Legal action threatened between candidates

| 14/05/2009

(CNS): A political sideshow over who said what on the Rooster call-in show Crosstalk concerning the academic qualifications of UDP George Town Candidate Ellio Solomon has taken a new turn, with Bodden Town independent candidate Sandra Catron issuing a cease and desist letter via email to UDP members Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour, and also to UDP leader McKeeva Bush, notifying them that if necessary she was prepared to take legal action.

This letter followed comments by Seymour on air that Catron had threatened to kill a woman and had stalked her former boss’s children.

While the UDP has said the party does not wish to comment at this time. Catron has issued a 1,000-word press release explaining her actions, which she also read out on Radio Cayman’s mid-morning talk show on 12 May.

Catron’s objections refer to a call into the show by Bodden Town candidate Dwayne Seymour, who said: “Sandra is a very shady person and people in the Cayman Islands need to know that she is a very shady person and it would be a shame for someone like Sandra to get in the House knowing that she has threatened to kill people, she has threatened to kill a woman already from Bodden Town and she has stalked her former boss’ children at their school, and she has also hacked into government websites.”

Catron’s release says, “Mr Mark Scotland, who was also in the studio, made background remarks to state that he had proof of this. I consider these comments to be highly offensive and also legally slanderous. As a result, I immediately contacted the owner of Rooster 101 as well as the host of the program to make my concerns known. Quite interestingly, CrossTalk host Austin Harris stated earlier in the program that ‘we do not allow slanderous statements on this show that are unproven’. Clearly this is a double standard that does not apply to all participants. He allowed no less than 3 persons to make slanderous and untrue commentary.”

Catron said she had been given legal advice that a cease and desist letter needed to be issued to the parties directly that made the defamatory remarks. Within 48 hours the UDP leader, Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour were all issued a cease and desist letter via e-mail.

“I can only speculate as to what specifically Mr Seymour’s comments were about. However these absolutely outrageous statements are hurtful on a personal and professional level and in fact have no basis. I have always advocated against violence towards women and children and consider these statements to be politically motivated,” Catron stated. She further said, “It is quite unfortunate that I have had to publicly respond to these matters at all. However, some persons would misinterpret a non-response as having some meaning to it.”

The 7 May Crosstalk show started with a clarification by Solomon about his academic background and an exchange with a caller on air a week before. Following the 30 April show, in which it appeared that Solomon did not correct talk show host Austin Harris when he maintained that Solomon did have a bachelors degree, Catron, who is contesting the election in a different district to Solomon, filed an FOI request with the International College of the CaymanIslands to clarify, and was told that he did not finish the degree.

Solomon cited a CNS news article detailing how he had had to halt his studies because of the health of his daughter as a way of explanation, maintaining that he had never claimed to have a bachelors degree, and said he hoped that was an end of the matter. However, Catron called the show to “clarify the facts”, which sparked a continued exchange over Solomon’s academic qualifications and who was telling the truth about what was said. Following this, Seymour called into the show to make his staments.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hillbillies, the whole lot of them

  2. Anonymous says:

    Case #1: Mark Scotland vs. Sandra Catron ("MS" vs. "SC")

    Facts: In the past week this has been the hottest piece of gossip in the Cayman Islands. All of a sudden MS decides to thump SC on her head. The man has been sitting on some story for 8 years and 2 elections that claims his wife was threatened by SC.

    Verdict: After reading MS statement, the police report in question and SC response I am ordering the parties to please hug, kiss and … well grow up! My GOD – give me a break here. I mean Mark if you really thought that this was such a serious matter why now? That’s my first issue – the timing is too obvious. I thought you were smarter than that. Mark is already on shaky ground in another case … see below. Plus there’s no evidence that MS or his wife have ever had bad words with SC – they are taking the word of a non-English speaking Filipino helper. Next time hire a Jamaica! Hearsay has no place in my court. No charges were ever filed. MS you may want to join the bandwagon with the sex offender’s that SC is working on – seems to me that you will put people on there who have simply been accused of something – that’s all that’s needed right?

    I dear say, I feel like filing a police report right now … no evidence required and gee I will circulate it around. Which one of you want to be my victim? If a person was never charge AND found guilty then this should not be allowed.

    I also don’t like the vindictiveness of this MS! There are convicted felons who get out of jail and have their records sealed. Here you have an internal police document that is being circulated. The police should be filing charges for that and bring that before this court. LOW LOW … like a snake and makes the court wonder what else you will do IF elected to public office.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No one should get a ministry without being educated.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians cannot expect to elect unqualified people and then turn around and complain when they make incompetent decisions! Vote intelligently!

    You just set them up to fail when you hire unqualified people to run the country.

    Stop voting for people because they are nice, go to church, did you a favor one time, are your family or was your classmate.

    None of those things will help them deal with complex national problems. Vote SMART!

    If you hired me as a mechanic to fix your car (because you think I am a nice person), when the car breaks down afterwards, you might cuss me – but you had a role to play too – you put me in a job that you knew I could not do and was not qualified for!  So you set me and yourself up to fail and get stranded on the roadside!

    Come on my people! Vote for the best qualified (academically and relevant work experience) candidates! In my view, this means voting for independents as I think we have tried both parties and both were terrible. Coalition governments have done the best for Cayman. Feel free to disagree but I beg you, vote for the best qualified people!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wrote to UDP two weeks ago asking for Ellio’s Associates Degree and still have not had any response!


    If Ellio thinks he can talk his way into the House, he is sorely mistaken.

    He is simply not qualified – neither academically (pretend degress do NOT count) or work experience (a talk show host? please).


  6. Caymanian to the bone says:

    Without having to read through every single post of which there are many in this article, can anyone tell me what was the exact "jis and dis" between the Scotland’s and Sandra Catron back in 2002, that led to this alleged phone call to the Scotlands house by Catron and the police getting involved ??????

  7. Anonymous says:

    A police report is also not a statement so the potential "offending" person need not know anything about it or what the report even says.



  8. Anonymous says:

    Seems obvious to me that Sandra did not know that they had a child – clearly no children. How can you threathen something that you don’t know exists?

    When someone looks at this objectively –  put aside your personal feelings about Sandra and Mark – this whole story has a lot of questions surrounding it and to be honest it’s obviously a political ploy at this time.

    If someone threathened my wife and I wanted to expose it I would not wait for 8 years; not if I really felt so strongly about it. Also, why wait an entire year to get a copy of the incident report? That alone says a lot. He probably knew in 2003 that Sandra was going to run in the 2004 election – the would make sense.

    Another poster here made a point about the fact that an incident report does not require the parties to sign off on it. That’s correct. My ex-wife filed one against me and I never saw the incident report. The officer could claim that I said absolutely anything – I’ve never even seen a copy of the report so who knows. That was over 8 years ago and the police have those archived – which brings up another point – Mark could not get a copy of this report now. So he got it back in 2003 and held onto it until he could find the perfect time when it would do the most damage to Sandra – yes, Mark – that makes you look real good in our eyes.

    The fact of the matter is you have come under a lot of pressure for not being honestly with the people recently. So your response to pressure is to attack other people.

    We don’t need this crap in the LA. I would not vote for you if I were in your district.

    Ellio what you should have been waving on TV was this associates degree you claim you have. Why don’t you do that and scan and email that around?


  9. Anonymous says:

    Sandra and the rest of you need to leave Ellio alone! Enough about his education, he didn’t mislead the public about his education. As a matter of fact, I know that proper education for all Caymanians is something dear to his heart! Ellio will make a great Minister for Education. He has more common sense than most of you despite not having a degree!


