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| 27/09/2009

(CNS): The Security Centre Ltd has been at the forefront recently in the drive to increase awareness about and help protect the community from rising crime. From free security assessments to introducing some of the most affordable domestic alarm systems to the island, the staff at the TSCL has helped hundreds of residents over the last few months better protect themselves against crime. However, crime comes in many shapes and forms, says Vice President Frank Brennan, and TSCL offers a range of services that can significantly reduce the risk of you, your business, your home or family becoming victims.

“Everyone knows that they can depend on The Security Centre Limited for security systems and guards,” said Brennan. “However, we offer numerous other services that can help you protect your assets as well. From secure mail to private investigation services that can do background checks on potential employees for example, or discreet due diligence checks on the people you do business with, there is a lot we can help with.”

Brennan said the modern criminal is increasingly sophisticated and when it comes to protecting yourself, security is no longer about one size fits all. “At the Security Centre we can assess your personal or business security needs and help you address specific concerns or vulnerabilities,” he added.

TSCL’s secure mail service is there to help businesses get information and valuable goods where they need to be on time and safely, from sensitive information to critical documents. When it comes to more discreet forms of security, from checking personnel to due diligence on business partners, the TSCL takes a professional approach to investigation. TSCL can check internal security breaches, deal with concerns over fraudulent business transactions or other commercial threats.

“Our investigators are skilled professionals who are very experience in covert surveillance operations,” said Operations Manager Maria Mclean. “Customers can trust us to be discreet and efficient when it comes to dealing with their more sensitive and delicate security issues. TSCL is able to send investigators anywhere in the world or can use its network of professional resources to deal with international issues or those on your doorstep.”

Controlling who gets into your commercial facility through sophisticated card access or residential premises with security gates or video entry is another service that TSCL offers to help people protect homes and business premises from anyone who should not be there – something that has become a particular concern as a result of a rise recently in home invasions as well as a number of armed robberies. 

“It can be very traumatising for people to be burgled when they are out, but when someone invades your home when you’re there it can be terrifying,” said McLean, adding that commercial entry systems can ensure that those who should be on your business premises can access efficiently while keeping intruders out.


Security lighting, domestic and commercial fire alarms as well as security alarms for homes, business and even boats, sophisticated vaults or mini-room safes, CCTV, professional guards and executive protection at home and abroad are just some of the service the firm offers.

“What we pride ourselves on is the custom-made approach we can take to security,” McLean said. “Everyone’s security needs are different but everyone has something valuable to protect. Whether it is corporate intelligence, a valuable commodity, your home and, above all, your loved ones, we can find a way for you to lower your vulnerability to crime.”

Not everyone’s needs are the same and not everyone wants high profile systems, Brennan pointed out, so TSCL staff takes time to find out what people need and want. “Customers’ needs are always diverse. There is no one size fits all when it comes to protecting your assets and lowering your risks, and at The Security Centre we make it our business to meet our clients’ needs based on budgets and circumstances. From those who need high levels of protection to those look for a simple and efficient way to protect the family, we can help,” he explained.

For more information on the diverse range of services offered by The Security Centre Limited or a no obligation security assessment contact: The Security Centre Limited, Unit B1, Cayman Business Park, 10A Huldah Avenue, George Town, P.O. Box 10055, Grand Cayman, KY1-1001, CAYMAN ISLANDS. Tel: (345) 949-0004, Fax: (345) 945-6591, Email: Or visit the Retail Showroom on North Sound Road, George Town, next to the Butterfield Roundabout. Tel: (345) 949-744


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