AG won’t challenge election

| 28/05/2009

(CNS):Attorney General Samuel Bulgin has said that he will not be taking any action regarding the question over the constitutional qualification of Mark Scotland (left) and Dwayne Seymour to be elected to office. Although he admits that the Constitution describes his office as one of the parties which can take action, he states that doing so would be contrary to his duty to maintain neutrality in political matters. Bulgin said in a written statement than there is no greater onus on the attorney general to bring a challenge than any other parties cited under section 23 (3) of the constitution such as voters or candidates.

While members of the People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) and the wider community have pointed to both the governor and the attorney general as being responsible for upholding the Constitution, both men have now confirmed that they will be doing nothing about the fact that the two candidates did breech the 1972 Cayman Islands Constitution when they failed to gazette their business contracts with government before the official deadline.

Bulgin said he has for some time carefully considered the legal issues involved, as well as the public interest implications in the context of what he knows to be his constitutional responsibility.

“These are issues which must be approached with prudence and caution,” he said in a written statement. “After considering not only the allegations but the law and the public interest, I take the view that although the Constitution provides that an application to the Grand Court to have an elected Member disqualified from sitting may be made by the Attorney General, among other described parties, that in the current circumstances this is not an action that I should take.” 

Bulgin stated that an application by an attorney general would be unusual in the Commonwealth Caribbean and that the Constitution places no greater onus on the attorney general than on the other eligible applicants. He said that a person who voted or had a right to vote at the election, a person claiming to have had the right to be returned at such election or a person alleging himself to have been a candidate were equally place to make any legal challenge.

“As an Applicant, the Attorney General would be placed in the position of pressing the Court to declare a Member of the Legislative Assembly disqualified from sitting, a role that seems to run contrary to the duty of the Attorney to maintain absolute neutrality in political matters,” Bulgin said. “Should another eligible party decide to make such an application, then consideration may be given to whether the Attorney should appear in the case as amicus curiae, and thereby be in a position to assist the Court from a neutral, non-partisan position.”

The governor said on Tuesday that he expected all candidates in elections to observe the requirements of the Constitution and applicable laws. “I do not take lightly any failure to do so,” he added but gave no indication ofany repercussions of such failures. He said that he had no Constitutional powers to determine whether a candidate is qualified or not so he would not refuse to swear in either of the two Bodden Town successful candidates as the Supervisor of Elections had reported to him they had been duly elected. “Any question as to whether a person is validly elected is for the Grand Court to determine. The Governor is not included in the list in the Constitution of those who can file a challenge with the Court.”

As a result both Scotland and Seymour were sworn into office on Wednesday and in front ofa substantial crowed as they vowed to uphold the law.

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  1. U.S. Citizen says:

    Dude- I’m looking for the guys in the white hats.  Are you telling me (by not telling) that there are none?

  2. U.S. Citizen says:

    Hypothetically Speaking to the Guy Who Knows Stuff-

    If there was somebody who was completely politically neutral who wasn’t working on a visa or could be manipulated in any way- what would you suggest?


  3. U.S. Citizen says:

    It appears then that there is no compelling reason for someone to fall upon a sword.  It’s already a fait accompli.  The do-gooders are doomed to be the victims of the Scotlands.

  4. Ex-PPM says:

    Ossie said the night of election that this would be challenged. Later on his leader
    annouced that they will not challenge it. How could this be? Why didn’t Kurt support
    his members decision to challenge? Why didn’t he support his supporters wishes to
    have this breach challenged? I find it hard to believe that the PPM is intimidated by
    the UDP. If this is the case then do us a favour and step down. We want top representation!
    We want a political leader that can stand up for our country and its people! I am
    disappointed, not only did I waste my vote but I also lost my hope for someone who
    will stand up for the people…

  5. Anonymous says:

    To have no legal action taken in response to this situation makes a mockery of the election laws and the constitution in the Cayman Islands.

