PPM leader must resign

| 24/09/2009

Kurt Tibbetts must resign his position as leader of the PPM for the good of his party and the country. There must be a more viable younger leader that can make the transition to better leadership and compete in the political arena.

The main point is he must be held accountable for the fall of his party and the governance it used to manage these Islands for better or worse.

There is a big difference between true leaders and mere holders of power. A true leader will do the right thing at the right time. A mere holder of power will hang around like an unwanted mother-in-law mucking up the process with old visions of what used to be and totally forgetting about what has to be done to prepare for the future. That being said, there are younger, more multifaceted members of the PPM that should be pushed to the front to lead and rebuild. This will enhance the competition in the political process for these Islands a good thing. Change has taken place around the world but the leader of the PPM is in denial of this fact.

Some leaders do the right thing for the wrong reasons and there are some that do the wrong thing for the wrong reason and keeping Mr. Tibbetts on as leader is the wrong thing for the wrong reason at a time the Party needs rebuilding. The longer he stays as leader the further the PPM will sink in the voter’s conciseness. This is a fact. This happens to most parties that have been in existence. The PPM must fish or cut bait now. The question remains, will Mr Tibbetts do the right thing for the right reason?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I went to the wikipedia page and read Mr. Bush’s bio, if that was me i would hide and never come out in public again. He has no shame. Also read Mr. K Tibbet’s totally different story. Who should resign Mcmouth I think but then again he has no shame it seems and just to imagine when some outside person googles his name and read that oh what a shame that the people of the cayman islands can’t have elected this incompetent nincompoop back in office again. Lord please help them they are going to need it for the next 3 and half years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    PPM leader must resign? Before making such a statement most of you should go to wikipedia and search McKeeva Bush. Tell me what you think after that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I listened to the formerLoGB on the morning radio talk show and his response to the excessive capital spending on the schools was in effect, "I DON’T KNOW, THAT ISN’T MY MINISTRY."

    Now talk about just what it means to be a leader. The hosts of the program were unable to follow up on this incredible omission of knowledge or awareness within his government and allowed this inane explaination to stand but the country and PPM supporters deserve more from their leader.

    Does this former leader understand the mistake or will his continued answer be,"I don’t know."

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is a belief in politics that it is better to appear incompetent than impotent. After listening to Kurt this morning on the radio it appears that he is BOTH incompetent and impotent.

    To sit there and tell the Caymanian public that you have no idea what was going on with a CI$115m project borderlines on gross negligence. He should refund his pay and pension. He is an embarrassment to us all and should resign his seat. So sad.
    • Ice Pick says:

      Apparently pointing out how terrible the last government was exposes you to allegations of being a UDP apparatchik rather than someone who looks at the facts and says "oh my goodness what were that bunch thinking!"

      • Anonymous says:

        Perhaps it has something to do with (a) the distortion of the facts of why we are in a financial crisis, (b) not owning up to UDP’s partial responsibility and (c) the hyperbolic language concerning the PPM. No, they did not "destroy" the country.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is sad that so many people think that building the two schools have worsened the Governments deficit position or has anything to do with the crisis being orchestrated by the LOGB. The Schools are capital projects and only the loan payments affects the debt service under the Public Finance law.

    The cost to build the schools do not come from general revenue Unfortunately a lot of people same to fail to understand the business of government finance.

    I hope that the majority of the people on this island will not start to lose confidence in themselves by thinking that education is not sufficiently important just because the current leader places no value on eduication. After all he prefers people to remain dumb and under his thumb.

