Cops arrest 3 in club shooting

| 11/09/2009

(CNS): Police said this morning that three men have been arrested in connection with the murder of 35-year-old Carlo Webster, who was shot inside Next Level Nightclub in the early hours of Thursday morning. The three men, all in their twenties, were arrested in West Bay and George Town by officers from the Uniform Support Group on Thursday (10 September). Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Kennett said the enquiry was progressing well and the security tapes at the club have provided excellent information.

 “We have directed a number of resources to the enquiry and the team is following up a number of promising leads,” he said. “There is a lot of work to do and a great number of witnesses to speak to and all the officers involved are working exceptionally hard.”

Webster was shot at around 1.30am inside theclub and police said a post mortem is expected to be conducted this weekend by a forensic pathologist from Miami Dade. Photographs of the victim circulated on the email yesterday indicated that Webster had been shot in the head by the gunman, who reportedly fired three shots in the club with some 150 people inside.

The shooting has sent shock waves through the community, which was already reeling from an increase in gun violence, because of the brazen nature of the attack. The gunman effectively opened fire in a public night spot in front of cctv cameras and 150 people, putting all of their lives at risk.

“The mentality of someone prepared to do that is extremely worrying,” said Kennet. “It’s time for people to come forward and stand up against this despicable violence and bring the community back to the level of safety people expect.”

A second man who sustained a gun shot wound to his stomach, for which he received medical attention, was found in the car park of the nightclub and police said he is doing well.  Police were unable to comment on the man’s connection to the incident and whether he was an intended target or merely an unintended victim of the shooter’s decision to open fire in a public place.

“We are getting good cooperation from nightclub staff and from some members of the community,” said Kennett. “I appeal for this to continue and ask that anyone with information come forward.”

The RCIPS also called for people not to take matters into their own hands and to allow detectives to do their jobs. “We are working very hard on this case and assure the community that all will be done to bring Carlo’s killer to justice,” Kennett added. “We need people to work with us on this.”

Anyone with information about the shooting can pass it on to police in a number of ways; people can speak with an officer they know and trust, they can reach George Town detectives on 949-4222, they can leave information on an anonymous voicemail service by calling 949-7777 or they can call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. whodatis says:

    The "B.E.T. Effect"

    Cayman, this is what happens when you let BET television channel raise your kids!

    Bottom line.

    Stop ranting and raving about how things use to be 50 years ago.

    Even the best of parenting skills faces a tough battle against what our kids are exposed to today (last 15 years) by way of popular entertainment – hip-hop / rap / dancehall.

    Do you guys realise thattoday’s films, songs and music videos are essentially "how-to" guides and instruction manuals to a life of crime and debauchery.

    I am a young Caymanian man, still in my 20s, so I’m not an old fuddy-duddy – but I clearly see the negative impact that 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy are having on today’s youth.

    The mindset is one of – get cash, get it quick, get it any way you can – forget about the traditional, legal and long-term approach…that way is for LOSERS!

    Be a thug, drive a nice car, get the girls, get a dozen tattoos – hey, while you’re at it … why not impregnate one of those hundreds of girls that are now actually dying to sleep with you, Mr. Super Thug 2009.

    Good luck to us all.

    (P.S. Does anyone else realize that the growth of our local population is spear-headed by the high number of young individuals that follow this way of life?! People of this "class" don’t normally take the "family planning" approach to child-making – however, they’re making a LOT of (illegitimate) children nonetheless. How bright is our future folks?)

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent post. Thank you for taking the time to point out what happens when disgusting fantasy role models from US gang culture replace the traditional values that were used to build Cayman society.

      While I am not generally in favour of imposing my social values on anyone else, I would support any politician that would like to amend our existing legislation to improve the current situation. We have legislation already which deals with the distribution of obscenity over the regulated media (TV, internet and radio) and this could easily be amended. We could also amend our liquor licensing laws in order to ban this garbage from licensed establishments. I recognise that this would not eliminate the problem, but it would go some way to stopping its proliferation and the destruction or our society. I will add that I have looked at our existing legislation and it would be very easy to amend our laws to accomplish this if there is any politician out there that would like to increase his or her popularity very quickly and effectively.

      Once again excellent post – please continue to bring your point of view to the public – it is very welcome.


  2. Caymanian to the bone says:

    The reason we lived so long without this sort of crime was that if you misbehaved at school your teacher paddled you, when you go home the helper belted you, the neighbour got you too and then finally your parents took the switch to you – you knew that there were consequences for any and all actions. It wasn’t gratuitous violence it was part & parcel of raising children to become good adults.

