Cayman says “Yes”

| 21/05/2009

(CNS):  Updated: The Cayman Islands Constitution has been passed with around 62% of the vote. Following the results from George Town with 2,748 voters in favour and only 1,536 against, the people said ‘Yes’. In total, 7045 Caymanians said yes to the new Constitution and 4,127 said ‘No’ so "the ayes have it". Earlier this afternoon the Bodden Town and West Bay result had already made it clear that the result would be a nationwide ‘Yes’,  though the approval rating is higher than anticipated following the first result of the day from the Sister Islands, which only returned a yes vote with a narrow margin.

Bodden Town voters in the country’s first ever referendum returned 1,842 ‘Yes’ votes and 837 “No’ votes, while in West Bay the vote in favour was 1,501 and 1,105 against. In order to pass the constitution vote needed to be 50% plus one vote in favour. The second batch of results on the referendum had come through at around 1:30pm today, with a ‘Yes’ vote from East End, with 255 in favour and 186 against, while in North Side 337 ‘Yes’ votes were polled and only 134 ‘No’ votes, giving the Constitution a greater margin in those districts than the slightest of margins recorded in the Sister Islands.

The first results in the referendum actually came from Cayman Brac and Little Cayman at around 11:00 this morning with the closest of margins. 362 people voted “Yes” while329 voted “No” with five ballot papers being rejected.

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  1. Rita Myles says:


    To all the brainwashed idiots in this country:

    THERE IS NO GOD ! ! ! ! !  Only dumb people.

    Stop forcing your sick and fanatic religious fundamentalism upon others.

    To all the brainwashed idiots in this country:

    THERE IS NO GOD ! ! ! ! !  Only dumb people.

    Stop forcing your sick and fanatic religious fundamentalism upon others.

    If there was a god, there wouldn’t be war, sickness and poverty.

    If there was a god, there wouldn’t be war, sickness and poverty.


    In reply to the person who said ther is no God!  You know something, I would pray for your soul for your going to need it when judgement day comes, know that there is a God and one only true God up above!  God put us all here for a reason, we all have to go through the sickness,war.and poverty,sufferings and old age, you should never question him!  For whatever reason your anger at God, you need to take that with him in prayer!   May God help you and forgive you for saying that about him, but if that’s your belief then so be it!  I guess SATAN will help see you through!  Read your bible and pray before it’s too late.

  2. Only For Caymanians says:


      This is the "Power Grab" you were told about along time ago and now Caymanians are all starting to cry…

      In a very short time for the Constitution, we will have a Premier for the Cayman Islands, something various people have told us not to say "Yes" to as this will put us into Premier for our beautiful Cayman Islands.

      The voting of this Government has only proven that Caymanians are being dominated by expatriates while we have all our rights being  dominated by them.

     Having looked at the Voting concepts  of the West Bay Candidates for election, then it all releases the Caymanian Concept of  good common sence as voters for a good Government, apparently as we are not all here in common sence and will only be misled by the Conquering Government and the expat voters to take us down this drain deeper and deeper.

      Let us see what all the Majority of bad decisions made by the Majority of wrong voters will lead us into "Good Governance or Bad Governance.

    Only For Caymanians

    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to person who thinks Caymanians will be "misled by the Conquering Government and the expat voters" … there is no such thing as "expat voters".  Expats aren’t allowed to vote.  Only Caymanians may vote, so whatever the result of the election, it was definitely a Caymanian result.

  3. Catharine says:

    To the submitter of "To all you brainwashed idiots", please note that you are living in a Christian community.  What you what to believe is your choose but may I please suggest that you keep those type of vulgar comments to yourself!  Had you been living in Indian and said that about their Gods, I’m quite sure you would not be alive now to talk about it.  So please respect our beliefs and we will respect your beliefs.  Also please remember that you have the freedom to leave these Christian islands (in one way, form or another) if you do not like our beliefs.  Have a nice weekend!

    To everyone else God bless the Cayman Islands and may He continue to watch over us and guide us!  Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

  4. Jae says:



     = to be honest its not that hard….the people that were encouraged to vote least some of them thought not voting at all was the same thing….guess what?!?!  It wasnt!

    50% plus one of the voters was the threshold so if you didnt want it to pass you should have voted and not left it alone

    • Anonymous says:

      Will this new constitution hold the elected government more accountable?

    • Anonymous says:

      So, is it a good thing that the country has  a new constitution and a party that does not support the new constitution?

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, the UDP will support it all right – now that they are in power and Mac will be called "Premier".  

  5. Mr. Wright says:

    The Constutition in its current form is incompatible with the European Convention of Human Rights, especially in respect of the restrictive qualifications for voting in Cayman in this manner.  The UK government cannot fetter British citizens’ rights to vote in British territories.  I suspect this part of the Constitution will be subject to legal review in London now that there has been a "yes" vote. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Wright you are wrong. There is no incompatibility between the draft Constitution and the ECHR. The Overseas Territories are not a part of the UK but simply overseas territories of the UK with the right to self-determination.  We are British Overseas Territories Citizens by virtue of our connection to the Cayman Islands and therefore have a different citizenship from British Citizens. We have a different passport. The UK made this distinction in citizenship when it did not wish for persons in the Overseas Territories to have right of abode in the UK. 