    • Anonymous says:

      "Enough about his education, he didn’t mislead the public about his education. As a matter of fact, I know that proper education for all Caymanians is something dear to his heart! Ellio will make a great Minister for Education".

      As someone who does not vote in GT, anyone who has heard the radio show or read the transcript and has an ounce of objectivity can clearly see that Ellio misled the public about his education.  

      Minister of Education – first he needs to get an education!      

  10. Anonymous says:

    I thought this was supposed to be the new ‘improved’ UDP!? Seems like the players have change but it’s the same old UDP. Nothing but lies, slander, controversy and no leadership what so ever. A real leader would have sat Ellio down and told him to let this issue go!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Innocent until proven guilty still applies.  And even if she was convicted of something, she might still be lucky enough to get to run like some of the other used-to-be UDP candidates.  This might hurt her chances but at this stage Mark is still more disqualified than Sandra.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mark why give up your future by holding onto the past. Holding onto this issue like you have show your incapacity to forgive. That my friend is very sad.

    I don’ t know the facts but everyone has to move on. You have wasted a lot of time on this and can only imagine over all these years how many times you have thought of Sandra and held animosity towards here.

    True frogiveness eliminates emotional baggage and allows you to have a more fulfilling life. Prayer – you need prayer. Forgivess is a process of the heart. Forgivenss is about self empowerment.

    A perceived insult cannot be held onto for so long. Imagine if someone does something to you in the LA – a lot of cursing etc. goes on there also. What will you do then?

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont think that the poster of Mark why hold on to the past see what he did, he was refuting what Sandra has been doing, what is wrong with bringing the truth out to stop the  unbelievers that Sandra would do this, I think he was right to show it, But I say lets move on and damn it if you cant take the challenges  either of you,drop out.

      This is not an election about Sandras,Marks or Dwaynes egos it is about Bodden Town and the people so drop the garbage.

      Bodden Towners vote for who ever you want, cant you all see that the PPM is pushing this issue, they are so happy that you are all doing this why, their canidates are gonna go right back in, so use your brains, Vote for who ever you want stop the blarney.

  13. TEAM CAYMAN says:

    "What a pinhead…"

    You are right.  Sometimes I say really stupid things .  Sorry.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am so disappointed in Jonathan for following Ellio to the UDP.

    He is such an inteligent boy but I don’t understand why he would continue with this display from the UDP. His good friend Ellio is making a mockery of this entire election process. He has no solutions, he misleads the public about his education, and he foolishly attacks sandra, a candidate in bodden town, just to get back at her….  AND JONATHAN CONTINUES TO STICK BY HIS SIDE!

  15. Anonymous says:

    A report is only that – a report. It’s not an indictment, trial, charges or anything else for that matter.

    There’s not proof that it’s true or accurate and obviously the police found no need to takeit any further – that says a lot!

    Mark, your argument is weak about why accept a warning – what else you gonna do tell the police NOT to warn you?

    You are really not so smart afterall.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m really dumbfounded by how many people here have not bothered to get the full story. Sandra Catron WAS NOT the person who called in about Ellio’s qualifications. She was not the persons that started the sandstorm. As she clarified she requested the information from UCCI to pass it along.

    That’s all it took for Ellio to come after her with FULL FORCE. Truly sad  Ellio! You needed to pay attention; but I guess the fact that you have no degree hits you really hard. That is the only thing that explains your over reaction.

    I don’t blame Sandra for protecting her name – who would not do that? I have not heard her mudsling to date.

    Let’s make sure when we have comments we get the facts. All of you should go back a few posts and try listening to the show for yourself. Sandra called in to clarify what Ellio was saying – ELLIO STARTED THIS CRAP!!!

    I hope he does not get voted in.

  17. anonymous says:

    I’m pretty confident that 99% of UDP and not so independent supporters have no clue what an operational deficit is….I bet most of them cannot explain the $29M deficit logically….if they could they would not be trying to use it to make the people believe the Country is broke and will be in debt forever and ever….their children and grandchildren will be paying off this debt forever and ever…the PPM Government has mismanaged the Country’s money and plunged us into debt hell forever and ever….people, please take time to listen to the facts and be informed not by the mad accusations that are swirling out there! The UDP and others are twisting facts and telling blatant lies…they are an insult to the intelligence of the Caymanian people – they are depending on people not paying attention to the truth. Do not put McKeeva in charge of this Country or dog going eat more than ya supper!! Vote PPM STRAIGHT.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dog going eat more than ya supper?  What an intelligent comment for the rest of the world to see.  If this is the PPM the country is lost!

  18. The Futurist says:

    Ok guys wise up nah !!! This entire story, created by John John, is all about setting up a distraction from the real story which is Mark’s and John John’s disqualifcation from sitting in the LA……and it has worked so far. Well one John John… are clearly smarter than Mark and actually you are also a better speaker than Mark. Now what a twosome……God help us !!!

    I say vote Ossie, Chuckie and Tony…..1, 3 & 4….will always deliver more. One good term deserves another !!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Elio I’m very, very dissapointed in you.

    You have now showed us who you truly are.

    First you lied and now you are demonstrating your childness and vindictiveness by running to the TV with more dirt on Sandra?? 

    You’re certainly in the right party cause you’re just like Mac.

    This is another George Town vote that you just lost. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    Dis one is for Mark and Dwayne.  I am glad to see you can dig up things from 8 years.  This tells the people of Bodden Town you are sensible only trying to get around the law. Maybe both of you should have dug up and declare your interest before the required time as stated in the constitution that governs the Cayman Islands.  just in case the supporters like yourselves do not know. Obviously the UDP leader does not give  a daaaaaaam because it is all about himself..

    Bodden Towners/Cayman Islands beware for the big expense awaiting us if either of these two candidates was to get in because they  will surely be challenged and will cost the Islands not just Bodden Townersin Legal fees and Grand Court time.   WAKE UP BODDEN TOWNERS YOU ARE COSTING THE COUNTRY IF THIS HAPPENS SINCE UDP SAY PPM SPENT TOO MUCH MONEY.



  21. Anonymous says:

    Sandra said that Mark and Cindy didnt have children at the time of the incident so she couldnt have stalked, from what I know their eldest daughter is the same age as my son who was born in 1999, so if this incident happened in 2002 then their daughter would have been a couple years old……….so yes Sandra they did have children at the time.

    • Anonymous says:

      " then their daughter would have been a couple years old……….so yes Sandra they did have children at the time".

      You’re not paying attention.She said "CHILDREN" (plural).

  22. Anonymous says:

    It amazes me how the UDP will attack anyone who holds them up to honesty and responsiblity. Sandra spanked Ellio and now the Boddentown duet who cannot win without a court case victory throw out this bizarre story.

    The electorate need to see beyond these cheap shots, Sandra’s interaction with Ellio is candidate to candidate banter on public record. Ellio’s inability to clarify his education was his problem.

    If the electorate listen to this character attack then it will continue into future elections.

  23. GT Voter says:


    No one raped Mark or Cindy or did anything to them. Someone else told him something that could not even be verified.

    Yes, it’s time for him to GET OVER THAT – if someone does not say something to me I’m going to hold onto malice for 8 years based on hearsay?


