UDP call’s George Town residents to crime forum

| 05/08/2009

(CNS): The George Town representatives of the United Democratic Party (UDP) and community officers from the RCIPS will be holding an open community meeting on Wednesday evening in the Rock Hole area of George Town to talk about the growing crime problem in the neighbourhood.  Mike Adam, Minister of Community Affairs and Housing said he and his colleagues want to ensure all residents of Cayman are protected and kept safe. 

“We recognize that this area is particularly vulnerable and we want to ensure we have the community’s support to make it a safer neighbourhood,” he added.

Representatives of the newly formed Young United Democratic Party (YUDP) will also be in attendance and Richard Christian, Chairman of the Young UDP.  “The YUDP is a group of young Caymanians who have youth welfare at the centre of everything we do.  We want to make sure that all Caymanian young people are given every opportunity to grow and blossom in this community, they are our future,” he said.

Stefan Baraud, Chairman of the UDP George Town Committee said that forums such as this are extremely important for a successful government. “Two-way communication is key and we hope to work closely with this neighbourhood, not only to take existing crime off the streets but to also work with the youth to prevent future crime from occurring,” he explained.

The UDP said it would like to invite all residents to this informal forum where light refreshments will be served. The event starts at 6pm on Wednesday 5 August at the parking lot behind the former English Bakery and all concerned residents are encouraged to attend and voice their concerns. 

 “We want to give the community the opportunity to come out and talk with us directly.  They are the ones who know the problems and our efforts will be more successful with their involvement,” added GT MLA and UDP back bencher Ellio Solomon.

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  1. Sorry Spelling Nazi says:

    I couldn’t let the "scotch free" comment from ‘Concerned’ go no matter how hard I tried to stop laughing! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Its nice to see that the UDP are actually having meetings about crime.

      Good work Ellio & Mike.

  2. Concerned says:

    I think that by now we are all aware of the issues and problems surronding our communities. So I really do not see how this meeting will help prevent  the crime  here in Cayman. That is all we really need- prevention. However, its good to see the politicians going out and trying to make a difference (and actually show their faces) but we have to be a little more proactive. What we need to do is stand behind and convince the community to speak up and assist the RCIPS with information. For Cayman being such a small island someone knows something. There are more than enough ‘loose lips’ here than we actually need, why not put them to good use?

    It is despicable to know that a shooting took place among over 100 people, and no one ‘saw’ anything. Why were there no arrests made? There have been so many people killed on this island and nothing has been done. After all the hype and news dies down, so does the memory of these people. Only the family and friends will know what that is really like.

    We really need to wake up Cayman. But I guess that will not happen until its your loved one that has been robbed, or shot or rapped. What if you were to lose your life tomorrow and your killer is walking around scotch free? Crimes should not only be pursued and talked about when it surrounds people of ‘high caliber’ in the community. It should not matter what the crime is, justice should be sought and achieved. The law should not discimiate and last I thought the police are here to serve and protect.

    It’s time to pull together instead of hating and spreading negativity around. Are we really thinking about how bad it’s getting? Innocent people are being targeted…

  3. Richard Wadd says:

     The First step in empowering our youth is to TEACH THEM DISCIPLINE. 

    We have spoiled our children with our (newly aquiered) wealth. We have quite litterally ‘thrown money at the problem’ instead of addressing the cause.

    Children have no respect for their parents, teachers, elders, and the Law. Who is to blame? We are !

    IF we are to truley empower our youth, and provide them with REAL oppertunity, them we MUST prepare them to be able to compete on a Global level.

    The world in which we live DOES NOT revolve around our little Island, and anyone who thinks that it does is in for a rude awakeing. When (not if) the bubble does burst, and make no mistake, it WILL, our youth must be able to fend for themselves as our forefathers and the expats that live among us have done. They must be qualified and capable of leaving the shelter of the nest, and surviving in this ever-shrinking world.

    That takes DISCIPLINE, and discipline is bred out of a Respect for Authority, Law, and other people.

    All of the above are in short supply among our youth. Just look at the statistics.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Notably they are not having the meeting in the McField Lane area, presumably out of fear of being shot.