Miller vows accounts action

| 29/05/2009

(CNS): Ezzard Miller, the newly elected chair of the Legislative Assembly’s Standing Public Accounts Committee (PAC), told CNS that he has called a meeting of that committee for 10 June and has asked both Auditor General Dan Duguay and Financial Secretary Kenneth Jefferson to attend. Jefferson, the third official member, told the Legislative Assembly before the dissolution of the last session that it could take some considerable time to clear the backlog but the portfolio had engaged outside auditors to help the department financial chiefs catch up. Miller, however, says he wants all the audits completed and submitted to the LA by the end of the year.

Miller was elected to the committee following a tussle between the government and opposition members in Wednesday’s (27 May) inaugural meeting of the House. While the PPM members said they would have been happy to support the government nomination of Miller as chair, being that he was an independent candidate, they felt that the government should not then get to nominate him and three of their own members as it would be unfair.

“In the interest of transparency, if the government bench has decided they want four people on the public account’s committee and only one from the opposition we cannot accept that and I would respectfully nominate two members from the opposition,” said Arden McLean, suggesting Alden McLaughlin as chair as well as Moses Kirkconnell as a member.

However, Rolstin Anglin said that government was not picking four members as Miller was sitting on the opposite bench as an independent. “The government is not minded… to have four members on, we would never, ever proffer such a position that would indeed be a backward step,” he said, adding that given that the committee would be dealing with delays in accounts which occurred under the previous administration, having  former cabinet ministers on the committee could create a problem. He said, however, once the PAC dealt with the backlog of accounts, they could reconsider the situation and have a member of the opposition as chairman.

McLean said, whether from their own ranks or an independent, the government was still nominating four people. “In the interest of compromise with the government we will gladly accept the independent member as chair and two of their members… and likewise two of our members.”

Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush pointed out that they could go back and forth all day but the practice was that government has three members on that committee and the LA was fortunate to have an independent who had agreed to chair the committee, which was a good position for the country. He said the government should not give way on the membership of the committee and the opposition would still have one and that was good for them, but if they did not agree they should move to a ballot.

With a majority of seats, the governmentwas obviously able to win the day and take three of the committee seats for its back benchers, leaving only one place for the opposition taken by Kirkconnell.

The rest of the committee selections were not forced to a ballot and Bush was nominated as the chair of the Standing Business Committee, which deals with the order of business for each sitting of the House, with Anglin, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Alden McLaughlin and McLean becoming members. Another important committee is the select committee, which oversees the performance of the Office of the Complaints Commissioner. Cline Glidden was elected chair and McLaughlin deputy chair, with members being Dwayne Seymour, Miller and McLean.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "Just think all those years Mr. Miller lost’ not one word was said except for wellwishes"

    You see the last time Ezzard won the internet did not exist so he did not have CNS as an option to post what he was really thinking, welcome to the new millenium!…and please stop typing your messages in italics, it’s so annoying!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Obviously coco tee and backstroke sat behind Ezzard in the 101 class and copied off his notes.  We’re just not convinced yet that you deserve a passing grade, but we’ll keep watching!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Leave Joey alone and asked Mac to pay up the Baptist Hospital bill that his administration ran up by sending/approving his people there who only had a minor headache.

    Mac can’t put Mr. Adam’s in charge of Cayman Airways because Mr. Adam will try to sell it once more.Mac did the right thing in this case, but Mac need to clear up his debt with Cayman Airways too.   

  4. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe Ezzards answer to the Farmers problems is to shoot the parrots! Sounds like he got advice on this from a dodo! This man is so far behind the times it’s a wonder he remembers to take a breath!

    Infantile…very narrow minded.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh come on folks, be fair! I am in no way a fan of Mr Miller but not even I will believe he was so out of touch with the times (not to say cruel and anti-environment) as to suggest that farmers should be paid a dollar for each parrot they shoot. Please provide some proof he said that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please tell me why Mr. Millers actions as the Chair of the Work Permit Board in his attempts to import labor from Cuba for the Ritz’s is not being discussed?

    I received a copy via email today.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, as I see it, you could make an attempt to contact him or the Work Permit Board or Ritz Carlton and try to get the answers.  Is there any Other Business on the Agenda for today?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why is Joey Salary advances such a big deal!!! He paid it back…. Why wasn’t people talking when Mac left cayman airways in debt  75k for plane tickets….   

    Let it ago….

  7. Anonymous says:

    How will Mr. Miller as the Chair of the PAC review the budget and spending for the HSA ? He is the Chair of both! Why has the Chief Officer of Health been removed? Is this as a result of her decision to not hire Mr. Miller when he applied for the position of CEO of the Hospital? What will Mr. Miller’s political platform be in 2013 when the UDP runs a candidate in North Side? Why is Mr. Miller now calling for parrots to be shot at $1.00 each when he took the original protection law to Parliment?

    Why was Mr. Ebanks selected as the cohost for the Rooster Talk show? Why did Mr. Ebanks leave his job at the Turtle Farm to run on the PPM platform? Why has he not responded to the questions regarding the salary advances? Why has he already publicly decleared he will run in 2013?

