Joey Ebanks goes from turtle to Rooster

| 28/05/2009

(CNS): Updated 2:15pm Listeners to Cayman Crosstalk Rooster 101’s morning phone-in show will be introduced to a new host on Monday morning and CNS has learned that the former Turtle Farm director and the PPM’s candidate for North Side Joey Ebanks will be the man joining Austin Harris has a co-host. Ebanks had been hosting the PPM’s own paid-for-show on Rooster during the election campaign but he will now become a permanent feature, replacing shock-jock Ellio Solomon who has taken up a seat on the back bench of the United Democratic Party government.

 Ebanks told CNS that he is looking forward to starting his new media career with Hurely’s entertainment and says although he is member of the opposition party he won’t be looking to pull the government down for the sake of it.“We want to give this government a chance to get to work,” he said adding that while he may be PPM Cayman is his country too and he hoped the new government would get down to work addressing the issues and the show would be about constructive accountability.

Randy Merren, managing director of Hurleys Entertainment said he was impressed with the natural talent Joey demonstrated while hosting the PPM live forums. "For a person who had never broadcasted before, he showed a lot of ability.” 

When asked if Ebanks was selected based on party affiliation, Austin Harris, said he was not.“Cayman Crosstalk has never been about party politics. It exists as a gate keeper to issues affecting the Cayman Islands. Now is the time for Cayman to come together to find solutions to our problems.  We are looking forward to the fresh perspective Joey will add to our discussions and debates,” Harris added.  

As Cayman Crosstalk hosts daily forums and debates over issues affecting all aspects of Caymanian life Merren said that Crosstalk is bigger than any of it’s hosts and  the show must go on. “We are therefore delighted to welcome Joey as a member of the team."

As the show runs weekday mornings at breakfast time Ebanks told CNS said he will also be engaged in local consultancy work as he will not be going back to the turtle farm in any formal capacity but said he is always happy to offer advice and the benefit of his experience to the management team and board.

Cayman Crosstalk is aired Monday through Friday starting at 7am on Rooster 101.9FM contact with comments and questions or for more info.

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  1. S. Wright says:

    Joey, I would like to still know where did you get $55,000 in cash to pay this back? There is a lot of questions being asked now about the finances of the country and I cant help but wonder if the previous government gave you $55,000 out of the country’s purse to settle this debt prior to the elections. Please do not get offended, this is nothing personal. As a citizen of this country and a voter, I am bothered by this question and that is why I am simply asking. Of course this is just one question about where some of the country’s money my have went but I will shoot the questions one at a time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Joey thank you for iviting me to your thank you party on Saturday Night it was a very beautiful get together. Just like the old time North Side that I remember growing up in to, Good Friends, Lots of Food and that beautiful North Side Breeze.

    Love you North Siders, hope Mr. Miller don’t come down on you for supporting Joey, like he did in the past, like saying lets all unite and make North Side a better place then get you fired from your jobs, or not speaking to you, or when you go to him for help tell you he can’t because  you didn’t support him, I know because I used to live in North Side. Just like he did on Saturday Nght plan a function for himself and Donnie Ebanks just because he knew Joey was having his Function-see he hasn’t changed.

    Joey I say again it was a great get together, hope you’l have some more and don’t forget to invite me.


    • coco tee says:

      in reply to 06/04/09 – 16:48

      Listen to the bullshit! I’m delighted that all went well at your party.

      However, I had to respond to your commentary, your information about Mr Miller is incorrect therefore, I need to set the record straight. Mr Miller planned a thank you to the electors of the district of NS and a congratultory and well wishes to our new Chief Secretary Mr Donovan Ebanks also of North Side. I heard about Mr Miller and his committee’s plans then shortly after that I heard of Mr Ebanks plans to host a vote of thanks party. Nonetheless, if both person made a decision to have an event on the same night, who cares? I don’t and neither should you. It would not affect your plans to attend the function which you were invited to and It didn’t stop me from attending Mr Miller’s event. Let by gones be by gones. XXXXXXXXXX|You are not an honest person and while this may seem frivolous to many, I don’t think that Mr Miller or Mr Ebanks were trying to out do the other. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Therefore, I am now asking you to stop inciting problems between our people. We have enough to deal with and we should focus on the real issues not who planned what first. You sound like a Kindergarden child.

