Name change riles pirates

| 09/06/2009

(CNS): After almost three decades of celebrating the Pirates Week Festival, the Seattle Seafair Pirates told CNS that they are very disappointed over the name change. “The whole idea of Pirates Week was to bring the tourist to Cayman in the down season, and it worked,” said Mark Jensen a spokesperson for the service club which has helped to boost Pirates week over the years. CITA also noted that its members have some concerns about how the change could affect bookings but the main sponsor Digicel has said it will continue to support the festival whatever it is called.

In the wake of the announcement by Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush that Pirates Week will now be called the ‘Cultural Festival’, there has been a considerable amount of speculation about what that will mean for tourism figures, whether the actual events will change and when it will take effect.  The Seattle Seafair Pirates have been instrumental in promoting the Pirates Week Festival overseas and attracting huge numbers of visitors to the island during what is considered the quietest part of the season.

“Changing the name will have a detrimental impact even if the events remain the same,” Jensen told CNS. “The success of Pirates Week is unquestionable and we cannot understand why it would be changed when it’s working. Over the years the numbers have increased for Pirates Week to the point where you can’t get a hotel room now during that week, which is exactly what it was meant to do. I am interested to understand what the government is trying to accomplish here. The festival was designed to attract tourists and that is what it did. Excuse the pun but the name is a hook which attracts visitors.”

Jensen, who is himself an event planner by trade, noted that taking away the name would be a serious marketing mistake. He said that the fun pirate theme, which his organisation uses, attracts positive attention not negative, and has nothing to do with the terrorists that some people now refer to as pirates operating off the coast of East Africa.

“I can understand that people are feeling uncomfortable about the issue relating to terrorists, but this has nothing to do with that,” he said, explaining that as a service club the Seafair Pirates are an organisation that raises a lot of money for good causes because they are able to attract attention. He said that was illustrated by how quickly the club was able to send $50,000 to Cayman Brac last year in the wake of Paloma.  “We can raise money and get things done because we attract attention,” added Jenson.

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association noted that its members have also communicated their concern over the loss of the “Pirates Week" name because it has gained momentum with visitors over the years and gives a real boost to business during a slow time — particularly the restaurants and bars.

Trina Christian said that CITA members would certainly be interested in engaging in the discussion that may result. She said it was important to consider that while the "promotion" of pirates has been up for discussion for many years, the concern that has now arisen with merging "pirates" into a new name change, such as Cultural Heritage Week, is that it may give further association to pirates and local heritage which is not the outcome people were looking for. “We look forward to being able to discuss this topic with the new minister so that any changes or enhancements can be coordinated to achieve successful results,” Christian stated on behalf of the members.

Digicel told CNS on Monday, 8 June, that it would continue its support of the annual festival regardless. “Digicel has been a proud sponsor of the festival for the last 3 years, as part of our efforts to promote Caymanian Heritage and culture,” said Victor Corcoran, CEO Digicel Cayman. “The title of the festival, whilst relevant to the program, remains under the management of the organizing committee.  Digicel has embraced this national celebration and will continue to do so through its support of the decision by the Cayman Islands Cultural Festival committee.”

Although the Pirates Week Committee and the Tourism Attraction Board said they did not want to comment on the announcement or how it would impact this year’s celebrations, the website for Pirates Week 2009 is already live. The 32nd festival is set to take place between 12-22 November and most of the events are already listed and scheduled under the Pirates Week Festival handle.

Despite the fact that the pirate association has long made many people in Cayman uncomfortable, historians say that there is little doubt that Cayman, like most of the islands in the West Indies, was certainly a popular spot for the sea robbers of the past. While some of the more fanciful stories of the most infamous pirates may notbe historically accurate, Cayman’s maritime history certainly records the islands’ close association with pirates.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I came across this article and found it interesting enough to share.  This is an INTERNATIONAL day of speaking like a pirate, and no one seems to be bothered by the reference to piracy or relates it to the actual piracy taking place off the coast of Africa.  This seems to be a ploy by those who disagree with Pirates Week, to find an excuse.  As they say, "Any excuse is better than none."  If you don’t like it, don’t participate.  Likewise with here, if you don’t agree, stay home.


