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Drug education needed

Drug education needed

| 01/07/2009 | 3 Comments

There isn’t enough support and education in schools for drug and alcohol abuse prevention. In this modern day support and information is what is needed in our teenagers’ life. Drinking is a big problem here in the Cayman Islands that has tarnished the reputation of the young people today.

 I could give you a list of atleast 20 people that aren’t even 18 yet that drink alcohol on a daily basis. Drinking at such a young stage in your life is basically suicide. There are safer ways to deal with problems. You’d just be creating another dilemma for yourself by going down this path.

Now I know the whole story about why people drink and do drugs. “Oh, I was so stressed!” or, “I was pressured.” The truth is it is you who makes decisions for yourself. You weren’t pressured. You decided to take drugs and drink liquor because you thought you would appear “cool” by the standards of today’s media, which seems to always be right.

The media has had a massive influence on how the life of teenagers in these times is lived. Smoking makes you look tough and drinking makes you look cool. It is shown every day and sadly some of the teens today are brainwashed by it all. We need something in our lives to guide us and keep us on the right track.

Schools should enforce the prevention of use of drugs and alcohol. Here in Cayman Brac I can count only one assembly where they talked to us about drugs and alcohol. In the life skills class they just touch on the topic of drugs and alcohol. I also went to school in Grand Cayman as well and, I must say, not too much was done there either. Sure the D.A.R.E. program helped kids who already knew what to do, but honestly those who already were introduced to such things weren’t affected. I can count about 10 students I used to go to school with who are or have been in run-ins with the law because of drugs and alcohol. There just isn’t enough support for the teens. We need an in depth program that has the full support of the government and the schools. Something that serves not only as a guide, but also as a reference, something that students can come back to and something they can actually use.

In the end, I believe it all comes down to morals and home training. Teens need guidance nowadays. Teens who have parents who drink and do drugs themselves and far more likely to do drugs and drink than those who don’t. Parents need to guide their children and teach them right from wrong. With such negative examples shown in the media today it is, understandably, hard at times to prevent such things, but with the right amount of perseverance it is possible.

It might be a sensitive subject to talk about, but in this day and age it is necessary. Parents need to know everything. If this issue isn’t controlled, slowly but surely we’ll be breeding a new generation comprised of addicts and alcoholics.

I feel that drugs and alcohol should never be associated with teenagers. I understand there are hardships that many of us must go through. Peer pressure, stress, phobias, worries about your future; they can all be overwhelming at times, but using drugs and turning to alcohol all seems very pointless to me. To me you would be slowly killing yourself bit by bit.

Malcolm Hurlston is a Year 11 student at the Cayman Brac High School

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Governor’s office confirms prisoner release legitimate

Governor’s office confirms prisoner release legitimate

| 01/07/2009 | 4 Comments

(CNS): Rumours of a mass release of prisoners was clarified by the Governor’s Office this evening in a release which stated that seven men had been released on parole on Friday from HMP Northward. The head of the Governor’s Office, Steve Moore, confirmed that the men were released last Friday, 26 June, on the advice of the parole board and all seven had, according to Attorney General Sam Bulgin completed their sentences.

Concerns in the community that some twenty men had been released, some of whom were sex offenders, led the Governor’s Office to clarify that the seven men were eligible for parole. “The Governor’s Office makes decisions on the parole of inmates based on the advice of the Parole Board and in consultation with the Attorney General’s Office,” the statement from Moore said. “Following recent legal advice from the Attorney General’s Chambers the decision was taken on Friday 26 June, release date. The release of the men followed the determination by the Attorney General’s office that they had all completed their sentences and were eligible for release.”

The rumour was further fuelled in the wake of a police report that a woman had been attacked by an intruder in her home in West Bay.


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