  24. Anonymous says:

    What a pinhead…

    "Now down to business to the Anonymous,who keep on talking badly about Mr. Frederick. let me say something to you, why dont you put your name where your darn mouth is!  Your nothing but a little low down dirty coward who is worse than the little Asian boy who cried wolf!  lEAVE vINCENT ALONE AND GET A LIFE AND STOP WEARING SKIRTS FOR SHOWOUT BOY!!!"

    You want a name but pretend to be "TEAM CAYMAN": your team would be you and the other folks who flunked out of grade 4.  What intellectual horsepower! …another perfectly good blog string placed at risk from missing IQ points…


  25. Anonymous says:

    The PPM is laughing at Sandra for having taken their advice.

    You lost my vote a long time ago Sandra.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Same old vindictive UDP!!

    Intimidate, bully and slander anybody that calls you outon your dirt and lies.

    If that fails, make up a distraction.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what prompted Sandra Catron to get involved in Elio Solomon’s life? How many of the present representatives have been to college and obtained degrees???? She is running in Bodden Town and he is running in George Town. What she should be doing is trying to get a few votes in Bodden Town and leave Elio alone. Common sense goes a long distance, but as an elderly Caymanian woman said "common sense is not common". Regardless of who has what or says what, the voting public will have their say on May 20, 2009!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems like Sandra has finally got her bearings and is attacking someone in the BT elections now. Good Sandra, another 4 years and you will know the basics of a political campaign.

    • Anonymous says:

      The political logic of a this hard charging, recently, well positioned candidate, defies common sence. The wrong fight at the wrong time for the wrong reason. Why would you work so hard for so long with so little to get so far and just dash it away so quickly?

      A few days before the big day and you spend hard earned political capital on a non opponent from another hotly contested constituency?





    • Anonymous says:

      It’s good that the candidates are showing their true colours. The mudslingers are out in force.

    • Anonymous says:

      I  dont know what all the hate and mud slinging is getting either canidate, get to the issues and act on them.Neither Mark or Sandra should go this route, it do not aid either of them.Digging up dirt is low life, let sleeping dogs lay.

       I went to Ezzards rally last night and I want to tell you that he and his committe showed the best behaviour I have seen in the few meetings that I have went to, you could tell that they were genuinely in tune with what the people want and need to hear, they gave their views and the facts, no mud slinging, way to go Ezzard. The difference between yours and Mr Rankins  campaign and Joey,s, is that you all seek to bring unity, but Joeys seems bent on destroying what little unity that you all have left  in north side with the mud, there is a lot of anger and hate there, I wonder why.

        All you  canidates need to stop this B/S. we want the real issues challenged not your individual personalities, Mark you keep trying, Sandra you keep on too, but get your heads out of the gutter and stick tothe issues. God bless you all.

  28. Status grants to 14:42 says:

    I repeat your message:

    “Why is it that the Ministry that is in charge of Labour and Employment currently made up of a majority of EXPATS, while Caymanians go to the Labour Office daily to register for jobs and are not successful in finding employment. Get the REAL, CREDIBLE and CONCLUSIVE answer to this one question, PLEASE!!!!!!!”

    This is the kind of shit that Caymanians are saying. The people at that Ministry are Caymanians…….those given the Cabinet Grants by your leader McKeeva Bush.

    Is Caymanians not sick of McKeeva messing with their minds? Their children future and our grand children future?
    McKeeva is laughing all the way to the Bank!
    And sleeping at His Ritz Carlton residence while you are kissing his ass!

  29. Twyla M Vargas says:

    Hello Mr Jorge, Mr. Gonzles Mr Bodden and ??????????

    Vincent is a man like yourself. At least I hope so. The one difference between you both is that he is a Caymanian, born and bred, grass root, grandpa, grandma,  great grand pa and grand ma, down to earth Bodden Towner. I will not say I agree with everything he says but I am not going to be self-centered and bitc- with his character..  It is very suspicious  and unusual when one man bitc—. with another.  And i am dumfounded why you feel so negative about Vincent. Frederick Anyway what I have to say is,  Be careful of what you do not know, very body got a story to tell.  Further more I do not know why you are taking punches at me, I did not take anything from you, I am sure of that. Blessed  Yo se que tu sabe.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Some of you are saying eight years is a long time to bring up these stuff; but let me tell you something when someone hurt you i.e. threaten to kill, rape, assualt, diliberately lie on you; I tell you my friends there are no amount of years that erase these memories.  My sister was only 8 years old when someone tried to rape her and 37 years later, whenever she seems the individual she becomes upset, nervous, she doesnt like to be in the same room as the individual.  So dont say 8 years was too much for Mark to dig up.  You dont know the feeling until you have been in their shoe.  I feel it for my sister everytime she has to deal with it, and I think Mark and his family feels the say way.  We need to stop being hypocrites.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Six (five) days to go people. I can’t wait.

    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      TOUCH DOWN!!!!.

      Door opens –  Suspense – Silence –    Sorry ladies and gentlemen we cannot find the ballot boxes. 


      You cant take a joke o wha.? …………… Tell ya what I hope there is a lot of PoPo up there,  lots of smelling salts and alcohol up there, immmodium, blood pressure machine, and a few single beds at BT police station.

      Now itis time for the chosen few to appear.  I SEE A WOMAN,  ummm!!!!,  I SEE A MAN, u.mmmm,   Opps!!!!!!!!!I SEE A MANEE.   Yea una  go figure this out  who them is now. 

  32. Anonymous says:

    The UDP is the way forward

  33. Anonymous says:

    You are mistaken! I went to a meeting by Jay & Mary Bodden’s Yard! You need to check your facts. She had a fish fry meet and greet on Saturday and sent around her scheudle to many people.

    Maybe you need to pay  attention before opening your mouth?

    Was the meeting only for you or Her Special crew -oops commitee Cause nobody from Central Bodden Town Knew Nothing about it.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Bodden Towners go out and VOTE for PPM as you all can see UDP and some of the independants are not what we want in the house for sure. They sound like a bunch of kids fighting for candy .Stick with the evil you done know.Vote PPM!

    U mad or wa no vote for PPM we’ll all end up in the looney tune with no medical assistance oops medicine


  35. Anonymous says:

    If you claim that Sandra did not have any meetings  you MUST be living on MARS. Get a life and learn to be accurate in your postings.

    What won’t you  people resort to?

  36. Anonymous says:

    To the PPM supporters and writers on here, I need you to do the CAYMAN ISLANDS a favor and research the following and provide us with CREDIBLE answers prior to the election:

    Why is it that the Ministry that is in charge of Labour and Employment currently made up of a majority of EXPATS, while Caymanians go to the Labour Office daily to register for jobs and are not successful in finding employment. Get the REAL, CREDIBLE and CONCLUSIVE answer to this one question, PLEASE!!!!!!!


    Recession or not, this Minister and Ministry should be ASHAMED of themselves and hang their heads in disgrace for allowing such an atrocity to happen.


    I await, what answers if any you will be able to provide!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Same old vindictive UDP moves.

    Intimidate, bully, slander, chinese-whispers and character assassination.

    If that fails, make up a distraction.



  38. Anonymous says:

    You are mistaken! I went to a meeting by Jay & Mary Bodden’s Yard! You need to check your facts. She had a fish fry meet and greet on Saturday and sent around her scheudle to many people.

    Maybe you need to pay  attention before opening your mouth?

  39. Anonymous says:

    What’s up with the police report that Ellio was brandishing on the CITN news item yesterday? Wow we are really sinking to the lower levels here..He basically came out and sent well she started it so…………………… PPM must be loving this!!!!