  2. THANK YOU Pennsylvania!!!! OH how I MISS KURT TIBBETTS says:


    Thank you Pennsylvania for your lovely comments and PLEASE ignore the comments of the boorish Caymanians who wanted to correct you on saying "The Caymans" because it has been used a short form of addressing the islands. I really can’t believe I’m taking the time to say this instead of what I really wanted to say about McKeeva and all the supporters of the UDP for messing up the country for the next 20 years! 
    No going back now and  to you Jamaicans, paper holders, status grants, and uneducated Caymanians who feel that it is wiser to be let someone make changes for you instead of YOU making a change for yourself – will also feel the consequences of this corrupt Election. Mac will just make decisions and not consult anyone, doesn’t anyone remember how he tried to pass the acutal constitution by going to England? NO! The opposition at the time stopped that and following their election brought it out to the public eye! How quickly you all forget 1st Cayman bank fiasco, XXXXXXX dont forget about the Ritz Carlton and Mike Ryan under the table fiasco, dont forget about the boatswains beach fiasco, dont forget about the port fiasco, and dont forget about the status grants!! The disgrace I felt upon this country to see a foreign nationality sweeping the streets and ranting and raving about the conclusion of the new government the night of May 20th was DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAYMANIANS COULD NOT AND DARE NOT GO INTO ANOTHER COUNTRY AND DO SUCH A THING!!!!!!!!! TRY TO GO TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY AND CHANGE THE WAYS THEIR, DO NOT BRING YOUR CORRUPT AND HOSTILE WAYS TO OURS!
    Of course, the timid and honest Caymanians are too passive to stand up and fight for their right but it won’t be long when protests and revolts will start! Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman – all ofyou Caymanians born and breed – take back your heritage and what lives in our heart!
    We need a re-election!
    What kind of leader and I quote says "you do not need an education to run for politics!?" An ignorant one!
  3. Anonymous says:

    Pennsylvania, I agree with you. The name change is a terrible mistake I think! A decision made by one man alone it seems! Feels like I live in a communist country rather than a democratic one, since the people nor the government on a whole don’t seem to have any say in something that will effect the country so adversely. But that’s the UDP government for ya! That’s they way some people chose to go this time around, and we will all suffer alike for some people’s decisions!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s the Cayman Islands or Cayman. It’s NOT "the Caymans"…..Yes we say the US…that’s short for the United States or the States…which is still more correct than saying "the Caymans"….there is no S on the end of the word Cayman.

    And PLEASE don’t talk about "virgins" they way you did! My God you sound like a pervert!! And speak for yourself when you make those kinds of remarks. Not everyone has the same frame of mind as you do when it comes to something so sensitive.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Am so sorry for calling the Cayman Islands, the "Caymans" we are so used to saying it that we sometimes forget. 

    Still we asked your leaders to continue with the name as Pirates Week and it seems that the Cayman Islands has far too many issues to take care of and to deal with than a name changed four months before the actual event.



  6. Anonymous says:

    To the two below me, I agree with you both.

    I absolutely hate to hear a Tourist say "The Caymans". And yes, we do also say "The US" or "The States" but "Cayman" as no S at the end (as I’m sure you all can see) therefore there’s no need for them to say "Caymans" – "Cayman" is just fine by itself. No need for "THE CAYMANS" – it sounds SO stupid!

  7. Anonymous says:

    "However, please remember you will be visiting "The Cayman Islands" not "The Caymans". That place does not exist & we locals do not like our country being called that, but be grateful that you & your family are not visiting The Virgin Islands and then shorthening the name. Now you see why is make a difference? Hope to see you later in the year."

