3rd murder suspect arrested

| 28/08/2009

(CNS): Police said on Friday afternoon that detectives investigating the shooting death of Omar Samuels arrested a third person on suspicion of murder on Thursday, 27 August.  The third suspect joins two other men who were arrested on Tuesday, all of whom remain in police custody. Samuels, who was 28, was found suffering a single gun shot wound in the McField Lane area of George Town in the early hours of Sunday, 5 July.  The bullet penetrated Samuels’ femoral artery causing him to bleed out.

Police said the enquiry into Samuels’ death is continuing and anyone with information who has not passed it on is encouraged to do so. DI Kim Evans can be reached on 925-6761 or 925-7240. An anonymous answerphone has been set up so residents can pass information directly to the police without giving their identity. The number is 949-7777. Alternatively, police said that people can also call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS) which is answered overseas.

Although there was said to be many people in the area at the time of theshooting, police said that they had encountered difficulties getting people to come forward with information. Speaking in the wake of the murder, Commissioner David Baines said people had been less than supportive. “We rely on information. We rely on the community,” he said. “Anyone who has information needs to visit their conscience. You cannot justify saying that this is a police issue, we all need to take responsibility for what is happening and play our part in addressing it.”

 It is also understood that the ambulance which was called for in the wake of the shooting was delayed at the scene by the police, who said that they had to secure the scene before the emergency services were allowed in, not least because of the risk associated with the firearms involved and the previous history of guns in the area.

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  1. Thankful says:

    I am pleased that the Police are continuing to investigate these shootings vigourously so that justice prevails.  Albeit delayed and with possible stretched resources, the committment to the good ship Cayman is noted and appreciated. 

    My prayers are that the links are connected so that these criminals are made to pay for what they have done.

    RIP Marcus Ebanks my friend…we are continuing to pray for leads in this investigation also and that there is a break-through in that case.

    Thank you to the investigators of RCIPS…as you continue to follow the trail may your work yeild fruit.