London could benefit from US crackdown on havens

| 06/05/2009

(The Guardian): President Obama’s announcement of a US crackdown on corporate tax avoidance is just the beginning, according to Washington insiders who believe further measures will be outlined this year… There are suggestions London could benefit from Obama’s crackdown as US companies may choose to relocate after Obama’s reforms, which will be debated in Congress. John Whiting, tax partner at PricewaterhouseCooper’s, said: "This is Obama carrying through his campaign promises. It sounds broad and tougher and shows an intent to raise an awful lot of money from overseas. If the US is indicating that it will tighten up tax rules, it may give an opportunity for the UK as a competitive environment for international businesses."

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  1. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Blessed, Jedi Dread, receive it from the name of the most High.

    London could benefit from crack down on Heavens.

    Who gave them the authority to name any place on this earth Havens anyway?

    Just wait until 2012 we will all see big changes, New World Order.

  2. Jedi Dread says:

    Ah HA!

    "I see!", said the blind-man.

    Memories of SPIT runs through our conciousness… and Operation Tempura (Tempura comes from the word "tempora," a Latin word meaning "times" or "time period".)

    It seems we are at the end of one time period, and we are about to embark on the next.

    – Jedi Dread –