Dealers foiled in drug flush

| 14/09/2009

(CNS):  Officers from Cayman Brac went beyond the call of duty this weekend when a suspected drug dealer attempted to flush evidence down the toilet during apolice raid in which four people were arrested for drug related crimes. With the help of the Public Works Department, officers were able to recover packages of ganja from the septic system during the multi-agency operation at the government trailer park in Watering Place. Area Commander, Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay said police were prepared to do whatever was necessary to fight drug crime.

The operation was conducted on the Brac on Friday, 11 September, by local RCIPS officers, the Drugs Task Force, the Immigration Department and HM Customs and resulted in the arrest of three men aged 24, 31 and 39, and a 28-year-old woman on suspicion of various drugs offences including possession of ganja with intent to supply, possession of ganja and consumption of ganja.

One of the four was also arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods and some electronic equipment was seized. Police also seized several individually wrapped packages of ganja; however, one of the men had attempted to destroy the drugs by flushing them down the toilet. With the assistance of PWD the septic system was removed and examined and the packages of ganja were recovered.

“We will do whatever it takes to gather evidence and arrest people as part of the ongoing fight against drug offenders in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Anyone who sells imports or uses drugs in the Sister Islands can expect a visit from the police,” said CI Kay, who encouraged the community to work with the police in addressing drug related crime. “Anyone who has information about drug use can contact the Brac police station or myself directly in the strictest of confidence,” he added.

The raid was carried out a Government Trailer Home in Watering Place, North East Bay and anyone with information should contact Cayman Brac police station on 948-0331. Mr Kay can be reached on 526-0759 and Crime Stoppers is 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Really and truly when it comes right down to it.  How simple and foolish we as Caymanians have become.  We make light of everything now a days.  We have an excuse for every crime committed and call them mistakes.  We try and find a place to fit God and religion in, hoping this commands the people to sit up and take note; all because we used the word God.  Maybe if we lived as God said we should live, we wouldn’t have to make so many excuses and so called mistakes.  I am hoping that since God is used to make excuses that more time is spent also in reading or learning about him.  Lets all try to have some good common sense here if we can’t all be educated people.  Remember the younger generation is learning from us.  What do we have to offer them.  Excuses and so called mistakes are not going to cut it.  Who do you want caring for you when you are old?  You think excuses are going to care.

  2. Benjy says:

    I had to have the Public Works department dig out th emain lavatory drains at Creek School during a major investigation – one of our pupils had lost his glass eye. I was so sympathetic the first time this happened and… quietly annoyed the second time he did it! I see those the same skills have been refined and are still being used!



  3. BRAKKA says:

    "If a man steal a mango, or breeze blow up a woman dress, beat ya life you read about that in the foreign press, tru tru"  by: Lord Laro

    Well the police over here have to find something to say they doing their jobs!!

    "Guiltiness, rest on them conscience"  By: Robert Nesta Marley 

  4. gilly says:

    What kind of foolishness this is. Big deal anything can make the headlines these days what was the weight .0001 of and once Comonnn man talk about hype i can remember when we had real officers on the brac who were taking 1000lbs of Ganja and kilos is cocaine of the streets. We reduce to ganja in septic tanks now desperate man real desperate

    • Anonymous says:

      Gily, next time please wait until after you typed your post before you start smoking up.

  5. Twyla Vargas says:

    I HOPE THE POLICE, do not try to please everyone, and just do what they know is right.  Because you will have some people  making funny remarks like "Shortly there after" 15:36 and on the other hand some with serious notes on 15:36.  In life it is hard to please everybody, but I am sure if we try hard enough, we can please somebdy. 

    The Cayman Brac police and public works department is only doing the right thing, joining hands to eradicate a serious situation even if it was shitty.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Shortly thereafter, a new kind of ganja hit the streets and I’m telling you, it’s some really good shit man.  You just gotta try some of this new Brac Brown man, it hits you like it flew off a shovel…

    • Jabez says:

      Also goes by the name TPC – Trailer park chronic. For those not into the "brown" vibes.

  7. citizenonalert says:

    Why is it  now that every crime committed whether petty or very serious seems to be the top story in our local headline news. Its great to see the RCIP have finally woken up from the comatose state they were in. I agree the public should put fire under their feet for the lack of good and effective national security they have previously provided the Cayman Islands but for goodness sake at the end of  the day lets think about our Tourism Industry and how these headlines are read around the world. The RCIP public relations department should report what is neccessary to the media instead of reporting every arrest made recently. It will take allot of work before the RCIP image improves but this is definitely not the way. This article is a typical example. The public want to hear about murders, unsolved murders being actually SOLVED and drugs and guns being SEIZED when smuggled in. These are headlines the people want to hear about.   



  8. Bodden says:

    Congratulations on a successful operation, to all who were involved in this drug bust. Everyone complains about the ails of the drug influence, but too few are willing to assist police and customs in their efforts to erase this scourge from our community. I would hope that the current, serious crimes in Grand Cayman would be a wake up call to everyone to take ownership of our country and its problems before it’s too late.

    To the new CI in the Brac and the cooperative team members, keep up the good work. We’d all do well to remember the old adage – "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…".

    • Anonymous says:


      Will the Police be able to prove that the matter flushed was in fact the drugs recovered?

      If not, the Police may have gotten shi%ty for nothing.

  9. Bracca says:

    Maybe someone from the Brac should come and teach you how to spell Brac.

    • Jabez says:

      No, what someone from the B-r-a-c (there I got it right, unless CNS messes with it, here – I’ll do a print screen to prove I spelled it right before hitting send – damn the paranoia is killing me), uhhh where was I? Oh yes! What someone from the Brac needs to teach me is how to spell correctly and work a computer while being stoned at 11:00 am in the morning! I mean, do you see those CAPTCHA codes you have to type in? I swear all i see is flies buzzin around. Let’s give it another try 🙂 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like someone got a little "baked" before they logged on today….

  11. Any says:

    I wonder where these drugheads from????

  12. Jahlebb says:

    WOW that is some nasty work to do to recover evidence / ganja, that kind of effort should apply in getting evidence to our long list of unsloved murders also, this just proves how far police will go to get what they call drugs, which is not drugs but Ganja-is a herb-not drugs, there is a difference drugs are made up of man-made toxins, but ganja is made up of only substances created by the creator himself, yet we discriminate it like its created by the devil, and at the same time we say we are a christian nation that believe’s in God and all his creation, how contrary. Its fine for us to smoke man-made cigarettes, alcohol and any other legal substance but not ganja, that law is against our personal rights, can we NOT see this system is a failure, partly because its a man-made law NOT God’s law, just like the drugs are man-made NOT God made.

    I leave you with this: with booze you loose, with dope there is no hope, with cigarette you live to regret, with herb when am smoking please don’t disturb. 

    • Jabez says:

      LOL! Love it!

      But what’s even more impressive: who taught the barc pirate to use a computer? lol!

    • Anonymous says:

      so i am guessing Cocaine should no longer be considered a drug either? interesting interpretation? come to think of it, lets take opium of that list as well? The god lord made both of them!

    • Anonymous says:

      At the end of the day, dope is still not legal on these Islands.  No matter what you think. No matter who made or create it.  Good job RCIP.  Keep the Brac clean.