      • Clearviewer says:

         In response to ,Thank you in reply to Joeys party.    You hit the nail on the head, Who cares who planned first, that is how life is, we all cross paths. 

         Now to the ones that cant seem to let go.           This selfishness has to stop now, it is 19 days since the election and you all still cant get the picture here,   One man had to win, simple isnt it. It just so happened tha Ezzard won, NOW, I ask you all posters, the only ones that I see posting hateful comments and holding grudges are Joeys camp,   where is Oswell,s  supporters?  they seem to also be smart intelligent people, not posting bullying comments, so I ask you , why carry this grudge any farther, you all need to be trying to help in your district not tear it apart, just think of the difference you could make if you joined Ezzard on trying to do something good instead of hating him, I bet that YOU proabally dont even know the man,  just  posting you derogratory remarks makes us  all  look like we cant handle what comes our way,  give the man a chance. Try for a better north side.          Thank you and God bless.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Joey thank you for inviting


      Keep in mind here,

      (1) Joey held his rally at C/C Whittaker yard…all went fine & dandy remember?

      (2) Ezzard held his rally at T/L Whittaker yard……Joeys supporters came out with a tent making remarks & I quote” let Ezzard have his rally we going make money of his supporters..Too bad they did not succeed, evil never pays.

      (3) Why in God’s name would anyone want to buy food for $10 or $12 dollars when there’s free food  not to mention all the good old heavy cake at Ezzards rally.

      (4) Joey’s supporters came over & what did Ezzards supporters do? They welcome them with open arms feed them that’s what you call a good sportsman ship keep this in mind.

      (5)  Joey held one of his meetings & one if not two of Ezzrads supporters went and what happened ?They were chased with hands in their faces don’t for get that.

      (6) PPM gave away free prizes held at their Morthers Day Bash, PPM which included Joey & we all know Mothers Day was just a blind eye to cover up their way of giving away the free stuff…nothing said nor done regarding this event.

      (7) Ezzard rally included free gifts guess what? All hell broke lose then came the phone calls & scandal remember that?

      (8) Joey held his Motorcade along with the PPM that Saturday & the UDP held theirs also, nothing said nor done.

      (9) During Ezzards rally they mention Ezzard would be conducting his Motorcade the following Monday Night, guess what Joey & his supporters did?

      (10) They held another Motorcade through Nort.Side remember that?

      (11) Ezzard won the election so his supporters did what anyone else would have done, got together & celebrated right? 

      (12) What did Joeys supports do during Ezzrads celebration?

      (13) They got together along with a well respected member from the PPM group picking fights at Ezzards moment of Victory….Shame shame shame.

      (14) As for the Civic Center party my dear friend talk with knowledge & don’t talk bull **** .

       (15) Joey knew of hand that party at the Civic Center was planned in Honor of Ezzards & Donavan long before Joey himself plan any party so what did Joey’s supporters do?

      (16) They got together & held a Thank You Party from Joey  that same night this event at the Civic Center was planned for remember that?

      (17) Don’t be so green minded by telling people that Ezzrad planned his party Honoring himself & Donavan, your so full of it, again all of  you were filled with hate that’s a simple fact.

      (18) Keep in mind that party held at the Civic Center yes was in honor of Ezzard & Donavan which included  anyone who wished to attend. Keep in mind all the Churches were involved in this event.

      (19) I state for the record” Ezzard had nothing to do with this event which took place at the Civic Center, Let me remind you at this day & age there’s people walking around in your district with better things to do unlike yourselves. 

      (20) Note: If God is for you no devil in hell nor man on earth can stand against you!

      (21) Keep trying,

      (22) God bless!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Joey I also wish to add my thanks to you for standing tall during the election and wish you and your family all the best. Great job and I hope you will be back in 2013.

