good campaign  the polls actual show her winning a seat with mark Scotland and anthony Eden ??


    PPM Kurt, Alden, Anthony, Arden and Moses (some predict Alden losing his seat?)


    Alfonso, Lucille, Clifford, Ossie ,Joey   losers

  8. anonymous says:

    the best leaders of this country and our fore fathers had none and put us on the right track at times a BA means blasted ass

  9. Anonymous says:

    My dear friends we must simply accept this now. Ellio ‘technically’ didn’t lie but he failed to correct Austin when he said to the caller that Ellio has a degree. Which many can argue is just as bad!

    Ellio is a very slick and charmingcandidate that has fooled many people (and many posters to CNS) in to believing that he is a man of great integrity and has nothing to hide. But now, thanks to this caller and with a little help from Sandra, he has been exposed. In my opinion considering how much he flip flops (independent or UDP… which is it???) I’m surprised he wasn’t exposed earlier. He does a very good job of feeding on the ignorances of the voting public. By him saying he’s done bachelor studies, this is confusing and it is stated like this to mislead people in to believing he has an actual degree…. I mean it worked on Austin!

    That being said now, chances are he will be elected because he is charming and people have bought in to the thought that he has integrity. But my friends ther is no reason to worry because now that Ellio has been exposed as having no education there’s no way that he can obtain a seat in cabinet and until he gains some significant credentials he will never be placed in cabinet. The country faces too many problems both internally and externally to have uneducated people like Ellio running our country.

    I believe the days of Ellio misleading us are slowing coming to an end.

  10. Truthfinder says:

    we deserve to know the truth! i vote in GT and need to know where to put my X.

    • organic caymanian says:

      Vote PPM – Kurt Tibbetts, Alden McLaughlin, Lucille Seymour & Alphonso Wright. They have’nt been accused of corruption and dishonesty by the UDPor the independents. Cant say the same for the UDP. It doesn’t matter how great your ideas might be if you are corrupt or dishonest your good ideas are useless. Vote straight PPM.

  11. One Person? says:

    Ellio – please produce your documents.

  12. Anonymous says:

    this is ridculous. what a waste of time.

    sandra… get a life.

    go ellio 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      It is very telling that the hardcore Ellio Solomon supporters think that integrity doesn’t matter.

  13. One Person? says:

    You can download and listen to both shows here:

    30th April:


    7th May:


  14. Anonymous says:

    I am pleased that Sandra could tell the truth about this although her an Ellio are friends. Shows me that she will put the country first and not parties or personalities.

    Sandy – please continue the good fight!

  15. Anonymous says:

    What is so ironic about all of this is that about 1 month ago Sandra was on the talk show. A guy called in about some complaint with the Port Authority and called her "a lawyer". In her reponse the very first thing Sandra did was corrected him that she has a law degree but is not a lawyer. The guy dismissed it as being the same – but she was quick to clarify it.

    Too bad all politicians could not be so honest. Sandra, my girl, say what they will about you but you have my vote and if I had 20 more to give you I would.

    Keep going strong and stand for the right thing!

  16. Anonymous says:

    As a voter, I am concerned about integrity and morals, not education.

    • organic caymanian says:

      If you have integrity and morals then you should have no problem speaking the truth.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Someone need to look at the Tampa media re thesubject at hand.

  18. Anonymous says:

    In reviewing a number of the posting on this thread it is interesting how many people blindly support Ellio totally ignoring the issues at hand.

    It is being portrayed as if Ellio is the innocent victim of the mean Sandra. If Ellio cannot even handle the truthful discussion of his education how will he handle the country’s business???

    The only issue here is Ellio not standing up and interupting Austen and saying "I do not have a BA." PERIOD. End of discussion…

    There was no need to bring his daughter into the discussion, Ellio did that for his own reasons.

    All these UDP supporters need to look past party politics and question themselves is Ellio’s behavior an example of how a member of the LA should behave… Does this show the necessary maturity for senior public office?

    This is an example of the shortcoming of party politics.


  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s times likes these when you know who’s really your friend and who is really your family. The dearly concerned cousin, whoever that person may be, just proved their true colors, and neither Ellio nor his wife Betsy (whom the ‘cousin’ claims blood relations) needs someone who would so easily turn their backs on them and stab them. I have seen how important their daughter Shawn is to them, and how much they love her, and I can’t understand how this whole issue came about.

    If people would just LISTEN to the interview, or read the transcript, you’ll see he said he had an associates and he’d done bachelors STUDIES. Never did he say that he had a bachelors degree. He would have if he’d chosen to put that over his family, and I think that goes to show just what kind of man Ellio Solomon really is. We need people in office who put FAMILY and COUNTRY before self. I think this WHOLE MESS, which Sandra brought about despite her being his ‘friend’, goes to show that XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. And do we really want someone like that representing us?

    Ellio has my support now more than ever.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I too am a close relative of Betsy Solomon, Ellio Solomon’s wife. I have known him for many years and have found him to be an honest, hard working, God fearing person, who wants the best for these islands. Anyone who is close to Ellio and Betsy will have witnessed the great love they have for their daughters. They did not drag their daughter into this situation. Anyone who is falsely accused has a right to defend themselves.

    I listened to Ellio’s interview myself, and anyone else who did so would have heard him say that he had an Associates Degree, and had taken bachelor studies.

    As for the ‘concerned cousin of Betsy’ who wrote earlier, if you had truly supported them you would have called them for their side of the story when all of these accusations came out instead of jumping on the bandwagon with those ready to hang him. Another thing, where has your concern been for the child all of these years? How many visits have you made to their home to support them? How many telephone calls have you made?

    Ellio and Besty have not dragged our family into their personal problems, You have! WITH RELATIVES LIKE YOU WHO NEEDS ENEMIES?


  21. Anonymous says:

    If we voted on candidates based on their personal lives about 95% of them would not get elected.  Therefore, I’m not concerned about the personal lives of any of the candidates. The fact that Ellio has a handicap child is non-issue. Just interesting that he has never spoken out about rights for the handicap.

    However, this is a question of professioinal qualification as well as dishonesty with the public. I’m not sure why people are of the opinion that Sandra was the person who called and asked about Ellio’s qualifications on the talk show. She was NOT.

    It was a female voter from George Town and then it was followed up by a male voter who clearly did not get a straight answer from Ellio. As Sandra said that week she was then called off air by many asking her to verify the information.

    Why would any sensible person turn to Ellio to verify the information when it was so obvious that he was lying? Does that sound like the sensible thing to do? In fact, the only correct and acceptable way to verify a qualification is to call the university – that was done and absolutely proper.

    If you care to hear the show for yourself because the transcripts does not do justice to what tranpired email caymantruth@hotmail.com and we will forward you the program.

    You must hear it to really comprehend the magnitude of this lie. Ellio brought this on himself. No one forced him to lie.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ellio has nothing to hide and if you, Sandra and anyone sets out to dig a little further you will see the amazing human being that he really is. There is other personal matters that Ellio also did not release, because that is the man that he is. If any of you cared to contact him and ask directly about the last painful eight years of his life then you will all truly be humbled and disgusted by yur words. But keep it up you will all be eating every single word.

    Ellio is a close family friend and while you spew your dirt ask the PPM what happended prior to his leaving their party, and why did he leave. Ask how they treated him. Even back then they knew the truth.

    Ellio is truly a wonderful person. And he will always have my support. He is a man that does not boost of his degrees (Like SOME other who  claim to have three), he is a man who has endured great personal tragedys and because he seeks to use all of the blessing that god has given him to fight for others instead of crying look what happened to me – he is not one who seeks simpity votes (like others most cetainly do) by usung his personal experiences.

    Like some he chooses to leave his person live exactly there not becaouse he is ahamed (LIKE SOME OTHERS GT CANDIDATES) but because he has a family who has been through enough pain and only want to give back to their community what only God could give to him.

    Love peace and understanding to you all. Ellio I respect you all the more for standing your ground and not sharing your pesonal life for these asses to make a mockery. You will truely be blessed.

    And Sandra, keep it up and you will only remind everyone in this country who you really are and what you are all about. Becuse the more Shit you stire the more you make others interested in what you havein your closet. And if you were truely a friend you would stop hiding behind CNS and ask Ellio and his family for forgiveness. Because God does not like uglyness.

  23. Whatever! says:

    Why do we not have all of the candidates information independently verified? I think that if we are going to elect this persons then we need to hear if what they say is true.

    The real issue here is that a lie has been told. Bottom line!

  24. Anonymous says:

    The issue was obvious to anyone who listened to the show that day. However, I am very pleased that Sandra took the time to verify the truth of those statements. Glad that she did not just shoot off at the mouth but instead made the necessary phone calls and follow-up on the matter.

