New Cayman governor backs TCI takeover by UK

| 27/09/2009

(CNS): According to reports across a number of Caribbean news websites, Cayman’s incoming governor, Duncan Taylor, has said he supports the UK’s intervention in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) and has made it clear that Britain has a right to step in wherever there are perceived problems in its territories. He rejected the notion that the decision to set aside the elected government in the TCI amounted to modern day colonialism. Duncan stated that he didn’t think the situation would happen in the Cayman Islands but made it clear the UK had the constitutional power if necessary.

Taylor, who is preparing to take up office in Cayman in January 2010 after his four-year tour of duty as British High Commissioner to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean is over, has expressed doubt that a similar situation could emerged here in an interview with the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) .

“I hope it won’t come to that in the Cayman Islands and I would be very surprised if it did but the nature of the relationship with the British Overseas Territories is that they are still British Overseas Territories and that is the constitutional position,” he said.

He said he did not think the situation in TCI was necessarily a backward step. “I think the circumstances which had developed in the Turks and Caicos were truly exceptional, and once the Turks and Caicos remains a British Overseas Territory, in extreme circumstances, the power of the British government to take control still exists,” he told CMC.

Last month, Governor Gordon Wetherell signed a proclamation suspending sections of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) constitution in a move that Premier Galmo Williams has condemned as a “coup” by the British government. The move was made after a UK-appointed commission said it had uncovered evidence to support damning allegations made against the former government led by Michael Misick, who had unsuccessfully appealed the decision of the United Kingdom government to suspend the constitution and impose direct rule. 

Taylor also responded to the criticisms of the UK government that it has no moral authority to tell others how to operate, given recent scandals that have emerged in its own backyard, such as the expenses furore.

“I think we are dealing very vigorously with the expenses scandal. There has been some pretty tough action taken already against a small number actually of the worst miscreants in the expenses scandal and a major review of the way parliamentary expenses are operated in Westminster,” Taylor added. “I think that the leaders of all the parties in the parliament of Westminster have committed themselves to very tough action to ensure that a system is put in place that is more transparent and accountable and to ensure that some of the difficulties which arose and which were made public over this summer don’t recur.”

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  1. Understand? says:

    The UK has Cayman’s interests at heart.  That should be obvious.

    1) The offshore industry ison a knife-edge.

    2) Unlike other economies who will re-grow with certainty, Cayman’s might worsen considerably if the world regulates offshore out of existence.  We will be little more than a third rate holiday destination.

    3) Cayman should not be hysterical about the motives for this – it would be counterproductive.  No-one "hates Cayman" or "wants to destroy us".  Rather the "harm" to Cayman is an indirect result of what is perceived as a greater good, namely securing revenue streams properly due to onshore governments.

    4) If Cayman borrows and the defaults because it does not reform its revenue stream then the territory will descend into a horrific situation.

    5) A sensible fiscal review and significant reduction in civil service spending will put Cayman in a better position to build for the future, whatever that holds.


    • Anonymous says:

      ??? The UK has Cayman’s interests at heart??

      Let me tell you about an excellent opportunity to invest in swamp land in Florida. I do not own it but you can pay me for telling you about it. Not only that, the tooth fairy is going to come along reimburse you for the money you pay to me.

      The UK has its own interests at heart – always has, always will.

      In relation to "securing revenue streams that properly belong to onshore governments", the same sentiments have been expressed for centuries in relation to wealth generated in the Caribbean and other colonies. It was said by the UK in relation to the profits of slavery and the sugar trade. It was the basis for the UK’s "Navigations Acts" which forced the wealth generated in the Caribbean to be passed along to the UK. Similar sentiments relating to the "just deserts" of the UK were the basis of the Boston Tea Party and the protests led by Ghandi against the "salt taxes" imposed in the Indian sub-Continent. Anyone who actually believes that the UK has the interests of Cayman at heart needs a serious reality check.


      • Shif Shah says:

        If anything the tax analogies are appropriate – as to the inappropriateness of offshore structres.  We are providing ways for businesses and work done onshore to be treated as it it was done here.  That is theft of revenue streams for the places where the business is really done.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Response to Stella..

    What is the UK doing for Cayman now? lets start with that.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s the fact that Cayman is an overseas territory.  If not for the UK backing, and flag flying on the shores, there would be no investment in Cayman.  The economy is viewed as stable becasue it is a British Overseas Territory.  Let’s list some other, non-territorial caribbean countries and see how high they rank in the financial scheme of things.  I can think of a few:




      Dominican Republic


      St. Lucia


      The list goes on, but my point should be clear.  If not, take off your blame goggles.