  4. Anonymous says:

    At least the show used to provide independant feedback. Now it is "PPM central" – perhaps there should be a little more reseasarch before assaulting public officers on the radio?

    Good luck, at least you have some listeners that won’t "tune out" as I most certainly will!

    • Anonymous says:

      "independent feedback" as in Ellio, Mr Independent, Can’t Stand the Parties, Become a Member of the UDP so I can get into power. Very independent indeed. 

      FYI, Talk Shows don’t have to be impartial. Actually, it is more entertaining when there are co-hosts with differing viewpoints. Anyone watch Hannity & Colmes?     

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lets put this to rest now.  Good luck Joey.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree…All the best Joey. Enough is enough. God knows you took a big risk and made a far greater sacrifice than you alone should have. I know you and I know you love your Country. All the best to you and your family.

  6. 007 For Sure says:

    Who cares where the money came from the bill is paid thats all that matter .And may i remind all of you again he did not steal from the turtle farm .

  7. Fed up with MAC says:

    Barrie was fired from Rooster by Randy Merren. How soon do we forget the facts? Same week that Sandra had her talk show cancelled on the other station.

    Seems to me this country is all about holding women down! NO wonder they are being abused and everyone else is looking the other way. Women in power is an anamoly in these islands. Sad that no real women were elected to office.

    • Check point says:

      “Sad that no real women were elected to office.”

      That would have been Theresa! We will be there behind you in 2013 TP!

      We want to hear from women that tackle issues and not waste time digging up
      dirt on people to defame them. Once women start sticking to the issues and stop
      allowing their emotionally catty side to get out then we will get more respect and
      power! Stay focused!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Please tell me why Mr. Millers actions as the Chair of the Work Permit Board in his attempts to import labor from Cuba for the Ritz’s is not being discussed?

    I received a copy via email today.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes my friend it’s true, I can borrow up to 75k from my employer.  I will not tell you where I work but on many occasions I’ve dominated money to the people of these Islands and I’ve helped many individuals. 

    Sorry my company only has five Caymanians and we are not hiring anymore, we meet the CI Business Planning requirements and our license is paid.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Why is Mr. Miller’s actions while Chair of the Work Permit Board not being discussed? I received a copy via email today where he was attempting to import hundreds of persons from Cuba and the DR for the Ritzs. How can he be trusted as the Chaid of the PAC and HSA?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Not to pick on Joey, but it does seem odd that the money was so freely loaned, since many of the turtle farm suppliers had been given the run around for weeks and months, being told that there was no money to pay the farm’s bills. It just all seems strange.

    • backstroke says:

      This is a fiasco thst just seems to keep ticking and ticking,  until it finally takes a beating.  My question to it is, do this couple keep that kind of cash stashed away around their home, or  do the have their own bank, that they do not have to make out any info to the gov. Some one is not telling the truth here, not that I care, but I am also not that gullibale to beleive the hype that is going on.

      So Joey and the good samaratin need to come clean.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Joey got the money from my wife and I and we are willing to provide the information if necessary. 

    No, we never steal it.


    • islander says:

      Ahhhh……finally some answers. So tell us:

      – why did Joey borrow this money from turtle farm in the first place?
      – why didn’t he first seek approval from the board?
      – why didn’t he just avoid this drama in the first place by going to a commercial
      bank for a loan?
      – why did you and yourwife give Joey $55,000 in cash (not cheque or draft) to pay
      back turtle farm? Why would you open yourselves up to srutiny but getting involved?
      – did you give Joey the money as a loan or he doesn’t have to pay you back?

      Thank you for coming forward and being so willing to provide insight
      into this whole fiasco.

    • Clarity says:

      To Joey got the money from my ..Sa 30/05/2009 23:09.