    WhatI find incredible is the the AG seems to have chosen to ignore this situation.

    In the future when independence is discussed I hope people remember this example of laws chosen to be left unenforced.

  6. U.S. Citizen says:

    Pro bono- I’m guessing that the phrase "pro bono" is not known in the Caymans.  I further guess that any expat with the capability will not step up to the plate for fear of reprisal.  I truly wish that this were not the case.  If no one feels adequate to step up to the plate, just let it go.  If there is somebody out there who would put his/her ass out there for the greater good, I’m calling you out.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Pro bono- I’m guessing that the phrase "pro bono" is not known in the Caymans.  I further guess that any expat with the capability will not step up to the plate for fear of reprisal".

      US Citizen the phrase is not unknown in Cayman, but this is a political case. The problem of reprisals is not confined to expats. The UDP is notoriously vindictive to anyone who dares challenge anything. Can you imagine that the Caymanian Bar Association (an association of Caymanians lawyers) could not find a lawyer to represent it when it challenged the legality of the UDP status grants of 2003?! You should speak to the one person who took it on for a while so she can tell you about her experience. I regret to say that we are back in those dark times again where fear and intimidation hold full sway. I believe a challenge on this matter will be ‘let go’.           

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is probably not institionalised corruption but it does not smell right – particularly since the AG was granted status by Mac, advised Mac the grant to him and the other 3,000 was legal (leading UK Counsel and many others say it was not)  – and it is a disaster for the perception of the rule of law in these Islands and the ability of the AG and the Governor to impartially and without fear or favour uphold the constitution. Rather than being corrupt they may well just be best described by a word that describes felines and begins with a "P".

    This is not political. JJ and Mark would be immediately returned – but at least they would be the Constitutionally  Elected Represenrtatives – rather than a couple of good guys who happen to have had some support to sit in the House.

    … and Rita is right. Cayman needs to be shared with persons of all backgrounds and nationalities so we can all succeed together – but we cannot alow persons from overseas to just take. We should not trade our future as a people for some beads and trinkets… or even some stamp duty and a real estate commission. Now if someone will give some stamp duty, a real estate commission and some employment to Caymanians (rather than a proponderance of expats)  – then we should be very helpful to them indeed.

  8. Mrs Rita Myles says:

    I know this is a little bit off  the record here but I would like to say something important to Mr. McKeeva Bush, Mark Scottland, Dwayne and other UDP/PPm elected members.  Now that the people has spoken, we hope change is surely coming.  As a born Caymanian, I have been obsuring everything that’s been going on here for years.   I have seen the tremendous growth in changes with our Island, tourism has developed more and more, and they are many more expat here in Cayman than Caymanians.   Dont wrong me, it;s great to have such mix cultures but dont you all think we are over doing it a little too much?  Or are you all trying to run us out our own country?

    Where is our future young Caymanian place in this Island?  Why are you all selling off all our good beach land to tourist?  Is seven mile beach going to be up for sale too?   By saying all of this as a concern Caymanian, we need to start working on Immigration and their policies, it’s a crying shame that children from expats born here in the Cayman Islands are refuse in goverment schools.   It’s also a crying shame that we are all treated as second class citizen in our own country.   Another thing that is a concern is that these young people should not be allow to graduate from school until they are eighteen years old, that should be the legal age.  These young people are just larking around and getting into trouble, when we let them out at the age of seventeen.   Why dont we have some kind of job prep programs for them all, get them situated before you let them graduate!  Another thing we need for these young people is a CURFEW!  No child under the age of 18 should be allow on the streets anytime after 10:00pm!  The parents should be held responsible for this.  Parents tend to your children!!!

    Now that I have given you my vote, I just hope it dont go to waste, that’s why I’m speaking my mind right now!  You all promise us this and that, now that your in we want to see action and for you all to put your money where your mouth is!   Number one Caymanians should be your number one piority!  I just want to know why our Goverment dont have programs for us Caymanians who has been working for years, and got laid off, for etc, food stamp! free medical, help with electric,gas and water bills.  Also a job placement programto help them get back on their feet afterwards.  We need these kinds of programs here for your Cayman people to fallback on, so we suggest you all put  some money aside for these important things.  Give back to your Caymanian people.

