Governor blogs his disapproval

| 28/09/2009

(CNS): Pointing to what he describes as “disturbing trends in the media”, Governor Stuart Jack used his official Foreign and Commonwealth Office blog this week to criticise sections of Cayman media that provide outlets for the views of ordinary people. With the heading “Good and not so good in Cayman’s media”, he expresses a largely positive impression of the local print media. However, turning attention to talk shows and blogs, he said he hoped for responsible reporting and made it clear he disapproved of the way they moderated the people’s views.

“Talk shows and blogs play an increasing role in forming public opinion in Cayman as in many other countries. That is great in that more people have a say,” the UK’s unelected representative said in his 22 September entry on his FCO blog.

“But I have been disturbed, recently in particular, by the tone of some of the anonymous free for all in some of Cayman’s media. Criticism (including of myself) is fine. But some of the comments pit one part of the community against another, and sometimes crudely. Some might even fall foul of incitement laws in the UK or other jurisdictions – or possibly libel law here. I personally have no truck with divisive rhetoric and in particular expressions of racial intolerance by and against whatever nationalities or ethnic groups.”

However, he claimed he was not in favour censorship in Cayman. "We can hope for responsible reporting and moderation of postings to blogs and talkshows to eliminate offensive material. Self-regulation of the media along the lines of the UK’s Press Complaints Commission has also been suggested. That would be fine if the media themselves buy into the idea,” he said.

Jack concluded, “Government in my view should only intervene in rare circumstances like national security or public morals, but there too only when really necessary and subject to safeguards. Otherwise it just has to put up with criticism, however unfair that may sometimes seem, as a fact of political life. In a democracy like Cayman politicians are free to defend their policies and actions through the media and, if an individual feels he or she has been libelled, to defend their reputation through the courts.”

A single comment in response by someone who identifies herself only as “Jane” says, “I always find it funny when people try to avoid the divisions in society by hushing it up under the rubric of ‘racial intolerance’ and ‘incitement laws’. If countries like the UK and US had dealt with their social divides when the divisive language started, rather than trying to outlaw it, they wouldn’t have their own nationals blowing up fellow citizens. Violence is the problem, hateful talk is the warning sign and needs to be responded to, not hushed up. How about looking into social-building initiatives, rather than ways to censor the public observation of the intolerant? No one ever had their mind changed by being told to shut up and no one was ever protected by not knowing that other people ‘hate’ them.”

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  1. noname says:

    I think freedom of speech and press, even anonymous speech and press, is a cornerstone of any well functioning society. These sometimes unpleasant and direct comments plant the seed of open thought with all of us.  It is critical for all people to have the freedom to vent, as this venting ois ften brings out the truth burried within.  I do not support everything said, and some anonymous statements trouble me, but I respect the right of people to say what they wish, even if those statements are anonymous. Like it or not these "trends in media" are here to stay and if the Governor intimating that these trends are negative or unhealthy for this Country, then the Governor is wrong. That said, I agree there is no place for hatred or racism in this (or any) society. The decision as to what exactly constitutes hatred and racism is incredibly subjective however, and beginning to police this line is a slippery slope.  If I say:  "I hate the governor for what he has done to this Country during his tenure" ..  is that hatred, or am I expressing an opinion?  Follow my logic and you will see my point.

  2. Joe Average says:

    I’m sure the Governor has been personally hurt by some of the recent comments "we’re all going to the airport to see you off!"  Etc.  That was unneccessary.  However I’m not sure if I like the paternalistic tone of his comments.  He must keep in mind there is a deeper-seated conversation taking place in the minds of some.  That often comes out in unruly comments and posts. In that respect he’s correct. I will try to express it from what I’ve been feeling personally.

    The emotions and some of the comments the Governor may have taken offence to stem from a very basic fact.

    Some are not certain what we are doing taking directions from a distant country on the other side of the ocean with a completely different culture, history, and in many ways religion.  And government aka economy which doesn’t seem to work any better than ours.  It’s that basic.

    The UK is in debt and so are we.  But we don’t pretend that we know what’s best for the UK.  We’re not that conceited.  Or arrogant.  Therein lies the difference.

    Historically, of course, Cayman and others have been termed Overseas Territories ( I believe this was changed from British-Dependent Territories perhaps to absolve Britian from unreasonable monetary responsibility and/or risk).  What’s in a name.