    Will CNS attempt to ask both these gentlemen for these answers?

    Just a few questions I as a voter need answering.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Give me a break!!! This man was last in elected to office in 1988….. I am sorry we need new engertic blood….

    • Anonymous says:


      If electing Joey is what you mean ”we need new energetic blood’  well my dear you know nothing of the meaning when it comes to ” new energetic blood. Your so correct though Ezzard was elected way back then that alone gives him more knowledge as to running not just N. Side but the Country as a whole. Put both Ezzard & Joey in the ring Ezzard would sure as heck teach both you & Young Joey a thing or two that’s for sure. At least north siders place a man in there who will stand his ground when dealing with both Kirk & McKeeva.  As for mighty Jo’ if he were elected along with the entire PPM you guys would all be like a pack of puppets pulling on Kirky string like your last Rep. Take note ” your as young as you feel it’s not about looks’ nor age’ if this be the case Joey still wouldn’t get in’ he don’t look any younger than Ezzard my freind. As for knowledge he don’t have what it  take to run N. Side muchless the Country .

      Good try though!

      New Energetic Blood!      

  9. ANONOYMUS says:

    thank goodness for our new selected government. LET’S GIVE THEM A CHANCE, PLEASE PEOPLE.

  10. Anonymous says:

    "Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 05/30/2009 – 00:45….That would have been too drastic, shocking and a suicidal thought. However, now that I’m thinking of it, can you imagine, we would not be able to sleep at night, the roads would have been blocked and we would have been heckled to death."

    Well you won, and it still does not look like you can get any sleep at night. Good luck with that. And I don’t recall seeing any reports of deaths-by-heckling that night??

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is what comes out when politicians run off their mouths before getting the facts, or at the very least a briefing. There is no way he is getting these accounts done and audited by December.

    If by some miracle he pulls it off, I will personally walk up to him, shake his hand and eat my humble pie. But I gurantee you, if he gets them in 18 months, he would have pulled off quite an impressive feat.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard will do a fine jop as chair of the PAC.

    Keep it up Ezzard! Do your job and we will return you for another term.

  13. Anonymous says:

    To writer re (you call $55,000.00 borrowing…tell me where I can borrow that amount…INTEREST FREE!!)

    Yes, you can, but your in the wrong profession or working for the wrong company.

    Look for the right job my friend, you did not here the the Cayman Islands is the 5th largest financial center in the world.

    MONEY IS HERE my friend!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Money might be here BoBo, but it’s being lent out for a price and not given away.  Certainly, with the Turtle Farm in such dire financial straits, no significant amount of monies ($55K) should have been paid out to  any one individual without the  prior consent of the boss (the board of directors).   Questionable behaviour at the very least.  At anyother institution that so called ‘borrowing’ would have called for some kind of disciplinarian action.

    • Anonymous says:

      it is you’re as in you are not in the correct job. Not your as in your grammar requires correction.

      and it’s hear as in listen,  not here in reference to over here!

      Once again, you’re wrong, we dropped from 5th to around 7th maybe 8th largest financial centre in the world.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How is it that Ezzard’s minions have so much time to spend writing irrelevant comments on these blogs?  Shouldn’t they be busy in NS doing his work while he struts around giving out orders in GT at PAC and HSA meetings! Come on people, get off those computers and get down to some real work (you applied for this job remember).  Stop campaigning! Didn’t anyone tell you the elections are over and you won??  Report back to us when Ezzard has actually accomplished something other than passing his "Tough Talk 101" class. 

    Signed, Your Boss, the NS electorate

    • backstroke says:

      TO "How is that" by your comments we can see that you are a looser,and a PPM member,  by your comments, "Strutting around the LA and giving out orders"  and may be just one from  in the house  your self, why  you should be happy that  they gave  Ezzard a chance  to get this   fiasco on the way, or are you afraid of what will come out of it.  Remember that the last man who held that position for four years did nothing with it, we need to know where  yours, mine and every caymanians money are, so Ezzard,  you dont give two hoots about what that minion  say about you get the job done, and,  I am not  one of those "MINIONS"  that you claim that we north siders are I am one of the smart ones who has a brain and can make a decision for my self, not be co-erced  into doing something that I would regret. Oh, by the way we help our fellow man out here too, so you are way of tract.      Cant you all get it through your heads that only one man could have won the race, very clear and simple, Ezzard won, give the man a chance, why cant you Joey supporters behave like Mr. Rankins supporters, they have common sense too.  So put this mess to bed and move on.  Hating Ezzard wont help you, what you need to do if you are a north sider is to get in touch with the man and see where your expertise will be an assistance to the community.

