Mac:We don’t need UK cash

| 19/09/2009

(CNS): With still no news coming from London regarding approval for the $372 million loan the Cayman Islands government needs to increases its borrowing commitment, Leader of Government Businesses McKeeva Bush has told Radio Jamaica that Cayman doesn’t need “one red cent” from the people of the United Kingdom. He explained to the radio station that all the government needs is permission to access funds that it has already raised on the private markets. Bush has been in London this week meeting with FCO officials, who still want Cayman to introduce new direct taxes which Bush has refused to do.

Although the CI government is under pressure from the Foreign And Commonwealth Office to introduce sustainable direct taxes, such as property, sales or even income taxes, to get Cayman out of debt and balance the budget, the LoGB has consistently said that, aside from increasing some existing fees and possibly introducing indirect, he will not bow to the pressure. Bush said the UDP government plans to diversify the economy and re-generate wealth by attracting investment.

"We are going to do some divestment, that will take a longer time. We are going to increase some fees. As I said, inward investment is the way to go; that was what had raised the revenue before, not income tax, not property tax; I ain’t going to do so," Bush told Radio Jamaica. He said, as he has stated publically here in Cayman since receiving the OT Minister, Chris Bryant’s letter refusing approval for more borrowing, that the UK’s stance is unreasonable but that the situation was as a result of the previous administration’s spending.

"We need to borrow … because the last government ran up the bill. It was stupid, mere stupidity, for any government as small as we are without huge natural resources for income to start huge capital projects and expect to fund it out of recurrent revenue. Not even businesses do that," Bush added.

"Now we have to get their concurrence to borrow. We are not asking them to lend us, we are not asking them to pay and there is no question about if we can pay. I don’t expect one soul in Britain to give me one red cent because we can manage, we have managed," the LoGB observed.

According to a report on Bloomberg yesterday, the UK posted the biggest budget deficit for any August since modern records began in 1993 as the recession destroyed tax revenue and welfare costs soared. The $26.3 billion shortfall compared with a 9.9 billion pounds deficit a year earlier, the Office for National Statistics said. Britain will have to cut spending at the fastest pace since the 1970s to repair the damagethe slump has inflicted on the public finances, economistswarned this week. The International Monetary Fund expects the budget deficit to exceed 13 percent of gross domestic product next year, the most in the Group of 20.

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  1. robert ibeh says:


    It makes a lot a sense to me. You can give me a bunch of reasons why we shouldn’t; I’ll simply tell you you’re afraid of the unknown. We want the power to do this and that all whilst wrapped up in the UK’s security blanket.

    It’s time we take the step and really move forward. All the so-called progress the government officials talk about is progression towards what!? INDEPENDENCE SHOULD BE THESE ISLANDS’ PRIORITY.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, you are absolutely right, but to achieve this, we need to be debt -free.To become debt-free, we need to either increase revenue, decrease expenditure or both. The Caymanian people would be called upon to make massive sacrifices and live under serious austerity measures for a minimum of 3 years. It can be done and I for one will support a viable plan that gets us out of debt and on the road to recovery. I will even donate my pension fund. Its about 40k, but if things keep going the way they are, there will be no place left to call our own. God help us and may He give our leaders wisdom. Thanks for your time.

      • jubba gump shrimp co. says:

        Hang on … let me sell my place first and get my other assets out of here. I was hoping for about five years before the big independance sell off started but it looks like it is already happening. With over 2000 used cars for sale on line in Cayman I think I will just leave it as a tip to the guy at the airport who can help me  push all my junk to the check in desk.

        Man …. it could have been so good here too


  2. "Caymanian to the Bone" says:

    Well from the looks of things this may become another Cayman vs Jamaica issue AGAIN.  No matter what happens in this country Jamaicans have to be pulled in somewhere, somehow.  It’s quite obvious that Cayman has now become the topic of the day, within the Caribbean and around the world.  If Mr. Bush would try engaging his brain before he spewed off his mouth then our business not not become every bodies "dirty laundry".  