      • Anonymous says:

        It may be that 40 years ago the initial development of a financial centre in Cayman was in part based on Cayman’s association with the UK. However, the question posted was what in the UK doing now, not what did it do 40 years ago.

        The answer is that now the UK is at best completely indifferent, and at worst deliberate in its disruption of our financial services sector. Whatever stability and credibility the association with the UK may have lent to Cayman 40 years ago, in recent times it has wittingly or unwittingly done a great deal to destroy. 

        To the extent that the current reader of the Wall Street Journal or the FT has any view whether Cayman is "stable" or not, it is likely to be shaped at the moment by observations that Mr. Brown and his cronies seem keen to kick Cayman around and blame Cayman for all sorts of things that are fabrications. Unfortunately our own fearless leader’s poorly thought through comments may have contributed to any perceived instability in Cayman.

        • Anonymous says:

          Mr. Brown will be gone by May.  We must not conflate the UK with the Labour party.  As an experienced financial services professional I can categorically state that without the links to the UK Cayman will not have any ability to maintain its share of the offshore market.

    • Stella says:

      It is letting us piggy back off the reputational goodwill of the UK.  As the outside world knows that the UK still oversees the running of things the rest of the world perceives Cayman as a low-risk offshore jurisdiction.  That is extremely valuable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like we’re doomed either way.  If we go independent the crime is going to increase.  If we get taken over by Britain, we will feel like the Native American Indians who got oppressed when the Europeans took over their land.  Looks like a no-win situation either way.  They will probably come with their soldiers and big machine guns to try to solve the crime which will surely escalate from outrage, and then there will be many more shootings and deaths from shootings.  Wow, what happened Cayman???  Where did you go???  Why, why, why???  Love of Money, Greed and Selfishness, that’s why and that’s what happened…Sad sad…

    "Bye-Bye Miss Caymanian Pie…drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry…them good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye…singing this will be the day that i die, this will the day that i die…"

    ~Come Lord Jesus, Maranatha~

    • Anonymous says:

       Soldiers and machine guns I dont think so , the UK does not have armed police on the streets nor does it have a military presence so why the heck would that happen in Cayman. Our troops are professionals not guns for hire to sort out the problems that are purely Cayman in origin.

      You have a serious problem in Cayman with crime as recent incidents have shown and that is nothing to do with the UK –  Drug related incidents are at a high. People running around with guns its a ridiculous situation

      Who in their right mind is going to want to take their family to a small island where drug crime and violence is happening on a daily basis – it doesnt matter how many 5 star hotels you have if the place isnt safe you dont take the risk . So you will not have a tourist industry for much longer either 

      The success of the financial services industry did not encourage the high rate of crime we are now seeing – that is purely down to an attitude whereby people think it is all theirs just to take without have to work hard and earn these rewards. e

      The them and us attitude is what has got you into this mess so wake up and smell the coffee. 

      You achieve success though hard work , the Financial/ Legal  Svs industry in Cayman has attracted the best in the market because of the high quality of work and also the benefits of living in a place like Cayman. Why is Dubai / Singapore etc so successful because they welcome expats to their country they dont make them feel like they dont belong they have realised that in the best interests of trade and  economic success for their countries the two have to co -exist. Switzerland is on a massive drive to get the experts Cayman seems so keen to get rid of to go and live and work there 

      The only people who are to blame is your Government – it should never have come to this and now im afraid there is no way back .

      • Thankful says:

        I am scared for you.  What a heap of you know what!  Not worth my time to respond.

        Sounds like you are off to Singapore Switzerland or Dubai – best of luck on your journey!

      • Pale Rider says:

        "the UK does not have armed police on the streets nor does it have a military presence"


        DUH!!  guess you forgot about that small minority of us Caymanians who can actually read….Ever heard of NORTHERN IRELAND?????

        • Anonymous says:

          Please dont insult the troubles in Northern Ireland by making a comparison with Cayman – If you knew anything about what went on you would realise what a stupid comment that is . 

          Next you will beciting the Falklands etc

          As I said before if Cayman wants to destroy itself with crime go ahead ,  our troops are not there to clear up your mess. At present the UK Navy are busy in the Caribbean trying to cut of the drugs being transported through Caribbean waters and in the  unlikely event that Cayman was invaded or under attack I can assure you British Troops would be there fighting to protect you. 

          • Arthur Daley says:

            God,  someone will be dragging up the Chagos Islands again, it’s like a bleedin’ broken record. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Fantastic, you took the words right out my mouth. Our Caymanian friends, should go and visit Switzerland, Singapore and Dubai to see first hand, how " professional, hard working, educated people" ( Not Expats) are treated.