    I think that Sandra will do likewise when elected to the LA. Do her research as she always does. Good job!


    Ellio you have a very beautiful little baby girl……she’s as pretty and lovely like a rose….I have known you for a very long-time, you are a great person inside and out so keep up the goodwork your doing, and dont listen to what some of these people are saying about you.  As long as you have God on your side you can never go wrong, stay strong and positive.   Keep your head up!

  26. Realist says:

    REALIST Says

    Elio Elio Elio… Your last two years on the radio, you insisted that the people of the Cayman Islands hold the government accountable.  On numerous occassions on your show you delivered some very difficult questions to elected officials, often quoting from statements they previously made in an effort to demonstrate their inconsistencies.  We the public lauded you because we thought you were doing it in the best interest of the Cayman Islands.  Gearing up to campaign season, you promised the people your integrity and asked us to do hold you to account just as you had done with guests and callers to Cayman Cross Talk during your tenure.

    Now look at what you have done.  This is so distateful.  You know why it is such a disappointment to me as a young Caymanian.  I had hopes that you could be different.  That you could change the political landscape.  Instead, what you’ve proven is, that a significant portion of your time as a host/co-host of the program was really your attempt at political posturing.  Attempting to weaken/discredit the elected MLAs for your own personal gain.

    Couple the events on Cross-Talk recently with regards to your non-existent degree(s), with your regrettable decision to join ANY political party, after you spent the last two years blasting the parties, discrediting the effectiveness of the party system, trying in-fact to convince the populace of the dangers of the party system, and we as the Caymanian people are now able to see the Real motives of Elio Solomon.

    This reprehensible situation has solidified in my own mind that you are in fact no different from any other politician.  That you too will say (or allow to be said) or do (or claim to have done) ANYTHING in order to be elected.  Those traits are characteristic of SELF-SERVING individuals, not people who will at all times do what is right for the country. 

    Unlike some other Caymanians who have posted here or called the shows, I believe it is important especially in the difficult challenges that face the country at present, and are likely to face the country in the future, given that the world is getting smaller (globalization), that every politician should be degree qualified…No excuses.

    The political leaders of Countries regionally and globally are degree qualified individuals for the most part.  If we really want to secure a good future for these Islands, be it in regards to Tourism, Finance, whatever, we cannot send mickey mouse to sit at the table with well established legal professionals and the like, and expect that we will somehow come out on top. 

    Think about it, it doesn’t make sense.  So yes, on the issue of qualifications alone, I would not vote for you Elio Solomon.  Nothing personal – just reality.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Well i Know for sure That Sandra Catron Lost in Bodden Town because of this Whole Mess that she cause on herself and i am for one who is going to campaign against her with full force.

    Bodden Towners we don’t need no vindictive person to mother Bodden Town.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was truly disappointed the other morning tohear how low Sandra would go to accomplish her ambition of  becoming a rep of BT. She called elio her friend yet she went to UCCI and even made calls overseas to try and dig into his personal affairs.   If you have any doubt, why didn’t you call your friend to clarify things?  That would have been the lady like thing to do.  To try and belittle him on national talk show was a low down way of dealing with this. My gosh, how far would she go.  Unfortunately for her, she unintentionally stirred up some very bad personal memories of her behaviour in the past  which are truly not becoming of a lady politician or of any politician in fact.  As a result of her telephone call and the responses from some of the callers who were more than willing to remind her that she is not a moral compass herself,  my respect for her has certainly suffered a blow.  And to think that I was once your biggest supporter in BT.

      • Anonymous says:

        To: Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 05/09/2009 – 16:47

        if indeed you had been Sandra’s biggest supporter you would clearly not go the lengths you have gone to try to spin this against her. She did nothing illegal, immoral or unethical. 

        When you aspire to political office you become a public figure. Your qualifications to run for office become a public, and not merely a private, issue. When you deliberately mislead the public about your qualifications it goes to the heart of your candidacy – your character and integrity. Ellio had every opportunity to "clarify" matters on the air for the benefit of all to hear, not simply Sandra. He would have got kudos had he acknowledged he had not completed his degree studies and the reason why. Instead he chose to mislead us.  Against that your charge of "unladylikeness" against Sandra simply reflects bias. Like Sandra, all of us should have zero tolerance for a lack of integrity in tose who aspire to represent us at the highest levels.       

  28. Anonymous says:

    How do we know if Ellio did an Associates degree even?

    Sandra’s comments on Thursday’s show was that the school he mentioned cannot be located. Where is ATI in Florida?

    Basically that information cannot be verified so we should not ASSUME that he has that either. I appreciate Nicky’s transcript but putting up the transcripts from this week’s show would be helpful in showing how the details of his associates degree changed.

    It would also show how biased Austin is allowing Dwayne’s Seymour’s comment’s against Sandra Catron. That entire show was a setup and in my opinion those callers were setup to call in and assassinate Sandra. I’m glad she held her own and continues to demonstrate her ability to stick to the issues.

    On the 30th Ellio made reference to Florida Atlantic University – they have no record of Ellio Solomon or do they know anything about "ATI".

    Then on the 7th Ellio said ATI is located in Cypress Creek, Florida. I cannot find a city called Cypress Creek.

    His use of the terms "degree studies" is meant to confuse people. If he has this associates degree why does the UDP website make no mention of it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Google search:

      ATI Career Training Center#140
      2890 W. Cypress Creek Road
      Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

      ATI Career Training Center in Fort Lauderdale is located near the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport in a suburban area convenient to all major highways, bus routes, and beaches. ATI Students are provided with a diverse learning environment with a proven track record of success. Comments from ATI graduates of Electronics, Information Technology, Computer-Assisted Design, and Medical Administration from the Fort Lauderdale campus clearly indicate that ATI’s formula for success works.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Nicky made some very good points. The caller was very focused and unwilling to be shined off by Austen.

    Now that all this has occured one must wonder if Austen feels betrayed for his stance when the was being used by Ellio? At any time Ellio could have set the record straight with a simple sentence, but did not…

    Austen later sat back and listened to caller after caller slander Sandra and effectively make the messenger the issue instead of Ellio’s honesty.

    In the later Sandra and Ellio exchange it was clear that Sandra had Ellio on the ropes, it is difficult to argue effectively when caught in a lie.

  30. Anonymous says:

    What is also shameful is that , Austin in the morning news aired a small clip of this conversation in an attempt to clear the air and put an end to the story. They only aired this section:

    "Caller: You have a bachelors in engineering?

    Ellio: I have an associates in engineering. I studied bachelors, I did bachelor studies hereat the International College of the Cayman Islands."

    Austin and Rooster 101 completely neglected to air the parts of the conversation where Austin was bullying the caller.

    This was a blatant attempt to cover their tracks and distort the truth. Austin has a lot of explaining to do come Monday.  


  31. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Small people talk about other people,  smart people talk about events, and great people talk about issues.


  32. Mind Your Business says:

    The poster at 20:25 has made a very valid point,if Ellio has not been able to complete this Degree in the past 8 years, how will he find the time to run a Country given that his circumstances do not appear to have changed much? Skirting the truth by the way is almost as shameful as bold faced lying.

  33. Nicky Watson says:

    Apologies for unpublishing this for the day but since a lot of this discussionrests on what Ellio did or did not say on the Rooster talk show on 30 April, I wanted to transcribe it here so everyone could read it for themselves. Now at least you all know what you’re arguing about.

    First of all an answer to a caller’s question about the panalists’ academic and professional qualifications for office.

    Ellio: My first degree studies are in electronic engineering and then I went on to do bachelor studies with respect to business administration. I’ve also done a lot of other studies, you know, private studies. For example, I did law, sociology. But I definitely believe, as I mentioned earlier on, I think a big qualification is knowing really what’s taking place on the ground and making it – and obviously having the will to actually get up and do something about it. Now I mention with respect to my colleague (referring to Mike Adam) actually talking for example about graduating from high school and having 40 years of experience. I think a lot of those formal academic qualifications, really what it shows is that you have is the ability to learn, but it’s constantly changing. And for example my colleague here, 40 years of experience – that’s the University of Life.

    Later, a caller brought the subject up again.

    Caller: Am I correct that none of the three panelists right there have a university degree?

    Austin: Um, no, I don’t believe you are correct.

    Caller: I’m not correct?

    Austin: You’re not correct. I know Ellio Solomon has a university degree.

    Caller: From where?

    Ellio: I went to ATI, that’s where I studied engineering, which is affiliated with the Florida Atlantic University.

    Caller: What degree do you have?