    Get stuffed.  You never say "the states" or "the US"?  Bugging a tourist is the height of lowliness.

    PS – If there really was an island full of virgins, me and everyone else containing a pint or two of red blood would be heading there to party.  Imagine the tourist trade !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      "You never say "the states" or "the US"?’" 

      Ahh. But so do some Americans.

  8. Jubba says:

    yea dem  ole pirates was de ones to bring my foreparents from west Africa into Bodden town over  200 years ago, it’s full time we stop celebrating dem and honour those who slave for dis country …………. lets celebrate emancipation week instead of piracy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Goodnight Hannah!!

    All we need now is a Mckeeva Youth Brigade. So instead of maybe creating a new Herritage week at some other time in the year, possibly away from rainy season and well clear of hurricane season our brainist comes up with ….. "Lets get rid of pirates week".  Anyway he is the man with the plan ey… They should put a statue of him at the old site of 1st Cayman Bank. But at the end of the day God knows all that you have done, who knows better than He?

  10. Anonymous says:

    for all you morons complaining about mckeeva, let me give u a wake up call, he’s done the same stupid things everytime he’s been in power, but him being is one thing u cant blame on the expats you voted him in and you also voted him to be the Premier with all the new powers, you will never learn until this country is just another poor caribbean country and you look back and say wow we coulda been something

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dear McKeeva Supporters,

    How can you really put up with McKeeva insulting your intelligence so often?

    He obviously thinks his supporters don’t support pirates week for whatever reason, most likely because of religion.  He thinks that you all are going to hear about this name change and that you will assume no more pirates, no more liquor, no more short wench skirts, etc.  He doesn’t think you will have the sense to look into it any further and realize that all of these heathen elements will still be there.

    The bad part is, it’s not just this decision (or announcement) that McKeeva has done this with.  McKeeva hopes that you will take everything that he tells you as gospel.  He thinks you don’t know any better and can’t think for yourself.  In every speech McKeeva finds a few buzz words that knows will get your attention and repeats them over and over.  McKeeva wants you all react to emotions not thought.  There is never really any substance in what McKeeva says or does.

    Take it from everyone else that has figured McKeeva out.  When McKeeva tells you anything the first thing you have to do is interpret really what it means then you have to consider what’s in it for him.  Because that’s the other thing that he does, give his supporters a little to let them think they are flourishing but that’s only enough to disguise how fat his pocket is getting.

    Please, please don’t let this man continue treating you like you have no brain. 


    Maybe only 1/2-a-brain but at least willing to use it.


  12. Anonymous says:
  13. Anonymous says:

    Maybe its the pirates BIG MAC is fraid of why he has to be escorted by security everywhere! Can’t be us caymanians he fraid of!

  14. Pirate's Week to the Highest Bidder says:

    Yes, let’s change the name!…and allow some other caribbean island to pick up the name and bring the tourist to their island. Not like anyone copying Cayman’s idea, heck out our MOT and others are acting like we dont want it. You know what they say about one man’s trash…well this is the case of one island "ungodly" tradition wil be another island’s cash cow. So go on and complain about how Cuba opening up will do Cayman harm, and while we decide to turn off the tourist to other coasts during our low season (which was helped by this week) let’s give them "pirate’s week" as well to help their tourism industry. I say we copywrite it the name and hope the royalties make up for the lost of tourism dollors we are bound to expect from suck a rash decision.


    1. Characterized by or resulting from ill-considered haste or boldness. synonym: Reckless
    2. Archaic. Quick in producing a strong or marked effect.
  15. CJ says:

    Yarr Mateys


    ’tis be time we Pirates take back what is ours by plundarrr!

    ’tis the year methinks that we should be a-takin’ Big Mac to the gallows ‘stead o’ the Govnr!!!!

    Stand up Me Pirate Bretheren and make known our protest o’ changin’ 30 years of tradition!!!!!