  40. Rhymenocerus says:

    And so another chapter in political history is turning. So far in this imaginative sketch, which I have drawn up, we have a thief, a murderer(only hearsay at this point), a politician, a drug addict, the devil’s advocate, a Jesus like figure only lacking a glowing aura, his only disciple in the form of a radio host, judas, the man from the west that has no tongue and also the prodigal son.. possibly a few fishermen in there all running in the same election. Now I really hope that this all blows over because May 20th may be the last supper and I mean the last supper. Not to mention that this whole "he said she said" situation reminds me of Spy vs Spy, who will get caught in the others trap is the question.

    Suggestion #1.

    Confession boxes in the LA.

    Suggestion #2.

    More confession boxes.

    Suggestion #3.

    "Teach a candidate how to declare interests according to the constitution day"  4th day of an election year,  refreshments provided free of charge.

    Suggestion #4.

    Turkeys and beef can spoil when left out in the open air, next time bring a refrigerated truck.

    Suggesion #5.

    Know when to fold them, know when to walk away and …… know when to RUN!!

    Final suggestions.

    If the PPM will be the next government, I suggest a show of fireworks with all the trimmings and the entrance of the PPM’S chosen LOGB with the phantom helicopter possibly flying over the crowd and then doing a 360 spin to show off the fittings and maybe even fire off a missile into the horizon for a little bit of gusto.

    If the UDP gets in I suggest a grand puppet show, possibly re-enacting the rise of satan from the bottomless pit , of course with great visual effects and pyrotechnics. A 2 part series one called the "Ascension Of The Beast" and the other "Knighting The Advocate". Part 2 would be the granting of the "Puppet Master" status also with a few narrations by the devil himself regarding how it all started with the First Cayman Bank.

    Ladies and gentlemen have fun.

  41. Jenny says:

    I am sick of all the political mudslinging going on. If they are doing all this crap now imagine how they will run our country and how they intend to look out for the best interest of the Cayman people if they are elected. Why does all this crap have to go on, can’t all you politicians see what needs to happen in this country and get down to the real business of trying to help Cayman instead of slandering each other.

    I know I for one is sick of it and I am sure I am not the only one. Wake up Cayman and look at who u choose to run your country for the next four years and make the right choice for the Cayman Islands. Not usually a very vocal person when it comes to politics but I have had enough this election of all the mudslinging crap going on. So I had to finally become vocal and say what’s on my mind. Sorry if I offended anyone but I am a born and bred as they say Caymanian true and true and wants what’s best for the Caymanian people as anyone.

    Wake up Cayman lets get back to what we are known for "some of the friendless people in the world" and not make politics divide us or tear us apart as a country. I have seen politics divide families her in Cayman and that should not happen.Let us get back to the business at hand and deal with the issues facing our country instead of tearing each other down. Let us all pray for the elections process on May 20th and those elected will help us get this country back to where it needs to be and look out for the best needs of our Caymanian people. Yes I said our Caymanian people

  42. Anonymous says:

    Can Some one tell me Why out of all 10 candidates Running for three seats in Bodden Town How Come Sandra Catron is the Only one that Hasn’t had a Political Meeting in Bodden Town.

    How are we suppose to know what she’s all about and if she the right person to represent our district. IF SHES HIDING NOW SHE’S DIFFENATLY GOINING TO HIDE FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS.

    come out and let us Bodden Towners know what we are getting into PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  43. Anonymous says:

    You poor UDP supporters… Of course Cayman’s economy was better in 2005 as the recession did not his us until recently.  Hmmm…. do you read the news or take note of your own economy.  Please post comments of substance.


    Man we UDP Supporters got you all Wine up PPM supporters It sound like a whole lot of fretting going on or should i say sweating JUST FACE IT COME MAY 21ST THE BETTER SIDE WILL TELL.


                                                  COME ON UDP WE WANT A BETTER WAY FORWARD

    PPM put our country in twenty nine million dollars deficit and then they want us to pardon them and tell them job well done like when the minister for tourisum stole private documents from public office and we gave him a gentle slap on the wrist and told him to move along now and get on with putting or National airline in more LOGO mess that we didn’t  need right now. Then unna want to blame it on a recessions CHILD PLEASE


  44. TEAM CAYMAN says:


    Vincent Frederick.

    Don’t worry folks, expat or Caymanian, Caymanian voters are usually pretty damn sensible. This unfortunate embarrassing candidate will be history next week. Unfortunately, among his "enlightened " followers his views won’t be. But that, sadly, is the Cayman we have come to.

    Guess who’s back people?  That’s right your favourite news staff,TEAM CAYMAN, first let me give a shout out to RUTHFUS waazzzz  GIRL YOU KAROKEE QUEEN WAAAZ happening girl??  Let’s hope you and Twyla team up together for the 2013 election, so we can get this country rocking!  Lets hear it for RUTH & TWYLA FOR 2013  YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA hawwwwww.  

    Now down to business to the Anonymous,who keep on talking badly about Mr. Frederick. let me say something to you, why dont you put your name where your darn mouth is!  Your nothing but a little low down dirty coward who is worse than the little Asian boy who cried wolf!  lEAVE vINCENT ALONE AND GET A LIFE AND STOP WEARING SKIRTS FOR SHOWOUT BOY!!!


  45. Anonymous says:

    Bodden Towners go out and VOTE for PPM as you all can see UDP and some of the independants are not what we want in the house for sure. They sound like a bunch of kids fighting for candy .Stick with yhe evil you done know.Vote PPM!


  46. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of when the PPM exposed Ellio of owing someone money right before the last election.

    Does all of these things matter? Does anyone remember this after a week or 2? No … we remember what the person does to change our lives.

    Sandra stay focused please and don’t worry about all this crap.

  47. Jorge K. Gonzalez-Manuel-Bodden says:

    This is very sad. Twala, I think you need to find other activities and stop CNSing all day 🙂 . You sometimes go behind the limit with your comments. Vincent as a member of parlament? I mean that just speaks to your mental capability and track! I can agree with Thresea, but no way Vincent.

    Secondly, as far as I am concern, we all have made mistake in our lives. I’ve made quite a few and I’ve learnt from them. It’s only human. If the rumors are true about Sandra, then why wasn’t she arrested? Look at the woman she is TODAY, look at how she has grown and matured. Listen to her ideas and how she will help us. I guess all have you on here are perfect? Never tried to stock the wife/husband because you think they getting some on the side? Have you ever lied about something? I’m sure we all have! We’re humans, what do you expect.

    However, I will agree with you all the it was a wrong for Sandra to go to the extent to find out about Elio and voice it on air! Sandra, karma is a B****, I know your smarter than that, think Bodden Town.

    This will greatly affect you now, but you can make it. You need to host a final meeting before the election to clear the air up. And this time, please advertise it! 


    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      You Need to find something else to do except CNSing all day.

      Wow!!!!!!! Yes!!! I just love it when I set people off with my writing.   But I am surprised  Papi that you would make such comments.     You know I am CNSing all day.  Why are you afraid to tell what you do.  Besides If I do not CNSing all day you will not have anything to laught about.   Becareful, because  everybody has a story to tell.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Message to Ellio: "The cruelest lies are often told in silence."

  49. Anonymous says:


    Have you ever heard of a time limitation? 8 years is a really long time to go back to dig up some ancient report.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Ah, the classic “deflection” tactic. Every politician does this trick – find something, anything to distract from your wrong (in this case, lying about your qualifications ellio) and put as much attention on the distraction (sandra’s a criminal!).