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good thing we dont need UK cash cause their Govt is broker than us and they already have the highest taxes in the world. Wonder if they are going to increase taxes on their citizens to more than the current 50% tax rate they already have (everything included). Thats so funny that the countries with the highest tax rates and that themselves are drowning in debt are now thinking of teaching the rest of the world how to harmonize taxing of their citizens. Reminds me of the fable ‘The Emperor has no Clothes’.


    • Anonymous says:

      Uk does not have 50%

      • Anonymous says:

        "Uk does not have 50%"

        How much then? 49 1/2%?

        or 55%?

        I am talking about income tax, + Value added tax + property tax + all the other taxes added together. Actually it is most likely greater than 50%.

        The point I am making is that they already have all the taxes that they want us to adopt and when it comes to balancing their budget they are still worst off than us.. Comprendo?

      • Anonymous says:

        No, it’s 40%

        Howevever, there is something called National Insurance (NI) to be added too at a rate of 11%.

        This graphic on wikipedia shows it nicely :

        There is a planned 50% tax on everything more that £150K due to start next year.

        I must add that there is the employers component to NI too which is 12.8%

  4. Anonymous says:

    As I see it the issue here is not about Bush’s choice of external news media to grant interviews on this important issue but the fact that he chose not to talk to the Caymanian people first.  The politically correct thing would have been to return home and address the people who voted to put him in the position to travel and speak on our behalf. It is about respect and commonsense. Oh, and by the way, I am 5th generation Jamaican, descending from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica and therefore suffer no hatred nor prejudice against Jamaicans. This is about Caymanians and our country’s affairs.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      IMHO our country can no longer sustain herself  with the antiquated duty and fee tax system. The open world economic system will create situations that will ripple through all economies. There have been no new income streams for Cayman in decades. Simply raising duties and fees will not work. In the USA the leaders used to say, it is only a quarter of a million or later its is only a million…then billion and now they banter about trillions of dollars. We are deeply in debt with no new income streams, no new tourism or financial services plan to attract new business. Simply borrowing with no long term plan makes no sense. I feel for the civil service as I do for all of us suffering through this situation. I believe we need to support our leaders in this crisis. Support borrowing as a stop gap measure only. Support borrowing IF there is a plan to reduce the size of government (25% of the voters work for the CIG) privitize, introduce new steady tax income streams like a property tax which can be relied on for steady income, reduce duties in some areas to give the residents relief and to make Cayman more competitive in the tourism and financial services sectors.

      We cannot just borrow our way out of this mess.

      Lachlan MacTavish

  5. Anonymous says:

    I only hope I don’t see another article on anything coming out of Jamaica in the Net News or the Compass. Also also hope that I don’t see another article on anything Jamaican on this site. I also hope there is no Deon Anglin doesn’t perform another interview with a Jamaican sportsman, etc.

    Just kidding…. you guys are all silly. Jamaicans have gotten a beating and we will take our licks because we deserve em. But guess what? WE WILL RISE! Dem can’t stop we. Strange that when Usain Bolt breaks a world record he is praised, and embraced becasue he is Caribbean but when a news are with McKeeva Bush’s name and the Cayman Islands is aired on Radio Jamaica and posted on their website, the PREMIER and MOST respectable and possibly OLDEST Radio Station in the CARIBBEAN, the question is asked "What Jamaica doing in Cayman business?"

    Just visited the Radio Jamaica website and it’s the very same news article that has been reported in Cayman media. Here’s the link: Sad to the say but some people are so filled with hatred it’s scandalous.

  6. Jumping Jack Flash says:

    This is a surreal thread – how can one interview to the BBC, picked up by Radio Jamaica cause so much anger?  Some of the posters on CNS can see a conspiracy anywhere.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Stupid is what stupid is!

    How can we be facing a national crisis and we get concerned about a broadcast done by Radio Jamaica of a comment made by the Leader of Government Business to BBC? Wake up my fellow Caymanians, we have much bigger issues to deal with; our country is in debt over $800mil.

    What constructive advise do you have to give to the government?

    "I dont know what business RADIO JAMAICA has asking McKeva Bush about our business.  I dont hear Radio Belize, Radio Honduras, Radio Cuba or even Radio USA enquiring into our affairs so why is RADIO JAMAICA interfering? "

    This is just plain stupid!!!