    Last but not least is the police dept, why is it more expat there than Caymanians?  Throughout all my years I have never known a Cayman police officer to ever talk down to me!  The Jamaican officers & British officers are rude to our people and it’s just the way they talk to you is very offensive!  They need to take that talk along with their morals back to their homeland, I’m so happy to hear that they are doing a review on the police department and I hope we see changes there.   It’s time to get to work and it’s time you think Caymanians first, stop selling out all of our good beach land and let there be limits.   Help our young people thats on drugs and doing theft and find other ways of solution for them all instead of locking them up in prison!  Trust me,prison to them is just like a hotel!  How about boot camp?  Until we see changes then we will have a better future for all.  Thanks for listening.  Mrs Rita Myles.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly enough Mrs Rita when our foundations of law is being sold down the river by our LEADING government officials what else can we expect.

      We need people in government that respect and will uphold the law. Sadly we do not have it.

      Sorry I had to throw that in there and I know it’s off topic from what you are saying.

      Fact is we have grown faster than we can educate. Our industries have come to bloom and we have not had sufficient on islands training programs to put out our Trust Officers, Investment Managers and Insurance Managers at a high enough rate to keep up with the positions becoming available.

      A long time ago we had a program set in place by Immigration which called on companies to proove they were in fact bringing along Caymanians within the work force to fill work permit positions but somehow this fell between the cracks.

      We need career intervention within schools where someone from teh work force goes into the schools at around say 12/13 years when kids are choosing their courses of study for a career and tell these kids about all the kinds classes out there and what courses they are going to need to take to get it. Then we need to have courses avialable to meet current available jobs within the marketplace. Many parents still don’t have the funds to send kids off to college in the US or Canada. Many scholarships still go to well to do families who easily afford to do it on their own.

      I think a more reach out and touch approach is needed in our education system where we train our chaildren with life skills but also will skills for specific jobs.

      The age thing is important also but there needs to be some on the job training maybe during these last years for the transitionary period so they can start to get use to a "work" environment. Maybe setting up with local companies a on the job traning program for school leavers would be good.

      There are many ideas which can be utilised once you sit down and think practically about why our kids are not getting the skills needed to fill roles within the work force. Thegood part is most of it is commensense.

      I can only hope that this government will TRY something.

  9. Go Cayman! says:

    Correction – Sandra has always clarified that she is NOT a laywer. I’m willing to bet she’s the only person with the balls to challenge this but cannot do so alone. This is a sad day for Cayman. Look at what Mark did to her with a police report. The other candidates are only concerned about themselves.

    Mark you should be ashamed of yourself.

  10. Complaints Commish says:

    We all know the Governor hasn’t done Jack since he got here. This is a mere cop-out by the AG but he was never going to be the one to "challenge" this. They fooled you all by making you wait for someone else to challege it, if it’s really that important to you and you are a BT voter, challenge it yourself.

    I don’t think it’s right either but now comes the time for everyone to put up or shut up. If anyone had the gumption to "challenge", the AG would have been left with no choice but to take up the matter.

  11. Anonymous says:

    To all of the lawyers out there, is there anyone who could break down the process to the average joe of what needs to be done for someone off the street to challenge the election?  Seeing as how our lovely Gov. and AG have decided not to contest it, looks like it’s up to the remaining public to do something about it.  Problem is that I don’t think the average joe knows how to go about contesting something like this….I know I don’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      You should check with the new Madam Speaker she did contest Mr. Jim Bodden some years back. From what I know of her she has an excelent memory.

  12. the forgotten says:

    I am totally neutral in this whole fiasco. I don’t not comment on subjects I know very little about and the election law and constitution are some of them.