    Ellio: Engineering

    Caller: You have a bachelors in engineering?

    Ellio: I have an associates in engineering. I studied bachelors, I did bachelor studies here at the International College of the Cayman Islands.

    Caller: So you have an associates in engineering but you don’t have a bachelors? You don’t have a four-year degree?

    Austin: Again, he has an associates degree in engineering and a bachelors degree from the University College of the Cayman Islands in Business Administration, I believe.

    Caller: Ah, I mean, I‘ll take that but I didn’t hear any bachelors degree. I heard bachelor studies. I’ve taken bachelors studies but I have a bachelors degree, but anyway.

    Austin:  All right. He’s just clarified it so I hope you’ve, it’s been clarified for you now.

    Caller: Ok. OK.

    • Caymaniam says:

      Thank you Nicky for the transcript. I heard the original broadcast along with the tones of voice, hesitations and other subtle clues that are not conveyed in well in print. My thoughts at the time were along the lines of… "this caller is asking very pointed questions, as if he is already sure of the answers, but he wants to hear how Elio will handle this". I found Elio’s answers hesitant, as if unwilling to disclose the full truth, but I did not hear an actual lie. I then heard Austin try to "bully" the caller into accepting that his questions had been answered, when indeed they had not.

      I do not know why Elio would have alowed this charade to occur. If the CNS story is true, there would be no shame in what he did, and it could have worked in his political favour. Allowing Austin to misrepresent his answer as confirmation of a bachelor degree raises, in my opinion, serious questions about Elio’s integrity. 

      As for Austin, as a supposedly balanced "moderator"  I think he has a lot of explaining to do.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you Miss Nicky for the copy of the transcript. I was curious as to why this article was removed as well as some previous posters comments.  I personally believe that once something is approved and posted it should remain but that obviously isn’t the policy of CNS.  I too heard the original broadcast and the hesitation in Mr. Solomons voice and his failure to address the question headon.  I also noted the urgeancy in Austins voice to dismiss the pointed question of the caller.  This broadcast alone made me change my mind about putting an X in the box of #9 as well as making the decision to switch the dial on my radio on my way to work in the mornings.  I cannot support a candidate who skirts the issues and hides behind the skirt/coattails of his wife (another issue in which Mr. Solomon could have represented himself instead of depending on someoneelse to take the heat) nor will I frequent a radio station that shows such blatant favourtism to a candidate to the extent that they step in and show such rudeness that Astin did to this particular caller. 

        CNS: CNS must reserve the right to revise decisions on moderating. It is also in our comment policy that if readers think we have made the wrong decision they can email us and we will consider deleting it or explain why it was allowed.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Why must anyone lie about their credentials.  However, I listed to the news broadcast that has been repeating on Rooster Radio today and it was very clear what Elio said.

    He said he had an Associates Degree and he also said he had degree studies. 

    Therefore what I derived from the above was that he had an Associates Degree but he had only carried out degree studies.

    What is so confusing about these statements that would want someone to dig deeper.  Dont’ get me wrong I am supporting no one but I have ears and I can certainly hear.


    • Anonymous says:

      "Therefore what I derived from the above was that he had an Associates Degree but he had only carried out degree studies".

      From the above transcript it is clear that Ellio intentionally misled listeners. Why have Austin say on your behalf that you have a Bachelor’s degree and hustle the caller (obviously a skilled questioner), who is seeking clarification on that very issue, off the air without speaking up to correct him? Remember, Ellio is never lost for words.  

      His earlier statements about Bachelor’s studies coupled with the above would have led any objective person to wonder what the truth was and dig deeper.  

      There is just no way to spin this.

  35. Young Caymanian STUDENT says:

    I cannot wait for my generation to COMPLETE their degrees and put their country back in order! It is utterly disgusting to see the way you "wanna be" politicians conduct yourselves, speak about each other and represent your country. There are only a few people that have the professionalism, education, and integrity on this list and I hope the right people are elected.

    First of all MAC, how dare you say that no education is needed to be a politician! It should be required, especially after so many mistakes of letting you be leader. In addition, many young Caymanians and graduates cannot progress and develop as an individual with an employer unless they have a degree much less run for politics – all thanks to you and UDP for the 3,000 odd status papers they gave as presents to individuals who are now raping the country and its people. So how can you say tertiary education is not essential for effective leadership of a country? If that were the case I would be home blasting your party and not overseas, building up my student loan earning my right for a seat in that house one day!
    Furthermore, let me emphasize on the point that most of us have tried to shed light on. It is not the fact that Ellio did not obtain a degree, the principle is that he blatantly lied about earning a legitimate bachelors degree. HE TOLD A LIE when he should be honest with the people he is trying earn good standing with.
    What bewilders me is the lack of recollection from the Caymanian people of how UDP sold out their inheritance, children, future, culture, land and beach amongst others for a dollar and everyone is so quick to jump back on the train after such turmoil XXXXXXX went on in their 4 years! PPM is still cleaning up their trash. Now education is a must for anyone who wants to succeed in their Caribbean country where a Filipino has the same right as a high school graduate for the simplest entry level positions such as a teller at BoB, an administrator, an assistant and the list goes on!! What a place to call home!!! Cayman you better think twice and think wise, it is NOT about friends and family it is about YOUR future and the future of your children. Please do not let what our grandfathers and forefathers worked so hard to achieve go to waste. Let Cayman run this country!
    No politician has yet to say how they will help embrace the culture of the Cayman Islands to our youth, implement an arts and crafts class in our schools, a bible class that by the way does help mold  children into successful, honesty individuals with values and love for their country. I am one of them and I know manymore young Caymanians such as myself who will stop at nothing to get our education and better ourselves for a prosperous future.
    Stop with the excuses.  
  36. Anonymous says:

    Education is also important in this new age, as well as common sense otherwise we will be paying for experts to tell us how we should run our country!  And I am sorry for Ellio and his family but how is he going to fine the time if he is elected??  Sandra was also not so nice in not advising Ellio of the comments others were making.  She could have told him  and it would have given him a chance to clear things up.  I heard the show and I thought he had a degree.  I think with the pressure from the caller, Harris had stated that he did have is BA but Ellio never denied it.  But knowing so many people were listening he should of cleared things up the next day and that would of been the end of that!  So I feel sorry for us who come May 20 will still be undecided!  Let’s deal with the real issues.  Lots of us are not getting any younger and the pension is crap and so is the medical for the persons over 60.  So we also need to address these issues as well as to review "has the seven year rollover policy helped us Caymanians get better jobs"??

  37. Iron Wood says:







  38. Anonymous says:

    The Sanitation workers are probably the best run and most reliable service provided in the country. Regardless of anything else it works and doesn’t pretend to be something that it isn’t nor blame or use people to avoid basic responsiblity.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Ellio opened himself up to this.  It was obvious last Friday that he was dancing around the truth.  You could tell he wanted to make it sound like he had a degree without lying but then low and behold he outright told the lie.  Anyone with two brain cells (including Sandra) could tell what he was trying to do. 

    Also, Ellio, Perlina, etc. need to get off this ‘woe is me’ poverty, came from humble beginnings garbage!! That doesn’t qualify them either! 


  40. Beth McField says:

    Elio you have my support.  Those who know you,  know your heart and you are for Caymanians.  Right now the educational background of the candidates, though relevant, are miniscule.  I need representatives who understand why we as Caymanians cannot afford land or a home in GT if you are a born and raised George Towner.  I appreciate the views of all the commentators because they are my Caymanians, but you all better make the right decision come May 20, 2009 because a piece of paper is not going to matter after that.  This I can gaurantee!

    Kind regards – Beth McField (double BBA but its not helping me!)

  41. Anonymous says:

    What Sandara did was not wrong, but the way she did it was wrong XXXXXXXXXX. Since she says that she knows Ellio, why not go to him and allow him to advise the public of his wrongs…then if he did not she could spile the beans…but from what he said this morning she checked the wrong school in the USA …I guess she is busy checking out the name he gave this morning!!!.

    Remember it’s not wat you say or do; but it’s how you say it or do it.

  42. Anonymous says:

    My God, Big Mac’s comment regarding not needing educated people to run the country is appalling. Just reading the bad grammer/spelling in these posts verifies the need for education!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    And the drama continues…..can’t wait for the setting of the sun on 20th!!Oh boy, I almost forgot; we have one more show to sit through…who will be Leader!!! but this one will be short lived…at lease I hope so.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I wish Cayman would just wake up and smell the coffee, sadly I have come to the conclusion that this whole election system is all about friendship. These candidates have made the choice to step into the public’s eyes and that’s what you do when you decide to run for politics, you open up yourself along with your family to the public and thus you will be subjected to scrutiny.