      Good day, it’s nice to know that Mr Ebanks has a friend who can loan him this large sum of money.  Now, you replied as anonymous and you stated that you can provide the information if necessary and implied that you did not steal it.  Since you let the horse out of the gate, who are you? I am not in anyway suggesting that you stole the money because there are a few people in the CI who has investments from prospering businesses, Real Estate etc and I believe that you may have helped out a friend.  It is just very sad that he didn’t think of asking for some assistance from you or any other person, institution or the bank instead of taking the money from BB(CTF).  If you are honest in saying that you actually exist and not some die hard supporter who wish to put a lid on Mr Ebanks actions and a real genuine individual who actually gave Mr Ebanks the money to pay his debt, then I leave that with you. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      I just don’t believe you.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Joey got the money from my wife and I and we are willing to provide the
      information if necessary. No, we never steal it.”

      Hmmm, just when I thought this fiasco couldn’t get any more suspicious!

  13. Anonymous says:

    To the poster who says he can borrow up to 75k from his employer interest free,  Could you please let me know where that company is  because I want to apply for a job. Things are really bad now and if there is a company willing to let that kind of cash go on an interest free basis I will work as hard as I possibly can for them.

    Can you believe the crap some people will write on here? I challenge this poster to tell us the name of his company so that we can verify his comments. Somehow i don’t think it will be forthcoming!


    • CLARITY says:

      To Anonymous Sat 30/05/22:57 aah, you are a smart person.  He lives along the road opposite the old church in OMB. 

  14. Anonymous says:


    I know where Barrie works now, but why and how did she “leave” Rooster????

  15. islander says:

    I read in the news that Joey said that he has started to campaign from now for 2013..
    How does he plan to do this if he has accepted a job that requires balance
    and a neutral mind? I hope that his motive to join crosstalk is not to use the talk
    show as a conduit to campaign for the PPM or himself for the next four years.
    We, the listening audience, need the host to be a ‘watch dog’ for the community
    and to report and tackle the issues at hand. So please Joey, do not use up airtime
    to campaign for yourself or any party. Provide balance and crediable information
    to the people.

    I also suggest that one of the first things you do when you start your new job is to
    build crediability with your audience. First address this whole turtle farm fiasco
    and let the people know 1) why you approved these advances for yourself
    2) what you needed 55,000 dollars for? 3) why didn’t you go to the commercial bank
    like the rest of us regular people 4) where did you get 55,000 dollars in cash
    to pay this money back and 5) why did you pay in cash?

    I think that once these questions are answered the people will be able to move on
    from this whole fiasco and you can put closure to this and move on.

    Good luck and all the best.

    • Anonymous says:

      "How does he plan to do this if he has accepted a job that requires balance and a neutral mind?".

      It does? When did Ellio and Austin ever have a balanced and neutral mind?

      • Anonymous says:

        “It does? When did Ellio and Austin ever have a balanced and neutral mind?”

        Exactly, that’swhy we don’t need to add another campaigner on air!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi Clarity, Joey paid back his bebt and that’s all that matter.   If you get a loan from any of our banks here  and you repay/paid off that loan before time is that a crime.  NO

    I think your in the wrong profession, because am with the right company and I can borrow up to CI$50,000. after five years of being employed.  CI$75, for ten years and so on.

    Am 30yrs old and already paid off for my house and other investment property.  Hello Clarity, money is here, go and get yours and leave Joey alone.


    • CLARITY says:

      Yes you paid for your house and we all know how..  You’re working for the largest bank in Cayman and you should know if anyone walks into any bank in the Cayman Islands with a large sum  you must provide proof of where the money came from.  Yes, I owe the bank and I pay them every month.  No shame in that. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    Go Joey! Finally a reason to tune into that show again.

  18. Anonymous says:

    You go Joey! I want to hear you! You’re a good man! I am now a Cayman Crosstalk Fan!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Joey, don’t spend the the next four years like Elio did bashing Govt and even the McKeeva team.

    You guys forgot when Elio used to bash McKeeva and them too and look now he is a part of a group that he used to bash.

    Remember in the last few months leading up to the election, Elio would have his friend Mr. Jonathan call in and he would heat up the PPM with a beating of bashing.

    Oh yes, I remember.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Joey paid back his debt like any other employee(s), who borrow money/ funds from their place of employment.

    Are Joey, the only person in the Cayman Islands who run to their boss to borrow money? NO

    • Clarity says:

      In reply to Joey paid back his debt like…

      Get some oil in your lamp, it’s dark in there..