  6. Anonymous says:

    First of all i am a younge Caymanian and when its coming to BLAMING and POINTING FINGERS at these two parties Mr Bush i am proud to know that you are trying to whatever it takes to get our country back up and running and as for all you people who talk bad about the UDP team so what i have voted for Edna Moyle for the past two terms before this year and what has she done for North side nothing, the only time she spoke was when it was time counting down for Election i am proud to say i have voted for Ezzard Miller and i placed my X with pride that day and i have no regrets at all people needs to realize when this was the Cayman Islands runned by Makeeva Bush before caymanians came first regardless about the status grant but since the last Government our very own Caymanians cant even get a job so think about that we need people who would fight and stand up for us not someone we can only see in the bar rooms and you know whatever you talked about is forgotten by the end of the night thats what not right we needed a change and yes PPM diddnt stand for People Progressive Movement they should have told the truth it standed for Poor People’s Mistake and alot of people know that but majority of the people that’s kicking off about the UDP leadership is the one’s that got alot of Governments money during campaining (Paid off ) to vote for the PPM party but i always say if they pay you to vote for them they aint a good Leader for no one. when it all boils down majority of the people only run for election is for the pay they get each month nothing else but everyone is forgetten about our Children whats going to happen to them and YES building those schools was to me a big waste of money becouse i went from primary to middle and through high going to those same schools that they would have spent less money to have remodelled becouse i feel pretty sure allot well i know allot of you people did go to them. that money could have went towards helping those people with the low income homes. that cant afford these $200,000 mortgages.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are an example of the young Caymanian product of the current schooling system, I think everyone can agree that an overhaul of the education system is necessary. New schools aside, please teach our students how to write and spell properly. It’s mind-boggling sometimes to see how poorly people express themselves; if our school continue to churn out such a low level of quality, I fear for our future…

      As for this whole PPM/UDP nonsense, it most likely that this poster went through their primary and secondary education under both parties, and what can be clearly seen is BOTH parties have failed him/her.

      • Anonymous says:

        As a Caymanian, I unfortunately have to agree with this response before this becomes another expat bashing exercise-maybe this person is actually Caymanian too. Clearly we are not producing young people from our educational system that can cope within the workforce if this person is an example.

        I agree that the UDP and PPM bickering is total nonsense and destroying our country. I ask that people please wake up and stop being used as political pawns. Little pawns that do not count for another 4 years after casting your votes.

        THINK, Caymanians, THINK, please.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you for your measured resonse and for pointing out that we have serious problems that ought to transend narrow politics – as another Caymanian I agree with you completely.

        • Anonymous says:

          Fully agreed.   That was a particularly atrocious post – no grammar, spelling or punctuation – just a incoherent stream of consciousness.

          However, I am Caymanian born and bred, I went through the public school system – but actually paid attention in classes – and got the actual education I was sent there to receive. 

          Consequently, I obtained a satisfactory basic education, such that I earned my university degree from a reputable overseas and have a successful career in the financial services industry.

          Since we stopped upholding any meaningful academic or conduct standards, the poor quality of communication in these young Caymanians – is the pathetic, painful result.

      • Anonymous says:

        For the sake of avoiding irony in my post, please read "if our school continue" as "if our schools continue" and "it most likely" as "it’s most likely." Pardon my typos…

    • Hi Perbole says:

      The problem is that too many people believe they are entitled to a mortgage and home ownership.  That is where society started to break down in the Reagan and Thatcher hangover period.  Basically, and don’t get this wrong, people who write like this poster does should never really aspire to property ownership.  If they do or worse still if they are given access to soft credit to buy a house, then we will be back on the spiral that put the world economy in such a mess.  Harsh.  But it has to be said.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ponder this…

    Whilst you can complain about status grants, rollover policy, etc. Just remember that status grants didnt do half as much harm as these new schools did. I mean what was Alden thinking? I am not saying that Cayman didnt need a new school or two. But seriously with what i heard these new schools had there was no longer a question in my mind about where the money in this country had gone.

    In my opinion you can’t kill Mckeeva because after all he is the reason we are off the gray list. Give the government some time because its not like the bad decisions and leadership of the past government were simply washed away just because there is a new government.



    • Anonymous says:

      Do not try and down play the effects of the status grants- we are paying and will continue to pay for that huge blunder and our children will pay. The problems this country is facing is not the fault of PPM in isolation- it is the lack of foresight, planning and money/power hungry politicians of previous administrations as well as the current one.  You all can continue to believe Mr. Bush and his puppets will solve all our problems and has this country’s best interest at heart.  I for one am looking for even more development, status grants and lining of pockets to the detriment of us all.  