    Friendship does not and cannot run a country effectively, and the mistake we are making is voting for our friends instead of putting friendship aside and looking at the big picture, (i.e) the future of our islands. As soon as someone challenges a candidate we get offended and take it personal, how dare they talk about my friend?

    My Caymanian people it’s not about that ,and the issue at hand is not about bashing Ellio, and while I respect him for making the choice to put his family first it still doesn’t erase the fact that he lied about having this degree, something as trivial as that considering that so many of our leaders/ wanna be leaders don’t possess any sort of degrees.

    We need to stop pointing fingers and casting blame and take responsibility for the choices we make…..

    If you don’t want to be questioned or subjected to scrutiny…. don’t run for politics.


  45. Unhappy Pig says:

    Glad to see things are back to ‘normal’ after IVAN. 

    The love and unity we shared with each other then seems un-wavered.

    Another day in paradise.



    • Anonymous says:

      Sandra should just have asked Ellio for the correct spelling on the school he attended overseas.

      What kinda friend is that?

  46. Anonymous says:

    You have to lie sometimes when its best fit. Your dealing with ignorant Caymanians! I’ve know Elio almost my whole life as he is a good friend of my parents, and I can say that I have never met a more wonderful, loving and fair man in my life. We should be proud that he sacraficed his dream/goals to take care of his responsibilities. I feel we need more men like him in Cayman, one’s that put there childrens needs ahead of there own. I think that he would be a wonderful  MLA for that reason. In my eyes he is a role model for men old and young. I can say this becasue i have 3 kids whose fathers are not as resposible as he is. I say shame on Sandra Carlton for using that as the only weapon against him. God will not let her actions go unpunished he knew the reasons for Eillo’s actions. I always have and always will support Ellio in his election!

    if you want to see positive changes from a fair and responsible man vote Ellio Solomon. What other choice do you have Sandra Catron?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Here is the link for the actual Rooster show:  ftp://archiver:1111@hurleysgroup.com

    Listen for yourself to exactly what Mark, Ellio and Dwayne Seymour say about their qualifications plus the follow up calls.

    Hopefully someone would prepare a transcript – but I cant cause have work to do, XXXXXXXXXX





  48. Anonymous says:

    His reasons for not finishing are noble but they should not somehow or other condone his lying/ misleading/ misrepresenting – whatever you want to call it – his qualifications.

  49. Anonymous says:

    The point about the political candidates not having degrees is a valid point and needs to be discusesd further.

    Mr. McKeeva Bush supported Ellio this morning by saying that this country does not need educated people to run it but people with common sense.
    While I don’t deny the need for common sense perhaps McKeeva’s statement explains why we are in the position that we are in and will continue to see a deadline in all our industries. In fact, we have to rely on expats to make statements to Obama because we have uneducated Caymanians.
    I would never vote for the UDP after hearing their take on the importance of education.

    • A Very Intelligent West Bay UDP Supporter says:

      You are so right, I can’t believe I am actually agreeing with you. You see we had "educated" ones dealing with our Financial Industry" and look where it got us, on the Grey List which by the way is a shade lighter than black. When you get someone who is educated and has no common sense you end up with an educated idiot. When you have someone with common sense you end up with someone who can move the country forward.

  50. Anonymous says:


    Honesty is the best policy!


    Yes, I fully understand the reason why Ellio was not able to continue his education and that I can sympathize with but the fact still remains that he blatantly stated on Fri. May 1st that he had an Associate in — and a Bachelors in —.


    I am not a strong supporter of Sandra, but I fully believe in “Let the truth be known”. For that reason, Ellio did lie! I can only guess why it is so appalling, is that he was so adamant about his answer to the caller. 


    Now that Sandra has revealed to the public that he was dishonest with his response, she is look upon as the worst person.


    This is what I can’t understand about us Caymanians. We are only in it for the long haul once it’s in our favor.


    I am a 28-year-old Caymanian that has not voted and will not vote for the same reason. Yes, I may be ridicule for such comment but it’s the truth. OMG, that is so ironic… If Ellio told the truth we would not have this debate going on.


    Concerned Cayman with no voting rights is eager to see the outcome of our 2009 election.


    God be with us.  


  51. Unhappy Pig says:

    Man I’m getting swineflu from reading all this non-sense. You people don’t work o wuh?



  52. Anonymous says:

    The real story here is not about a disabled child. It’s about Ellio the liar who will do anything to get in.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Dear So Called Cousin. If you are a cousin then you more than anyone else would know what pain and suffering goes on in a family with disablities (I myself have a child) therefore you should be glad to support someone like Mr. Solomon in the House. But like all families their is always one that likes to tear down rather that build up and support family members when the going gets tough. Some family you are. I suggest the Solomon’s denounce you as a member.

    Also as a mother with a disabled child I speak for all families who have to bear the pain and suffering, obvioudly something you know nothing of – for it is always easy to sit on the outside looking in – for you do not have to return to a household day in and day out to face the music. On ending I want to encourage the Solomon’s to speak out for this very worthy cause and to say thankyou for sharing this heart felt story with the Caymanian Public. For we sit in our own little world and judge others not knowing what their lives is all about.

    Thanks for sharing this story with us. For we get to see the challanges that this man and his family has endured an this goes a little further in helping us understand the man behind the mike. God bless you Ellio and your family. If this family member really cared they would be supporting you at this time and not condeming you. So much for brotherly love.


  54. 3 !!! 4!!!! 5!!!!! or More says:

    As the 13:32 poster shows, apparently in these islands the more exclamation marks used after a sentence the more important, accurate or startling the comment.  I think the OED should be contacted about the "Cayman Exclamation Mark" and include it in their grammar section next to the Oxford Comma.

    It is either a useful new means of emphasis or something which makes the writer read like an imbecile.  I prefer the latter analysis.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Sandra should be ashamed of herself. She told the TRUTH. What a disappointment.

  56. "Concerned" says:

    Well what can we say Cayman, " Solomon versus Solomon".  I guess they are going head to head this time (Sandra’s maiden name before marriage).

  57. Anonymous says:

    I can tell" EVERY WOMEN" one thing…this is NOT the kind of woman we should want in the LA .

    • To: I can tell" EVERY WOMEN" one says:

      That is ashame that you do not want someone who is willing to be honest and truthful with you….I wonder where your values and morals have gone. No wonder this country is in the DUMP it is in.

  58. Anonymous says:

    You know from the perspective of a young caymanian I must say that the posters who defend Ellio are really disturbing….

    I couldn’t agree with you any more. What are we teaching our children? If I can’t get a management job at a law firm or bank without some sort of finalized college education, how can somebody without one end up "managing" and entire country? Whilst I understand that in the past this has not been a requirement, perhaps it should be one going forward…..Remember that these people have to represent us worldwide. If you can’t reference the university you got your degree from, people in world politics will not be taken you seriously. It may be unfair, but unfortunately, this is a fact.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I always assumed Ellio had a degree, due to his knowledge in all aspects of live, this goes to show you do not need a piece of paper to prove yourself in this world.

    I do not vote in GT but in BT and am not of any party, but i can tell you one thing Sandra will not be getting my vote.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Ellio just hold your head high, GOD will get your throught this.

    Read Psalms Chapter 37 it speaks about evildoers, which Sandra CATRON REPRESENTS.

    PSALMS 37 VERSE 1 STATES: Fret not yourself of evildoers and do not be envious of those doing unrighteousness.

    Verse 2: States For like the grass they will wither and like the new green grass they will fade away.

    Verse 32: States that the wicked one is keeping the watch for the rightrous and is seeking to put him to death.


    I’m a young Caymanian in my late twenties, i remember when i used to walk cross the George Town Post Office anybody that i came in sight with i smile and said good morning or good afternoon and they would reply back with the same gratitude, but that is all change. Couple of days ago in the morning walking to my work i pass a Lady in the Parking Lot and i look at her and smile and said Good Morning and this Lady did not answered me. I was raised with manners. My mother always told me Good Manners will take you places. So you Cayman We need to Unite as One again and Stop Hating. Any Place i Go it could be to the doctor’s office or to the Bank i always says good morning or afternoon before i continuing to state the reason i’m here.

    I too dropped out of college at the age of 22, my interest was in Accounts, then i started the home study with International Correspondence School from Overseas, which my interest was Accounts, Para Legal, Finance,Private Investigator, and i had to put these on hold because i was always working from monday to Sunday and Public Holidays. So ellio had a family matter to deal with and he made the decision to drop out to help with his daughter and Sandra you would have done the same thing ellio had done. Ellio could be working on finishing what he started and he never told you, so get your information straight before you want to accuse someone of lying.


