Local patient H1N1flu free

| 22/05/2009

(CNS): Following the dispatch of a flu sample to CAREC the Public Health Department confirmed today that the patient does not have H1N1 flu or what was commonly called swine flu. The patient had tested positive for Influenza A last Sunday and CAREC is now conducting further tests to establish which strain and subtype of flu it is.

Last Tuesday the Health Services Authority (HSA) said it had up to that time investigated a total of 17 patients with respiratory infections or flu-like symptoms in the Cayman Islands, eight of which had a travel history with potential exposure to the new H1N1 virus. All 17 have now tested negative. Medical Officer of Health Dr Kiran Kumar said then that this latest patient had probably contracted a local strain of seasonal flu from members of her own family before travelling to the US.

According to the World Health as of 06:00 GMT, 22 May 42 countries have officially reported 11 168 cases of influenza A -H1N1 infection and there have been 86 deaths 75 of which have been in Mexico



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