Ferries to serve 5 islands in Eastern Caribbean daily

| 19/08/2009

(The Examiner): Those seeking a new way to explore the eastern Caribbean islands might soon have another option. A ferry slated to serve Barbados, St. Lucia, Trinidad, Grenada and St. Vincent is expected to start operating daily by late October, according to Grenada-based BEDY Ocean Line. Prices will range from $120 to $140, and some trips will last up to nearly four hours, CEO Benjamin Ross said Tuesday. The announcement comes as travellers face pricier airline tickets, increased baggage restrictions and canceled flights by regional carrier LIAT due to wage disputes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope the Ferry they intend to use is not the one pictured here.

    That is an esturial vessel and not suitable for ocean navigation.

    The shipping registry would not allow that type of vessel to be used in any event for open ocean navigation.

    CNS: No the one in the picture is in the US. I don’t know what kind they intend to use.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A Ferry service from the port in the East to George own will probably be a good idea. You could land the cargo in East End and Ferry it to George Town. Would be better than building more Roads.

    Ferry service to the sister islands will never happen as long as the present interisland shippers have control over whatever they want to control.

  3. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    Shiver me timbers! That be a grand idea!

    Now that leader o’ government business has banned swashbucklers week, i`ll be ou’ o’ a job so if ere decides t’ start a ferry business I`d be more than happy t’ captain th’ ship! Dasn’t ye landlubbers worry I`ve plenty experiance steerin’ ships an’ I might e’en take a bath!

    Oh how I miss th’ high seas!

    Sir Henry



  4. Cicero says:


    Yes this has been considered before and the ferry across the sound. The answer is obvious. The market is just too small. Would be a nice idea tho.

    • MonkeySee says:

      I doubt the "market is too small" to warrant it because if it became a standard mode of transportation, it would rival the frequent flying to the Sister Islands. 

      I do not like small planes and have found it very limiting in travelling to the Sister Islands, having only been there three times(2 for business) in my 30 years of life! 

      On the other hand, I LOVE boating and being on the open water.  I used to take the NS ferry quite frequently with my entire family. It was quite enjoyable!

      If it ended up being a feasible option and they didnt try to price gouge us, I am sure many people would enjoy that as an alternate staycation.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is a great way to travel in the Caribbean and is similar to the Virgin Islands.  I hope it drives down the cost of inter-regional travel.  I’ve been told this option has been explored in Cayman already.  Hopefully the government can look into something like this and use the "new" port in the East.

  6. MonkeySee says:

    sounds like a great idea for Grand Cayman & Sister Islands!

    Wonder what the negatives are & why we haven’t/can’t do it here?

  7. Lorna Bush says:

    Definitely time for the ferry boat option to be explored as an alternative way of  getting to the Sister Islands.  Could be booked as part of a package for tourists: The Cayman Islands – 3 Islands. Let our visitors know there’s more to explore!