      There should be no doubt that the draft Constitution was already subject to legal review in London before it was issued.   

  6. anonymous says:

    God has abandoned us!

    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is weeping in heaven today!

    • Anonymous says:

      The arrogance of the PPM, but then that;s why you were voted out.  Seeing that you  even have a crystal ball which permits you access into heaven and have heard from God, perhaps you could tell me this: Why did,nt the PPM  not see the writing on the wall that the electorate  had decided from early in 2007 that they would vote them out since they would destroy the country if given another term? 

  7. Mercedezes says:

    God almighty doesn’t sleep, he knew the needs of the Caymanian people needed to be met. He also knew that the majority was gonna vote "Yes " so he analyzed the best man for the Job and placed his precious hands on the people of the Cayman Islands and allowed them to do what was right.

    Yes the people of the Cayman were the ones who cast the votes but god was guiding them every step of the way.

    Mr. Tibbetts i say to you sir, God had you in his favour as well as he placed you back in the L.A again, but as opposition this time around. He felt that you need  to see and feel what it is again to be on the losing side, as he saw you as a power hungry individual and you needed to be taught a lesson.

    Lets hope for the sake of your supporters you will continue to do a job, that they taught you was doing so well. We are moving on to a better way forward, so i suggest the PPM accept defeat and move towards betterment of the Country and it’s people.

    We all can’t be winners sometimes we have to stay on the losing side and watch the "REAL MAN" do the job. Be Bless.

    UDP all the way Bobo!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    To all the brainwashed idiots in this country:

    THERE IS NO GOD ! ! ! ! !  Only dumb people.

    Stop forcing your sick and fanatic religious fundamentalism upon others.

    If there was a god, there wouldn’t be war, sickness and poverty.

    It is the politicians and religious leaders that put us in wars, make us sick and keep us poor. Study some world history and you will see. Instead of listening to your preachers and politicians that only make false promises and keep us living in fear.


    Note to CNS: The same right you give to "believers" you should give to non-believers.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is most fitting that McKeeva Bush, the longest serving MLA will be the first ever Premiere.  WOW!!! What an honor for such a magnificent man.  Mac, you make me proud!! Keep the faith man, your country loves you.  The PPM voted "Yes" for the Constitution hoping to spite you,not realizing that its safe passage would help you make history.  For a fact, I know that the PPM knew the Constitution was a flawed document but voted "yes" just so you could not perfect it further the first time around.  Thank you PPM.  You have unintentionally honored this great man.  Long live the Mac, the one, the only.  We love you like we love turtle meat!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Bet the PPM supporters ( especially two of them)  will soon start  posting and calling talk shows and loudly complaining about the Mac becoming the FIRST ever Premiere in these islands.   Well, the PPM were some of the people who said what a fantastic document the constitution was and they are responsible for this great advancement of Mr. Bush.  Know what, according to one of the PPM ministers, I am not even sure that Mr. Bush supported the document.    It surely worked in McKeeva’s favor though.  Know for certain that KT WANTED to have the honor of becoming the first  ever Premiere and that was why they were pushing the document so hard.   Thanks PPM, for once you have done something good for Mac and boy are we proud.  The first Premiere comes from the district of West Bay.  God West Bay!!!

  10. Rev Nicholas Sykes says:

    This, I consider, is a truly happy outcome – though some will disagree. Now let us all unite around this document and do everything we can to make it serve the society well.

    God bless.



  11. Anonymous says:

    I just don’t get this. The PPM supported the Constitution and were not returned to power. The UDP did not support the constitution but were elected to power.  I just don’t get it.

    • Anon says:

      "I just don’t get this".

      Not difficult really. Despite the best efforts of the UDP to confuse the two issues, the Cayman electorate was at least sensible enough to distinguish between the issue of the Constitution and who they wanted to elect to Government.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am so thankful we have a God above watching out for us each and everyday.  From the entire election process this is the most fruitful result that has been brought forward.

    This new constitution will allow us to become more accountible and responsible, Cayman Islands I am so proud of allof you!!!  God Bless Us and these Islands.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Amen Job well done, God got our back!!!

  14. anonymous says:

    There were sample ballots posted at polling stations that displayed an X for "yes". Isn’tthis a violation of some sort?

    What if a sample ballot at the polling stations had an X for McKeeva Bush or Kurt Tibbetts? Would that have been okay too?

    What we have seen today is the fatal flaw of democracy: Sometimes the majority of people are just plain dumb.

  15. Richard Wadd says:

     I find it SHOCKING that a ‘Simple Majority’ is all that is needed to change our constitution. Other countries requier a two-thirds (2/3) Majority for ANY changes to their constitution.

    This needs to be the ‘First Amendment’, if it is not already contained within this New Constitution.

    That said, has a 2/3 Majority been achieved?

  16. Anonymous says:

    There is a God and he is watching out for us!!!   I am so happy that the new constitution has passed, now we won’t have the problem of re-electing the same politicians again every four years.

    The opportunity will open up for more individuals with great ideas and talent.  Cayman you should feel proud we have come out of our comfort zone, today I am so proud of my island for voting YES!!!