Senior UK cops recruited to work on intelligence

| 23/09/2009

(CNS): Eighteen months after Deputy Commissioner Rudolph Dixon was suspended from his post, the RCIPS announced on Wednesday that they have recruited a detective chief superintendent from Merseyside Police to act in a temporary deputy commissioner role. The RCIPS described Steve Brougham as an intelligence expert who will oversee recommendations made by previous acting commissioner, James Smith. Brougham will be joined by Peter Mcloughlin, who has been appointed as an investigative training specialist. Both of the new senior cops will arrive from the UK at the end of the month.

Brougham is currently Head of the Information and Security Bureau at the Merseyside service and, according to the RCIPS, comes with “a wealth of skills in the field of intelligence gathering and handling". Police said he would be tasked with overseeing the implementation of a number of measures designed to improve the way the RCIPS processes crime data, information and intelligence as a result of problems allegedly revealed during Operation Cealt .

Commissioner of Police David Baines said, “I am grateful to Acting Commissioner James Smith who instigated a review of our intelligence handling systems. The subsequent report from that review contains a number of recommendations and Mr Brougham will oversee their implementation.”

Peter Mcloughlin, the new investigative training specialist, will be tasked with enhancing the investigative capabilities of the service. Police said that among other things Mcloughlin would be training officers in witness interviews, suspect interviews, exhibit management and covert policing tactics.

Mcloughlin is a retired UK detective inspector who is currently providing specialist training packages to UK police services. Immediately prior to his retirement, he was the National Police/Prison Intelligence Liaison Officer, which linked intelligence networks between the two bodies.

“Mr Mcloughlin has skills in many areas and will help some of the strategic competency gaps that have been identified in the service,” Baines added. “He has extensive investigative skills which can be used to assist with cold case reviews.”

Baines said RCIPS police officers work exceptionally hard and should be commended for their efforts. “These two appointments are designed to support current policing functions, enhance capability and improve the service offered to the community,” he said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Every Uk officer that has ever come to this Island, as far as I can recall ,with their expertise has failed miserably.    Derick Haines. being the exception.  Likewise the only governor that stood tall and was highly respected was Thomas Russell.  He was truly human.    Derick Haines, in one day, could garnish more information that thes fancy titled guys could ever get for the rest of their lives on this island.     Why are we wasting money the country does not have on them?     History has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that most English officers come here for a vacation,  get a tan, join their buddies and get, not earn, money for nothing;  not forgetting, get drunk in the process.   They arrive with no respect nor love for us Caymanians.    We are "stupid" in their eyes.    Along with Haines,  Neville Smith , another retired former English Police officer could have easily taken up those posts.   What has gone so seriously wrong in this beautiful Island?    Are we now left to mercy of a  mother who did not succeed in    ‘ABORTING’ us?     LORD BE MERCIFUL TO US!    amen.

  2. sister love says:

    I hope now all of the Caymanian  see exactly what the UK and our old no good governor is doing, STACKING THEIR CARDS!!!!!.

    Haven’t you noticed that all high positions have to be filled with their hand picked limes, sad to say but we caymanian are too soft, what other part of the world would people remain quiet while another country come in and take over.

  3. Anonymous says:

    GROAN!  I hope these guys are here to impart their skills over a set and short period of time and then leave, and not here to take up residence.  I also hope it is economical, in other words we get value out of it, but when I see the word ‘retired’ I understand that I will probably be disapointed on both counts.  I wonder what the salaries are? 

    I am not a police officer, but I have seen enough TV to know that the key to intelligence gathering is to 1. have the trust of the community and 2. have informants.  So maybe the Police should hire a PR person instead to help them with their image.  But that will be more money again, so I offer this for free… get visible.  Let the community see you out walking in the communities.  Let them feel that if they tell you stuff you won’t betray their confidences.

    FInally I have to agree wtih another poster here, the title is an oxymoron.  We need to finally accept that we need to value and listen to the skilled people that we have here. Look at the way the UK is running its own affairs, they are failing spectacularly on every front, from education to immigration to financial management to policing.

    • Jean Yus says:

      Well let’s see:

      1. The UK has better health care provision than Cayman.

      2. The UK has better education system than Cayman (not many places have a worse one).

      3.The UK has a lower murder rate than Cayman.

      4. The UK has better fiscal control over government spending than Cayman.

      So I am not sure where the poster is going with his over-generalised anti-British slurs.

      • Pale Rider says:

        Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you are going to spout off things like this…you had better have some facts to back it up!!  Let’s see where you got your statistics and then MAYBE your argument might hold some sway!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Based on the actions of recent UK cops in Cayman your headline seems to be an oxymoron

  5. A REALIST says:

    I don’t remember seeing this job advertised. Did I miss something? Or one freind bringing down another freind?


    Lets just hope he doen’t become permaanent. This is one of the things destroying the morale of the local police.Instead of being given training someone with "knowledge and experience" is brought in and the "knowledge and experience" doen’t transfer to them.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree totally with you, I never saw an advertisement in the papers, OH yes if forgot this is a temporary position, so HE (Governor) probably doesn’t need to advertise this post. Why didn’t the Governor try to get Derek back full time?

       This person is going to be overseeing intelligence. What does he know about Cayman? Nothing. How is he going to gain the trust from us Caymanians? Never.
  6. noname says:

     Caymanians will never get back their Police force, how much more foreign nationals are we going to hire in this police force It is blatantly obvious now that it is not making the place safer Re hire the Cayman officers who left now ! NO country in this world has over 65% foreign nationals in its Police force besides Haiti

  7. Anonymous says:

    More of the same same B#%@ S#$% once again. I guess they are coming to finish off where Martin Bridger and others left off.

    It’s the same imported policies/strategies that have failed the Merseyside Police and other UK police forces, now being implemented and attempting to work correctly here in the Cayman Islands.

    Hope you don’t buy into that. It’s all "tomfoolery and trickery" hard at work once again !!!

    Bla Bla Bla, who do they think they are fooling this time around ???


  8. Anonymous says:

    Let us hope these guys are not the type of specialist that Bridger was !!!!

    I must however question the need for these guys.

    Is this an acknowledgement that the likes of Peter Kennett are all failures and ill-equipped to train our local officers. When they first arrived they were said to be experts too. What happened to them. They are still here. If they are incompetent then get rid of them Commissioner.