    Raise the colours and prepare to board,we be takin’ back Pirate’s Week!

    Yo HO HO and a Bottle of Caybrew!


    Capt. CoconutJoe

    Yarrrrrrrrrrrrr me Parrot is angry too…….


  16. GT says:

    Where did you get this statistical information from?

    Are you telling me that a family of five from the US who may be interested in coming to Pirates comes to Cayman for just over a week and buys:

    • 5 airplane tickets
    • Rents a car for 7 days and buys GAS to drive around. While they buy gas they go in the station to get drinks and snack for kids.
    • Books 2 hotel rooms or a large suite
    • Dines at various restaurants (paying 15% grats)
    • Books 4 tours with local watersports operators to snorkel/dive/kayak/Atlantis subs
    • They purchase Pirate costumes for the kids
    • They visit the Heritage days and buy crafts to take back home
    • They also buy local food for five

    Now they probably spent about US$6,000 to US$8,000 for a family vacation.

    WHAT CAYMANIAN FAMILY SPENDS $6000 – $8,000 in a week for pirates week.

    Now picture 10,000 to 15,000 tourist coming to cayman for just that week and spending money on all the things I just listed.

    THINK! Now does YOUR 95% from Caymanians theory still stand?

    All I can do is laugh. No wonder this island is in trouble…. More sensible and EDUCATED Caymanians need to get in to the right positions and the dead in Government need to come out.

  17. Richard Wadd says:

     The first sign of a Dictator ….. force changes WITHOUT applying the Democratic process.

    Not-so-big-Mac, we’re counting on you, BUT this is a POOR begining !!

  18. ladyjules says:

    you know, mac, it’s not too late to just pretend this never happened.  in a month we’ll talking about some other stupid thing you said on the spur of the moment but hopefully it will have less dire consequences.

  19. Ambassador says:

    So whats next Macky boy…..are you going to cancel Alecia Keys for Jazz Fest, the Honduras route, new New York route, the Washington DC route, the PRIDE programme, the Tourism Apprenticeship programme, the new marketing initiatives for Canada, Europe and South America, the mitigation plan for Cuba opening up…..Chuckie did all those things so why not cancel them too so you can have your own little programmes and no one will remember Chuckie or Mr. Jim or any of the other Tourism Ministers that were there previously. XXXXX

  20. Anonymous says:


    First I would like to thank my friend Mrs. Bodden for forwarding this link to my husband and I.
    As I strolled through I notice the faces of the three Pirates and I entered to read the topic at hand. I am really disappointed about the proposed name changed and hope that your government does not changed the name as I feel this will confused many of the visitors to your Islands during that time.
    My family and I have been coming to the Cayman Islands for over sixteen years and we have planned our vacation each year during the week of The Pirates, we stayed at the same hotel for the sixteen years that we have been coming to that Caymans and it’s one of the most expensive. Not because we can afford it but because of the locals who works their. We even know several of them by their names.
    Our plane tickets on American Air and hotel fees are paid in full by us and not your government and we really don’t need to come to the Caymans to get drunk as the liquor here is a lot less. We come to the Caymans to have a good time, get away from the city and enjoy the beach.
    I feel that a vote should have taking place for such a change and a suggestion box or online poll would be the gateway for this change.
    My family and I will be coming to the Caymans this year and we will print up our own T-SHIRTS with last year’s logo and we will not purchase any t-shirts with the new logo or new name because we do not support the new name as Cultural Festival and I hope that everyone in the Caymans will do the same.
    • Anonymous says:

      Great comment Pennsylvania. I thank you for visiting for many years and hope you continue to do so. However, please remember you will be visiting "The Cayman Islands" not "The Caymans". That place does not exist & we locals do not like our country being called that, but be grateful that you & your family are not visiting The Virgin Islands and then shorthening the name. Now you see why is make a difference? Hope to see you later in the year.

