LA clerk hangs up her wig

| 31/07/2009

(CNS): After 28 years’ of service in the Legislative Assembly, Clerk Wendy Lauer-Ebanks has put aside her wig and gown as she starts her retirement today (Friday, 31 July).  Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush said recently that Lauer Ebanks would be missed as would her impressive grasp on House procedure and practice. He added that she had proved her mettle in organising and conducting the LA’s activities as well as in establishing the LA website. Lauer Ebanks joined the legislature as Deputy Clerk back in 1981 before being promoted to clerk in 2001.

Bush made his comments about Lauer Ebanks departure in the Legislative Assembly last month when he noted how hard she has worked over the years. “The public is generally unaware that the LA office is a behind- the- scenes hub ofactivity. Nor do they know that for the last eight years, it has been Ms. Lauer Ebanks’ hand guiding those activities,” Bush added.

Lauer Ebanks first worked under the National hero Sybil McLaughlin, the first female Clerk of the LA in the Commonwealth. Regarding her as a mentor, Lauer Ebanks still feels the deepest appreciation for Ms. Sybil, who she says was her inspiration, instilling in her a high regard for all aspects of parliamentary procedures.

Bush said Lauer Ebanks has kept the LA office ticking efficiently and precisely and has always been there to make certain that matters progress smoothly despite the hour.


“Throughout the years, she has approached all aspects of her LA responsibilities with the same gusto and enthusiasm,” Bush noted. “Our Standing Orders are our rule book and the LA Clerk must demonstrate a keen ability to understand and grasp its complexities. Ms. Lauer Ebanks has consistently demonstrated this mastery, whether working in her own capacity or as directed by the Speaker.”


He said that to remain meaningful, Standing Orders have to be dynamic in nature, changing to suit developing parliamentary needs and Lauer Ebanks has proven a valuable team-player, always able to grasp the intent of MLAs.

He noted the trials and tribulations she had faced over the years including the LA office’s space congestion; evacuation from the building as a result of serious maintenance and health issues as well as the blow of Hurricane Ivan with the subsequent damage and mould problems which he said she had continued to work with customary effectiveness, adjusting to major changes as our legislature grew.


“I wish her the best of everything in the coming years and pray to God to continue showering her with His blessings. One thing I know for sure: Whatever tasks she may undertake in the future, she will bring to them her customary dedication, efficiency and style, all of which will continue to stand her in good stead,” Bush added.



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