Praise for elections staff

| 29/05/2009

(CNS): Almost 800 people were involved in last week’s elections, and Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez has praised all those involved, saying, “A tremendous amount of work by an extraordinarily large number of people helped make the General Elections and Referendum of 20 May a resounding success for the Cayman Islands.” In a release from the E;ections Office, Gomez, along with Deputy Supervisors Colford Scott, Orrett Connor and Ernie Scott, paid tribute to those responsible for seeing that both voting processes ran smoothly.

Workers included Registering Officers, Returning Officers and their deputies, Presiding Officers, Poll Clerks, administration and support staff, Logistics Officers, radio communication personnel, field officers, drivers and the more than 100 observers appointed by the Governor, Mr. Stuart Jack, for Cayman’s first-ever referendum.

The Elections Office training staff held over 30 training sessions for the various groups of workers, who attended without recompense.

Gomez also noted the contributions of the police officers who worked closely with the Elections Office throughout the polling hours and ballot counting, as well as for security requirements.

The men also thanked voters for the way they con-ducted themselves. “The electorate was in a good mood when I visited,” Mr. Gomez commented, noting he had been to all polling division except East End and North Side. “Everybody was on his best behaviour.”

Incidents involving the alleged handing out of cards with candidates’ names on Election Day have been turned over to police, Mr. Gomez said. Officers of the Special Branch are reportedly dealing with the matter.

Mr. Scott pointed out that a Code of Conduct for Candidates was part of the handbook given to candi-dates on Nomination Day. The code asks candidates to solemnly declare that they, their agents and sup-porters “will contribute positively to a peaceful political atmosphere conducive to free and fair elections.” The code ends with an acceptance of valid elections.

The 2009 election timetable was published in May 2008, Mr. Gomez pointed out. “Thanks to everyone’s co-operation and good effort, it went according to plan.”

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  1. 007 For Sure says:

    How can they say every year the election went well .When they all know of the things that go on before their eyes.This year people got caught but what will happen NOTHING .They all must be afraid of MAC .WHO IS HE NOT GOD FOR SURE .

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah it’s amazing how lightly this was taken and how we didn’t hear anymore about it. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope. Not amazing at all.  I immediately predicted that nothing at all would happen. It would be swept under the rug. They will eventually say that their investigations did not provide conclusive evidence of guilt on the part of any particular individuals. You know, sort of like the Frank McField investigation. At least the voting had good sense.   

    • Anonymous says:

      There is really nothing to hear about as there was no  real evidence of wrong doing – that was just the PPM  supporters trying to distract the public from voting UDP .

      • Anonymous says:

        "no evidence of wrong doing" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When there are pictures of the papers being handed out and the LAW says that there should not be any campaigning on election day! Wow, you are really far gone with your disrespect for the laws of your country.

        The folks doing this should have been arrested, even if it was only to receive a small fine. The laws must be upheld otherwise the next time it will be a larger breach.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Will the elections board submit a statement to the authorities about the person in George Town who was giving out papers with candidates names in contravention of the elections law?