    But the fact is we don’t generally feel dependent or necessarily a part of Britain.  This might confound some but it’s a fact.  This decision….to be an overseas territory…was made generations ago and certainly not by a vote. Historically, most of the residents of the Caribbean territories arrived on a one-way ocean cruise.

    And… it took place when various areas of the world and in particular the Caribbean nations were traded like baseball cards. Between Britain, France,The Netherlands, and Spain.  That in itself is odd.  But it was afterall those countries that brought "unwilling" workers to the shores of many of the islands.  Now their descendents are saying  "What are you still doing here??"  "You took everything you wanted or grew it with unwilling workers and shipped it home."  "We have made our best attempt to survive since." 

    In light of that, it’s a different world now. 

    Though many of us are still unwilling workers. TGIF! 

    And much as we like parades, pomp and circumstance, and bugles as much as anyone else.  Especially the cool horse-drawn carriages.  There has to be some other plausible reason to maintain the relationship.

    We are in the process of searching for those valid reasons.

    With recent developments that indicate the UK isn’t as friendly, or benevolent as we’ve been trained to believe.  And quite possibly if the truth were known never was all that benevolent or friendly.  The luxuries of a larger military allow you to decide when you’re going to be benevolent, friendly.  Or neither.

    On the other hand in our case patience is requested.

    Because of the disconnect between what we’re… told is good for us.. and what we’re trying to decide for ourselves. 

    As a matter of fact at various times We’ve been told both:

    What is best for us and to make our own decisions.  We didn’t create this confusion and that your excellency is what you’re witnessing.   

    We’re not certain who’s on our side or who’s interestsare being taken care of.   

    And we’re sorry if it seemed disrespectful.  Cayman HAS honored it’s relationship with the UK and also made concessions when requested. Now.  On the other side of the two-way street….. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    As the old saying goes, "you reap what you sow"

    Govern responsibly and impartially Suart Jack and then you wouln’t have to be "up tight" and issue such statements attempting to "muzzle" the public and the press.

    November 2009 can’t come to quick for your departure and for the end of hurricane season !!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of when years ago when people kept trying to warn Government authorities that Cayman has gangs, however the people’s warnings were ignored…til now… til it’s outrageously out of control!!  To Governor Jack, by blotting out comments people make is a sure recipe for increased problems, not decreased!  For example, if you read on blogs that it seems people from 2 different communities are heatedly arguing against one another, then i consider that to be of a great valuable lesson to learn from, not to blot out and ignore and pretend it doesn’t exist!  Sounds like you’re a drowning man clutching at straws trying to figure out how to reduce crime!  Face up to the truth of how all the angry people feel, listen to them!  It is wisdom to listen!!  Stop ignoring!!!  It only increases problems!!  Hire me to listen to them for you, and i will guide you as what to do, i bet you my ideas will work!!  And no, they are not violent ideas, they are filled with wisdom and peace and harmony and good wishes for all!!  Shame i’m not the Governor, wish i was!!  And no i would not wish so as to eat gloriously all the time, i would fast and pray, not eat all the time.

    CNS, thank you for giving us somewhere to be heard!!  God Bless You CNS!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Alas, IT’s ironic that all the complaints the Governor is making is in response to his own countrymen’s submissions,  not Caymanians.  This is the very thing they left their country for and more.

    • Read them says:

      How pathetic.  The divisive and racist posts are made by both extremist camps.  If you cannot accept that then you are either a bigot or illiterate.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree.  Some of the postsI have read on this site come close to inciting violence. They serve no purpose other than to stir up hatred. I wish sometimes that CNS (an excellent service in all other respects) would look a bit more closely at the comments they publish. It would be a shame if this ended up going the same way as caypolitics. 

  6. I. C. You There! says:

    Governor’s Blog of 09-25-09

    We as Caymanians better wake up and stop the PPM/UDP nonsense and start supporting our government whichever party is in power.

