Victim stabbed in attack

| 01/06/2009

(CNS): A 21 year old man was taken to hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning following an attack in which he was stabbed. The 21 year old victim told police that he was walking north along West Bay Road in the vicinity of Burger King when he was approached by two men. He said he was attacked by the men and during the course of the incident sustained a wound to his side and the suspects fled the scene. The offenders were described as one being tall and slim, the other was shorter and both were dressed in dark clothes.


Detectives said they are appealing for witnesses to the stabbing which occurred around 12.30am on Saturday, 30 May. The incident was reported to the 911 Emergency Communications Centre by a friend of the victim.  Police and medics responded to the scene and found the wounded man. He was then taken to hospital for treatment to the injury and has since been released from medical care.

Anyone who was in the area at the time of the attack is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Lauriston Burton of the George Town Criminal Investigation Department on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. FoundAClue says:

    What’s the cut-off for a village Expat24,372?  100,000 people and you become a nation? I’m not one to get into semantics or word play but by definition: A nation is a body of people who share a real or imagined common history, culture, language or ethnic origin, who typically inhabit a particular country or territory. So Expat24,372 it is not just me who thinks this little island “nation” is a nation but a larger body (by definition only if nothing else).  So nation/village, call it what you will but my point was as stated, this is a rapidly developing village(?) and the crime we’re experiencing should be expected as a result.

    “You need to stop thinking of this group of islands as a nation.  You’re just someone else’s turf. And a small piece of it.” 
    You need to not tell anyone what to think, I think by free will and shall continue to do so. It seems you’re trying to cause offense by saying this is someone else’s turf (and a small piece) but did someone make a claim these islands were independent?  Or is independence just another requirement of being a nation, a secret held only by you?  I suppose you’re trying to make a point there but no one made a claim these islands were independent. Small as it may be, it managed to attract you, and my aren’t we all (gracious expats and locals alike) lucky because you found it?

     Don’t be so critical of the country and people of the country that you have consciously chosen to take up residence.  Or do, who cares? I’m just peeved that out of all I said one (correctly used) word (nation) get you so stirred up.  You’re funny, you’re a nation all of your own.

  2. Expat 567 says:

    "i am a Caymanian, and i must say that i do not support what people are saying about expats. They provide enormous benefits to the Cayman Islands, adn without them we would not be living such a high standard of living…Expat or not, no-one deserves to be attacked or stabbed."

    Thanks Anon. Seriously, it is a pleasure to be here.  I love the people here, and as an added benefit the food is to die for! (but it’s mostly about the people) 

    I don’t take all this expat v Caymanian ventilation too seriously – I bet if you told all the expats to go dig up a Caymanian that they really and actually didn’t like, most would come back empty handed if they bothered to try at all. Caymanians are just too cool – they are my favorite people on the planet. Those expats that did find a Caymanian they didn’t like, well there’s lots of other islands they could go to.  (Just kidding… sort of…) 

    Unfortunately if you told Caymanians to go dig up an expat they didn’t like, well that probably wouldn’t be too hard since at least a few expats seem to forget that we’re guests here and they makea pest of themselves shooting off their mouths. (Let’s hope they learn to share better)  Too bad a few stir up trouble for the rest of us, but as you say we do so very well together that, like siblings who scrap from time to time, in the end we’re in this together (even if we do get rotated out from time to time). 

    And I too am really sorry for the fellow who got stabbed.  There are very few people that deserve that sort of thing (though there are a few, as we all know).

  3. Anonymous says:

    What I hope doesn’t happen is that people become accustomed to violence and crime and it becomes a normalized part of life in the Cayman Islands.

    Perhaps I am out of touch and it has already become normalized…

    It is my hope and belief that the violent criminals are fairly low in actual numbers and there is room for them at Hotel Northward…

  4. Expat24,372 says:

    In response to get a clue:

    The Cayman Islands is little more than a village in terms of size and population, and a particularly affluent one at that.  If someone was stabbed in the head, a woman shot in the head in her own home and then a Friday night stabbing all occuring in one week, there would be some serious shock in a village.

    You need to stop thinking of this group of islands as a nation.  You’re just someone else’s turf. And a small piece of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except in terms of actual population size Cayman is no way the equivalent of a village anywhere. We are emerging as a nation.   

  5. FoundAClue says:

    "New Cayman Islands"? …"Another day in paradise"?  Get a clue people.  Give me one thriving nation (wait, ANY nation populated by humans) that is free of crime.  If you can find it then I suggest all you who are so shocked (and never saw this coming) relocate to this imaginary utopia.

    This is a simple by-product of develoment and we’re all contributing to it, so find a way to deal with it.  I haven’t witnessed any stabbings/murders personally but turn on the int’l news and you’ll get a new daily dose, this is not a new concept. 

  6. PseudoCaymanian says:

    Needless to say, it was those damn expats again. Let’s shorten the roll-over period to 6 months and get all those rotten lawyers, accountants and fund administrators off of our Island, and they can take their clients, businesses and jobs with them!  Nothing good ever came from expats, dog ate my supper!

    That’ll curb this rise in crime!


    PS: Expat24,372, stop being so cynical…

    • Anonymous says:

      i am a Caymanian, and i must say that i do not support what people are saying about expats. They provide enormous benefits to the Cayman Islands, adn without them we would not be living such a high standard of living.

      Expat or not, no-one deserves to be attacked or stabbed.

  7. Anonymous says:

    In cases like this, perhaps the police would get a better response from the public if they were a little bit more specific with their descriptions. A tall man and a short man in dark clothes is not going to stick out in anybody’s memory.

    If the police/CNS can specifiy a few basic details (like are they black/white/asian, are they young or old etc) then perhaps somebody might remember seeing something even if its only that they saw two people hanging about nearby or something. It might start ringing a few bells.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the new Cayman Islands

    • Welcome to the new Cayman Islands says:

      This has been "the new Cayman Islands" for years now. so there is nothing new about these crimes.

  9. Expat24,372 says:

    Another day in paradise.