  21. TOLD U SO ! says:

    What an AH !!! …..Anyway there is still hope and perhaps we won’t have to put up with Mac’s crap for 4 yrs as some have feared. You see people didnt want a UDP govt….they wanted a coalition govt and so they split their votes and the split went in favour of the UDP and so most of the UDP candidates won by very slim margins.They certainly dont have the mandate that the people gave the PPM in 2005 as all PPM candidates, except Fonso, won with more than 50% of the votes.

    So here’s my point. The people understand now the importance of voting straight and with a By Election looming in BT for 2 of the 3 seats the results will be very different this time. Chuckie and Ossie will be elected and an interesting scenario will develop. The PPM will have 7 seats and the UDP will have 7 seats. That leaves Ezzard as King because neither side can form a government w/o Ezzard. We all know Ezzard so he will tell them whichever side is prepared to accept me as Premier I’m all game and lets form the government and get on with business. The only other possibility is that Rolston (who is only with Mac for convenience – a marriage of convenience if you will) will defect and go with the PPM in exchange for the PPM offering him the Minister of Finance post under the new constitution. Interesting isnt it ??? Damn you just gotta love Cayman politics !!! 

  22. Anonymous says:

    who’s the clueless person at 13.38 that thinks the pirates week doesn’t increase tourism revenues? How do you work that out?

    Even if they threw out a few freebies to the pirates club this would only be in return for their sponsorship and promotion of the events. There are still thousands of tourists that come here each year for the festivities. they are all paying guests, they pay for their flights, pay for their hotels and pay for all their foodm, drinks and shopping for them and their families for the week.

    If you’ve spent 15 years working in tourism, then you must have been the tea boy because you clearly don’t understand the tourism business whatsoever. If I were you I’d maybe go back to school and get an education and then try to get a more senior position that doesn’t involve making tea or cleaning shoes.


  23. Anonymous says:

    May I just mentioned that I was in Tourism here in the Cayman Islands for 15 years and during that time it was always said and it is still said that Pirates Week does not do anything for the Cayman Islands Toursim.

    Oh yes we have plenty of Pirates and their family members who fill up Cayman Airways to get here for Pirates Week who fill up some of the Hotels and who rent cars BUT LITTLE DOES A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT ALL THESE PIRATES AND FAMILY MEMBERS CAME HERE TO ENJOY PIRATES WEEK ON A COMPLIMENTARY WEEK OF HAVING FUN AND TO GET DRUNK.

    The Pirates Week never did much for the Condominims either.  Everything for the Pirates was free for them.

    May I also remind people that this is the Cayman Islands and we should respect the fact that the Caymanian People have complained about Pirates Week for Years, and if they would like to have it changed to Cultural Festival whats wrong with that.

    Why not combined the Batabano, Taste of Cayman, Cayfest, National Hereo’s Day, Discovery Day and maybe some kind of Fishing Tournament and Diving experience, or even some kind of Educational Experience in Tourism for the 3000 students that have complete their school years or are going to complete the school years this year, wouldn’t this be the most respectable events.

    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      You have said it all,  all correct……and the only thing I can find to ad to it is that  95% of money spent during that time of year is spent by Caymanians and their families at Heritage days, drinking eating, buying, and feeding a multitude of Children.  I am positive of that.

      Thank you very much.

      I am most happy with the name change.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is pulled out of thin air and not based on any facts.

        There is no possible way local families that do not require air travel, accomodations, food/drink, and other purchases are spending more money than people that have to travel from other countries — simply not possible.

        And since there is always a discussion about  what is "Caymanian" — look at the population ratios. If every person abiding in Cayman went out for the night — the sheer volume of people not Caymanian would make it impossible for "Caymanians" to spend 95% of the money.

        Probably best to utilizenumbers derived from factual information, rather than something one heard on the Marlboro Road.