    From what I can see this is the continuation of a very long tradition in Cayman. In the simplest terms, I have seen cases where people are being investigated for the same offense and yet only one from the group is brought to court. Could it be that we just have a lazy legal system? If it is too complicated or too controversial it seems to be pushed aside.

  13. Disappointed says:

    exactly.   The majority of comments on this one are correct.

    "So if the Governor and the Attorney General can’t do anything about anything, what the hell are they around for?"

    "is this a case of the corruption becoming institutionalised???"

    The AG and The Governor should be doing what’s right instead of passing the buck the private citizen to take this one (and they know no-one can because the average person can’t afford this on their own!)

    This is pathetic Cayman.  Our ‘new’ Government is starting out on the wrong foot with already one evident case or corruption on their FIRST DAY!  As the person said before, regardless of which party or if it was an independent, it’s up these PAID Government officials to protect our country’s constitution – is that not part of the AG and The Governor’s job??????  If not, who’s is it? What’s the point of having it if there’s no-one to protect it and keep what’s in the Laws, the law? 

    This is senseless.

    is it because the AG is possibly a ‘McCaymanian’ and though he may claim to be impartial, the very fact that he is now a Caymanian and the AG is because he owes thanks to a certain politician?  Come on people.  This is ridiculous at a very poor start.  The AG should reconsider and bring this matter forward.

    Mark and Dwayne more than anyone else should also want this matter to be taken care of lawfully.  Come on guys, be real men and do the right thing.  Don’t pretend this is ok to sweep this under the carpet.  Mark, even your supporters have asked you to do the right thing in that you were voted for with the assumption you’d be an honest man and lawful Caymanian.

  14. Rootical Messenjah says:

    Although he admits that the Constitution describes his office as one of the parties which can take action, he states "that doing so would be contrary to his duty to maintain neutrality in political matters".

    I am not a lawyer, but if he is not following the law that he swore to uphold, how could he maintain neutrality? Bulgin the constitution is there for you to uphold and follow, not interpret and then place the respondsibility at the peoples feet. How arrogant and ignorant and truly as the AG we expected more from you.

    Personally, I believe this is all a conspiracy theory. What happens next is quite obvious. The colonial slavemasters will see that we cant govern ourselves and will try to step in. However, Mac and his team enjoys power and will not allow that. With the new constitution passed this will be the most opportune time to move to independence. What a sad state of affairs!!

    Remember what happened to beautiful Jamaica. Look at what happened to the Turks and Caicos. Cayman is totally lawless!!!!




  15. Bt voter says:

    My Question is did the Hon Mark Scotland not Run in the last election thereby only Dwayne Seymour is the newcomer. So it stands to reason he should have atleast known the rules of getting elected.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t the election law say that if a candidate is disqualified he/she cannot run for office for the next five years?  If this is correct the concept that people have that if a by-election is held that Mark and Dwayne would win is a fallacy. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Normally I would agree with you on this out of principle because no one should be able to profit after the fact from a crime.

      I think the issue is which disqualification we are speaking about. They did not get disqualified under election law but under the constitution. This might be the difference if there is such wording in the elections law.

      If history is any indication Mr. Jim Bodden was allowed to run in the by-election and did in fact win it over Mrs Mary Lawrence.

      Again my belief is they should not be allowed to run but logic does not seem to place here or we would have had this issue resolved so long ago it would not be an active thought right now.

      Logic would ask why does not one law consult the other. Why does not the elaction law tied in with the constitution? Why would a matter as qualification be determined in completeness PRIOR to elections is beyond me?

      Again I say there seems to be a ways and means for him to run in the by-election.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can someone tell me if there is a limit on the period which can elapse after which a challenge cannot be made?

      Or do these guys sit in limbo for the next four years knowing that their election can be queried at any time?

      • Anonymous says:

        "Can someone tell me if there is a limit on the period which can elapse after which a challenge cannot be made?"

