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| 17/09/2009

(CNS): Even in the best of times everyone likes a discount, but when times are hard saving money is at the top of everyone’s shopping list, says Melissa Ebanks (left), the marketing and sales consultant with Cayman’s latest website The first ever dedicated coupon site in the Cayman Islands, is lined up to be a great success as the islands’ one-stop onlineshop for discounts. Completely free to shoppers – locals and tourists alike – offers access to a wide variety of discount coupons that can be printed at the click of a mouse.

The coupons can be used across Cayman in restaurants, shops, attractions or even for services such as insurance or car rental. “We are the first company to bring this concept to the Cayman Islands,” explained Melissa. “However such sites are very common in the United states where they are widely used.”

Visitors to Cayman from the US are already used to this kind of on-line service, so Melissa expects that they will be logging on to the site before they even come on vacation. “That way they can check out what discounts they’ll be able to enjoy on some of the attractions they want to visit or restaurants they hope to eat at, as well as shops and services they’ll use, when they get here,” she added.

However, is not just a tourist service; locals will be able to enjoy the discounts on a huge range of goods and services as well. “With local shops and businesses participating, everyone can save on anything, from groceries to car insurance,” Melissa noted. “As the idea of surfing and saving grows and as more Cayman businesses join the site we will be presenting literally hundreds of opportunities for people to save.” is a simple and convenient site to use. The coupons are very easy to find and print and there is no registering or membership required. The site offers local business a simple and affordable way to extend discount savings to their customers to help increase business.

“It’s a win-win situation – customers save money, and businesses increase sales. Who doesn’t love a bargain?” Melissa asked. “Discounts are one of the best ways of attracting new customers and helping people get through difficult times. We all feel a lot less guilty about spending money in difficult times if we feel we got a good deal. I am so excited about this new venture as I know that once people get the chance to enjoy instant access to savings they really are going to love it.”

Each business on the website has a profile page with its key information, such as a description, contact details and, of course, the discount coupons. So businesses are not only tempting customers with savings and discounts but they can also use their profile page to promote their business and inform customers who, what and where they are.

“They say the simplest ideas are often the best and that is very true when it come to caymancoupons. It’s a terrific concept and it won’t be long before everyone in Cayman is surfing and saving!” Melissa exclaimed.

For more details about how your business can become a part of caymancoupons contact Melissa Ebanks on 525-8725 or email

Photo: Melissa Ebanks, the marketing and sales consultant with

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