        It is quite obvious that a vocal minority have been pressing for changes which are going to alienate a lot of people. Keep digging that hole and it’ll be harder to climb out of. Take away reasons for people to come for a visit or do business and you’ll wind up isolated with no local industry to support the few left.

        I for one can’t wait till Pirate’s Week 2009!

      • Anonymous says:

        The only people dressed up as pirates for this stupid "festival" over the years have been, with a tiny exception, non Caymanians-anyone who has seen pictures of the "landing" etc for the last 25 years could see that. And as for these pathetic Seattle "boys" pretending to be pirates, if we don’t see them again, good riddance.

        But my favourite was some dude called, I think, Ben Cherry, going around schools dressed as Blackbeard, telling them not to "do drugs". Teachers used to complain he always smelled of alcohol. That’s Pirates Week in a nutshell.

      • Johnny Cake says:

        I agree with you Twyla! If its any big revenues earned during that week it is from Caymanians
        and residents who come out to the heritage days and buy food and drinks etc. I am
        not convinced that pirates week brings in huge revenues from tourist. Do tourist
        really fly to Cayman for the pirates landing the first day? I can be convinced if someone
        would please provide me with actual stats of occupancy rates and airline capacity used
        during this week compared to any other week during the year. Nothing like cold hard facts.

  24. Shiver me timbers says:

    Cultural festival???!??!!?? Me thinks this sounds a bit LAME!!!  Tis a sad day on the isle Cayman when political correctness rears it’s ugly head.  Aaaaaarrrrrr, what will we be callin’ Hell next week?

  25. Anonymous says:


    This is truly a shame.  Our islands have benefited from the increased tourism, during what is typically our low season, specifically because of the Pirates week festivities.  Locally and on an international level this weekly celebration is known as Pirates Week, however the locals know that we also host and enjoy National Heritage Days during the celebrations.  We have not confused the name with what the festivity means to these islands therefore the change of a name is unnecessary.
    Where Mr. Bush should have focused his efforts is on the annual festivity known as Batabano – a festivity that was adopted and that does not hold any true cultural grounds with these islands.  Batabano is also the single largest negative reflection of the islands, in my opinion, as it is a large display of the vulgarity and nudity  – images not seen at Pirates Week celebrations.
    I understand why we have adopted Batabano but feel that we have forgotten as a community why we adopted it. 
    Should the name of change be accepted it will be one of our island’s largest downfalls in the tourism sector – simply because our leader wants to display his new found religion. Mr. Bush we respect your claim of Christianity however you should keep in mind that your position as one of the Leaders of these islands is to put the island’s best interest above all others including your own.
    What a huge disappointment.







  26. Anonymous says:

    God help us all….because I do believe it will only be the Lord Almighty help us over the next four years!

    As someone else so rightly mentioned before……people all too easily forgot what this one man has done to these islands in the past! They were too easily bought out and now the good will have to suffer for the bad!

    This is NOT a democracy….this is more like a dictatorship! Thank you to all those who so easily forgot what Mckeeva did to this country in the pass and was so easily brainwashed into putting him back in power! NOW he has the power and he is going to use it….and we will all pay!! My God how sad it is to be a Caymanian these days!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush should NOT have been allowed to make such a hugh decision on his own! It should have been something that either the general public had a say in or other members of the government. The name McKeeva has chosen makes absolutely no sense! We the public should have been given an opportunity to help in the name change or it should have been decided among the members of government!

    This is a big mistake and we will pay dearly in the long run because of one man’s decision!

    I wonder if I still live in a democratic country????

  28. GT Ninja says:

    Why on earth would he change the name 5 – 6 months before the event is to happen. How stupid is that? It’s marketing suicide.

    If he had any flippin sense he would have announced that 2010 would be the last pirates week festival. And make it a HUGE GRAND FINALE EVENT and promote the heck out of it for next year.