    Ellio, you are a total and complete loser and a fop. If “education is the key” you (and dwayne) should have gotten some for yourself.

    Your lil distraction trick might fool some of these clowns (judging by the posts) but you do not fool me. Sorry. But I am not impressed or fooled.

  51. GT Voter says:


    Why bring this up 8 years after the fact? Interesting that you did not think it was important to mention before. You have a lot of questions to answer here. In fact, why did you get the report one year later? Did not seem that you were that concerned about the truth accept now that it suits you.

    I’ve seen the report being ciculated and the people should NOT be fooled. It says the helper (Filipino lady) got some message. At no time did Sandra speak to Cindy. The police knew there was no evidence here – you cannot bring charges based on that – how can you prove what the helper thought she heard? Hearsay? Hmmmm .. would not wash.

    To bring this out at this time only shows that Mark is scared of not getting his seat in BT. I’min GT but I would ask the BT voter’s to please not be fooled by this.

    Desperation setting it to take the focus off of your legal issues with the constitution.

    I hear Ellio’s comments on CNS "Oh she started this first" – How childish.

    The best part is that Sandra was not the person circulated the email about Ellio – GT voters were. She just confirmed the information like she said in her video. I should know as I was one of the many that asked her to check Ellio’s story out.

    Sandra – you did this for the people and we will not abandon you for liars.


    • Anonymous says:

      Stay in GT and leave Mark alone….we Bodden Towners are wise enough to make sure we put him in office to represent us.

  52. Anonymous says:

    This behavior by Mark and Ellio is very unbecoming.

  53. Anonymous says:

    This has nothing to do with the article!!! But UDP has made it a polictical issue to talk about CUC…. I just want them to look at the big picture CUC has claimed its expenditure has increased and can’t continue to pay its bills without a rate increase. We have to be careful how they publiciy support not giving CUC an increase. CUC will then start cutting jobs and this will then cause more unemployment, the relability of CUC generation will go downwards, this could mean more outages.

    Mac talks about building more big hotels, this will cost the people more again electricity, everytime CUC has to expanded on generation we have to pay . Stop building these massive hotels!!!! that Caymanains can’t get jobs in RITZ!!!!

    I hope May 20th comes soon, and pray that WB & CB does not have control of government affairs. Oh lord help us…. and Ellio he needs to go….. He is only for himself…..

    I am happy Sandra did what she did!!!! He is not the representative we need for GT….

    Vote smart!!!




  54. Anonymous says:

    I’m very glad to see some sensible posts on here and that people are not fooled by the UDP propaganda machine.

    The truth shall set you FREE Ellio. A woman has never challenged you before right? Well then you should get used to this.

  55. Doug says:

    All unna keep digging yourselves that hole up there in BT, by next Wednesday you going have more fill than Mr. Berry himself and you wont have no more flooding to be concerned about!


  56. Anonymous says:

    Vincent Frederick ????

    Are you nuts?

    This country will be shut down in 3 months as he drives off the help.  To everyone who is grateful for what Mr Ridley and Mr Travers are doing to salvage the Cayman economy, well these are the sorts of guys Fredrick says should be told to get lost because they are murderers and take up too much room on the roads! Remember the report about his speech:

    "Frederick was far less concerned and made it clear he didn’t care about the harmony of foreigners. He said it was the foreigners that were doing all the murders and undermining the harmony. "

    "Concerned greatly about the impact foreigners are having in Cayman in general, Frederick spent a good deal of time during the evening lamenting the problems associated with foreign workers, foreign companies and foreign contractors.  As well as blaming them for all the murders, he also put traffic congestion clearly at their feet." …

    "When it came to revenue raising measures Frederick once again felt the foreigners were the best target and said he would introduce what he called an infrastructure fee (what would be more correctly described as income tax) but just on foreign workers. He also said he would tax commercial buildings by the square foot."

    A vote for Vincent is a vote for a dead economy

    Be warned…


    • Anonymous says:

      Vincent Frederick.

      Don’t worry folks, expat or Caymanian, Caymanian voters are usually pretty damn sensible. This unfortunate embarrassing candidate will be history next week. Unfortunately, among his "enlightened " followers his views won’t be. But that, sadly, is the Cayman we have come to.

  57. Lois says:

    All the negativity we see here on this site, is no more than the family and friends of Ellio. Indeed, they of course would stick up for him, because they are his family and his associates. If he did wrong, they would take up for him which they are doing. Sandra spoke the truth, so, they are hitting back at her. The ones who stated that she have lost their vote, that is a lie. They were not going to vote for her in the first place, and some of them have to be living in other districts, which of course means, they could not vote for her. Sandra is an intelligent individual, and she must know it is all a sham, by they trying to be funny, saying, that she has lost their vote. Go get a clue people, and stop acting like 5 year olds. Sorry, five year olds are more mature that you with your negativity.

  58. Anonymous says:

     Vincent Frederick .. Twyla R u serious???? 


    you gotta be joking…. he is off track as far as i’m concerned..

  59. Committee Member says:

    One thing I will say to the person about publicity – What you don’t know is that Sandra had consulted her many committee members about whether to make a public statement. Previously she had made the decision not to.

    She had already contacted Rooster/Austin Harris and the UDP. All necessary measures under the law of defamation to mitigate and provide fair warning to the parties. If action is required then this would be something that the court would look at.

    However, many committee members have decided that this was too serious a comment by Dwayne Seymour to be ignored and that unfortunately we have so many ignorant people that it was NOT something to let slide.

    You would be very smart to check the facts before making such disparging statements. Sandra does not shy away from anyone or any situation. She has always been a figther and has earned everything in her life through hard work.

    Also, I want to people of Bodden Town to know that no matter what these UDP people say they will never be able to hold Sandra down. She’s the hardest working person that the people could put in.

    If you want nothing to change then don’t vote for her; but if you want a change in the district for better please be smart.

    She’s not a power hungry individual but is smart, hardworking and very humble.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Here is What







    STRESS &



    And by the way you that are anonymous about all the S____ that you are saying just face it Cayman back in 2005 was better than it is today i’m a voter from long long time ago and guess what this is the worst state our country has ever been in so don’t belame UDP only PPM help as well as a matter of fact PPM did more hurt than Good. AND THATS MY OPINION AND I’M STICKING TO IT.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Cayman back in 2005 was better than it is today i’m a voter from long long time ago and guess what this is the worst state our country has ever been in so don’t belame UDP only PPM help as well as a matter of fact PPM did more hurt than Good. AND THATS MY OPINION AND I’M STICKING TO IT."


      You poor UDP supporters… Of course Cayman’s economy was better in 2005 as the recession did not his us until recently.  Hmmm…. do you read the news or take note of your own economy.  Please post comments of substance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here is:   Cayman is not in a glass bottle and if the US gets a cold it affects Cayman and the rest of the world.  We as Caymanian needs to thank God for how it  is affecting us, with the help of God we will get through this together and we would be fools to change government at this time.  Please pray for Cayman and think about CAYMAN AND NOT ABOUT YOUR OWN GAINS.  

  61. Anonymous says:

    In all fairness you cannot let someone tarnish your name with stories that have been fabricated or embellished.

    I wish the parties would go away!

  62. Anonymous says:

    "B T FINEST back up fool, you don speak fo no body accept you cat and you dog maybe.  I vote fo her."

    Vote for the cat, it’ll be the smart choice.