    Kids aren’t scared anymore, they have no respect – they know the schools can’t do anything & sometimes the parents come to the school & beat up on the teachers(!!), the helper and the neighbours can’t do anything and the parents just won’t!

    Enough – people stand up and take Cayman back. call the parents & tell them what their kids are up to. call the cops if you have to or social services. If you see a crime report it, bea witness if necessary – get involved!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      That is what’s missing in our generation, the kids are too free. This is mostly because of us parents! The ones that don’t have the time for your children, you would rather your child go and spend the weekends at friends house. We rather spend money on men or women (but mosly men) to dress them up keep them happy so then don’t leave you! This really sad. What about the kids? Who will help them? We are sitting down blaming on everything else but ourselves, yes there are some that came from good homesa, some from single parent, some from church, we all know one or two of these boys that are doing these things mybe we know the parent. Come on let’s make it our business to do something with the ones that are growing up now stay at home on fridays give up the nihgt club if you are having children they are you resposability! Not their grama,aunts,nanny etc. We bring these kids rise them up to the best you can. If you see your child hanging with the wrong people talk to them, if they don’t lisen call the police on them, at least you would save that child from some desaster, or the dead of someone else.

      We can continue blaming everything but first do your part. Then talk

  3. Anonymous says:

    The funny thing is, i read in Thursdays newpaper and theymade the impression that the security level is very high and other clubs so come to that standard. Now, they did say they search you with a full body pat down technique and use a metal detector on you. Okay thats that. So tell me now how they get in the club with a gun if they say that they search you and use a metal detector. So Mr. Welds "Security looks pretty tight there", i can comment on that, it only is tight when they doing their job and clearly it doesnt seem to me that they was doing their job "pretty tight"….  Well i guess they must have just let them go through without searching.??? So, my question is how they got in the club with the gun??…Answer that!

    • Rey O says:

      Well it is obvious that it was a girl that got into the club with the gun.  From what everyone is saying, Security at ALL THE CLUBS are very loose on searching women. Just checking their bags and maybe a quick scan with a metal detector that is going to go off with all the buttons and stuff a girl has on her. 

      The guys that go through the club are searched very intensly.  That is because on a Wednesday night they expect these wanna be thug boys to be carrying weapons.  After reading all the comments it seems to me that we need not rushto conclusions.  This was something that was planned so you know they would find a way to get it in no matter how much searching was going on.  The only way to make sure 100% that no one gets in with anything is to strip them naked and THAT AINT GOING TO HAPPEN NOW IS IT

  4. Twyla Vargas says:

    BOY, AWE  TELL YAW, The Police them no romp fe ketch ya now a days.  Never in my wholelife have I seen the police force so agressive in solving cases.  I do not know who is at the front row, but they are marching in good time

    Thank you RCIP, you are doing a good job.  Keep it up.  Let everyone realize that enough is enough.  Thanks to the people of Cayman who now for once in their lives realize that the police need assistance for them to protect you. Walk good..

    • Dred says:

      "Thank you RCIP, you are doing a good job.  Keep it up."

      With all due respect Twyla this was not that hard an arrest. We only had 100 or so witnesses and cameras going.

      This was almost never meant to be escaped. And if it was it is a pure and simple slap in the face of the Police. They may as well go hold up the Police Station.

      I am not saying Police are bad or anything but patting them on the back so heavily here is unwarranted. I personally haven’t heard of the BT Rock Throwers being caught and they were even stoning the Police. That went on for MONTHS UPON MONTHS and no one was caught. They threw even when the police were on sceen.

      Until we start having less gun crimes I rest a lot of the blame for this on them because while we as parents are dropping the ball big time they are also dropping the ball by allowing them access to weapons. We are also to blame but so are they.

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        ITS OBVIOUS WHICH, side you are on Dred, however everyone is free to their opinion, and be careful commenting on the BODDEN TOWN ROCk THROWERS,  because that may be bigger than you think.  So if I was you I would leave that one alone if you knew what I know. 

        In fact I would be too happy to see the connection  you refered to, between the  Rock Throwing in Bodden Town, and what that has to  do with a killing at a Night Club on West Bay road. I am longing to hear that.

  5. Craig Merren says:


    But are we willing to help nurture the unfortunates of our time? The unfortunate of our own kind? This is something that has been building for many years in Cayman. Let’s go back to the last 12-15 years (or 20) and do a back ground check on these “Gangs” (past politicians in that era once called them “Groups” they didn’t heed the warning either).

    Too many times we played this game and did not heed the warnings, but swipe it under the rug and went about ourbusiness. Caymanians always living in denial. But why? The reason is, we somehow, somewhere we got a little too complacent; we didn’t continue to carry on what was
    handed down by our forefather. We didn’t really do what to get in telling this one and that one etc. Just mind our business & didn’t say this or that. We forgot what our forefather thought us.