    • Anonymous says:

      What are you thinking? Are you real? The status grants has done more harm than any other single thing ever in the history of these islands, and those of you who defend it are just as guilty as those who actually sold out our country and their souls. A few people say that we, the persons concerned about the staus grants, must forget about it because it is in the past! How ignorant can you be? If there is anyone out there that thinks that the status grants of 3000, which has multiplied to almost 15,000 & adding) is in the past, they are in for a rude & sad awakening. And the sad thing is that there is evidence that another 9000 permanent residence, which is the first step towards status, is already underway. People best check out the activity of high ranking elected members of the UDP in room 576 at the Marriott hotel, because the reported large amount of coming & going into that room was much more than friendly visits. My guess, & the feelings of those who know, is that it had alot more to do with residency grants! The UDP is selling out the country, once again.  

    • Anonymous says:


      1. You understand nothing about the issue of why we are in the financial crisis. It wasn’t caused by building two schools whatever the politicians tell you. It is because we put all our revenue eggs in one basket and that basket has fallen. Was there extravagance in the plans for the schools that added to their cost? It appears so. In so far as there was excess it added to our national debt unnecessarily. But don’t let anyone fool you that they caused the financial crisis.

      2. It is funny that you think there is an unfavourable comparison to be made with the status grants. The PPM expenditure was made on needed infrastructure and it was the status grants that undoubtedly increased the need for that infrastructure. Whatever was lacking in execution the capital projects were done with the best interest of future generations of Caymanians in mind whereas the status grants were little more than a brazen effort to create new voters who would be loyal to the party who gave them the right to vote and make the choke the voice of Caymanians.              

  8. Anonymous says:

    The UDP & Bushy must think we soooo foolish! They expext us to believe that our government is broke while he continues to squander our money all over da world, showing off being driven up and down by a chaffeaur paid for by we the people, showing off with a big bash at the ritz carlton no less to change his silly little title, and is claiming that government cannot handle the responsibility of paying civil servants, cannot pay for the Ms. Cayman beauty contest and other such false claims. The worlds press have caught onto this and is now mocking us for being the 5th largest financial centre in the world that cannot hold a beauty pageant or pay its staff. We must all blame the main culprits, mckeeva bush and his udp lackies.

    None-the-less,we cannot blame them for thinking we sooooo foolish because they fooled us in May and we voted for them so we deserve all we get, or dont get (even though the people cussing now). If we the people voted Bushy over Tibbetts then we deserve all the kaka that comes our way.

    We know why Bushy is saying these things, saying that we broke! It is part of a personal plan, and it is all to do with legalizing gambling. If the choice is between direct taxes or gambling, what do unna think we gonna choose? Gambling of course! Bushy also wants us to believe the situation is far worse than it is so that in 6 months or a year when the recession is not as bad as now he can proclaim to be the saviour! We not sooooo dumb after all, we got it figured out. But let us play along with him and his speechless dummies and make them think we dont know, because you know he dont like it when we criticize him, he cant take it. The UK government dont want to allow the udp to borrow anymore because they know where that money will go! The UK government did not have a problem with the PPM borrowing because they know they are responsible and that money will be spent above board, no hidden agenda, if unna know what me mean, no teefs in the PPM, no thievery! All above board.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me point out that the big Ritz Bash , that many, who do not know what they are talking about, is being organized and funded by support from the general public. Not one red cent is being spent from the Governent’s coffers. A  hard working Fund Raising Committee made up of an unbeatable team of dynamic women, who have full reigns over the event,  are planning and cordinating the whole shebang. So please keep Mr. Bush out of this.   He simply feels honored to have people on hisside who want to lift him up in such way.  The most the Premiere Designate is doing is graciously accepting the honor.  He does not have a personal hand, nor does Government, in  the planning or funding of the event.  So stop talking foolishness!

      And I’m not asking anyone about this, I’m telling you.