      Which boss gave the approval? SInce you know, please share this information with me.

      If you don’t want anyone to reply may I suggest that you don’t make these open generalised statements followed by a question because I am going to ask.

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess you only read headlines in the papers the approval was given by the Boatswain Beach Board and the Auditor General when they checked the Books back in April IT WAS STATED IN THE SAME NEWSPAPER THAT THEY FOUND NOTHING WRONG. It was on the front page but not as a headline. You see the Compass only print  large headlines when it is for Political gain for their largest share holders.

        For goodness sake folks get over this issue HE PAID THE MONEY BACK THE SAME WAY HE RECEIVED IT IN CASH.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I heard the show this morning when Joey came on and took calls. I must say that as a North Sider who did not support him I was very impressed. Joey, your campaign was too short. We needed to hear more from you and now we will. My first impression this morning was that you are not holding any resentments, keep it up, I will be tuning in and if you continue as you have started, you will have my vote.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’m switching to Talk Today!! 

    I only listened into the PPM crap on a few occasions when they disturbed my entire morning of good country music but on each occasion it was full of hatred, vindictiveness and divisiveness. I don’t ever want to listen to that again.

    Randy, I hear what you are saying but this guy is a problem waiting to happen. I’m sure though that Randy will think through his cash advance policies if Hurleys has one and ensure that he protects himself.

    It would have been nice if he had come clean about his dealings at the Turtle Farm. Any radio talk show host must have good credibilty. I’m not so sure it’s here.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS: What is a "shock jock"?

      As for Joey going on Rooster – the only person we need to give balance now is Paul Rivers for the Independents.

    • Anonymous says:

      "I only listened into the PPM crap on a few occasions when they disturbed my entire morning of good country music but on each occasion it was full of hatred, vindictiveness and divisiveness".

      Actually that sounds like the Ellio show. It made me sick to my stomach to listen to it so I din’t after the first couple of times. There is no group more full of "hatred, vindictiveness and divisiveness" than the UDP. However, now that they are in power everyone must unify behind them.  

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is going to be interesting, Joey having to interview Ezzard every Tuesday morning.

    I like Joey but as far as I am concerned his campaign and his recent past doesn’t lend him the credibility of any of the past or present hosts of this show. I hope that the first thing he does is tell the people why he borrowed that money from the cash strapped turtle farm, why did he need all that turtle meat, and lastly but most importantly how did he come up with 55k in cash if he was so broke? Im not saying that he has done anything illegal but the perception of impropriety looms its ugly head.  If these questions can be answered satisfactorly that he may get some people, maybe even myself, to believe in him again. I just don’t want to hear a few months from now that he was let go for some scandal at Rooster.


     This will be an uphill battle for him but Hurley’s entertainment will win because the show will be controversial and nothing like good controversy to get people calling and if people are listening Randy sells more ads…win, win situation.

    • backstroke says:

       Yes, I can see him interviewing Ezzard and I dare say that it may  be entertaining too,  however he should not go in there taking the attitude that as a talk show host that he can demoralise Ezzard or any one else  that he thinks were not on his campaign  trail,  he is already insulting some folks in north side as he is making his comments that some of us are traitors because he thought that we were voting for him and he beleives that we did not, this is  not a good way to heal your wounds Joey, just accept the results as there is notthing that you or I can do now but accept the results gracefully, you know that just because they smiled with you when you went to their door dont mean that they were voting for you.   God bless.

  24. Twyla M Vargas says:


    And although he was not successful in NorthSide, we must still treat him as family.   I am happy that the Hurley.s considered giving him a position, and I hope all will go well with him.  However I have one suggestion, drop the Party Politics while on the show.  You will be in a position where you will not want to show favouritsm on any side.  You will have to be neutral, sometimes in between the devil and deep blue sea.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Maybe i will start listening again as there will be someone there who will talk sense and not nonsense. I stoped listening from january -1-2009 as the show just got too one sided only austin and elio opinons was heard .BORING  .Remember its a call in show not a host only show Joey teach the host some class please.You did a wonderful job hosting the PPM show and i know you wont be so unfair.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I think I will now stop listening to Cross Talk as it will surely now just be about UDP bashing.  PPM supporters just can’t get over losing and this will just be another means to keep on ranting about it.  What a disappointment by Hurleys Entertainment.