        Any challenge must be made within 21 days from Polling Day (9 have already elapsed).

      • Anonymous says:

        The time limit in which a challeng can be made is 3 weeks after the date of election. That being said it looks like that date is June 10th 2009.

  17. Anonymous says:

    So let me see if I can break this down for you all AND FOR GOVERNOR JACK SINCE HIS ADVISORS HAVE AGAIN FAILED HIM. First of all the Governor is aware (as per his various press statements) that there is a probable breach of our constituion.

    Secondly, because he is aware of this probable breach, he has an obligation tomorrow as Governor to refuse to swear in any person who is suspected to be disqualified from holding the office of Member of the Legislative Assembly until such time as the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands, in accordance with our 1972 Constitution (as amended), has made a determination as to whether or not the candidate(s) is or are qualified to be sworn in.

    Thirdly, the Attorney General as the Chief Legal advisor tothe Governor is the person to whom the Governor MUST refer this matter with a directive that he petition the Grand Court for a determination on this matter.

    Fourthly, just in case the Governor and the Attorney General do not understand why the Attorney General is specifically named in this section of our Constitution here is the reason. The Governor and the Attorney General are the Guardians of our Constitution and they have as their primary responsibility ensuring compliance with it.

    Let me help them understand the rationale for this. Lets just suppose that it was not only the UDP candidates affected by this issue but that some PPMcandidates were also in the same position…it would not be in either of the parties or their supporters interest to challenge it.

    Notwithstanding this, it is necessary for some impartial person, body or institution to be in a position to ensure that the highest law of the land is upheld and that no breach of it goes unchecked. Do you understand now Mr. Jack or is this a case of the corruption becoming institutionalised???

  18. Anonymous says:

    This decision was a surprise and a huge disappointment. It discredits the constitution and the rule of law within the country.

    For the AG the leader of law within the country to turn his back on a violation of the law and not follow through is a disgrace.

    • Fancy Pants says:

      What is clearly evident here is that the AG is afraid that he may lose his job if he goes against the McKeeva Goverment. That’s it…nothing more, nothing less.

  19. Anonymous says:

    So if the Governor and the Attorney General can’t do anything about anything, what the hell are they around for? Oh – I get it, they are just also around to gain the benefits for their positions but not actually follow their responsibility.

    Hurray for me! Next election I can run too! I am not fitting into the criteria as set out in the Constitution but who cares as it obviously doesn’t seem to matter.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Governor’s mission is apparently to destroy Cayman’s credibility so all he needs to do is leave McKeeva and his puppets alone to accomplish that.  

  20. ladyjules says:

    I  CANNOT believe that AG says this is a political matter when it clearly isn’t.  It’s a legal matter in a political context.  It’s a sensitive situation, yes, but one that requires the guidance and observance of the head of justice of this country!

    And the governor actually said he "expects candidates to observe the law" and that he "doesn’t take failure to do so lightly" but he does nothing!?!?  What the ?? is up with THAT??

    How about this:  Let’s just make all our laws on the honour system from now on and then if you happen to break the law, intentionally or not, we’ll just… well…  do nothing.

  21. Anonymous says:

    WOW How surprising!! NOT!!

    That is the biggest pile of horse rubbish I have ever heard. You took a vacation at this time and that is all you can come up with?

    I call Bullcrap.

    I see what is happeing here. Anyone with half a brain sees what is happening Mr AG.

    Well I guess I should appeal to Mr Scottland.

    Mark I must say I expected better. I voted for you. I expected that you would allow it to take it’s course and then do your part and actually request that it be dealt with to remove this cloud from over your head. I fully recognize that it was an oversight no matter how stupid I think it is right now I know it was innocent but you are being asked to be a guardian and if you allow yourself to be above the law then someday when you are sitting back retired someone will take liberties also BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING TODAY! Be a bigger man. Rise above this and demand that it be heard so that you can clear yourself of this or your name will be forever linked to this fiasco for all your days. This is your shining moment where you and only YOU can stand up for the law and show your constituents you are not above the law either. I ask you to do this not for me, PPM or anyone in the whole elections process but for our children and their children because what you are doing sets such a dangerous precidence. Today it is innocent tomorrow it could have such a higher intention behind it.