    This anouncement should have also had plans to introduce a NEW FESTIVAL for Cayman COMMING IN 2011. Maybe a bigger version of Batabano mixed with heritage days. I’ve always thought Cayman could have a unique Thatch Parade where all the floats are made from thatch (sort of like the Rose Bowl Pardae) and the winning float could be displayed at the airport for visitors to see while the other floats could be a part of a bonfire celebration with music and local food.

    But as usual… he has no plan… just an agenda.

    This is obviously someone who has no clue of how to promote and market the island, How can he save tourisim or our culture.

    He didn’t consult with anyone and he doesn’t care what Caymanians think.

    Thanks once again for nothing Bush.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Yes people! I HOPE ALL OF YOU THAT VOTED THEM IN SEE WHAT THEY ARE ALREADY DOING 2 THIS COUNTRY! Kudos to all you smart UDP voters! Kudos to you! You think the country was in a bad state of affairs before oh just you wait and see what’s going to happen to us now! And guess what UDP supporters! Like I’ve always been saying you all are going to suffer right alongside all of us sore loser PPM supporters!!!!

    Go de Big Mac! You doing real well for the country already! If you had to change the name of Pirates Week, why didn’t you think of something a little more along the lines of what you claim we should be celebrating! You should have named it HERITAGE WEEK….that sounds a whole lot better than Cultural Festival! What is that mess?????

    Trust me one and all! That is the first nail in our coffin!! Thank you McKeeva! That’s why you couldn’t buy me out and none of your goonies got my votes! I feel so sorry for my country because it’s heading straight down the drain!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Lets just ignore Mckeeva and keep calling it Pirates Week!

  31. Anonymous says:

    For someone who grew up in Louisiana, I used to laugh when I heard Mardi Gras was being held on Ash Wednesday — use a French Translator to find out why.  But now I can see the total lack of thought process.

    To be honest — this is almost worse! Obviously "pirates" traveled these waters and most assuredly stopped here. I would have assumed people saw this as a fun representation as to how Cayman moved beyond those times into the modernized country it is.

    It’s also has much more family oriented activities than some of the more alcohol themed celebrations!

    I can’t imagine the Seattle Seafair Pirates providing the support to which we have become accustomed, which in turn will decrease the whole event. Many people enjoy pirates – movies, stories, and even an international "talk like a pirate day". It is meant to be fun – like a Rennesiance Fair. Why do youthink the Jolly Roger and Valhalla are so popular!

    Over three decades and now this decision. From a purely marketing standpoint, this has got to be seen as a mistake. Anybody remember Coke and Coca-Cola Classic, that worked out real well.

    Briliant, good luck with this decision. My suggestion to the Pirates Week Committee and the Tourism Attraction Board — just ignore the name change and promote it as Pirate’s Week anyway!

  32. Young Caymanian Voter says:

    Yea, how did you all not see this coming? Like I said to someone the other day, ‘I just hope some of his slapstick ideas manage to benefit Caymanians this time around” He promises to save tourism and he starts by killing the biggest stroke of genius for the industry, next to the quickly growing JazzFest. I just hope that kind of saving doesn’t happen to Cayman Airways…fingers crossed because we’re stuck with um for the next four years…

    • Anonymous says:

      I personally would like to see the following walk the plank:

      1) The Governor  for all the payouts we are doing and going to have to do over the next few years and for swearing in disqualified candidates from BT.

      2) The Attorney General for being so misguided and maligned to not do his job regarding the BT Elections fiasco.

      3) Big Mac for all of the above and alot more to come.

      4) Mark & John John for allowing their names to be rediculed and shamed this way in the name of power. Didn’t your mama every tell you about the worth of a good name?

      5) PPM for not doing more about this fiasco and trying to not loose an election that isn’t here as yet.

      6) All of Us who voted to help put that clueless LOGB  and his cronies in office.

      So let’s line them all up…the plank walking will take a week to happen. Now I think we can call it McKeeva week.