  63. Mark Scotland says:

    The proof I have that Sandra Catron did in fact threaten to kill my wife is an extract from the Police Incident Logging System dated 17th June 2003.

    It states that our housekeeper received a call on May 24th, 2002 from a female who advised her that she was going to kill my wife.

    It further states that , following investigations by the police Sandra Catron was warned of her actions in the incident and accepted the warning. She also stated ‘I will be moving on with my life and have now put the incident behind me’.

    The question for Sandra is – if she did not make the threatening call why would she accept the warning and ‘put the incident behind her?’

    Mark Scotland

    • Anonymous says:

      This story  which MS has submitted is more  curiouser than the story unravelling in the courts.  Mark, why did SC  alledgedly threaten your wife? Sure would like to know the details since it would tell us a lot more about her character.

      Ladies, when you enter the fray ofpolitics be careful how you throw stones, since something might out that one would rather stay closeted.  She should have just let go of  whether Elio has a degree or not. Who cares. The man is a power house , a real Barack Obama kind of inspirer.  

  64. Anonymous says:

    Bodden Towners – if you elect Mark you better pack your papers – UDP is going to ruin this country!!

    Now I heard Mark at his meeting endorcing Theresa – so it seems all those comments here were right huh? Twyla – what you have to say for yourself?

    Independents all the way!

    • Twyla M Vargas says:

      COMMENTS: BODDEN TOWNERS – if you elect.

      Twyla – what do you have to say for yourself?

      You asked for my response and I here it is.  I have been strongly supporting Theresa, from the get go, that is because she is an intelligent woman with a vision.   I believe she can continue the process of taking us through the 21 century.  She is a passionate woman with a kind heart, loves the Lord and has much respect for all of those she come in contact with.  If you knew Theresa the way I do, you would certainly feel the way I do too.

      Now, about Mark endorcing Theresa –  This is news to me.   My only concern is seeing that the right woman who can do the job gets elected.  Its a pity that you signed anonymous because I would envite you to please call me on my phone, and lets discuss or have lunch like civil people.  It may be surprising what I can learn from you or you from me.   For me to say I could not care less who gets in would not be right.   I do care, but you know something, I prefer to let every man be persuaded by his own mind, and do the right thing.

      With the most of respect to you:   Please Picture this:  I am one of those women who can cry and laugh at the same time.  If you are trying to draw my tongue to see where I am voting, beside Theresa,s #6.  I am smarter than that.  My other two votes will be well exercised for the right persons.   I was not born yesterday, and I saw those who have promised, lied and took everybody in this district for a fool.  I know who is sly, tricky, deceitful, cant be trusted and the whole che-bang bang. 

      I do hope I have answered your question.  But most of all, remember it is your democratic right to vote where you want to.   My vote could have been sold for a price, but I choose to not go that direction.  I prefer to drink lemonaide and eat bread rvery day first.   Be blessed.

    • Anonymous says:

      UDP – Undecided, Divided, Party

      PPM – Poor People Movement and Mistake

      INDEPENDENTS – sorry no abbreviations or shortening of the word – just a simple strong word

      MAY 20th, 2009 –  VOTE for an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE

      All these flags and billboards a waste of funds….could have been used towards paying the Government debt…Ooops Government employee salaries…which is more urgent now…let me see…..hmmm…….I say go figure that one……

    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      Has Bodden Town been listening to this young man, and realize what a wonderful speaker he is.   Has anyone ever thought that he might make Bodden Town prowd, by electing him.   Think about it.  

  65. Anonymous says:

    Sandra keep your head high my girl. You have worked hard.

    Just because you refuse to let these idiots roll over you – can’t blame you there at all. Some people talking foolishness here about not giving you a vote now. I would say more people would not give you a vote if you did not respond.

    TO HELL WITH THEM – 1 more week and it’s all over.

  66. Anonymous says:

    No one in the UDP can run this country! Not even Mark and CERTAINLY NOT Joke Joke!

  67. Anonymous says:

    Mary Lawrence called him and won!!!!!

  68. Ruth Scott says:

    I had to weigh in because I feel that this is all so wrong the way everyone is going about it.

    Sandra Catron does not deserve this kind of ridicule.  If you want to hear the intelligence of this woman just go up a few postings to the link to YouTube and listen to her interviews posted there by the Compass.  Compare them with Elio’s/Dwaynes and then make your own assumption.

    I have listened to Ellio on that talk show for years and he has allowed people to say slanderous comments about other people all the time especially when it is in his favour.  Ellio condemned the PPM and the UDP all in one breath on hisshow one morning when he was hosting with Barry Q.  So I am sorry to say that Ellio sums up his own personality as one that is ‘despicable’. 

    I also remember hearing him taken on many politicians when they came to his arena to talk to their constituents about what is happening in Govt.  He had very little respect for his elected officials, and do we expect any better when he is in the house to unite and workk for the betterment of the country? No this will not happen, because he has a tough head and unity does not stem from him in any form.  I also recall another caller to the show one morning fwho proceeded to tell him about spreading doom and gloom.  He went about telling that caller that they had called management about him and written letters.  So see he can’t even appreciate constructive criticism that was in his favour, but yet he can run our country. 

    I hope when he looses this election he will know that God was frowning on him, the way he has ridiculed other people, and the way he abandoned his supporters when he joined the party system – the very system he criticised and ridiculed for years. Is this the mentality we want to support for the next four years?  NO NO NO!!

    I do not want Ellios type of respresentation, and I would hope the voters think long and hard about that because the minute Ellio is elected and you call his cellphone it  will be off or the number changed, all those supporters will NEVER hear from him again, maybe in 3.5years they will when he needs their support again. 

     XXXXXX Which brings me to this point.  Knowing him to be this way he would have broadcasted his professional credentials to the world and threw them in our faces many times over and over on his talk show.  But now that he has been challenged by a woman, he can’t handle the sitution so he inturn grasping at straws and throws his poor child in the ring to help save face.  Too late Ellio, we all know what you are all about, and your colours are all shining like a neon sign in the darkest of nights.  CNS please publish my name on this post because I want Ellio to know who I am, as I am not afraid of him or any of his slander.

    To my Caymanian Voters: On May 20th, when you vote – do so selfishly, give an X for you which when translated is for who will remember you, and act on every word they promised you.  Remember the liars, the cheats, the dishonesty and the corrupt ones and then place an X in another box.

    Ellio will get his rightful reward on May 20th, as God does not like ugly and the sins of the parents fall on the heads of the poor innocent children.

    God help us if he gets elected.


  69. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t have been any more entertained staying at home watching Jerry Springer or Geraldo!

  70. Anonymous says:


    In summary:
    ·         One can’tanswer the “degree question” with a simple yes or no
    ·         The second one can’t wait to dig up dirt on the first one just to end up getting caught at a dead end and now creating even more controversy
    ·         Two other ones aren’t sure if they followed proper procedure and guidelines leading up to the election
    ·         Another one running has been convicted of wrong doing in the court of law, and a further one running is also tangled up in the legal system (verdict still outstanding)
    ·         The opposition can’t wait to get back in so that they can spin their web again XXXXX
    ·         Some of the current elected officials spend their time rather fishing and bar hopping than listening to their countries needs
    ·         The whole judicial system is caught up in a tribunal hearing, wasting tax payers money just to determine what he said/she said
    ·         The police is drifting aimlessly without a decent leader
    …………and you are wondering why the UK doesn’t take the Cayman Islands seriously?
  71. Anonymous says:

    Poor UDP. And to think….these could be the people leading the country. Go ahead and elect them…ignorant peoples of Cayman.