    The Governor in his latest blog suggests that he believes that it is “rubbish” that the UK is out to destroy the Cayman Islands financial centre…maybe he is correct and he should be. Maybe he is correct and the FCO is just bumbling along ineptly. Maybe they are trying to but just have not told him either, however these are some of the reasons why the Caymanians are saying so:

    1. Britain now competes with the Cayman Islands for business. This fact alone is good reason to try to destroy (or more accurately, “not care of its fate”) of our offshore business. We see the Libyan deals for oil even after the Pan Am disaster that killed so many in Lockerbie – Business comes first for the major world powers- they understand that and so do we.

    2. Britain is forcing the Cayman Islands to a standard on budgeting higher than their own. They are currently borrowing Billions monthly to feed their government spending and are less likely to pay it back with direct taxation than we are with indirect taxation.

    3. Britain leads the world chorus against the Offshore territories – see any Gordon Brown speech in the last ten years!

    4. The Governor has said he must side with his Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who has never shown anything but contempt for these islands. We think HE has no choice but to follow his leader. We remember the official (and unofficial) reasons given for Mr. Brown’s not attending a conference here in 1999.… (good old Guardian again…..hmmm?)

    5.Caymanians cannot understand the chaos this Governor has created over his term with various investigations, bullishly continuing even after evidence & law identified problems. No level of Good governance can explain the ongoing debacle regarding this and damage of the resulting headlines worldwide. This is either gross, gross incompetence or something else.

    6.Britian’s support for OECD and FATF draconian concepts of financial transparency and anti money laundering that is not even practiced onshore. If Britain really was for our financial centre they would ensure these laws and agreements are simultaneously executed at home and through out the onshore centres. It is commonly accepted that London and New York are the two largest money laundering centres in the world. Sample article found here

    7. Britain’s 1997 white paper for “prosperity” is so one-sided and not really a ‘partnership” in the true definition of such. However it clearly states- get your tourism/environment in order, get out of financial business and here is your British Citizenship back in case you need it to come and get a job over here.

    8. Britain has over 600 years of deceiving and manipulating its colonies. It is the Master at this. This is documented by the British themselves…. lets think Chagos Islands for a minute….” ” … is clear that no colony should EVER think the British would put their interest first…we understand this but I am surprised that our Governor would not recognize Britain’s reputation and history proceeded him to our shores.

    I could go on but clearly the Governor will have to do a lot more Blogging and Minister Bryant will have to write a lot more in the Guardian for the Caymanians to accept this concept of UK support for its Financial Centre. Until then, the valid concern of Caymanians will remain.

    • Cayman Crosstalk says:

      What a fantasic essay. 

      The truth is, as they say, incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Austin, you are so right.   We the people of these beloved Islands have become so educated and enlightened as a result of your talk show that it’s unbelievable.  Your show is not one with  "MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS"   YOURS HAPPEN TO BE,    MORE ANSWERS THAN QUESTIONS     AND LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY.    Something is troubling the Governor. (CONSCIENCE?)   If he is troubled we are more so and that’s a fact.    Iam troubled to the point of fear and that’s real.   When a mother turns against her children,   They are  ‘DOG MEAT’  and that’s what we are.  We must and will stand against the tyrants to the bitter end .  I personally am ready and prepared to give my life for this cause.  The Governor, the Commissioner and all those blinded Caymanians that they have enlisted to carry out their evil campaign must go-go-go.  Stand firm Austin and rooster.   WE LOVE YOU.

  8. Annoymous says:

    Here we go again trying to hush the people whom finally got a voice through media outlets such as CNS and the Radio Talk Shows. 

    Fortunately, we have a choice now and we are free to use it.  Until we are considered an ‘iron curtain’ country we will have our say. 

    The Governor’s blog is rubbish, if you write to it they never post it regardless of how nice it is.  They must have your IP addressess regulated from Cayman so only the ones they want get through so he can go and comment on his stupid blog which says NOTHING!!!!

    Lastly, I will be one of them people in the waiving gallery at the airport in November when you make your departure along with those Budda idols displayed all over my Govt. House.

    I do not like you Governor Jack, never did, so good bye and don’t eve remember us when you depart much less return for any Gov. Alumni visits.

    Caymanian DNA flows through this here veins……

    CNS: I will go to bat for you and give you the support publicly so you can continue your good work in this community.  Well done, and those who don’lt appreciate what you do, well this ya Caymanian does and I know personally that many many many more do as well.