        The sad fact of the matter is that in 20 years time, when the whole Financial Industry has relocated, numerous high wealth investors, have left, and this little dot on the planet has nothing, only then, will the indigenous people truly realize what a mess they have made of things.

        Its sad, but hey, they have to learn!!!!

      • Bye Bye Miss Caymanian Pie says:

        Yes, soldiers and machine guns just like i said in my "bye bye Miss Caymanian Pie" post!!  Just like after Ivan when their Navy Ship came in and thier soldiers were guarding the banks with machine guns!!!!  Where have you been?  What little knowledge do you have???  Britain has a Military!!  In Afghanistan even their Prince Harry was deployed in the Military over there!  Why do you not know of their Military???

        You think people don’t want to move here???  Think again!!! People still want to move here, the tropical weather, the crystal clear blue seas, the unique small island life here.  I also agree there is people who want to move away, but there’s lots who want to move here too.  People from the beginning of time always move around the Earth.  That’s how the Earth gets populated everywhere, people travel and move.  So far our shootings are targeted and not random.  Yes it can get random, but it hasn’tgotten to that point yet.  Alot of foreigners still love to live here and move here. 

        I am Caymanian, but i would like to move away.  Why?  To travel serving the Lord in missions in other Countries, meeting and hanging with other Christians all over the World, that’s why.   If it wasn’t for that, i probably wouldn’t want to move away, cause there is violence and crime and despair and sorrows growing everywhere!  All over the World!!  Why?  Because it is Bible Prophecy, the End draweth near.  Just because some people don’t believe in the Lord God Almighty, doesn’t mean it will stop the Lord God Almighty’s prophecies from coming to pass!

        Shawn Marie Hendriks

        • Anonymous says:

          Of course UK has a military everyone knows that !!! – you appear to be missing the point we do not have soldiers wandering the streets in the UK – they are deployed to war zones or to assist with humanitarian aid.

          Our police force are not armed with guns whilst policing the streets in UK – we do have special units that are armed ie airport security or armed police who are highly trained to deal with very special situations. You appear to be confusing UK police with US Police who do infact carry weapons

          You have a very serious crime situation in Cayman which appears to be escalating – 

          The reason the troops were guarding banks was to prevent looting and escalation of crime which very often occurs at time of natural disasters so they were deployed to help protect the citizens of Cayman 

          • Bye Bye Miss Caymanian Pie says:

            You say i’m missing the point, but you said it yourself the reasons that the Military is deployed on missions.  Need i say more???  I quote what you say:


            "they are deployed to war zones"

            "You have a very serious crime situation in Cayman which appears to be escalating"

            "The reason the troops were guarding banks was to prevent looting and escalation of crime which very often occurs at time of natural disasters so they were deployed to help protect the citizens of Cayman" 

  4. Anonymous says:

    One of the international commitments which the UK honours in the breach is set out in the UN Charter Article 73 which deals with the relationship between the UK and its Overseas Territories. In very formal diplomatic language this Article states that the UK accepts "as a sacred trust the obligation to promote to the utmost, within the system of international peace and security established by the present Charter, the well-being of the inhabitants of these territories". The FCO’s view of Cayman’s constitutional position based on recent litigation involving the people of the Indian Ocean Territory would appear to be that the UK can freely ignore any international commitments when it is inconvenient to live up to them. It will be interesting to see how inconvenient the UK will find the continued existence of Cayman’s financial services sector – and the new Governor will have his role as his predecessor has had his.  

    • Boule Doug says:

      "The FCO’s view of Cayman’s constitutional position based on recent litigation involving the people of the Indian Ocean Territory would appear to be that the UK can freely ignore any international commitments when it is inconvenient to live up to them."  1974 is not "recent" in the scheme of international rights.

      • Anonymous says:

        1974????? The FCO litigated to prevent the people of the British Indian Ocean Territories returning to their homes most recently in 2008. The FCO position was that the UK’s United Nations and other international commitments were irrelevant to what the FCO was permitted to do to Overseas Territories citizens and that the UK did not have to give any particular consideration to the rights of its Overseas Territories citizens. The FCO asserted that the UK had the right to evict people from their homes and force them to leave the country of their births and the country in which they were citizens any time they wanted. The Bancoult decision was widely reported. Here is the actual House of Lords Decision:



        • Caymanians are not Chagossians says:

          I suggest you read the judgment before writing about it!  This was about challenges to restrictions on visiting the Islands as it was impossible for anyone to settle on the Islands without substantial capital expenditure.  The Chagossians had previously entered into a binding settlement in 1982 for the their claims for wrongs done them in the 70’s.