    In another thirty days it does not matter who Mckeeva talks to we are dead as a country if the Government does not increase revenue.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop drinking the McKeeva cool aid for God’s sake !!! Even McKeeva, after he created the country’s worst public relations nightmare with his Ritz Carlton meeting, has had to admit now that the PPM left $90M in the general reserves and that the country is NOT broke.

    • Anonymous says:

      or decrease expenditure…….preferably both in a perfect world. It is definitely possible, we just all need to get on board.

  8. Anonymous says:

    "All you moaning about how he went to radio jamaica should calm down…the pieces quoted were actually off the same broadcast that I heard on Radio Cayman…off the BBC Caribbean relay on fri night.  Chances are Radio Jamaica also relays the BBC Caribbean feed which is why this story is quoted how it is.  The reason he is speaking to BBC Caribbean is because they are based in London…exactly where McKeeva is/was….get a grip people…not everything is a conspiracy or is suspicious!!"


    Exactly!!! It was a BBC Caribbean news cast carried by Radio Jamaica, he wasn’t speaking directly to any Jamaican journalist. I’m honestly baffled, but strangely not surprised, that so many Caymanian would take this as an opportunity to spit venom against Jamaica and Jamaicans. It’s sickening, sad and dispicable. And I honestly hope you don’t allow your hatred to destroy you one way or another…Walk good my Caymanian friends and God bless!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think this is about "moaning". The news story reads:

      "Leader of Government Businesses McKeeva Bush has told Radio Jamaica that Cayman doesn’t need “one red cent” from the people of the United Kingdom".

      Pretty clear to me!  "McKeeva Bush has told Radio Jamaica" …  understand  it now???!!!

      • Edwards says:

        I am a  5th generation Caymanian that lives in Jamaica and heard that news peice, it was on BBC Caribbean broadcasted by RJR. So get a grip. And by the way For YEARS the Cayman Press has printed things good and bad (mostly Bad) about Jamaica.

        Thats what the press do, print or broadcast news. So people get your nickers out of the knot, you all have bigger issues to worry about.

  9. Nicky Watson says:

    To Anonymous who posted on Sat, 09/19/2009 – 23:24 and dared me to publish misinformation (I’m not going to), CNS is 100% owned by me. We do not have shareholders or backers. Anything you have heard to the contrary is false.

    • Anon101 says:

      I’ve just wasted 5 minutes of my life looking for the posting you refer to and I can’t find it. Have you removed it?

      I even went as far as to copy all the postings into a word document and then use key words such as  "Sat, 09/19/2009 – 23:24,"  "dare,"  "CNS,"  "share," and  "backer" to find it but the results of the search came up blank every time.

      Did the posting ever really exist or are you making up a story to blow your own trumpet? Perhaps the posting referred to is false. No, surely not!

      CNS: Sorry to waste your time. I put in brackets that I wasn’t going to post it. Every now and again I get someone who "knows" that someone or other is behind CNS or has shares in it, which is really an attack on our credibility. So it’s worth repeating every now and again that we are completely independent.

    • Anonymous says:

      I applaud you Nicky for firmly standing by what is right.

    • Anonymous says:

      To:  Anonymous who posted on Sat, 09/19/2009 – 23:24

      Don’t be picking on Nicky, or we’ll have to come over and shave off one of your eyebrows…. You need to play nice and you need to play fair.


      You jackass.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not actually fair to say you have no backers… there are tens of thousands of people who’d back you up Nicky!!!  You are doing a wonderful thing here.

  10. Mercedezes says:

    Good God in heaven Mckeeva Bush has some of you all fired up. I know when he be reading these posts on CNS he gah be having a good laugh, If i was him i would be too, as this is clearly so political and bias. And yes i’m a UDP supporter to the day i die.

    Fact of the matter is, no matter how much you all hate him words can’t kill him or he would be dead long ago. PPM has left the country in a huge mess and someone is trying to fix it now so, please give someone more capable and sensible a CHANCE to do so. Regardless of what anyone wants to say that the economy is bad, yes it is and it’s a good thing that this has happen so the PPM can lay the burden on the economy, to hide the mess what they have created. Just wait till those financial statements are presented to the L.A., that’s when the S&%# gah start getting stink and then you want hear the blame game with the PPM.

