Turks premier in waiting calls for referendum

| 26/05/2009

(Weekly News):  Premier Galmo Williams is appealing for a referendum to allow Islanders to vote on the proposed return to British rule.  He made the plea at last week’s United Nations regional seminar attended by a legion of the Caribbean’s top brass. Williams blasted the pending UK takeover as a return to imperialism, saying the “will of the people should not be silenced”. His entreaty for support from regional leaders earned the backing of St Kitts & Nevis Prime Minister Denzil Douglas who pledged his solidarity. The Premier also seized the opportunity to inform the UK’s representative Simon Hosking of progress to date on meeting the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry’s interim report.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good idea, Cayman should do the same, then you can stop blaming the UK for all your self generated problems