  33. anonymous says:

    Big Mac…..whattamess! What is the point in changing the name if the wild pirate druken aspects remain? People out there who have wanted the name changed did not just want it to stop there! They wanted the entire pirate theme taken out as they were upset that we were embracing and celebrating pirates as part of our heritage ….duh!!! So instead you keep the pirates and actually embrace them now as part of our culture and heritage with your new name! How stupid is this?! Try putting your efforts into CayFest which is a month long cultural/heritage festival and which currently draws very little attendance! Leave Pirates Week alone!

  34. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva we voted you in to better the economic situation in these here islands.  What the hell are you thinking????????????????????????????????????????

  35. Anonymous says:

    Pirates week is only a bit of fun, but as with most other aspects of island life like the lack of basic human rights for all and the sunday lockdown at shops and liquor stores, the God squad have managed to drag the island back into the dark ages.

    I mean no disrepect to the church-goers but we are supposed to be living in modern times, but with the church continuing to stick their oar in to everybody’s business we are never going to be able to bring this country forward

  36. Anonymous says:

    As unfortunate and regrettable as it may be, Cayman Hath Been Founded Uponthe Seas by many Pirates, some groups on Little Cayman long before the founding seafaring families arrived.  Is it more dangerous to muddle the fictional concept of "Pirate’s Week" with the factual portrayal of "Cultural history" of Cayman, or to disregard and rewrite history as it suits?  I think Cayman should give the visiting tourists more credit to discern fact from fiction.     

  37. Anonymous says:

    We already have a Cultural Festival of Batabano and Cayfest which are wonderful events but they certainly don’t bring the numbers our Islands need like Pirates Week – why mess with a good thing?

  38. Captain Crunch says:

    And no one so this coming?….the so called "name change" is just the way in the door to privatise pirates week……"pirates week" name is to big of a revenue maker for no one not to captalize on it….and when Big Mac….I mean Jr. Wopper changes the name we all know who is licking their lips waiting to make this a private owned event… will be supprised and shocked….what gets me is the people of Cayman knew of his dictorship style leadership…..and still put him back there AGAIN?!?!……good luck Cayman….you need it!

  39. Anonymous says:

    He announced this name change at a Church, and a Church that is sooo not Caymanian it is obvious that he takes to a particular nationality…… if we change the name it will be really stupid to leave pirates in the parade..that defeats the whole point…what’s worst Pirates Week or a devil in West Bay holding a fork and I’m not talking bout Mckeeva this time, I’m talking about the devil mascot they use to promote "HELL"

    Well I guess he feels that he accomplished something could he have been in office for 25years and we are just now getting a decent affordable housing scheme, better roads, better schools and a new constitution etc…all this done by the PPM…Changing the name of our historic festival is the least to come from this nincompoop and his bunch of puppets he got on a string… I hear all their wonderful ideas I hopethey Know Mr. Bush aren’t going to let them shine too much…  I agree make them walk the plank… 


  40. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    Ho Ho Hum!

    Not creative; not effective.  Sounds like a week at The Museum of Boring Stuff.  Yeah;  it’ll sure bring in the tourists in November.  Yo, Ho, Ho and a bottle of Aquifina. 

  41. Anonymous says:

    While they at it boys lets change  Halloween, Hell West Bay and all the night clubs can be made into Christian Enlightenment Centers what a Nice place this would be absolutely no sinners to save and no need for so many churches.

  42. Anonymous says:

    What a sin and a shame.

    Wellit’s going to be four years people of thsi kind of sickening crap from Big Mac.

    No thought process. Just reaction.

    Arrrrgg. We need to make hinm walk the plank!!!

    He consulted his right lips consulted his left lips because as usual he talks out of both sides of his mouth. Ooh I am going to bring back touist to Cayman then this bombshell. A Island Killer. Hurricane Big Mac.

  43. Anonymous says:

    So McKeeva did not consulate anyone about this decision? Really smart move.