  72. Anonymous says:

    UDP – all they do is spread rumors. It won’t help them any.

  73. Anonymous says:

    I went to college with Ellio


    I went to college with Ellio Solomon at ATI in Fort Lauderdale and graduated three months after him. 

    So I know as a fact and firsthand he has a degree in EE and its verifyiable.  XXXX


    Thank you for posting this reply.

    • Anonymous says:

      "I went to college with Ellio Solomon at ATI in Fort Lauderdale and graduated three months after him".

      If that is so why don’t you reveal your identity so we can check the truth of your claims.

  74. Anonymous says:

    I dont know what to think or say about Sandra any more. I still dont understand why the hell she felt the need to  "out" Ellio for his lies. He is not her compertiotion she is running for Bodden Town and him for George Town.

    I trust in my fellow Bodden Towners that they will put the proper people in.

    BT Finest all the way and Sandra sorry no votes for you!

  75. noname says:

    PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!! (A reflection of what) I feel that you really need to go back to 2005 and reflected on what happened back then.

    1- our country was not in thirty million dollars deficit

    2- we never had all this investigation that went nowhere but law suits

    3 – our people were better off than they are today financially

    4- cuc was not increasing rates to hurts us more

    and the list could go on please Caymanians Vote Smart and Wise and don’t be fool by garbage that these people are dishing out.

    • Anonymous says:

      1. our country was not in thirty million dollars deficit

      but the UDP Govt government failed to provide needed infrastructure but wasted money on Boatswain’s Beach. There was no worldwide recession that reduced revenue.  

      2- we never had all this investigation that went nowhere but law suits

      Nothing to do with the elected Government. That’s why we need the new constitution.

      3 – our people were better off than they are today financially

      Due to a worldwide recession. 2001-2005 was a boom period that had nothing to do with the UDP Govt.  

      4- cuc was not increasing rates to hurts us more

      You are actually paying less to CUC today than you were then.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha …..

    To your comments about publicity – you are just jealous that Sandra is always doing something.

    Seems to be that you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t huh? Well at least she’s the action lady for Bodden Town!!!

    Put that in your stinking pipe and smoke it out the other end.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Sandra..too late to try to draw attention to yourself.

    You don’t even realise that Elio is not running in your district. Try digging up crap on people in your own district ,not others.  This out of pure fearjust like the PPM is doing with Mark and Dwayne, simply because they know they can’t win without knocking out the top two.  

    Try winning the election on your own merits, not on trying to dig up trash on others.

    I’m a BT voter and I was wavering between you an Theresa for my other vote after Dwayne and Mark. Sorry, you are out of the running. You are too radical and contentious for me. I couldn’t imagine the crap that would go on if you ever got elected.

    Mark and Dwayne, hold your heads high and do not get down on Sandra’s level.


  78. Anonymous says:

    I think this is the right thing to do. Those of you who are ignorant to the law must know something about defamation – the person has to take immediate action – issuing the cease and desist letter is the proper thing to do.

    Lawsuits will come later – after the election and from what I can see Mark will have a few on his hands to contend with.

  79. Miss Lauper says:

    "I see your true colours shining through…." All of you. Ellio, Austin, Sandra, Dwayne…..Mac Daddy, yours we were already aware of.

  80. Anonymous says:


    B T FINEST back up fool, you don speak fo no body accept you cat and you dog maybe.  I vote fo her.

    Mark and Dwayne you shame to all us.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would like to address a few points here:


      3) Finally, I must have been the only one to read a letter written by Mary J. Lawrence in the Caymaninan Compass Tuesday on this Constitutional Issue with Mark & Dwayne in Bodden Town during this election.                                                                                                                            Let me recap for you all: "The Consitution is NOT a LAW!!!!  Matters arising from the Consitution unless stated otherwise, are the sole perrogative of the Grand Court for resolution."                      Therefore, while you can draw public attention to the matter, there is no question of breach unless they(Mark & Dwayne) are successful at the polls. And when they are successful at the polls, it will they be a matter for the Grand Court to decide….however in speaking with many lawyers, I have been told thatmost judges would find it not in the best interest of the district/country to overturn the choice made by the voters to elect Mark & Dwayne as their representatives.

      So in essence Bodden Town……..we want MARK, DWAYNE, and THERESA!!!!!! We will vote them in and they WILL BE our representatives!!!!

      Forget about Sandra and her foolishness!!! You don’t see the LADY Theresa causing such upheavals!!!! She is a true STATESWOMAN!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Mary J. Lawrence is not a lawyer. The Constitution happens to be higher than the law.

        • Anonymous says:

          It is a pity to see how Caymanians can ridicule if they are not in agreeance with something. I suggest that whom ever has written the statement about Mary J. Lawerence think about this statement "Do you really believe that one has to be a lawyer in order to interpret the law?" You’re shooting yourself in the foot should you have to participate in the reforming of the Constitution.  

          • Anonymous says:

            Mary J Lawrence’s letter is 100% accurate. Now, bring on the Election and let’s take it fromthere.  My bet is Mark will be elected and someone -Chucky? Sandra?- will lodge a protest and then into the Courts it will go.

          • Anonymous says:

            "Do you really believe that one has to be a lawyer in order to interpret the law?"

            In order to interpret the law correctly, yes. Obviously. Interpreting the law involves more than the simple ability to read. It involves knowledge of applicable legal principles and the ability to employ legal reasoning.  Silly question. Much like "do you like believe you have to be a surgeon to perform surgery on somebody?". 

            I understand Ms. Mary’s motivation – Mark’s mom was her strong supporter and she wants him to succeed where she couldn’t.    

            • Anonymous says:

              Sandra needs to come clean on these issues.

            • Anonymous says:

              Do you really believe that lawyers are all that?????? Well here’s food for thought " they too sometimes don’t have the answer to everything" !!! By the way are you a qualified one??? why you’re in such DEFENSE. Mrs. Mary would run circles around you……even if you was….perhaps you should offer yourself for a debate with her…then you’ll see who she really is…

              Seems that you have such a hard on for Mark…. that even the person/s who write in concerning the law you’re ready to attack…POOR YOU! go buy and take some GRIPE WATER from the pharmacy!!!!


            • Anonymous says:

              In rely to Ms Mary’s movativation being that mark’s mother was her suppoter and she wants him to succeed where she couldn’t…how low are you willing to go in this election???. This is most disgraceful!!!…leave these two women out of it…these are two up standing women of our community. I am sure they could be your mother… you should be ashamed of yourself…go wash your mouth with soap and ask God’s forgiveness.

              Thank God we only have a few days to go!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Mary Lawrence may not  lawyer but this women has a sound understanding of the laws of these Islands as any lawyer.

          • Anonymous says:

            "Mary Lawrence may not  lawyer but this women has a sound understanding of the laws of these Islands as any lawyer".

            That is an absurd statement. I have a great deal of respect for Ms. Mary but it is obviously silly to think that her long years of experience as a JP (or anything else) means that she is equally equipped as a lawyer to interpret the law.  

      • Lois says:

        Are you from Mars, by any chance??

    • Anonymous says:

      know which fight to pick.

      I think sandra picked her own poison on this one, I mean she should be smart enough to know which fight to pick. I am not condoning what was said but if I am runing in Bodden town my interests would best be served by focusing on the candidates and issues in BT. She should have known that this could only hurt not help her.

