Dixon’s trial still on

| 22/09/2009

(CNS): Despite that fact that the Crown has now dropped two charges relating to one of the cases against suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police Rudolph Dixon, the trial is still set to go ahead on Monday 28 September. Dixon appeared in Grand Court this morning before Justice Roy Anderson to have the misconduct and perverting the course of justice charges relating to a gambling arrest in Cayman Brac dropped from the indictment.

Tonya Lobban appeared on behalf of the prosecution and told the court that the Crown “offered no evidence” on the first two counts on the indictment but confirmed the prosecution was pushing ahead with a trial for the remaining counts. The trial which was scheduled for two weeks will now focus on just one incident relating to Dixon’s alleged misconduct for instructing a police inspector at George Town police station to release a prisoner arrested on a DUI in June 2004.

During the brief mention Dixon’s attorney raised the fact that the Crown had not yet responded to the defence with regards to requests it had made last week to submit documentation relating to the remaining charges. The Crown said that it would be happy to deal with those matters before the trial begins on Monday. 

Dixon’s legal proceedings are the last directly connected to Operation Tempura and the Special Investigation Team (SPIT) and in particular Senior Investigating Officer Martin Bridger.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CNS, these proceedings are not "directly related" to operation tempura as you state.  At  the time of Mr. Dixon’s arrest the SPIT team was quick to point out that this had nothing to do with the Tempura investigation and that it was merely a spin-off, i.e. something that happened to come to light during their enquiries.  So why is it mow being referred to as "directly related"?   I suspect it is simply because there was very little substance to the whole Tempura thing in the first place and at least with this they will have some "success" to point at.  But please don’t be sucked in by them into thinking that this was part of their original investigation.

    CNS NOTE: I don’t imagine that anyone who has followed CNS’ extensive and detailed coverage of Operation Tempura would ever believe we had been ‘sucked into’ anything. These charges were brought by SPIT during Operation Tempura and the case is the last one directly relating to that operation as opposed to the current operation as it is now called — Cealt. There are likely to be other legal proceedings as a result of SPIT’s actions which are not ‘directly’ related to Op Tempura but are nevertheless connected. Hence the term was used for clarity.