      And another thing, I’ve seen Mr. Bush travel in a bus when he was in the Bahams supporting our Miss Cayman. So stop the foolish about limos, the man does not even like them. Ask him yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        YEA RIGHT!! WE BELIEVE YOU, LMAO. You gonna tell us that government is not going to spend one red cent, not even one red cent on the RC self righteous $100,000 self promoting bonanza? If even that is so, why doesn’t this "unbeatable team of dynamic women" put that money towards more necessary needs than a stupid party to change a name for crying out loud! This is so pompous!

        You say not to talk foolishness, so why dont you practice what you preach? You expect us to believe that he doesn’t like limos? Give us a break! Why then does he have a police officer driving him around in the back seat of a SUV? Why he is often in a stretch limo in Las Vegas (I’m not asking anyone about this, I’m telling you), & why does he travelby limo on official business instead of using public transport if he doesn’t like limos? Give us all a break, & stop talking foolishness, please.

        • Anonymous says:

          I concur with the poster who commented on the Ritz Bash and confirm  that the funds are being privately raised to celebrate Mr. Bush. It is quite obvious that you are so jealous, I can almost hear it in your post.  If the PPM had won the election they would be doing the same thing, only spending Government money that we don’t have.  Private individuals have the right to do whatever they  want with their funds.  And no bobo, not one red cent is being spent by Government on this particular evening.  Hard to believe huh? Some people just have the knack to raise money and the very same ones who are coming forward now in support are those who can be depended on to help others in need.  But now to worry, the UDP will give back to community as it always does.  They are the voice for those who are forgotten.  Not arrogant my son, but thankful for all God has chosen to bestow upon them.  

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wish people would realise that the rollover policy was introduced by & accepted as law under the udp government in 2004! It was passed under the udp & continued under the PPM, & while I am a big supporter of the rollover policy I have to admit that it was the udp’s doing. So if the J’cans want to blame anyone then blame the udp. But they must remember that this is the Cayman Islands & Cayman is for Caymanians first & foremost, & if they or anyone else dont like it then they can, in the words of one of their former Prime Ministers, catch one of the 5 flights aday leaving our beautiful country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen to your post!  Let’s not forget that the PMFL was also passed by the UDP administration in 2004 and THAT is the reason why government is inflated and top heavy (not to mention having problems making ends meet)!  As an educated, born and bred Caymanian, I am appalled that so many of my fellow Caymanians are so blind!  Please do not believe the hogwash fed to you by UDP.  PPM is NOT perfect, and they did make mistakes but this situation is the result of MANY GOVERNMENTS not just one. Be mindful that building schools DID NOT cause our current financial situation, and the reason these schools needed to be built is that the UDP administration sold out your Caymanian birthright from under you. 

      You know that job promotion you keep complaining about not getting? Or the scholarship that someone else got instead of you?  Or how about your kid couldn’t go to public school cuz it was FULL.  How about the 4 and 5 hour wait times at A & E?  Yeah – when you double your indiginous population in a year…problems follow!

      I don’t care if you’re UDP PPM YUDP DUPPY…whatever! 

      Be CAYMANIAN! Be informed…and think for yourself….how has Cayman changed since 2003….HMMMMMMM

  10. Anonymous says:

    How on earth can anyone in their right sences suggest that Kurt Tibbetts step down as leader of the opposition but not be scared that Mckeeva Bush is leader of our country? Don’t we remember the terror years between 1992 & 2000, and especially those dictatorial & destructive years between 2001 & 2005? How easy we forget! The UDP wasted almost $70 million on the turtle farm (WOW! where did all that money go I wonder?), which also cost the PPM almost $30 million to operate during their term in government. The UDP threw away $40 million on low cost houses which also cost the PPM millions to renovate. The UDP gave way over $1 million to 2 friends for "consulting" but got nothing in return because there is no evidence that any consulting was ever done. The UDP gave away $20-30 million, I believe or more, to help "bail out" an Insurance company immediately after hurricane Ivan. The UDP overpaid (XXXX, as was the case in the turtle farm fiasco) by almost $5 million for the redevelopment of the Royal Watler cruise terminal. The UDP overpaid their leaders family member by twice the value for a piece of land. These are just a few examples of how the UDP "wasted" (to put it very nicely) millions of dollars, & that is only in their first term.