    • Anonymous says:

      The point is not what he dropped out of college to do(anybody that cares about their family would have) but the fact still remains why did he lie about having the degree and now that has come out he can explain about his daughter – to me he should have told that from the beginning explaining why he did not get to finish it – by the way I am a registered West Bay voter.

      • Anonymous says:

        If anyone finds Sandra please let her know that she could have saved herself the embarassment today by asking Ellio for the correct spelling before she went off to enquire about his credentials.

        What some people will do for five seconds of fame.


  61. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Good gracious, I cant take the laughter anymore.  I am here wondering what a pig looks like with lipstick.  Boy, I tell ya some people got imagination.  NO SAWREE.

  62. Lois says:

    Why is Sandra being bashed for speaking the truth? Is this not what politics is about? Getting the truth out there? If one cannot tell the public the truth, so how on earth are the public going to believe what they hear,  once any of the individuals are elected, who is untruthful  and then the truth is found out about that particular individual?



  63. noname says:

    That’s what happens when you are a FRONT runner, they always try to bring you down. Having worked with and known Ellio for many years, he is a man of great integrity and honesty.

    A PIG with Lipstick (not one with swineflu) is still a PIG…no matter how you dress him up Ellio is going to get the most votes in G.T.

    The family is the backbone of society, without it you have nothing. If there were more parents who gave a damn about their kids, we wouldn’t have these ganstas coming out of high school like they are now. He’s obviously demonstrated he has strong family values.

    Now you people get back to your jobs (the ones you got without a degree).


  64. Anonymous says:

    What a tangled web we weave, when we practice to decieve.

    Ellio put his foot in it by claiming to have degrees on Rooster last Friday. Somebody called him out on it (as we should). Now he is using his best trick – deflection – to turn people’s attention away from his lie – to someone else (Sandra).

    Depending on how successful he is in deflecting attention to something else, we will eb able to tell how successful a politician he will be. Watch this space.


  65. Anonymous says:

    You know from the perspective of a young caymanian I must say that the posters who defend Ellio are really disturbing….

    I constantly hear that we as young people must go out and get a degree, that times are changing and you can’t get anywhere anymore with out a degree. But we want to simply give Ellio a pass for saying that he had a degree on the radio even though he doesnt! I don’t understand…. we want to hold our children to high standards and tell them that they need an education but when a person wants to hold a seat in the highest office in Cayman it doesn’t matter whether not he has a degree!?!? COME ON PEOPLE! 

    Like many posters have said it is not the issue as to why he stopped his ‘bachelor studies’ but why he lied about it.

    And the arguement that Kurt and Mac both don’t have a degrees so why does it matter if Ellio has one is rediculous! In my opinion this gives more weight to the arguement that we need individuals in there that have a degree and preferably more than a 4 year degree. Kurt and Mac have both done some good for the country but what bad things they have done could have been corrected if they had the proper knowledge and EDUCATION.


  66. Anonymous says:

    If Sandra had not disclosed this information prior to May 20, you would hate her for not saying anything and call her a liar, deceitful, dishonest for withholding the truth. I’m not a fan of Sandra, but I can’t hate on her for telling me, a voter, the truth about a candidate that I have the choice to vote for. The fact that  the candidate himself could not tell me, not even tell me, but actually  LIE to me about it is very deceiving and disappointing.

    Listening to the show this morning, I was also disappointed in Austin. He normally is fair when it comes to candidates, but I’ve been noticing that when it comes to certain candidates, he shows favoritism.  If you are going to host a show Austin, you have to remain professional at all times and keep personal feelings out.  We all know you buddy buddy with Ellio, and that’s fine, but as a host you need to keep those feelings out of your show and not be biased.

    I heard that show where Ellio would not admit to not having a degree and the caller was not rude. They kept asking Ellio to be clear about his answer and he was NOT. He refused to say NO.  Austin  kept jumping for Ellio talking down the caller as if the caller had received answer and were not smart enough to understand and then cut the caller off claiming the caller was rude. Yet today, he allowed Dwayne to distastefully insult Sandra saying things I have never heard Austin allow anyone to say on air and not interrupt them to ask that they watch what they say or cut them off. And not only that, but state that the information is fact when the only factual information he has is that this information is coming from the mouth of Dwayne.  Austin, is clear you are UDP but keep your political interests out of the show and be consistent with your standards of keeping as you claim "rude" callers off the show.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Ellio Solomon is going to win in the genral elections and Sandra is just jealous – that all it is!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Shame on Ellio for continuing to lie!

    ON the radio this morning he claimed that CNS and Wendy Ledger exonarated him – I’m not sure where he got that BUT I do not see that here.

    Such a a shame that we have never ever heard of his champion for the rights of handicap children before now.

    Convenient Excuse!

  69. Anonymous says:

    Sandra is being bashed now for confronting an issue head-on and taking chances in upsetting some people. At least she is challenging people and isn’t easily flustered. What is wrong with her going straight to the sources? Perhaps she is finally one who isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone. In regards to Elio is in GT and Sandra is in BT – it doesn’t matter. They are all to work for the betterment of the entire country and not just one district so get over it.

    If Elio would have spoken clearly on this issue to begin with, this whole thing would have never happened, so he needs to lie in the bed he made for himself.



  70. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush said this morning: We do not need educated people to run this country. Is that right?

    Please know that all of the world is out there to view these comments. No wonder Obama will run circles around us.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Are you people kidding?

    Sandra graduated from Liverpool Univeristy (Cayman Islands Law School) with her degree in law. What are you talking about? She gradudated in 2000 and I was in her graduating class. David Ballyntyne was the one who handed her the certificate at the ceremony!

    Contact the CI Law School or Liverpool if you have any doubts about that. You people are so misinformed. She had 3 degrees!

    * Bachelors from USF

    * Law Degree from Liverpool University

    * Masters degree from Nova Southeastern University

    All of these can be confirmed.

  72. Anonymous says:

    I do agree that if Ms. Catron had taken the time to contact Mr. Solomon directly then she wouldn’t go researching the wrong instiution which would avoid her from disemenating wrong information. 

  73. Anonymous says:

    I truly feel it for the Solomon family – it must not have been a easy time for either of them.  Be encouraged that there are other families out there who are going through the same thing and are succeding as well.  What I fail to understand though is why did he lie – if you can come out with the truth now why not not admit from the beginning.  Typical of the UDP party – listening to them this morning on the Rooster – it truly amazed me once again how they would try to go around the situation instead of admitting that a lie was told – apologize about it – and stop blaming Sandra for the lie you told. Just to clarify,  I am a registered voter in West Bay.  

  74. Anonymous says:

    While I listened to the show this morning I thought that Dwayne Seymours remarks were very harsh and that Sandra should seek to sue him for making such defamatory remarks.. It was totally uncalled for.. while I understand Dwayne’s frustration he needs to understand what can and cant be said on air… as for Austin I really could not believe my ears when i heard him respond to a caller and said that was "fact" which obviously was encouranging these kind of remarks on the air..  Ellio please get with the flow.. you need to understand that when you put yourself up to run for office you put your whole family and your life at scrutiny… This  is just the beggining.. get used to it and you better get thick skinned to deal  with your peers in the house if you may be lucky enough to get elected..

    • Anonymous says:


      Its good that the ICCI confirms what Ellio said, but boy, I don’t think I am going to go to the ICCI again now that I know they are so willing to put information out to scandalize people. I thought only employers or the police or the student could request information.

      CNS: I understand that the ICCI records are public information and were obtained through an FOI request.


    • Anonymous says:

      While listening to the show this morning I was impressed at Little Mac in his attempt to immediately harness Mr. Solomon for his emotional rebuke.  He immediately attempted to get Ellio on track and to address his responses to the issues that face the country, not him personally. It was unfortunate for Ellio that Mac was a little late in arriving.  Perhaps some of the drama and damage to Mr. Solomon could have been avoided.  I would l have loved to have been a fly on the wall after the mikes were turned off to have heard that conversation. Hats off to Little Mac!    Ellio, you and your family need to realize this is only the beginning of maybe living a life in a political fishbowl.  I am sure it was extremely painful for your wife to have to publically come to your defense but let us not forget as to why that was necessary.  Honesty, intregity, ability to stand on their own two feet and not have to have someone make an emotional bailout for them when things get down to crunch time.  We need someone who truly has the countrys betterment at heart, not solely for personal gain or power play. Ellio, if you can’t take the heat perhaps you better get out of the caboose!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dwayne, Elio and Sandra. Is that how you are going to represent this country especially internationally? Please grow up, be responsible for your actions and speak the truth.  