    Keep hoping and praying for a better Cayman you all that’s what we should be doing, instead of putting our own Caymanians down.


  11. Anonymous says:

    The post of Sat, 09/19/2009 21:47 is based on ignorance of our history. Anyone who knows the history of the Cayman Islands will understand that we were never "a part of Jamaica" but rather were governed by England through the Jamaican parliamentary system. At that time both Islands were British dependencies. Caymanian history also shows that our unsung Hero the late Dr. Roy McTaggart saved us from the very mess being suggested, i.e. becoming a part of Jamaica, or as the poster put it "being re-united with her". It is indeed sad for the Cayman Islands that we do not appear to have a politician with Dr. Roy’s intellect and vision to lead us in these troubled times.

    • Anonymous says:

      You show a fair amount of ignorance by saying that these Islands were governed by England – I suspect that hasn’t happened since 1706.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your own ignorance is very transparent! The islands continue to be governed by England, hence His Excellency the Governor Stuart Jack’s presence here.  Whilst it is a Parliamentary democracy in place following the Westminster System, with local parliamentarians,  England still has the final say. Why the hell do you think McKeeva Bush had to resort to using more public funds to travel to England and make an effort to negotiate regarding the country’s financial plight at this time? 

        • Anonymous says:

          I think not.  Have you never heard of the Act of Union of 1707 or the words "United Kingdom"?  But please do tell me I am ignorant by spouting more inaccurate nonsense.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is there a block on how many posts can be made in this thread?

    CNS: No

    • But... says:

      But is ther a block onones you choose not to show…

      Waiting to see if that is a fact…

      CNS: Read CNS comment policy


      • Joe Average says:

        Jeeeesus!!  We finally get a forum where we can all express our views  And you try to screw it up with vindictive and baseless comments.

        Don’t take any shit Nicky!

  13. calm down says:

    All you moaning about how he went to radio jamaica should calm down…the pieces quoted were actually off the same broadcast that I heard on Radio Cayman…off the BBC Caribbean relay on fri night.  Chances are Radio Jamaica also relays the BBC Caribbean feed which is why this story is quoted how it is.  The reason he is speaking to BBC Caribbean is because they are based in London…exactly where McKeeva is/was….get a grip people…not everything is a conspiracy or is suspicious!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    You people are pathetic. Blame the UK, blame the US, blame Jamaica, and don’t take any personal responsibility whatsoever for the mess that you find yourselves in.  Yes, it’s a conspiracy against the Cayman Islands by the entire world.  You sold your land, you sold your children, and now you’re selling your souls, all for the almighty dollar.  And like any two year old would claim, it’s none of your fault.   

  15. Anonymous says:

    Dear CNS, I was curious if you would be willing to run a poll asking if the public would vote differently now than they did in May given we’re a bit past the "first 100 days" marker. I’d be very interested to see if general opinion would be more in favor of a) a change in leadership within the UDP, b) the PPM (re)gaining the majority, c) the PPM getting the majority but a change in leadership within the PPM  d) a coalition government between both parties (and independents), or e) wouldn’t change how they voted previously.

    Another interesting poll would be to see if people believe either party actually stands for any coherent political ideology, or if they are simply vessels for their respective leaders. I’ve yet to learn myself what actual platform either party stands upon, other than that of opposing their counterparts. People who vote that the parties stand for some consistent "school of thought" could leave a comment telling me exactly what that happens to be.

    CNS: Good idea. I’ve created a poll that encompsses most of your questions. How the PPM are doing as an opposion and whether there should be a change of leadership there will the next poll. Point d) I think goes to the question of the benefits of having parties in the first place – another poll perhaps.

    On your last point, I don’t think much has changed since Wendy wrote this Viewpoint before the elections.

  16. Anonymous says:


    U stupid PPM supporters, the media from Jamaica ask him a question and he answered.

    Look at the problems we are. U haters and former Ministers #@#$$ up my Country.



    • Anonymous says:

      It really annoys me when a person calls others stupid yet can’t take the time to write in an intelligent fashion. Honestly, if you’re going to spew vituperation, at least have the courtesy to do so in a proper manner.

      • Al the Friendly Alky says:

        I though spewing chunks was disgusting (especially the corn – when the hell did I eat corn???), but spewing vituperation sounds REALLY disgusting!