    The UDP have only been in government since May & have been proclaiming to the world that Cayman is bankrupt, yet they have continued on the same wasteful spending & destructive path of their first time in government. Mr. Bush has acted unbelievably irresponsibly by telling the world that Cayman is bankrupt because in his feeble attempts to hurt the PPM government he has scared away foreign investors, has turned away potential foreign investors, as well as frightening the Cayman people from spending their money, which has done more damage to the local economy that the world wide recession had previously done. How stupid can a person be? 

    The PPM spent money, no one will say otherwise, but at least the public could see exactly where the money was going. The PPM spent money on education in the form of new schools, & spent money on a much needed new government building which will save money in the long run (money being spent on rent now will be spent on the new building). The world has been hit by a "world wide recession" & if we ever thought that we would be ok while the rest of the world suffered from the recession then we are sadly mistaken. The PPM suffered as a result of the world wide recession, that is a fact! 

    I say "give me honesty over corruption" anyday, & I say "give me PPM over UDP" always. The people may say that Mr. Tibbetts is not as boombastic or bullish or arrogant as Mr. Bush, but I say give me honesty over boombastic anyday. I saygive me honesty over corruption anyday & always! The people know that with the PPM you get openess, transparency & above all honesty! Honesty!   However, I am very worried that it is too late, I believe Mr. Bush & the UDP have sold us out & it is only going to get worse; remember their campaign promises to their foreign followers? Permanent Residency & status? Well it’s begun, folks, it may just be too late already! Greed & power has destroyed certain people, & it has destroyed Cayman.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I do not think it is Kurt Tibbetts who is destroying Cayman as Leader of The Opposition but ALL the members of the UDP who are allowing their leader to run loose and do as he feels and also they will stand by like "dumb lackies" when thousands of Status grants and Permanent Residency are giving out to strengthen their votes at the next elections and then claim The PPM had their lists aswell – Cayman people, please don’t be fooled by the quick empty promises that only helps you for a short period but destroys Caymans future! Cayman, look at the "cronies" that are surrounding McKeeva Bush and you will see who REALLY runs Cayman and it’s not Caymanians. If we as Caymanians want whats really right for Cayman and that we are the ones to descide our destiny, well its time to stand up and stop McKeeva Bush from giving away our birthright for his own self serviving gain. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    every ppm mla should resign, their list of failing over the last term was ridiculous. there weekly press briefing became laughable they either hadn’t got answers for modt of the questions or tried to blame someone else…..

    the fact that some of them got re-elected is a sad reflection on cayman politics…… and to think some people say it is time for independence…scary!

    • Anonymous says:

      mckeeva and the udp team need to be kicked out of office i dont like any them they are a expat government they are not for any natives of these islands

      • Anonymous says:

        yes, and 4 years of a ppm anti-expat government has lead us to bankruptcy

        • Anonymous says:

          The PPM Govt. was pro-Caymanian, not anti-expat, although in your mind those are the same. The PPM Govt. did not cause the worldwide economic recession which has led to the financial crisis. You are now mimicking the donkey that you follow by saying that we are "bankrupt". That is what is causing the bad press for us.

          Oh, and by the way, the word is "led".

  13. Anon and mouse says:

    The way I heered it dem PPMers caused the extinction of dem dinosaurs, well almost all of dem. There be one poor dinosaur left and he just went up to London and he tell them English if they don’t give him some money well the dog gunna eat ya suppa.

    The end…….

  14. Teacher in the Muck Field says:

    To the person who posted "A leopard does not really ever change its spots….."

    Not sure why you describe the leader of one party in the first paragraph and the one who goes on the rooster with him in the second paragraph and then mention Kurt and Alden in the third paragraph. Where you been. Kurt and Alden are not in the UDP.

    Now go sit in the corner until you know how to play nicely. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Please do not disrespect the name of the late honourable Caymanian  "Teacher McField" by referring to yourself the way you did.