  75. Anonymous says:

    So funny how people think. They judge, hate, defame, and insult those that told the truth (i.e. Sandra) and support, uplift, defend those that told a lie (Ellio).

  76. Anonymous says:

    Sandra has hurt many a persons in her short life time. We have all heard the stories from one person or the other who has been assulted in one form, fashion or the other by Ms. Catron.  Last election Sandra had to endure the redicile of the public when she mis-informed the public that she had a lawyers degree, now on the eve of this election she wants someone else to endure what she herself had faced. That is the kind of person that she is. Misery loves company they say. However personal pain should give one insight into life and not the other way around. We inturn seek to aid others in the same manner for as human beings we seek to nourish and care and share our experiences in order to help others.

    Sandra’s actions clearly shows that she has not forgiven or forgotten and that she clearly sought anyone to place the blame on for her public humiliation. Ellio obviouly is her rival and like a rabid dog as she is she did not let go until SHE THOUGHT she had something to hold on to. Cotton wool is what she has. Mr. Solomon’s bio and UDP’s web sight has all the information on Mr. Solomon. Ellio did not lie has no reason to. He is an outstanding, citizens of this community and we stand behind him one hundred pecent.

    Sandra should learn that when we build our house we need to build a solid foundation and not build on shifting sand as the bible quotes. Therefore be careful what you do to others our it just might turn around and bit you. The bible sates when you dig a pit for others you might as well dig one for yourself.

    God bless you Ellio and your family. Good luck!!

  77. Anonymous says:

    Sandra Carton, If you were in the same shoes like Ellio, you would have done the same thing, What you need to do is stop hating and start loving.

    Sandra you need to ask for forgiveness from Ellio and his Family and you also need to ask GOD for giveness too.


  78. Anonymous says:

    We are holding Ellio accountable for statements that he made on the airwaves! 

    He made a very clear statement about having qualifications that he DOES NOT have. This is fair that he should be challenged on this issue.

    UDP supporters should beashamed of themselves. Their people are lying left right and center.

    McKeeva thinks that all we need to run a country is common sense? Shame on him! That’s why we are in the mess that we are in NOW!

    • Anonymous says:

      If Ellio made statements on the air that he had qualitifactions that he does not have, this could be a very important clue to his character and how he will conduct himself if he is elected.

      This is a serious red flagthat should not be ignored.

  79. Anonymous says:

    I commend Elio in the choice that he made with his family, but in the back of my mind I wonder why did he lie about the degree!!

  80. Anonymous says:

    It escapes my why Sandra is being blamed for Ellio’s dishonesty. Are people angry at Sandra because Ellio lied? It must be because she exposed his dishonesty. How dare she hold this young Caymanian man responsible to be truthful about his educational resume.

    Stand up Ellio admit the lie and ask forgiveness and move on.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Ellio, can you produce your Associates Degree please and put this matter to bed.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Twyla Vargas as always has the wrong end of the stick.

    I heard all that mess on the radio and like always, when candidates cannot deal with a specific point, they get nasty and so personal!

    I wish the press had taken the initiative to check the candidates qualiifications – including Dwayne Seymour.   

  83. Anonymous says:

    A candidate’s qualifications are very relevant – as it is for any job.

    Caymanians cannot elect unqualified people and then complain when they make incompetent decisions.

    The question to Ellio, Mike and Dwayne last Friday was for a summary of their academic qualifications ANDrelevant work experience.

    Mike does not have a degree and was honest about it but referenced his obvious 30+ years work experience at the airline.  Dwayne gave some waffling answer.  But Ellio lied in his response. Everyone should go on Rooster and listen to the radio archives yourself  before commenting.

    No one is attacking Mike for not having a degree, since he was honest in his answer – so that shows that the problem is the fact that Ellio lied, if he had been honest about not having a degree like Mike was, I don’t see why people would not have accepted that.

    As ever, Ellio has to make it about himself.

    Has anyone checked Dwayne’s so-called degree/ certification yet? His answer was very suspect.


    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      A candidates qualifications, relevant for any job?

      THE GARBAGE MAN, he picks up garbage every day and I believe does a good job at it.  What qualification does he have?.   On the job trainig.

      If he did not pick up our garbage twice a week, in front of our homes would be stinking by now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Twyla – a quick reality check for you – the reason the garbage man is doing that particluar job is because he has no qualifications, not despite it.

        • "Concerned" says:

          Our Sanitation Workers may not have an Associates degree to collect our household garbage, but many of them that drive or ride the back of those trucks are very educated men.  They have chosen this line of work, and do take great pride in what they do. They make sure our island’s refuse is well maintained, and we all have a clean and safe environment to live in.

          Hats off to our "Garbage Collector’s" as when we sleep they are already up – collecting your garbage!

          • Anon says:

            What on earth do "Sanitation Workers" have to do with the issue at hand! We are not electing sanitation workers, we are electing leaders to make complex decisions on behalf of our country when it is faced so many challenges. And the issue with Ellio isn’t about having/not having degree it is about whether he can be trusted.    

    • Anonymous says:

      Shame Sandra!

      I work in a law firm and I get the strong feeling that a few people are going to be sued for accusing Ellio of telling a lie when its false and they have no proof to substantiate their claim.

      CNS: you may want to get some legal advice before you publish some of these statements.

      • Anonymous says:

        You work at a law firm? Doing what? As the receptionist? Obviously not a lawyer and simply working at a law firm does not qualify you to give legal advice (about people being sued). The fact that Mr. Solomon has courageously now admitted that he was six months shy of obtaining his degree proves he lied in his previous claim of having a degree. The claim of him being a liar has been substantiated by his own admission.

    • Anonymous says:

      If a candidates qualifications are so important then why is McKeeva Bush an MLA?! Quite clearly Caymanians can and indeed will elect unqualified people… the only qualification McKeeva has is an honorary (repeat… honorary) degree from UCCI… If the mail boy from a bank who never graduated highschool can become the leader of government business then who is to say Ellio can’t make it!?

    • Anonymous says:


      I may be from the old but I don’t believe we should be quick to call people liars, or otherwise defame them. In fact I personally would’nt do so – unless I had all the evidence to prove what I am saying (and not merely the hope that some wanna-be political candidate has did their homework, and not merely acted to further their polticial demise, or that of their friends).

      From my experience to prove before a Court that someone has lied you very likely have to prove that they not only stated something as a fact that was incorrect (because a person can be honestly mistaken, and in this instance it would be defamatory to call them a liar), but also that they knew that their statement was incorrect.

      A few posters to this site have posted that Ellio in fact lied, but they don’t have a record of what Ellio actually said – because if they did, they would realize that Ellio didn’t lie, that the email from ICCI confirms what he has said, and would quickly make an offer of amends for their rash decision to call him a liar.

      In fact the poster(s) (it might actually be Sandra Catron posting back and forth to herself) seem to be resting their statements on an edited email in circulation which states that Ellio lied, but again when you actually compare what Ellio said, again merely proves he was telling the truth and that is not a lot to have as proof is it.

      Interestingly, Ms. Reba Dilbert (formerly employed at the AIDB) also called the Rooster show confirming that Ellio did, in fact, obtain an Associated Degree in Electrical Engineering from a school in the USA. Ms. Dilbert apparently was the lady that paid his bills at school and payment of which depends on him having sucessfully passed each of his courses and submitted his grades to the AIDB.

      So Ellio told the truth about the school in the USA, and he told the truth about his degree level studies at ICCI, the latter of which was confirmed by an email from ICCI that was edited prior to include defamatory comments prior to being submitted to CNS.

      Quite interestingly, Sandra in her excitement says she may have actually contacted the wrong school in the USA about Ellio (she admitted she didn’t actually hear listen to the show on the day in question, but was told about it by chinese telephone later).

      Again Sandra (the same person claiming to be Ellio’s friend) didn’t take the time to even call him and confirm the name of the school he had allegedly said – she just ran off and contacted the school she thought he said (my my, with friends like these Ellio doesn’t really need enemies does he?).

      In any event it should also be noted that Sandra requested the information from the ICCI, and Ellio agreed for the ICCI to provide Sandra with the information because he had nothing to hide.

      Sandra received her email response yesterday from the ICCI (at approximately 11.50), and shortly thereafter the same email from the ICCI – edited to remove the recipient – along with a cover email calling Ellio a liar was sent to CNS – and being distributed in mass around the island by a fictitious email, and thereafter by a few unethical bottom feeders. 

      If not for political purposes why did Sandra release the information to the media without speaking to her "friend" first, thereby allowing him to explain her perceived discrepancy between what was said and her findings?