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      NOW LOOK YA, una goin too far now, because in the first place I dont know what business RADIO JAMAICA has asking McKeva Bush about our business.  I dont hear Radio Belize, Radio Honduras, Radio Cuba or even Radio USA enquiring into our affairs so why is RADIO JAMAICA interfering?  Is is just for pro`paganda?  Be careful you dont bite the hand that feeding you!

      Furthermore when there is uprisals in Jamaica no one calls the Prime Minister up there and ask him anything.  There maybe some like dry peas who do not like my comments, but I dont care a Rat Behind.

      It beats me how some people can drink ye milk and count up ye cow and still behave like its no problem.  I totally agree with Mr Bush.  We do not need to ask UK for a RED CENT.   I am sorry for una who think Cayman broke, so all those who were here only for the money I hope you all have gone by now.  I remind everyone again, Caymanians are made of Iron-wood, log-wood, and Mahogany-wood. so stay there and think that because we live in glass house we don know how make fire wood.   Political stragety my friend, and we do not want anyone interefering in our business who cant do crap for us except put us on the map to critize.

      I salute Mr Bush response, and I say do not BOW, Diversify the economy and regenerate or stability by attracting investments.  Hey!, this time round trust me We Caymanians are not going to sit down Idle and let anyone come in here and Blow horn while we are backed into a corner.  So mek up ye mind, because  We are not the same passive passive, people like before, so mek up ye mind, fe us o no fe us.  and una leave the PPM alone too!, because we are all Caymanians and do not intend to let other people and Politics mash us up.  All those who dont have any business in our business and want to Mek them money yaw, I say keep ya pants on and shut ya freaken mout.

      • Mozzie Fodder says:

        Caymanians aren’t made of logwood – logwood is an invasive species not native to the Cayman Islands.

        • Twyla Vargas says:

          YES IT IS, and my 106 year old grandmother isnt wrong.   Logwood is a Native of the Cayman Islands, and infact the heart of the logwood was used for dye. 

          When ever I write or comment I make sure I do my home work first.  You could never be a Caymanian Foddie Mozzer, unless you live on seven mile beach.  Enquire  from the old folks and come to the country side of Cayman.  You will see logwood that will make your head spin.  In fact I am a well known wood sculpture, and my two first regonized pieces of art was a chair  and a lamp made from the logwood heart.  Check it out.

          • Mozzie Fodder says:

            Sorry Twyla but numerous textbooks including "The Cayman Islands – Natural History and Biogeography" by M.A Brunt and J.E Davies beg to differ; quote:

            "Logwood (Haemotoxylum Campechianum) was probably introduced to the Cayman Islands in the late 18th or early 19th century."

            Logwood was indeed used as a dye but after the introduction of synthetic dyes in the 1920’s logwood was no longer harvested. It’s a very aggressive plant and reproduces prolifically in cleared land leading to it’s widespread colonization of Cayman’s grassland and meadows. If you were to visit the inner bush of Cayman as I do frequently you do not find logwood. This is because this is all old growth forest as Cayman used to be.

            PS. I did my homework with the National Trust, the wardens and guides at the Botanic Park and staff at DOE.



  17. Anonymous says:

    Honest to God, the more I read the more sick to the stomach I am becoming. Would someone please explain what the hell is McKeeva Bush doing talking to the Jamaicans before he talks to us, the Caymanian people?  Is he that confused now? As a Caymanian I am insulted at the audacity! Dr Roy must be turning over in his grave.

    The UDP and PPM were neither worth my vote and I sure am glad that I do not have to feel the guilt of that error, although I will have to suffer with the masses. Their stupid choices collectively are what got us to this point, not the UK or anyone else. The stark reality Cayman is that we chose incompetent people to be placed in certain positions and now we are paying the price for their shortsighted and ignorant acts. God help us.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow 5 comments saying truth about Mac and not one UDPer coming to his rescue??  And no UDPers saying that only PPMers submit comments saying it like it is about Mac. 

    Maybe just maybe some people in the UDP who are the vocal "blame all problems on the PPM" have awoken from their slumber and pulled the Mac wool from over their eyes and they are now clearly seeing Mac for what he really is.