    • Rootical Messenjah says:

      You go Joey. You will be fairer than Elio who used Rooster as a UDP propoganda machine and all you nay-sayers will be secretly listening!!

      At least I know that Joey has an education and a voice and I cant wait for him to use both of them   on air!  Joey is passionate about Cayman and its people and now you all will get to hear what I already know. Listen in, cause I know you will. But careful how you call and try to challenge him on any issue that he believes in, because he will defend it to the max.

  27. Anonymous says:

    My dissappointment with Ellio’s final days on the radio were based upon the idea of conflict of interest. Running as a candidate and remaining on the radio pretending to be independent did not seem like the right thing to do.

    I forwarded this idea to him on several occasions and with these current co hosts if planning to run for the LA I am sure they will follow the precedent set by Ellio to stay on air until the last moment.

    This job could be the main spring board for future politicians.

  28. Dwayne says:

    Meh, I’ll stick to Cayrock thanks. I’d rather hear ACDC than government lies

  29. annonymous says:

    well this way Joey can confirm him a new seat in the next election.  He will spend the the next four years like Elio did bashing Govt both sides that is and then jump ship when the next election comes around to the party with the bigger bank accounts.

    Crap why didn’t Sandra think of that.  Oh, I forgot this country is based on keeping women down and not letting them have their say.

    I know they couldnt hold down Kerry Horek when she distributed her Mt. Trashmore picture.  She should be the co-host of a talk show.  She got balls.  No that wouldn’t happen either because she too is woman.  What am I saying, women only answer YES to men in this country, well with the exception of a few that is.

  30. Anonymous says:

    So, how about enlightening us as to what happend to Barrie Quappe?

    CNS: Barrie now works at the Office of the Complaints Commissioner

    • backstroke says:

      I too beleive that we should move forward no more temper tantrums, will Joey now take center stage and continue to beleive and spread marl road gossip as he did during the election, that was part of his down fall and I told him so.  He should have campaigned on what was good for the people of north side, when Edna introduced him and said that north side would get the same GOOD representation from Joey that they got from her, she put a noose round his neck,as we were sick of being left behind, so the people spoke, get rid of her attitude and divisiveness, if Joey had ran on his own he had a good chance of winning.

      So good luck Joey, choose your friends wisely

  31. Captain Crunch says:

    lets see if we will now have a little balance now with one UDP and one PPMer….instead of the "indepenent"  thinker Elio….since when did Caymanians become so gullible?

  32. Pale Rider says:

    Shock Jock Ellio Solomon?????


    Are you kidding me????

    You wanna hear shock jock…tune into Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh…

    THEN be prepared to be SHOCKED!!


    • Anonymous says:

      That;s right- Elio shocked the listening audience with his candidness and we loved it.  Wonder how Joey will respond to questions about his behaviour at the Turtle Farm, that should be entertaining.

  33. I own a dog says:

    I guess it beats actuallygoing out and getting a "real" job.

    • Anonymous says:

      At the end of the day it’s a job and with this one JE will be alot less harmful to the Counrty!!!

  34. mario rankin says:

    NO!!!!!salary advances or turtle meat here joey you sure you want this JOB……..

    • Anonymous says:

      What amazes me about us Caymanians is that we are here commenting about Joey and his salary advances and turle meat knowing full well that he broke no law.

      And on the other hand we are saying yes it is ok for two elected members to break the constitution.

      Think about it which one of these scenarios do you think will interest our  Foreign Investors more, how do you think we  Caymanians look in the eyes of the world. What I want someone to tell me is WHY DID WE JUST SPEND ALL THAT MONEY ON MODERNIZING A CONSTITUTION WHEN WE CAN BREAK IT ANYTIME WE WANT TO. WAKE UP CAYMAN.