    I know this is subject to abuse by other BT Voters but I could care less. I care about the law. I could care less about which party it is. No ONE. and I mean NO ONE from the Governor on down to the guy who picks up the garbage to the lawyers who help draft it should be above the law.

    Mark hasa chance now to shine. To be an example of a great leader in these Islands. Leaders LEAD and are not LEAD. Don’t be sheep. Be the guy we voted for. A young Caymanian who is smart and ready to take over the reigns in governement and lead us out of this turmoil. Be that guy. Not the one who just sits by and sees a great injustice happening. Not to mention that it is happeing in your name.

    That is all I have to say. Do the right thing Mark. Yes it will cost us money today but save us from so much years from now.

    You are going to win again. This time it will be by an even larger margin because you will show that you are what people hoped you were. You will show others that didn’t know you that you are squeeky clean and while you are human and can make mistakes you stand up and take account for your actions.

    BE THE MAN!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Polictical Suicide??            Why no politician would challenge this is because they know it will be "political suicide".  They will never be elected to the House again.  The only how they will get in is if they are elected by other members of the LA as Speaker of the House. Doesn’t history tells us this?

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally support your points. I would like to see Mark be the better man also.


  22. Anonymous says:

    Finally!!!  Now we can move on and get this country back on track.

    • Anonymous says:

      Get this Country back on track, by allowing our reps to break the laws????  Caymanians wake up!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Then what was the point of having a referendum on a new constitution then the old one is not  even supported!

    I cannot believe there are so many spineless people in government who appear to be afraid to take this on!

    We might as well ignore the constitution since the very poeple who are supposed to govern by it wont uphold it!

    Disgraceful behaviour!

  24. Anonymous says:

    We pay this guy way too much to come up with this hogwash.  Also, how many lawsuits has he been named in so far?  And I believe the Government is still paying for him to have his own bodyguard! Come on, is this a job for life or is it time for this guy to be retired. 

  25. Knal N. Domp says:

    Ozzie has now stated that his "new Representatives in Bodden Town" are as duly elected, although he is dissatisfied as to the circumstances of their election, but does not want to pursue it further as he is entitled to do in terms of the Constitution. So why should the AG, who is not required to challenge, but may do so if he is so inclined, step into what is rapidly turning into a non-fray?

    • Anonymous says:

      "So why should the AG, who is not required to challenge, but may do so if he is so inclined, step into what is rapidly turning into a non-fray?".

      Because it is a Constitutional matter that may continuing significance for candidates who are disqualified and the AG should be upholding the Constitution regardless of benefit or detriment to any political party. It is not simply a matter of being "so inclined". Obviously Bodden can’t afford to take it on himself.   

  26. Anonymous says:

    This was entirely predictable (and predicted). At a practical level the AG clearly feels conflicted because he is the chief legal adviser to the Government which since the swearing in now includes Mr. Scotland specifically. Obviously it would be a matter which may prejudice the future relationship between the new Government and the AG were he to make the challenge.

    However, it is not in my view, a fair assessment to relegate the issue to a "political matter" and to suggest that an application would automatically be partisan. It could equally be argued that a failure to make the application which he is constitutionally entitled and perhaps duty bound to make is partisan, and it is clearly a constitutional matter of some significance because of the precedent which it sets for this and other types of disqualification.  

    There is no reason why in his application the AG would have to press the court to do anything. Courts rule on references from Attorneys General all the time without there being any "pressing" by Attorneys General. He is simply presenting a legal issue on which the court must rule. If the AG believes he could assist the court as amicus curiae then he can clearly present the application. 

    Not sure about the AG’s position in law, but it makes good political sense.   