    For over 20 years Mac has been in power, several time on ExCo, he is as much to blame if not more for this mess as anyone else.

    I gone back to my crab hole again while una UDP and PPM and ??? fight this one out, they never asked me anything when they were creating the mess.

    • Anonymous says:

      As an UDP supporter, I support everything that they are doing in order to try and solve this bloody mess that the PPM has us in.  It’s a good thing that the electorate had the sense to vote out the PPM, because if they had not, the PPM would have completley destroyed this little island nation in 90 days after the election.

      Thank God for the Premiere Designate; we need more men like him.  He is a role model to the people of these islands, I say, make him a national hero, no more, no less.

      At this time in our islands life we need all Caymanians on board, so stop the hating and let’s unite.  That’s why the expats can come here and take over, because we allow them to by our jealousness of each other.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mention Taxes and Cayman in the same breath and watch your future go down the drain overnight! Everyone, including Kamaicans know that but you! No one cares if you like Mack, but he is the only one doing anything to fix this mess the previous slackers ignored. Stop your hating and be glad you get a free ride on Macks back for nothing!

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      COMMENTS  20:57, Amen, mention taxes.!!!  All of them,  getting a free ride on Mack Back need to support him, because he is trying to save the ass of many, and it is high time the other party realize we are all Caymanians.  That is why we grow and scatter fall like DRY PEAS"  all over the place and wont come together, so we can get enough to make stew peas. Boy I tell ya, Money, it will make some people sell them mother.

  20. Anonymous says:

    What business jamaica have with us mckeeva stop giving away our country stop mixing us with them they destroyed their own country


    To the author of this statement,

    You sound very ignorant and it’s people like you who keep giving the rest of us Caymanians the title of ‘ignorant.’ Please stop with the comments like that. It’s truly disgusting and it’s a good thing you are not in the political arena, or there would really be nothing of Cayman.

  21. The Force says:

    I think it is a shame that our leader feels there is a need to report to the Jamaican media before addressing his own people.  I felt thatthe last election was a Jamaica vs. Cayman football game and undoubtedly the Jamaicans won. I feel really sad to be a Caymanian in Cayman and having to hear our news via the Jamaican media. Nothing against Jamaica mind you, it’s the principle that upsets me; the Leader of CAYMAN reporting on Cayman’s state of Affairs to Jamaican radio even before announcing it to us.

    England is a huge hypocrite.  I wish they would get their own business in order before they start attacking us.


  22. Kung Fu says:

    "England wants to ruin this island  that is a fact, if you all pay attention to the headlines and  you see what Obama is in bed with then you will see and know that we are pawns for Gordon Brown and the UK."  Only indirectly and not out of malice.  The UK, US, France and Germany are seeking to limit the loss of revenue from businesses truly based in their countries while reducing the risk exposure of their domestic banking system caused by the shadow banking system.  These are not necessarily unreasonable things to try to achieve.  True, Cayman, will suffer out of this, but the intention is not to harm anyone.  I am not sure small offshore jurisdictions can claim an inalienable right to their current position in the world finance system.  When this is all over Cayman may have a very very difficult future.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you all get it. Yes you same idiots that put him back in power now want to know why he’s going to Radio Jamaica. He’s going there because that’s where his masters and handlers come from and have their interests and that’s where his political campaign was financed.

    You all ain’t seen anything yet. You wanted him back…..because you fools bought his argument that the PPM caused the global recession which is affecting Cayman now. For christ sake turn on CNN, FOX or BBC and understand that the entire world is in a recession and that this has nothing to do with the PPM.

    If the PPM had not done one single capital project we would still have an operational deficit because of the recession…..ALL COUNTRIES ARE IN THE SAME POSITION TODAY !!!!

    Understand this Cayman –  if we want to save our country the rescue cannot wait until 2013. McKeeva will destroy us…..the PPM warned us about it.

    And before anyone starts about PPM vs UDP……I am not a member of either but I have enough sense to see very clearly the corruption that went on between 2001 and May 2005….and here it comes again.

    You stupid people would not listento honest and hardworking politicians like Arden, Chuckie & Alden because they wouldn’t pay your light bills, car insurance, buy your groceries, mini buses etc.