    • coco tee says:

      The MLA Office for NS is open to the public and functioning at the competence of the workers.  Don’t blame them for these comments.  I am one of the few who has the guts to answer your weak attacks.  Therefore, direct your comments to those writing them.  I assure you neither of them are answering your pathetic attempts to lure them from their job.  Instead, it is I who look you in the eyes and smile. Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands and as long as I have breath in my body I will answer you. Furthermore, I believe that I or any other writer who either has a lot of time on our hands or find the time to, it is our prerogetive to blog. Why are you condeming others of blogging and yet you yourself appear to be so keen in answering the comments by each individual?  How is it that a member of Joey support group has so much time on their hands to respond?  You should get busy trying to find new stratedies to win the 2013 campaign.  If you put your energy in that, you might actually prevail seeing that, in so doing it would be a plus for you. You are nothing more and nothing less than a hypocrite.


      I am one and the same, your (coco tee) aka, your match!!

    • Anonymous says:


      Not A North Sider


      Give right where it’s right & give wrong where it’s wrong. If you see this as being wrong what Ezzard’s people are doing here then you should state for the record that what the PPM members started was totally beyond wrong. This whole thing started by your PPM when a simple congrats was given to Mr. Miller keep that in mind.

      You sure as heck found the quality time to reply’ so where does that leave you my dear PPM friend? Talk about Ezzard people have you sat back and really view all the replys here? I think not if so you would see your dear kind hearted PPM crew like yourself  has much to say. Like any other situation Ezzard crew will fight back especially when it comes to a pack of lies that’s being told here. So I don’t bleam them cause PPM you would have done the same thing. Just think all those years Mr. Miller lost’ not one word was said except for well wishes yet this man won this time around & up until this day your last MLA & Speaker Of The House nor Joey has even congratulated this man SHAME SHAME SHAME that’s what you call bad Rep on thier part & can’t take lossing. Like the saying goes”’ can’t win all th time.  

      Thanks for joining!

  15. Twyla M Vargas says:


    ALL I CAN SAY IS YES!!!!!  Sit down, pull your socks up, put on your spectacles and let the ball roll.  We know you can do it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    When is this going to stop?????????????

    I am a North Side voter and i am so ashamed of the bickering that is going on here. Why cant we just go on and live together in unity? Please for all of our sakes please stop.

    Have you ever stopped to wonder what would have happened if Mr. Ebanks had been elected as our representative????


    • Anonymous says:

      I am replying to “when is this going to stop.”

      Listen there is a nice series of CSI and Law and Order on. Instead of signing in and reading each comment go watch some television or listen to the world news. This website has afforded us this opportunity to send our comments. Therefore, please stop from using this program is you are ashamed of what is happening on this web. I too am a North Sider and a registered voter and I voted.

      Now, to answer the other question, no I didn’t stop and wonder what would have happened if Mr Ebanks had won the elections. That would have been too drastic, shocking and a suicidal thought.
      However, now that I’m thinking of it, can you imagine, we would not be able to sleep at night, the roads would have been blocked and we would have been heckled to death.

    • Anonymous says:

      I work at a bank and when you ‘borrow’ money one has to go through the proper approval process and then pay back principal plus interest.  Money is not free, certainly not $55K worth of it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I also work at a bank and have been working in the banking industry for over 30 years. I have had many salary advances all interest free. I f I should add these all up they would be much, much more than $55K. If you donot know the difference between a salary advance and a loan (Borrowing Money) please today go to you HR Manager and ask he or she to explain this to you.

        If you are a Caymanian they are much more important things you should be writing about than Joey Ebanks Salary advances which by the way don’t forget he paid back which is what you do with Salary Advances oh and which by the way was approved by the Boatswain Beach Board and the Auditor General when they said he did nothing wrong.

        Here are a few things you should be worrying about if you are a Caymanian:

        The Breaking of the Constitution, The request to change or do away with the RollOver Policy, just to name a few.

  17. Anonymous says:

    He paid back his debt like any other employee(s), who borrow money/ funds from their place of employment.


    • Anonymous says:

      you call $55,000.00 borrowing…tell me where I can borrow that amount…INTEREST FREE!!

  18. backstroke says:

    I wonder if the real truth will be found about the BBTF

  19. Anonymous says:

    Congratulants Mr. Miller on your victory in North Side.

    Finally someone who knows what he is doing and is not afraid to pull up the sox of those who are not getting there job done.

    We now have REAL REPRESENTATION in North Side.

    To the former member from NS and her appointed successor, will you please sit back and observe how REAL REPRESENTATION is provided to the district and to the whole country.

    God Bless The Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, we’re waiting to see how Ezzard (I have a degree in hospital management) does. Already in the corridors of the LA he is looking more arrogant and pompous than ever. We’re waiting to see how he quietly from his seat "on the south east corner" carries out his HSA duties loyally working FOR Mark ( I am qualified on infrastructural matters esp roads) Scotland.

      • Anonymous says:

        In reply to Yes, We’re waiting to see how..

        Why didn’t you say “I am waiting to see” because you are not speaking for everyone, you’re speaking for yourself (and your few followers).

        Secondly, he may be arrogant and pompous in your views however, you are acting arrogant and pompously yourself.
        You have a chip on the old shoulder. Brush it off, and get on with it.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s very unfortunate that we don’t have a few more like Ezzard Miller, one per District would be a good start!!!