          Bancoult does make it clear that there is a unitary concept of the UK for purposes of determining the UK’s interests.  ie decisions can, and indeed should, be taken in the best interests of the UK as a whole not a specific section of the state.  So yes, if Cayman’s interests diverged from the UK’s then the UK does not need to take Cayman’s separate interests into account.  As a matter of law there is no "separate" in this context.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Mac is so arrogant  he would rather sell Cayman out that each out to those like Travers who could get us out of this mess. 

    I really fear it is too late to stop what is clearly inevitable 


  6. Anonymous says:

    What else would he say??? That is the FCO speaking through their employee whichwe pay.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Errrr, the battle of Waterloo was a decisive victory for the British and Prussian armies over Napolian’s French outfit.

    • Benny says:

      My, my.  At Waterloo Napoleon did surrender.

      Check the history book on the shelf for details.

  8. Anonymous says:

     Mac doesnt stand a chance against this highly educated man , its about time he put a call into CIFSA  – you need highly educated people to represent the govt  – the UK have every right to take the view they do as the KY govt does not have one person of the calibre that is required . 


    The way I see it is either Mac brings in experts ie Travers  or the UK brings in their own experts to try and bring some stability to the territory – and Mac dont think that it will never happen 



  9. Anonymous says:

    Britain has named a career diplomat who is currently the British high commissioner for Barbados and the eastern Caribbean as the next governor of the Cayman Islands.
    The U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office said Thursday that Duncan Taylor will take over the post in January 2010. He will replace Gov. Stuart Jack, who is scheduled to leave this wealthy three-island grouping in November.
    Taylor has held diplomatic positions in West Africa, Japan, Cuba and Hungary since he started his career in 1982. He has been stationed in Barbados since 2005.

    The governor sets the agenda for the islands’ Cabinet and must sign all laws approved by the British Caribbean territory’s government.

  10. Anonymous says:
    Mr Duncan Taylor,
    High Commissioner to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean
    Duncan was born in New Malden, Surrey in 1958.  His father, Sir Jock Taylor was also a diplomat so he and the family moved from country to country on a regular basis. Duncan was brought up in Uruguay, Germany, Argentina, Venezuela and in the UK.  He was educated at French Lycées and at Highgate School in North London, and read Linguistics with French, Spanish and Latin American Studies at Trinity College, Cambridge. Duncan’s grandfather Sir John Taylor, was a diplomat: the Taylor family have been represented in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office without interruption since 1919.
    Duncan is a family man, the fourth of eight children.  He married Beatrice (known as Bebe) in 1981.  They have five children and four grandchildren.  Duncan join the Foreign and Commonwealth office in 1982.  He has served in Havana, Budapest, and New York.  Duncan enjoys spending time with his family, travel, theatre and film and sports, especially cricket.
    Duncan speaks French, Spanish, Hungarian and German.  He was awarded a CBE in 2002 for his role in helping the families of British victims in the World Trade Centre in New York.

  11. Richard Wadd says:

    Let’s play ‘Devil’s Advocate’.

    YES, the (Gordon Brown) UK should spend more time fixing their ‘Log’ before criticizing our ‘straw’, however, THEY (not us) are still ultimately responsible for our ‘straw’.  

    IF we don’t want them interfering in our little world, then we have two options: 1). Clean up our Act, and behave like the Educated and Civilized country we are SUPPOSED to be, or, 2). Seek Independence, and kiss our ‘Dolly-house’ goodbye.

    Make no mistake about it, IF we seek Independence, our entire Economy WILL COLLAPSE. Why you ask? Stability, or the Lack thereof, as percieved by the rest of the Financial World.

    I say we go for the First option, Clean-up our Country, bring crime and corruption (there will always be corruption, just keep it at acceptable levels that don’t outweigh the ‘Cost / benefit ratio) under control, and then Design a long-term goal for growth and stability.

    Those with ‘Agendas’ will always have something negativeto say against us, WE must ensure that their accusations are without Basis, and then what has happened in the T&C won’t happen here.

    In the end, the UK has the right to protect its Subjects (us) and its Interests from ANY GOVERNMENT that is acting against our best interests, even one that we may have elected.

    Thank GOD for that !

  12. Anonymous says:

     This man is a 3rd generation diplomat he will look to make his mark and how better to do than take control of cayman for the UK 

  13. Gerald says:

    Good.  As an Englishman resident here I am glad that we will be governed by a Governor with this view.  Cayman cannot act in a manner contrary to the UK’s interests and it should realise that sooner than later – the land here is British territory.  It is the price to be paid for the Islands’ prosperity. 