    You all better look to the future and understand that the end is near if you don’t change direction now and understand that our politicians are there to create policy and laws to ensure we have a successful country and not to pay our bills and give us handouts.

    The UDP has created a welfare state in the Cayman Islands. How very, very, very sad Cayman.

    Where will the money come from for the handouts when the $90M that the PPM left in our general reserves is stolen from us right under our noses ???

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      DARN IT !!!, I do not know why some Caymanins cannot put the UDP and PPM polictical politics to rest.  All this that is happening is about Cayman!………….Hello.!!!!!!…. how difficult is this to understand. 

      If you was for either of the two or Independent, the time now has come to support those that are trying to save the ass of Cayman going under water.  If some political hippocrites continue the political battle, about who was put in and who no get in, you are not doing anything for the country….Daw !!!!    You know something, any cow who sees the grass greener on the other side and dont shove him head through the fence should starve to death. 

  24. Joe Average says:


    "We’re on manouveurs"  said Admiral Kingsknightly.

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      SHUT THE CRAP, what they goin do? Shoot us! for a tin of corned beef.  Were you here when IVAN came;  soldiers everywhere pointing guns at us standing in line for a tin of corned beef and dry crackers.

        Now una look ya, I do not comment and critize outsiders, but when ye start mess wid me country now!!!, me and you goin fall out. Seen!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Talk about hypocrasy… Who is Big Mac to claim he knows how businesses are meant to operate (his analogy of capital projects undertaken by the PPM). Ask him what happened to the bank that put trust in his business judgement  back during a booming economic time…

    On a positive note, it’s good he’s trying to clear up the fact that money is not being borrowed from the UK, but rather from the banks here. Misinformation can cause a lot of damage, so my thanks (on this rare occasion) to you Mac for doing something sensible.

  26. Anonymous says:

    What business jamaica have with us mckeeva stop giving away our country stop mixing us with them they destroyed their own country

    • Anonymous says:

      If you take a look at how much of our wetlands have gone in to housing construction recently, you will see that the Jamaicans already run things here.

      Bruce Golding was head of Macs list for the swearing in ceremony. We all know what he has done with Air Jamaica etcetera since becoming prime minister.

      Cayman Airways is not far behind. I would not be surprised if Spirit Airlines has not already been offered Cayman Airways.

    • Anonymous says:

      From this post and 17:41, this story appears to have provoked a strong response from the Anti-Jamaican Anti-Punctuation Free Form Collective.

    • So What??? says:

      So what if he spoke to aJamaican Journalist!

      IF IT WAS U.S. JOURNALIST, I BET THERE WOULDN’T BE ANY COMPLAINTS… It just shows how you STILL have so ignorant or prejudice caymanians out there

      A concern Caymanian

    • Anonymous says:

      It is sad to see that how small minded some of the folks here in Cayman are.  You need to understand, Jamaica is the closest neighbour and Mac knows that if he maintains good relations with Jamaica, we can get support from them, if  the UK tries to mess around with us in these difficult times.  So please, please, be patient before criticising in these moves.  Mac has foresight and always thinks long term solutions to our problems.  Pleople should understand that today Cayman is fighting a cold war with the UK and we need support from our trusted neighbours in this war.  Please do not forget, Cayman was a part of Jamaica in the past and we may one day be re-united with her.

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        FOR Pete sake please shut up, where are you living?  In the very churches after IVAN I heard wid mi two ears certain congregations rejoicing outside, people saying these words…………………………….

        "Yea!!!, Yea!!!, Cayman mash up now. we glad,………..and you  really trying to ask Caymanians to be passive.  Those days are long gone, we are speaking out and standing up.  So anyone who is for us them better start line up behind us now.  Whats beats me is to know that certain outsiders whould have the adaucity to apply and receive Cayman Status and still sits up on the fence, trying to decide which side to pitch on.

        Mr Bush may have associates any where in the world he want to, but when it is sleeping time…………………his bed is in West Bay Cayman Islands. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    jamaica know more about us here in cayman than we know about our self but thats not strange this is cayjam thats where his votes are, give the jamaicans cayman status and they vote to keep him in power. talk to radio jamaica before he talk to radio cayman come on now we are in trouble here in our own island,i cant belive people put someone like him back in power, this island is for the jamaicans they have taken this from us natives.