      I could go on but – before the whole world – what we have here is a few wanna-be land crab politicians that can’t stand the fact that Ellio is doing so well and they believe that to shine they need to disparage and destroy everyone around them.


    • Anonymous says:

      Dwayne Seymour Certifications are endless AND is confirmed daily! Especially, when YOU and the REST of the Cayman Islands travel on our National Airline Cayman Airways and other USA major airlines, takeoff without blowing up in mid air or someone hijacking the planes that exit this country!  We are extremly proud of Dwayne John John Seymour and he has a proven record that reflects true committment and dedication to this country and his people.  FYI "Without" Dwayne JJ Seymour and his APS Staff out there on the owen roberts airport ramp "PLANES GOES NO WHERE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So if you still think that he is waffling YOU CAN TAKE A BOAT TO YOUR NEXT DESTINATION!!!!!!  This man has no time to waffle nor LIE!!!!!!!!!  Dwayne John John Seymour is a true success story and he got the people at bodden town at heart and he GOT MY VOTE ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER DISAPPOINTED PEOPLE THAT VOTED FOR THE PPM LAST ELECTION!

      Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour makes the perfect team for Bodden Town!  The Plans that they have for the District of Bodden Town will be historical!!!  See you all at the polls on May 20th 2009!!!!! #8 & #9 will be the choice of mine!!!  WE LOVE DWAYNE JJ SEYMOUR

  84. Anonymous says:

    If the candidates made a conscious decission to step into the political arena and out in public eye, they better get used to to having voters challenge them, question them, put them on the spot, disagree with them or verify information for themselves. If you don’t want any part of that, you shouldn’t be in politics as the good comes also with the bad and the ugly.

    This is not a matter of why Elio did not complete his studies. The fact is that he obivously wasn’t very clear on the radio in regards to his education which is what has caused this confusion. It is a matter of you have a degree or you don’t have one and not "I did some degree level studies". It is simply a yes or no answer. Whether a degree is required for politics is a whole other issue.

    Is he the first one who may have "fudged" things a bit to make them look better? Certainly not, but that doesn’t make it acceptable and voters should be able to decide for themselves what they can and can’t accept!

  85. Anonymous says:

    "Higher monkey clime the more he expose himself" …Sandra did anyone ever tell you that when you live in a glass house you shoul not throw stones.

  86. Lack of honesty says:

    This issue is about one thing – did he intentionally lie to the people as part of his election campaign.  The answer is "Yes".  Do we want someone who is that dishonest and power hungry running the country?  The answer is "No".

  87. Anon says:

    The man’s a liar and an uneducated liar at that. He’s had 8 years to finish off his degree if he was capable, but obviously was falling behind and decided to cut his losses. He’d be mad to flunk school otherwise as its not a very responsible thing to do with a young family. If he had the education he could have gone on to get a  better job.

    When will you people understand the value of education? 

    Young caymanians are not encouraged to get a good education, they know that they can walk into some of the best jobs on the island purely because of their nationality regardless of the fact they are not skilled or qualified to do the job.

    The government makes it worse by encouraging a culture whereby kids can flunk school, safe in the knowledge that the government will bully the local offices and banks into employing them so that they can be allowed to get a work permit for a hard working expat.

    There is a massive trade off that foreign businesses have to endure. they get the benefits of a lox tax regime with less regulation and less red tape, but on the other hand they are forced to employ lazy, arrogant, rude and uneducated local employees. Having caymanian employees is like having an extra liability on a company’s balance sheet.

    As the tax benefits start to get taken away by the likes of Obama, the businesses are going to clear off straight away, it’s not worth their while.

    Ministers and politicians need to set a good example if they want the young people to prosper in the long term. How can they be a role model to the young people when they have no qualifications and dropped out of school becasue the going got tough.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Wake up Cayman Ellio not having a Bsc Degree is not an issue.I too attended classes with Ellio at ICCI and he was top of the class.Things happen in life that force us to make tough choices only a parent really knows what sacrifices have to be made some times for our kids.Hats off to you Ellio. On another note why should this concern Sandra Catron in the least she is running in Bodden Town!Its funny because hasn’t she been the one stressing how we should deal with issues and avoid mudslinging. Well the leopard never changes its spots! You know I actually thought you had changed Ms Catron but its apparent you haven’t.This was a low underhanded blow.Whenever you do things for bad it always back fires and it has… you have lost 5 votes today.XXXXXXXXXXX

  89. LocalVocal says:

    The point is being missed. Kudos to Ellio for having his priorities in order, but the fact remains that he misrepresented the facts and did nothing about it until someone else brought to light.

    So here is the million dollar question: Would we have heard the explanation to his story if someone else hadn’t gone digging?

    The irony of all of this is the manner in which Ellio repeatedly slammed Syed for doing the same thing. I am NOT condoning either men, I’m only drawing on the old adage – if you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones. Or, I suppose we could amend it to suit the situation – if you WANT to live in a glass house…

    We all know that it doesn’t take a degree to run a country, but we do need people with integrity.


  90. Anonymous says:

    Elio, as stated above, you’re not the first person to lie. I understand you didn’t finish because of unfortunate family circumstances and it was reasonable of you to do what you did at the time. However, the fact that you’ve lied so early in the campaign, before you have been elected in, AND, about such a MINOR thing (considering that several of our prior and current leaders don’t have degrees) makes me wonder what else you would lie about.  We can question you now since you are trying to win out vote, but if  you were to get in, what could we do then? Live with our mistake for the next four years once again?

  91. Twyla M Vargas says:


    I felt so very sad this morning listening to the Rooster show, as I heard Elio expressed how far Sandra Catron went to politically destroy her own Caymanian young man.  OMG. Why, Why, Why. Sandra, how can you really expect the people of Bodden Town TRUST YOU.   I am not ashamed to say that I sat down and cried listening to Elio and what you put him through.

    Of all the forty something candidates running, it had to be you.   How can you say you was close to Elio and his family, and did not call him on the phone and ask him about anything you were not clear on it beats me.   How do you think this make you look in the eyes of the people of Cayman, of Bodden Town District. 

      I never want to write on this news service about personal pelting of people, and always discourage it.  But I have different views now.  For me to say you disapoint me is not so.  On the other hand I  am not one bit surprised that you have gone this far.   I believe today is the right time, If I was you I would go and get back your $1000.00 dont run, because in the eyes of the Cayman People you have already failed  them.

  92. Anonymous says:

    I listened to both Ellio and Sandra on Cayman Cross talk this morning and it didn’t sound good for Ellio. He really didn’t have a defence for his misstatements so he blamed her.

    Then a number of Ellio supporters called and blamed Sandra again and again and defamed her as much as possible.

    I suspect behind closed doors McKeeva will have words with Ellio.

    The judgement issue remains unanswered.

  93. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Dont jump the gun here. if you want to find out how many persons have lied, do a little home work and check out those who are representing us now.  Some of them lied and said they have degree for this and degree for that.  Its a Big Lie.  Some have have done no more than counting Cows, Trashing paper,Black topping road, and mixing paint, yet they lie about having degreesin this and degree in that.

    Every body have lied for some reason or other.  You think that ain,t true, then check it out.  They have deceived, underminded, they have told you that they have done this, and doing that, have that being done as we speak, and it was a lie.   They have told you that they were the ones who got you a job, build your house, buy your bed, stove and chimpot.   You got it, you did it.

    Who can throw the first stone and say they have never ever told a lie?    If you can, thats another lie.   Remember trying to get a job and want to give a good impression, telling the boss you are experienced in this and  have degree in that that,  Lie, Remember telling your husband you never had a boyfriend, yet he found out that you have 6 children,  Lie, Remember telling your wife you dont have a woman yet you have a wife, and baby by another woman.  Lie, Remember saying you dont eat land crab, an unexpected visit from the pastor and you are picking them under a tree.  Remember saying Jah Rastafari and enjoying Pork chop at sunday dinner.   We all have lied, check that HOUSE out again, you will be surprised.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t see the problem being whether or not he has a degree. The problem appears to be that he said he had one knowing that he did not have one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go Ellio!

      I listened to Ellio on the Rooster talk show today, and he most certainly has my vote on May 20th, while Ms. Sandra Catron certainly has my disgust.