    We forget to go back and tell them, “Hi, if I see you with your pants down by your crack again am gonna tell your father/mother”. But, we didn’t want to get involved in telling his dad or mom. Some did am sure. I tell them that all the time when I see how they dress and wear these old baggy clothes and pants & think that’s style. We simply let it all slide to what we are witness in today. We just forgot to be our brother’s keeper. We say, “No, that’s not my problem, he too bad he
    too this”. That is correct, but why? Do a survey on their Mama’s and daddies of those that has died from the bullet and check out the back grounds. I see the problem every day after schools. The little attitudes, the walk, pants drop down by their crack of their asses, the supa size ear ring, tattoos on the girls back sides, big bling-bling shades and the list goes on and on. All this has created this manner that has been developing in many countries. Yes its parenting that is responsible, and that’s the bottom line!!!

    Just this afternoon seen 3 of them (boys between 15-18yrs) crossing the road after school on Walkers Rd with a grave yard look on their face, one is smoking thinks he is so cool. I wanted to turn around and have a chat with them but time didn’t permit me to. But am sure I will see them agan and have a lil chat and get there youthful response on life, home and love. But mind this now, it has to be with respect. Meaning you can’t approach them with a bad manner either.

    Am sure this can be identified and manage by means of fostering these kids, their homes, their parents and help finically if the case. I don’t mean by popping over and dropping off a $100 bucks, I mean by contributing our time, a solution, working with the schools, going into the districts in the yards, pointing them out in the schools (we can spot the lil upcoming buggers a mile away) and help out in their weakness, their family structure, the way they live (and we know!)
    that might need some funding towards their basic needs. Am sure the schools, teachers and social services can help stream line those that are in need, that’s in this situation. As I said, we can spot them a mile.

    Once we have, we can chart their course and help with the tools to up bring our kids to be a better member of society, for a healthier Cayman, a safer Cayman. To cast them into the iron men as their forefathers once was. Let’s get together to help make our weak ones men of charter, statesmen and embrace them for tomorrow’s leaders instead of gunslingers shooting one another.

    You might be conscious of loosing what you have built up over the years for your family and for this country, for this island. I don’t want to hear this “Boy my business gonna suffer and this and that”. What have suffered are the families of so many dead young men of our country over time, and over what? I wish I knew my bible will so I could quote you some scriptures, but I have some good ones like that on this email that know them – AMEN!

    In closing, If we don’t take control now (we kind of late, but never too late) am afraid I’ll have to echo what a cousin of mine said in his words, “Our own peaceful and safe lifestyle that we all have enjoyed growing up in Cayman has come to an abrupt end. We need to deal with this urgent crisis, or any future that we planned for on these Islands will be history”. Will, we’ll be all gone to hell. We are too much of a small society to let Satan slide this on us. I have thefaith.

    Cayman am afraid, has become a LAWLESSNESS SOCIETY! That’s just the bottom line!

    But, my good Caymanian comrades, friends & businessmen are you now willing to lend a hand to the un-fortunate, misplaced & frail Caymanian/s families by any means necessary?

    Let’s continue to pray for these islands, pray for our brothers and sisters and the blessing from the good lord above.

    Have safe & Bless weekend!

    One Love!

  6. SIR TURTLE says:

     SIR TURTLE states:



    Ah… humbug… I must just be an old-timer who don’t know what he’s talkin about… Didn’t Bob Marley sung, "Time will Tell"

    CNS: Thanks for contributing. Next time could you not leave the caps lock on, please?


  7. Anonymous says:

    Like the popular television program, "Law & Order" the arrest is only half of the challenge. Prosecutions in the country must be at an all time low. Does anyone who does not plead "guilty" get convicted?

    Sorry if I sound pessimistic.

    • Dred says:

      Well….I think this one might be a tee wee bit easier to pin it on. How many people saw them or the killer? Might even be camera also. I think even our guys can handle this one.

    • anonymous1 says:

      So they have three in custody, what next, every one of those security people should be questioned  very good, some one allowed that gun to be brought in either on their person that night or by a cleaner, a guard  a manager before the party started, if they had such good security and surveillance cameras why no one saw what happened. It was planned and someone got a few bucks for allowing that gun to be inside. Go do your work Mr. Kinnet

    • durrrr says:

      The combination of police incompetence and retarded and/or scared juries, is a bad one.


      We currently have a system whereby it pays to fight charges, no matter how much evidence is against you, as the chances are that someone will screw something up, and you’ll get off scott-free. A sad state of affairs.