      You either ignorantly or deliberately miscontrued the post about the leopard not changing its spots. Either way means you need help.  

      By the way you would quickly chastise the earlier poster and tell them to "now go sit in the corner…." I suspect you are used to ruling over small children and may even be a tecaher yourself, so I have to say I hope and pray that you are not currently a teacher in our public school system.

      • Stella says:

        According to an article in the Compass in the 80’s, Teacher McField was the first teacher to succesfully lead a school trip along the Panama canal.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Until the PPM take responsiblity for the error in the level of capital spending their future seems very bleak indeed, the former LoGB seems to be maintaining a low profile these days but then again he maintained a fairly low profile when running the country.

    Until the acceptance of responsiblity how can the voters trust them with the reins of power again?

  16. Anonymous says:

    A leopard does not really ever change its spots.  Think about the following historical characteristics, self serving, non-altuistic, self righteous, vain and power hungriness and then add to that, a profound loss of public confidence, deep hatred and vengence and then top it off with having alot of time on your hands as of recent. 

    You then find a loyal stooge to push ahead to the fore (albeit only temporarily) to be the heir apparant, whilst u wait in the wings…….

     Kut and Aldon – serve una right !

    • Tally Ho says:

      CNS Posting Conventions No. 43:  Apparently the use of the word "una" or more often "unna" gives the poster added credibility. 

      • Anonymous says:

        "unna" is Caymanian dialect for "you all". It means the writer is purposely identifying him or herself as culturally Caymanian.

  17. Anonymous says:

    If you believe that Kurt Tibbetts or the PPM is a problem for the Cayman Islands i’m not sure where your head is….our biggest problem is an out of control leader who is full of love for self and not for Country! Our currentLOGB seems to be taking great joy in blabbering off his mouth aimlessly creating an unnecessary perception of chaos in this Country and all this for political gain – trying to convince the ordinary person that all issues we are facing are totally the fault of the PPM Government. Yes we have challenges to deal with but no more than the rest of the World is having; as a matter of fact we are in a better position than most. If he and his croonies would try to be a little more creative in their thinking and stop pointing fingers i’m certain sensible solutions could be found; but that’s not going to happen cuz Mac wants us to believe that we have reached the bottom and then he and his ‘inward investors’ will come running to our rescue as Lord and Saviour! Hope he dont think those seem rich and famous investors going stick around if crime continues escalating as it is….but obviously he’s not worried about crime, all he can see ahead is that $372M he’s been promised….could almost swear he thinks he’s getting it for free – no paying it back, no interest and definitely no strings attached!! Yeah right!! Give me Kurt Tibbetts and the PPM any day!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I can agree that Cayman needs a far more aggressive opposition at this point in our history. In fact, I can agree with others that are writing that both parties need a major shakeup. Lord only knows what McKeeva will do next.

    The PPM leadership undoubtedly made mistakes as we can all see clearly in hindsight. However, I am very concerned that any move to replace a political leader who in my view is one of the most honest and honourable men God ever put on Cayman, while leaving a political leader who has somehow gathered the trappings of huge wealth while in office, will send entirely the wrong message to our youth.  Our youth need examples of selfless public service not get rich quick through politricks.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree completley. Kurt is a ‘ nice guy ‘, but not a leader. The PPM government have driven this country into the mire, and were never in control of what was in effect a strong booming economy. Instead of massaging it along and controlling it, they decided to scare the hell out of all the investors and wealth creators in Cayman.

    How they got away for so long without publishing accounts is completely beyond me. Someone needs to be punished for this fiscal mismanagement, in order that it never happens again.

    McLaughlin should resign aswell. His period in governence has exposed him as being completely inept.

    By the way, can I ask the hardworking indigenous Caymanian people " How many of you feel more prosperous and in control of your lifes since the introduction of the Rollover Policy" ? This was the law, that was good for Cayman? Right !!

    Good luck Cayman!!!! Your going to need it!!!!