  27. Anonymous says:

    Um … what has the Commonwealth Caribbean got to do with it? … oh yeah, they are a bunch of countries that obtained independence from the UK, ignored their constitutions, and failed, and then their people went running to islands that remained colonies and challenged them not to uphold their constitutions.


    Cayman is not part of the Commonwealth. Jamaica is.

  28. Anonymous says:

    If they can’t uphold the law from the get go, how will they continue to do so over the next 4 years?????

  29. Anonymous says:

    How can they vow to uphold the law when they  broken the very cornerstone upon which all law sits – the constitution?  And as for the assertion  by the AG that a man in the street should challenge this – who will pay the lawyer to draft the judicial review – who will pay the court fees?  The ideally placed parties – the AG and the Governor who have access to the resources required to do this are letting the people of Cayman down. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You have the right question…do you think its fair for the AG or Governor to use their personal resources? I hope not, and where do you expect the to money to come from? The 40,000,000CI dollars of debt for salaries! NO!!! No more of my hard earned money going into these  ridiculous court cases which all lose and turn around and sue and win!!!

      You invest millions of dollars into this and stop pointing fingers. Charles or Theresa can challenge as they are both lawyers or any one of the PPM team willing to do this. Since they are not in power they should have the time.

      "Everybody said that everybody could do, all the good things nobody did" 

      • Anonymous says:

        UDP *cough*…

        The AG was never going to pay for this or the Governor so what in the world are you saying. It would come out of the government cofers as does all the other lawsuits the governor created. Woops did I just say that!!

        So in the end here is the score. The case he should bring that is extremely important to all of us and he can and SHOULD win he doesn’t but the estranged ones without a hope in hell he does!! How utterly genious. You two should start law school together!!

        Unlike any of the other fiascos this one is open and shut case. The only determination is WHAT DO WE DO AFTER THE FACT? Has nothing to do about winning it’s won already.

        The AG was just covering his butt because of well "other things" which he has.

        I would like a lawyer to tell me why someone in the legal system can turn their eye away from a criminal matter. If a police saw me committing a crime and did nothing about it is he not committing a crime also? Isn’t this not the same thing? How can a person of the law see a crime being committed and turn away from it? This is beyond me. This my friends is a good reason for an investigation.

  30. U.S. Citizen says:

    God, what a pathetic lot you R!

  31. Cayman Gladiator says:

    Isnt it ironic that Bodden Town is the electoral district with the most lawyers (Chuckie, Sandra and Theresa) running to be lawmakers yet not one will stand up to challenge a clear breach of Cayman’s supreme Law, our Constitution?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sure when CI$500,000 is found together with the Attorneys, and a QC who will represent

      the people we can go ahead. Who wants to take on a project like this? Please hurry and set it up and inform the country..


  32. Thankful says:

    Honestly……..I am floored.  this has got to be a joke.  Will someone pinch me please.  I need to catch my breath at how he wiggled out of this.  This almost begs the question: who will stand up against Goliath…David are you out there?!!

  33. Richard Wadd says:

     SInce when is it that a person ‘Breaking the Law’ needs to be ‘Challenged’ by a third-party, before those who are PAID to uphold the Law are able to persue a course of Enforcement?

    What a load of ‘Cow manure’.

    The Cayman Islands have come Full circle, Lawless Pirates we were, and Lawless we will be again!

    What a way to start a new Goverment.

  34. Anonymous says:


    PPM sore losers what are you going to do?

    Go find yourself and job and let someone do what you didn’t do for the past 4 years!

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    Ok – then.  Both the AG and the Governor has spoken and they are not going to do the work for the PPM.  

    Now, let’s have the PPM mount a challenge, providing they can find the courage to do so. 

     The nation  wait with baited breath.  Put up or shut up. Stop whining for heavens sake.   If you are not going to do anything, then, let’s get on with the business of healing the nation and finding jobs for Caymanians.