    • noname says:

      Hello, you do not need to insult Lord Budda while being critical on Gov. Jack.  Lord Budda has no relevance to this discussion.  You must be a religeous lunatic.  Learn to respect all religions.  You should have learned these good qualities from the school.  It may be too late now………

  9. Brit Humour! says:

    Let’s all go to see Gov. Jack off at the Airport! 

  10. Cayman Crosstalk says:

    I feel somewhat compelled to respond to the remarks made by H.E. The Governor, who suggests censorship and threatens Freedom of the Press, simply because it in unagreeable.

    He also refers to "Talk Shows" but I think it is obvious to whom he really is speaking about.  Let me say this, Cayman Crosstalk exists for many as the Voice for the Voiceless. 

    Those people who have been marginalized, compartmentalized or right out silenced for Decades.  Many of whom have been recognizing certian trends developing for years in this nation, that if left unchecked, would threaten the overall peace and tranquilty and by extension, the overall good governance of these the Cayman Islands. People who have suggestions, but because they call themselves "Caymanians", those suggestions never see the light of day. As youwill recall, one of H.E.’s responsibilties is to ensure good governance.  Have we seen much of the latley? 

    Whilst I enjoy the Governors Blog, our discussions are held in the public domain. With courageous men & women expressing their point of views and likewise opening themselves up for criticism.  We don’t have to agree to recognize the virtue in this.  To simply silence it because you can, is not the answer.

    I ask you, do you recall any other time when the Cayman public had so many oppurtunities to be informed about the process of Government? Has this happened because Government, and its many tentacles have all of a sudden been more open and transparent? Or is it more likely because more light is being shined in the dark crevaces of Government, thanks to Talk Shows and Blogs, that allow people to become a part of that process?

    As for insighting violence; as the Governor will note most particulary, Cayman Crosstalk seeks to allow persons, within reason, to vent their frustrations WITHOUT resorting to protest marches or worse. When people feel that there voice has been heard, or their words read, they are less likely to seek other avenues of getting their message across. This in my opinion is a good thing!! Great is the nation who have the power to govern themselves!

    We have many challenges in this country, most we have created ourselves, others have been put before us by those who we were lead to believe were on our side. But it is through open, honest and frank dialogue on ALL the issues, that the solutions for these challenges will be found.

    We have an Open Door policy Your Excellency.  If you disagree with the tone or sentiments that are being discussed on Cayman Crosstalk, which stem from the very Cayman public you are obligated to represent, then join our discussions and share your viewpoint(s).  Don’t point me to your Blog so I can read your words and seek to express them on your behalf. Come and talk WITH us instead of TO us.


    Austin Harris – Host, Cayman Crosstalk



    • Anonymous!!! says:

      Cayman crosstalk, we the people, as long as we stand together we cannot be defeated,  you have spoken the truth to our GOVERNOR mr Harris,      Gods speed Mr. Jack

    • Anonymous says:

      Typically, Austin thinks this is all about him.

    • pamala says:


      Where I can understand where you are coming from, there is a dire need for censoring freedom of speech as well. Remember, the Governor is the symbol of the UK’s leadership over the Cayman Islands. He was appointed by the Queen to fulfill such duties, and thus, he is put in a situation where he will become the scapegoat of negative sentiments against the UK. Should he not worry of any inciting of violence against his person and family???  I think not!  And it wouldn’t do this country or the media good to incite such violence to any political figure…

      As journalist, we have to take care what we allow to be broadcast and over the airwaves. Freedom of speech is great, but let’s not abuse it.

      Although, I am not very fond of the Governor, he has a valid point if he is thinking about his safety! 

  11. Richard Wadd says:

     Of course ‘Jack-the-knob’ is upset with the Media for providing a Voice for the people to speak out against HIS incompetence (or agenda).

     With all that has transpired under his watch, what reasons would we have to believe that he didn’t come here with an agenda to do our Islands harm, and discredit our reputation in the Financial World. What other conclusion could be draw by the citizens of these Islands?

    We need to realize that we are but Pawns in this world, and easily sacrificed in the persuit of Gordon Brown’s greater plan. What is happening in the World’s Financial Industry didn’t start yesterday, and in spite of resounding evidence to exonerate the Legitimate Off-shore industry from any blame in the Global Financial Meltdown, the G20 (led by Brown) has stated that they will shut us down regardless, because they can.