    • Huh! says:

      What an ignoramus!

      You forgot McKeeva was "mandated" by the UK to increase the Cayman Islands population within a given time. It was not a famous thing to do, it had to be done, seeing a Jamaican serving these Islands for more than 30 years, and still being considered as a work permit holder… rediculous!

      You sound like someone who want us to go the way of independence!

      • Anonymous says:

        "You forgot McKeeva was "mandated" by the UK to increase the Cayman Islands population within a given time".

        LOL! That’s a new one! What garbage will we hear next?!

        A Jamaican, or anyone else, on work permit for 30 years could have applied under the Immigration Law at the time for Caymanian status or Permanent Residency. There were many who were granted who were not even resident on the Island who were granted any many others who were here for 10+ years who were not granted. Please don’t insult our intelligence with this nonsense.  And don’t try to cover your dirt by suggesting that those who opposed into anti-Jamaican bigots.

    • fisherman says:

      For christ sake why unno so confused? one minute we belong to England next minute Jamaica……and if it wer power 105.4 in Orlando unno wouldn’t say nuttin…..unno relax and stop greying up unno self before time…leave primier Bush alone!!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Did Junior Whopper say he was going to increase fees? Don’t get me wrong it’s a must do but Cayman, how long did you think you were going to be tax free? Forever? This is the 21st century and for now your taxes have been hidden behind 9 dollar a gallon orange juice and over priced used cars. I put forward that a small standardized income tax paid on top of work permit fees and definitly for Caymanians too since they will enjoy the fruits of taxing long after the 7 year rollover term. Trouble is no one trust McKeeva to take their money and do the right things with it. The loan sounds like it will come because it has to come but taxes will have to instituted in some fashion because Cayman will still have to be competitive in the financial market so its fee hike cant be too dramatic. We will go from seeing 9,000 plus hedge funds to probably 8,000 then 7,000 in just a few quarters. So the rest comes from the people who enjoy the public beaches, public roads, a payroll heavy government and a functioning port and hospital. Running a government, even a small one, is not easy but can be done much better. Trouble is someone is still going to have to pay for it and the debt so income, sales or property tax here we come!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I sense here that the UK needs to raise a lot of revenue itself if it is to survive its present dilema and they think that our problem is the same as theirs. They obviously think that the sloution to their problem can only be by raising more taxes on its already overburdened taxpayers.

    If we can produce the funds from taxes to fix our problem then they can take us over and use our funds to save their own a$$es.

    They need to wake up and remove the cause of their problem which is the present Government of Gordon Brown.

    I also sense that Jamaica has taken keen interest in our affairs and seems to be getting regular interviews and information from our LOGB well ahead of the Caymanian people.

    • Backstroke says:

      In the long run I can see where we will have to add to our indirect taxes as we already have it in place such as import, stamp duty etc, however when UK tries to bully the cayman Islands or any other OTC with their over burdening demands  to do what they them selves cant do, I think its time that the government and the people step up and let them know enough is enough.   England wants to ruin this island  that is a fact, if you all pay attention to the headlines and  you see what Obama is in bed with then you will see and know that we are pawns for Gordon Brown and the UK. The trouble with these countries that are crying foul they themselves are doing the rotten deals, corruption abounds in the UK and the US government, these hollier than thou  liberals is  what has this world messed up. You may not like my final statement here but  "God have mercy on all of us"

      Mac, go to the Caymanian people tell them what your plans are not the Jamacian press, that is no example for you to follow, if these are your advisors pray god help us.

      • Anonymous says:

        that is so true the jamaicans is who advising mckeeva on how to run our country

    • Anonymous says:

      We have always been awake. 

      We have been desperate for an election and have been begging for one for ages. The New Labour regime is the most horrendous in Britain history. Some features of life are worse than works of dystopian fiction such as Orwell’s 1984 or Animal farm.

      Why did the British people vote them in three times? Well, the British didn’t. Voter turn-out has collapsed. The New Labour regime now relies upon the support of, to borrow a Cayman term, ‘Papered Britons’, i.e. immigrants or their first or second generation issue.