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously you are missing the point here about gaining trust and loyalty from the people. If you’re going to be so dishonest about something So entirely small, what else are you capable of lying about that you don’t have to? Second of all, I don’t know of any Caymanian who says "Jah Rastafari" so clearly you must be someone from another country to be incorporating those views as something distinct to Cayman.  The people in the House now are way better than UDP and what Cayman had before, people are forgetting that they are CLEANING UP THE MESS THAT UDP MADE!!!!!! HENCE THE ROLL OVER POLICY WAS IMPLEMENTED TO CREATE A SYSTEM TO CONTROL THE OVERCROWDING THAT CAYMAN WAS EXPERIENCING AND BY THE WAY TO THOSE WHO FORGET WHEN MR. BUSH WHEN TO ENGLAND TO TRY TO GET THE CONSTITUTUTION APPROVED WITHOUT CONSULTING THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY….ohhh how they forget!

  94. Annoymous says:

    Why are we all bashing Elio about his degree?  Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden boast that she has two or three degrees but yet she gives out her mother’s cell number for us to call if we can’t get her – what a joke!!  Got to wonder where those degrees came from..hmmmm

    Does Mckeeva Bush have one?  Yes he does and he paid for it with public funds when he made a donation to ICCI several years ago he was presented with an Honorary Degree.  There we have the leader of the UDP with a purchased degree – similar to the ones you acquire online and which arrives in two weeks depending on the post delivery time.

    Come on people does it matter if you have a degree or not?  If you don’t but you have a PHD in Common Sense then that’s all you really need to run this country.  It seems that the only qualifications you need is to be more stupid than the ones who came before.

    Because the majority of Caymanians don’t have a college degree or something even close that’s why we keep getting idiots electing idiots in this Country.  Meh is from yeh and me batteh raise yeh so meh know deez tings!

    Why don’t Caymanians have college degrees, because Governments before and now have never cared about making education mandatory to college level in this country.  Here this, the next Min. of Education bettah impose this policy so all them dum dums can get a degree and go afta them Minister’s jobs when they mess up!!!  Now you see the oppression of the people?  Keep them from getting an education on the Government and we can all keep getting re-elected and our jobs will be secure for 4-more-years!!


    • Anonymous says:

      It’s people like you, I’m not sure if you’re Caymanian or not but you’re a disgrace and make me ashamed to be a Caymanian. Stop living in the jurassic days – the majority of Caymanians since 2000 are now getting degrees and it’s us that will be the ones to clean up the MESS you all made.

  95. Caymanian to the bone says:

    Kurt dosen’t have a tertiary education (degree) and neither does Mckeeva. 

    However, look at the accomplishments of these two men as Ministers of Government and members of parliment over the past years. Both have achieved a-lot of positive things for the country but like everyone else, failed in certain areas.

    So why does it matter whether Ellio has a degree or not, in order to be a role model MLA and a good representative of the people.

    I would rather have Ellio representing me than an "Educated Fool" 

    Let’s face it, don’t we have a lot off them running around the place now who don’t seem to know their @#$ from a hole in the ground ?????  You tell me !!!!!!


  96. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe some of these disgusting and tasteless people on here.

    I Know Ellio and the man has never lied about anything.   He mentioned going to college there and sutdying for a blachelors degree *period*.  Some of these replies are coming from one person here, and I know who they are in Bodden Town and they shall be exposed and their scummy and trashy ways as well.

    The fact of the matter is Ellio has never claimed any such thing at any time.  This is a strawman BS attack on one of the finest man around these Islands.  Basically someone acting as Ellio’s friend talk about all the degrees he has, then those same slimy individuals come back here to say its a lie in a different post in the same breath.  You make me sick.

    I knew Ellio when he was going to College at ICCI, I went to class with him at times and I know for a fact he was acing that class with EASE.  This degree was a sure bet, as sure as he WILL win this election despite these digusting attempts to tarnish is character by some self serving individuals. 

    His family took precendence and he should PROUD to have made that sacrifice for what must have been incredibily difficult times.  Obviously something some of the posters on have no consideration, understanding, or the slightest clue of what Ellio went through at that time. 

    Those people, are reading my post and I am comforted by the fact that despite their anonymity here… they know deep inside that they are self serving opportunist low lives of the worst kind, and you are ugly, and you have no honor.  And its shows through your posts here tonight and you are better off just crawling back under that rock where you belong.

    Ellio,  Just worry about winning and do not let these particular low lives take an instant of your valuable time.




  97. Mind Your Business says:

    I have taken a few minutes to read back through most of the posts on CNS which this article seeks to address and can only summise that the majority of them were in fact attacking a perceived lie, rather than a lack of education.

    I didn’t actually hear the show in question so I can’t say what Ellio did or did not say with respect to his level of Education but would advise all candidates against attempts to stretch the truth as they will undoubtedly come back to bite you in the preverbial. 

    Rightly or wrongly, when you seek office, your life becomes an open book and everyone should be prepared for that. Ellio, I have the greatest respect for your decision and sympathy towards your situation but unfortunately, mostly based on your views and opinions expressed as a radio talk show host, simply do not think you are right man for the job.


  98. Anonymous says:

    To play the devil’s advocate here, he could have completed his degree in the 8 years since their beautiful and precious baby daughter was born.  He has so little left to go on it and the time to do so is running short.  It is not too late.  I must have missed where there was a big deal made of his education or lack thereof.  I would have preferred to hear him talk about his volunteer efforts especially with the disabled, that would have been  more important to me and clearly something he knows much about.  Contributing to the community is more important than any piece of paper with a degree on it. Not many of them are talking about their own community service. UDP, PPM or independent. 

  99. Anonymous says:

    Elio you made the right choice, family before education.

    God be will you and your family…and you will be fine, you are in the race with hard working success men and women and you will be elected come 20 May, 2009!


  100. Anonymous says:

    i support elios decision

  101. Caymanian to the bone says:

    This article has brouht so much to light as to the man “Ellio” really is.

    Good luck in George Town, I hope you are sucessful this time around, I honestly believe you will win.

  102. Anonymous says:

    As a mother of a disabled child myself, I also chose to delay my degree in order to care for my child.  Family always comes first.  Many years on, I am now finally finishing my studies at a time that is right for us as a family.  My heart goes out to Ellio as I know how hard it can be to face critcisms and unwanted comments from people who simply cannot understand…

    Best of luck to him and his family, especially his darling Shawn.

  103. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to Ellio for having a handicapped child. There’s no need to lie about having a degree under any circumstances. It’s the lie here tha’ts the problem NOT the fact that he does not have any formal education.

    He lied about having an associates degree as well which had nothing to do with his daughter’s health! That was way before UCCI and the birth of his child.

    People would have been more sympathetic if he had simply said he no degrees at all.

    Interesting excuse anyway!

  104. Twyla M Vargas says:


    For as long as I have known you, I never knew of your pains and set backs.  To you and Betsy, I say hold unto the one who is King of all Kings.  You will be blessed.  It pained my heart to know your dear wife had to explained publicly to the people of Cayman your reasons, your pains which caused you not to complete your goals.   I say it is very mean what some people is trying to do to you, just because they do not know you.  

    I see getting voted out is like being rolled over.    Why dont some politicians  want to get rolled over and give someone else a chance if you have done nothing to earn yourself " KEY EMPLOYEE OF THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY"  Its nothing about completion of projects, Its about fattening pockets.

    To Elio Solomon and his lovely family, I say be strong and of good courage.  If you are successful, I know you will do good for cayman, and to everyone who has been so brutal in trying to destroy this young man and his family of our soil, I say shame on you. 

    Agree to disagree on issues and disagree to agree, but for pete,s sake stop saying bad things about the man.  Most all of you have children and grand children.  Becareful how you despise, critize, and rock the boat of someone else, GOD surely knows every anonymous writer and will have the last say.    As for me, I could not care less  who want to critized  me for speaking up,  I will continue to stand tall.  Blessed

  105. Whatever! says:

    Then why lie about it? That’s the real question. He has certainly done a great job of displaying his intelligence.

    WIth all the options that are available out there to finish a degree the real question is why had he not championed the cause for handicapped children?

  106. Anonymous says:

    Ellio, I only wish that you had stated the truth from the get go. With that said I support; and take my hat off to you to for putting your family above your education . I wish you and your family all God blessings,I also wish you all the best ion May 20th.

    Sorry I don’t vote in GT.

    • Anonymous says:

      The issue isnt why he stopped trying to get his degree it is that he lied about having it.  He may have had very valid reasons to stop trying to get it but that doesnt justify his lying about having a degree he knew he didnt have.

  107. Brian Ebanks says:

    How anyone can question someones motive on something like this is shameful. Family first, "supposed" higher education second.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Ellio, you did the right thing. My support and respect for you as an individual and a family man has now grown ten fold. Once elected I know that you will be as committed to the people of these islands. My mind is now made up.


    On May 20th myself and many other will do the right thing!

  109. Anonymous says:

    I support you my friend!  Family first.  Wish I could vote for you, I would.