      • Sav/New says:

        Right is right and wrong is wrong. Sandra was obviously right. She searched for the ‘truth’ and she received it. So tragic all you bolt-heads can’t comprehend what her whole purpose was about. I guess some people just weren’t born with common sense.

        Ignorance has a firm grip on the people of this Island. Caymanians beating down Caymanians, instead of working together, to allow everyone to come together. Damn well sad I say. 


  81. Anonymous says:

    You know what? If these allegations were true charges would have been made and she would be in jail.

    Why have no charges been made if all this was so true?

  82. Anonymous says:

    People grow UP!

    Ellio should just come clean and apologise. Mark and Dwayne need to apologise for breaching the constitution and step down. And Mark and Dwayne and Austin need to apologise to Sandra.

    That is what grown up people do in the REAL WORLD and are just basic decency behaviour that you tell 5 year olds – don’t tell lies (ellio), take responsibility for your actions and words (mark and dwayne and ellio) and apologise when you hurt someone or make a mistake (ellio, mark, auston n dwayne).

    This is so basic! I feel like I’m in primary school all over again reading this rubbish! And these are the people that want to run our country and be in charge of CI$190m budget?

    Telling school yardlies and tit-for-tat childish antics, man!

  83. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Interesting comments in this topic, however I am going to throw in my two bits.  After having a conversation with  Sandra at the Bodden Town Coe Wood public Beach about what took place.  What I gathered from her is that she was asked to make these enquiries from persons from the district of George Town.    My response is,  Elio is a running candidate of the George Town  District, and she should have made those same persons from the district of George Town  dig up what they want about Elio.    Not her, Sandra is a candidate for the Bodden Town District, let all concerned do their own  well  digging.

    Now, Sometimes we have to be careful how we stir Sh–. because the more we stir the stinker it will get, and things are getting pretty stinky in this election.  When it is all said and done, on the 21st, what are we going to do?  hold our speaches and bad mind those who have made it.  At this very moment we have running candidates in the District of Bodden Town, not speaking to half of the people of the Bodden Town District.     What a shame.  Embrace each other now.   Vote for the person of your choice and be blessed.

    Oh! dont forget we are asking for a one vote,  for Ms.  Theresa  Lewis Pitcarin  #6.

    • Anonymous says:

      Twyla I know your GIRL is THERESA #6  and I’m not gonna discourage you from marking an X by that number. However, you’ve got two more votes holding on to… in the best interest of BT VOTE #5 VINCENT and #9 JOHN SEYMOUR!!!! That’s right…..They will be great along side Theresa. She shouldn’t have any problem with training them….after all Twyla….I don’t see these young men as stubborn or self oriented!!! 

      Sandra I have a lil advice for you, you gotta stop following up Mark…cause he’s only looking sympathy….the people of BT will speak to him come MAY 20th. Look at how he has taken John John on his merry go round….

      You have done your part Sandra!!!! RELAX BABY GIRL……

  84. Anonymous says:

    whatever the story is i dont think Sandra should have taking ip up to herself to investigate about Ellio he not even running for BT my God woman pay attention to BT the condation its in focus on more important issues like BT school that need more help with teachers and afterschool programs to assist the kids. Its one of the worse school on this islands and u are out there finding out if the guy have a dregree  please. think about the kids for a change they are the ones that will need a degree further in life Ellio have a life!!!!!

    I would like to thank Seymour & Scottland for their concerns about our youth in BT.  I only hope they can do what they say, we really need it in the school. Sandra you brought alll this on your self girl no one to blame than yourself. also if u know withing your heart you didnt do anything that they say you did !!! i give you all the right to fight them!!! but if u know you did it and dont what the public to know about it!! then thats something you will have to live it…… I wish all candidates all the best for the elections come 20th may.

    I dont not approve of Vincent remarks toward other nationalities!!!!!! he need to set dow and re-think what or how he see other people before speaking it. Am not a born caymanian my Grand parents and Great-grandparents was from here i have the documents to prove it Vincent!!!! so please stop putting other people down!! for your mistakes. MR. Vincent i have one question for you!! do you believe in GOD

  85. Anonymous says:

    Rights! Sandra is a publicity hog and would do anything for it, that been said i hope BT isn’t as stupid as she is to warrant her a single vote.



  86. Anonymous says:

    Good Lord!  How many lawsuits will Mark and Dwayne will get from this election??

    I heard the show that morning:   Austin is so biased in favour of Ellio and UDP.  He let Dwayne say anything he felt like and did not cut him off or even tell him to try to be careful to only say things that he was sure is true.  Austin also said on the radio that he understood that the crimes Dwayne said Sandra did to be a fact.

    Well, I hope Austin, Dwayne and Mark can prove those statements they made.

    What a mess!

    • Anonymous says:

      Poor Sandra

      The truth is obviously hurting her so much.

      I was going to vote for Sandra, but after this ‘skettell move’ she has lost my vote!

    • Anonymous says:


      Sandra needs to focus on BT, and stop trying to get attention.

    • Anonymous says:

      UDP all the Way!

      Don’t waste time responding to the foolishness of Sandra. She has nothing better to do than send out emails all day with garbage.

      The fact is that she has lost for sure now in BT – no one needs this type of woman in office.

    • Anonymous says:

      If Sandra was slandered why didn’t she just sue?

      This is nothing more than Sandra looking sympathy.

      Sorry Sandra, you lost my vote a long time ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go sleep Sandra, it will be all over soon and you will not be elected, but you will have to deal with the mess you have made for yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Last minute desperation is setting in.

      Sandra please give us a break.

    • anonymous says:

      This is a reflection of what the country will be dealing with if any of these candidates are elected.  Sort of like 2001 -2005 under UDP reign – chaos and confusion, anymosity ,accusations of dishonesty and misrepresentations.   Please stop and reflect on where this country was in 2005 and why the UDP was defeated. The UDP has six new candidates but they are not a new/improved party, they can’t be, they still have the same leader. The fact that two candidates have ignored the constitutional requirements and the party continues to condone it is a frightening thought.

  87. Anonymous says:

    You know that saying, "what goes around, comes back around".  I have waited 10 years for people to open their eyes to Sandra Solomon Catron.  Thank you.

  88. B T FINEST says:

    Woman go sit down talking foolishness bout sue.  You and that ole red lipstick.  you are not winning anything in Bodden Town.  Nobody dont even know you try so go oneside. 



  89. Rita says:

    Dwayne and Mark please we are all asking you kindly to step down!  You can never win against the constitution.   VOTE SANDRA,THERESA & VINCENT

  90. Rita says:

    Sandra I dont blame you…..they had no right to go there….that’s all I have to say about that!!!  By the way Sandra I was never voting for you, but I have change my mind….you have my vote and my kids votes too.   You go girl and tell it like it is.

  91. Caymanite says:

    Sandra Catron is absolutely right in doing what she is doing.
    I think if she had threatened to kill someone, she should have been arrested at the time, was she? I didn’t hear so.
    So now people are crawling out of the woodwork to slander this lady…….interesting.

    All I have to say is that people in glass houses really need not to throw stones.

    Keep your head held high Sandra, you are a strong lady and you are much better than that drivelling childish pair.

  92. Anonymous says:

    If this is the  behavior of these persons and they are not yet elected God help us if we elect them in publice office.

  93. Anonymous says:

    You go Sandra!!! stand up for your rights…

  94. Anonymous says:

    The UDP have now launched a smear campaign against Sandra, but she’s fighting back. Go Sandra!