    • I have fear in my stomach today, from Good, as an Englishmans post of-07:23.   You are glad that your beloved UK will rule with the iron hand, as the world knows we are at your countrys mercies and that is conquer and divide, now, You can strut and shout that you are proud that we are your territory  and this is  the price to pay, we get your message and I think the ultimate price to pay is that Cayman seek to become independant of you all, how much worse can it get, you do not care about us, look at what you did to us after hurricane Ivan, thats what I call support.  No thank you, we need  a mother country that cares about their territories not destroy them, Please almighty God help us from this tyrant country.

      • Anonymous says:

        The ones you should ask God to protect you from are your very own inept and/or corrupt politicians.  They are the onest who destroyed the Golden Goose.

      • Boule Doug says:

        And the Academy Award for Excessive Melodrama in an online post goes to  . . . .Anonymous 1(..).

  14. Anonymous says:

    i agree with the uk stepping in and taking over turks and caicos i wish that they would step in here and take out the udp government i would love to see it happen.thank you, you seems to be a very smart governor.

    the uk should have stepped in during the UDP’s first term

    • Edwards says:


      Some of you people truly amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think that is going to help you. tsk.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just what we need another Gordon Brown(UK) a** kisser!

    Looks like Jack is staying until January. When was someone going to announce that. He was supposed to be gone in November!

    This is one Caymanian fed up with these colonialists!!


  16. Joe Average says:

    Well of course I couldn’t resist.  Scandal in the UK parliament?  What scandal?  Or…which scandal?

    I hadn’t heard of the latest one so I looked it up.  My goodness!!

    1645 Pounds for a duck hut on a legislator’s estate???  30,000 Pounds for gardening expenses on same.  15,000 Pounds another had charged the public for champagne flutes, wine glasses and sofas. Others claimed expenses for moat cleaning and swimming pool boiler repairs.  You see the taxpaying public picks up the tab for MP’s residences.  This does not include the profit from a private residence sold for 300,000 pounds which the public also helped pay for.  And another MP who claimed for two residences, one for him and one for his wife.  For a full list go to London Telegraph May 8, 2009.

    Obviously misuse of public office can not be condoned in a refined democracy.  But the problem is this scandal broke not because of government oversight but an investigation by the media.

    The UK government moved on Turks and Caicos for what they described as damning allegations of misuse of office and public trust.  I’m glad they noticed that one.

    However the final statement by our soon-to-become Govenor is the most disconcerting.  "and to ensure that some of the difficulties which arose and which were made public over this summer don’t recur.”  In what way?  That the public doesn’t become aware again?  Or… this kind of behaviour will stop when.. the few bad apples  (the list is quite long) are eliminated??

    Finally, does the UK Government wish for the Overseas Territories to adopt a more standardized system of corruption?  Modeled on a more "model democracy"?  Such as theirs?? 

    In other words easier to detect for them?

    Sorry.  I couldn’t resist.




  17. Anonymous says:

    Wonder if Mr. Taylor’s directive is to facilitate the take over of the Cayman Islands by the UK Government.  His ideology and that of Britain seems very  much in sync.  His term is going to be pretty interesting I can tell.  As bad as he is, we might wish yet that we had kept the the Governor that we had. Sometimes it better to stick with the evil thay you know, but time will surely tell.

  18. tim ridley says:

    The new Governor would do well to ponder the UK’s troubling record in dealing with international corruption and how poorly it compares with its peers in this respect. The decades long saga of the corruption surrounding the contract to supply Saudi Arabia with fighter aircraft is a shocking example. And it took the US and the fall of Riggs National Bank in Washington DC, no less, to blow the whistle on the prime beneficiary of the corruption (bribery) and to unveil the British Government’s complicity therein. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Cayman must have a 15 year plan to rid itself of the UK

    • Stella says:

      I hope the plan fully covers – collapse of the offshore industry, mass unemployment, collapse of revenue base, property market falls and a resultant massive increase in crime.

      • it will happen anyway says:

        Collapse of the Offshore Industry is going to happen so stop trying to fight it… We need to get rid of the British now and in a coup like fashion.. In the ensuing crisis we can implement reforms to part ways…

        I want to be the Great Caymanian General, in fact, I am going to the Sword shop to get a sword to raise in battle.. I need a white horse too..anybody know where I can get one?

        Put me and my horse in Hero’s Square in Gold like in France.. Waterloo anybody


        I am willing for die for Cayman are you

        • Full Moon? says:


          It must be a full moon – the whackos are coming out of the woodwork… 

          • Full moon says:

            And they called Noah crazy too but where will you be when the rain starts…