  20. Anonymous says:

    Here here yes this is the start of a new beginning get rid of our silent benevolent grate (your nerves) leader King Jong Kut of nothing make him the first casualty of this great ripoff and relegate the rest of his foo foo mango dumbling gang

  21. Anonymous says:

    I agree change needs to be implemented like everywhere else in there world.  But what has changed in the recent Cayman elections?  Electing McKeeva who’s already been in office since "Jesus was a boy"?  Blame Kurt all you want for the current financial distress, but he’s not the one that lives in a $2 million Ritz Condo and driving a $50k car and taking private planes all over the world.  How exactly can someone afford such luxuries on a $14k salary?  But I guess as long as some people get a new refrigerators, washing machines or their road paved it’s completely fine by them right?  Well not by me!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

    • Anonymous says:


      I am glad you agree we should blame Kurt Tibbetts for the current financial distress, because it was his poor leadership that have us broke.


    • WB says:

      The car was a gift from the PPM  government.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Albert makes some very good points in this article.

    If there is one thing the PPM Administration has demonstrated is poor leadership, and that Kurt is unfit to be a leader.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The leadership of both parties need to change immediately if we are to save Cayman.

    Unfortunately not one of the current elected opposition members is suitable to take up the role. Chuckie would have been their best bet but he is no longer an MLA. Alden is the reason the party lost the election in the first place because he is the de facto PPM leader so they can’t hand the reins to him. Arden is another McKeeva type…FIRE, AIM & READY. Tony is…….well as Tony has always been….walking around BT with slippers and a baseball cap like ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

    If Rolston wasn’t sick he could replace McKeeva in the UDP but he is too ill to take on the challenge now. There is no other elected member of the UDP  that is suitable. Not the "Ambassador for Jesus" for sure, certainly not lost sheep "Mike" nor puppet "Mark".

    Maybe Sherryann Bodden could step up to the plate and become the non elected political leader of the UDP and Chuckie could do the same in the PPM and we could begin to chart a new course for the future.

    What a mess we the voters put our country in on 20th May 2009…..God please help us !!!


    • Dred says:

      Actually I disagree with you on this point.

      Old teams = old ideas = same position

      What we need is a new team of younger Caymanians like the Dwayne Sterling Ebanks team from a few years back to challenge these two messed up teams filled with yes men and dead weights.

      I think the time is ripe for something new. Independents can’t do anything. United we stand divided we fall.


  24. Anonymous says:

    There are a number of prominent people in government whose usefulness is questionable including both the LOGB and the Leader of the current non-opposition. At a time when the LOGB is creating havoc on the international stage we could certainly use an effective voice of opposition. At least somebody ought to find the Geritol.

    At the same time, I have to reflect that as noted in the posts on the story about the FCO holding back its approval of new borrowing that ran a couple of days ago, there was apparently only one person who was a member of Cabinet for the 10 years prior to the recent election and I do not recall that that person ever said anything public about the debt which successive governments have accummulated. That person is now apparently a "key advisor". Lord help us.  

  25. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the current problems will provide an impetus for a fundamental change in the way politics is carried out in this country – at least we can hope.

    The challenges which now face Cayman, and which will continue to face Cayman going forward, are far more complex and require far more strategic forward thinking than the current leaders have ever faced. Meaning no disrespect to the leaders who have contributed large parts of their lives to Cayman, we as voters have to question whether either has the breadth of educational background that will be required.

    Our leaders going forward will have to understand the logic of strategy, public sector finance, economics, foreign relations, human resource development and many other subjects. We have younger Caymanians who have backgrounds in these areas but the "dying wood" at the top inhibits their participation in politics.

    While I do not support making an already bloated government any bigger, there should be a role for people like Mr. Bush and Mr Tibbetts in a formal advisory "chamber of sober second thought" – a Senate or "upper house" as these institutions are known in other countries. These individuals do have valuable experience which should advise government. I just don’t think that they have what it takes to lead Cayman forward and I am terrified as to what will happen when one of these individuals gets the massively expanded power that the new "Premier" will have. 

    • Albert Jackson says:

      There is iorn in the words you write but we can’t afford an upper house or senate. We are just too small. Think these old guys will do it for nothing?

      Albert Jackson