Blacklisted again! New travel law for Jamaicans

| 12/07/2009

(Jamaica Gleaner): The luxury of spending 24 hours in a British airport en route to a third country visa free came to an abrupt end a few months ago, the British High Commission here has confirmed. Locals travelling through the United Kingdom (UK) to Germany, France or other European countries must now acquire an in-transit permit ahead of their trip. Having failed Britain’s new Visa Waiver Test earlier this year, Jamaicans are now the only people in the Caribbean who must obtain a direct airside transit visa (DATV) in order to connect to flights through the UK to onward destinations.

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  1. Marek says:

    One murder, is one too many. But lets apply a little math here. Jamaica has 2.8 million people to our 50,000. If you Google the murder stats you will see that they had 1,700 murders in 2007.

    For Cayman to be compared to Jamaica in terms of the murder rate, we would have to have a murder a week.

    Jamacia has over 40,000 major crimes (rape/robbery/assault) per year or more than 100 per day.

    That’s one … every 15 minutes.

    So yes, one murder…is one too many. But we are nowhere near the crime levels in Jamacia.




  2. Anonymous says:


    I wonder what the results of this will be.

    PPM made it that Jamaicans need a Visa to come to Cayman, so I guess others are following their lead.

    • Frequent Flyer says:

      Right! HAHAHAA!  I HIGHLY doubt that the UK is following the PPM’s lead!! Or the Cayman Islands lead for that matter! 

      That’s rich! LOL!

      Thanks for the laugh though!

    • Anonymous says:

      "PPM made it that Jamaicans need a Visa to come to Cayman, so I guess others are following their lead"

      I have seen some really ridiculous posts on here but this one takes the cake! Jamaicans were subjected to visa requirements for just about every country in the world long before Cayman imposed its Visa requirements.

      This latest restriction is requires Jamaicans to have a visa simply to transit through their airports! This is nothing to do with what Cayman thinks of Jamaicans. This is a universal reality. May have something to do with a Jamaican having a bomb in his shoe and trying to blow up an innternational airline.

      This PPM/UDP thing is really sick – please try to get over it and post sensibly. Otherwise we may soon find that this open forum for expression of opinions and comments may very well cease to exist.

    • Anonymous says:

      "PPM made it that Jamaicans need a Visa to come to Cayman, so I guess others are following their lead".

      Incredible that someone could be so ignorant. Many countries (including Britain) required visas for Jamaicans long BEFORE Cayman. Obviously each country independently comes to the conclusion that there are valid reasons for the visa restrictions and it has nothing to do supposed hatred of Jamaicans, let alone one inspired by a political party in Cayman.         

  3. Anonymous says:

    Regrettably, with some, their reputation continue to preceed them. Sad.

    • Mercedezes says:

      With all this crime in Cayman we will probably soon be Blacklisted as well.

      Cayman is getting just as bad as Jamaica will the gun violence, so we must be careful, if you live in a glasshouse don’t throw stones.

      • Anon says:

        Unfortunately for the majority of good Jamaicans, this is yet another case of a few spoiling it for the many.  It’s not a case of the PPM leading the way either – Jamaican’s have needed visitors visas to come to the UK since 2003.  What is being introduced now is a transit visa for those not physically visiting the UK to stay, but simply passing through on their way to a next destination.

        What brought about the change in 2003 was not so much criminal and violent activities in Jamaica, it was due to a few Jamaican’s coming to England and getting involved in heavy crime…. they also managed to give the term "Yardie" a whole new meaning… in England:

        Definition: Yardie



        1. Member of an international gang of Jamaican criminals who sell drugs and violence; "A much publicized raid on a yardie stronghold had first been simulated at Riot City".

      • Anonymous says:

        Jamaicans do not need these requirements because of the crime that they commit in their own country – the world couldnt care less what they do at home – thats their own problem. The world does however care about how they conduct themselves in another mans country – and their behaviour and criminal activity in the UK is what would have premepted this requirement.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Poor Jamaicans.