  8. anon1 says:

    I don’t mean to sound sarcastic, but is this the new trend. For every murder 4 people must lose their lives? Can’yt the police try to really find out who th emurderer is? Do they really need to arrest 3 people whenever there is a murder.

    From the previous case, even if someone else is involved do we get the others to turn state evidence and give them a slap on the wrist and a light sentence or let them all off scot free.

    RCIP, I beg you to find out who the trigger nam really is and lock him up and throw away the key. I don’t believe anyone thinks three people shot Mr. Webster but the one who did needs to pay.

    • Deeply saddened says:

      So, what about the person who brought in the gun on their person? The person who let the gun get in to the club maybe? The person who drove the car?  The person who may have taken the gun AFTER the shooting? Now I’m not saying that these are the 3 people who have been arrested or that there were so many people involved but I do support the RCIP with multiple arrests for all who are involved in any crime.

      The law should not send the message that only the person who pulled the trigger will be held responsible. All people should be held legally liable for any roll they knowingly play in any crime in my opinion, that is the only way we can truly deter individuals from going this route.

      • Worried Caymanian says:

        Anyone who conspires with another to cause a person’s death is guilty of offence,not just the person that actually pulled the trigger.  Furthermore, it full time that the "masterminds" get behind bars too instead of just the "errand bwoy". 

        Well done Mr Kennett and his team, keep up the good work, lets hope it follows with a conviction now, no getting off on technicalities with this one; The last one with young Rankine was a close call.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to the RCIP. Please keep up the good work and got the rest of the thugs and their guns out of our communities and behind bars – permanently if I had my way.

  10. "Anonymous" says:

    Congrats RCIPS to your quick arrests being made.  Hope something comes from this and these culprits will be incarcerated (life).

    To the families and friends, sincere condolonces, and prayers for strength and courage to go through all this.  Be strong!!!!

  11. Concerned young caymanian mother says:

    Name them so the public can know who they are!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Things like this is what makes Cayman need Capital Punishment.

    • Why? says:

      Why?  Capital punishment has no deterrent effect, US states with capital punsihment have higher murder rates than those who do not, juries are less likely to convict murderers if there is a death penalty and the implementation of the death penalty costs a fortune.  Oh and of course it is the narrow minded barabric reaction of those with no understanding of criminology or the criminal justice system.

      • Anon says:

        Who do the Far Eastern States have such low ratesof violent crime???

      • Dred says:

        Actually it does deter but it is simple minded to think that it would STOP it all completely.

        However "barbaric" or "barabric" you think it is just look at the pictures or see what people have suffered at the hands of these people. Until you have lost a love one please do not say the words "barbaric" because you have yet to know the term in its true context.

        Anyone who would walk into a nightclub packed with 100-150 people and shoot someone not caring about the consequences tells me there is but one answer that fits this crime. This is premeditated murder of the most heineous kind.

        I would not agree with a death sentence for every murder but only something that was premeditated. If you can prove that the person left their location with the intent to commit grevious harm them I am for the death penalty.

        Why does implementing death penalty cost a fortune? This should be interesting. So housing someone for lets say 20 years cost less than building a room and instituting an injection? This should be a wopping reason. You thinking about all the appeals? Hell no. Sentence carried out within 3 months of sentencing. That gives them 3 months to find the evidence to free themselves. They have one appeal so use it wisely.

        The US outthink themselves all the time. They go out of their way to create loopholes for criminals to walk thru.

        I see you are one of those nicey nicey people who don’t believe in death penalty but I have no qualms putting someone away for putting someone to death. 

        • Death row says:

          Wow – here is someone basically advocating cutting short the appeal process and risking killing an innocent person just to save money.  Good point.

          The cost of each execution in the US far exceeds the costs of a lifetime incarceration.  In fact recently several states in the US have reviewed having the death penalty because it simply costs too much, I recall reading comments to this effect in respect of both New Jersey and New Mexico.  There is no reason to believe that Cayman would be any different. 

          Now let’s end where you started "Actually it does deter" have you any basis for this assertion?  Murder rates in places which have introduced the death penalty have tended to increase not decrease (I am not saying the dealth penalty causes the increase, but rather that it is often brought in as a knee jerk and ineffective response to increasing serious crime).

  13. Anonymous says:

    I implore the new Commissioner to put another SIO on this case….not Peter Kennet.

    Lets hope they’ve arrested the right people this time and please don’t accidentally erase the tapes in this case too……please don’t do that again…….make copies quickly under very controlled and professional circumstances please !!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Well done RCIPS. Lets hope one of these guys is the murderer and that they are not being fitted up to appease the public that the bad guys are locked up.