    Read the latest G20 report. I believe that there is a lot more to ‘Jack’ than we think.

  12. Plea says:

    I know many ex-pats have felt CNS a useful means of expressing themselves because of the practical repression of free speech in Cayman throught the abuse of discretionary decisions such a work permits, key employees, PR and status decisions.

    As a Brit and long term resident, I would want free speech protected through better review of the decisions taken by these bodies and the broadening of the right to vote and stand in elections which are presently incompatible with the UK’s human rights obligations. 

    Governor, I cannot write a letter to the press as they require publication of my name, and just by saying what I said here, if my letter annoyed the wrong people I risk being sent off this island.  Please, please, do something to protect the rights of everyone here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Governor,


      How about commenting on the Global Media attacks on Cayman ?


    • To 11:54 poster, long term resident, We Caymanians want free speech too, not to be muzzled like you want us  to be, silent and minority,   you  Britts think that can say or print what ever you feel like doing, name calling and so forth,  that’s  whats  driving these blogs, you are anti Caymanians, Americans, Jamacians etc. you are holyier than Christ, this is how you come accross and people are sick of your attitudes.

      Yes you can sign your name to your letters as you will get the same treatment that we Caymanians get, as it all comes down from the UK on what to do. You all have stoked these fires and now it is getting out of hand and you feel that you must spread the fear, well you are doing a good job with it.  Freedom of speech is a responsibiliy that should not be taken lightly, so Mr.Jack dont take away the rights of the people. 

  13. John Evans says:

    It’s interesting that the out-going Governor should choose to attack material that is clearly destroying the last vestiges of credibility he may be clinging on to while forgetting that he personally supported a campaign of mis-information designed (unsuccessfully) to rescue Operation Tempura and the SIO from the bottomless pit they had dug for themselves.

    His hypocrisy is compounded by a decision to ignore complaints made at the end of last year about a lenghty campaign by one local publication, which appeared deliberately designed to undermine the independance of the judicial system while illegally influencing the determination of innocence and guilt. This act being in direct conflict with the rights of the people concerned as defined by the European Convention on Human Rights.

  14. Anonymous says:





    However,  I will defend with all my life, the media’s right to publish individual comments. Common, ordinary people should be heard!  If the Governor doesn’t like, he need to step up to the plate and defend himself by speech as well. IF HE CAN SPEAK TO THE PEOPLE, WHAT IS HOLDING HIM BACK!



  15. Thankful says:

    Surely  the Governor Jack is talking to the British media like THE GUARDIAN!

    What they have written, with others in the UK, about the Cayman Islands over the years and certainly their recent articles (that caused much controversy) was inciteful and may be considered foul by the Caymanian people!  Could we sue them for slander and libel?

    No doubt, a responsible media is a must.  Surely we have seen some not so very responsible printing of late, especially with one local paper, that continue to cause much injury for many.

    What I want to see, or someone needs to start, is a paper that is pro-cayman and its people.  One that prints only good news.  One that does good investigative jounalism and is staunch in the mission of printing only positive affirming news.  Yes, I know it is counter to the "power hungry" bad-news-sells ideology of the day.  It is precisely, why I think it would sell though. 

    Lots of care is always needed and a healthy balance must be the aim; but, commentary and the expressions of the "soul" should always be encouraged as a response to the reporters findings.

    With all due respect Governor Jack, in the remaining weeks you have as Governor of the Cayman Islands, try to find the time to sing the praises of the good you have found and experienced in the Cayman Islands.  We are a people that is battered and bruised and we need to be reminded of what is good.  And if their is no senister motive of the UK, like the Caymanian people is perceiving now and you claim as rubbish, and your heart and hands are pure, then I invite you to journey in our shoes for a bit, stand with our leaders and feel our passion, determination and desire to simply want what is good for our families, for our children, for our community, for our country.  Then maybe, you can return to London and be a honest voice of reason on our behalf.  History will record your time spent with us for what it is worth. 

    We have always been a cordial people, proud of our history and the humble beginnings of our genesis.  I suspect we will continue to rise to the challenges we face. 

    May we continue to talk honestly and openly about the issues and may a responsible and partnering media help do his.  

    • How scary can this get? God forbid that Mr.Jack gets his wishes, we are now at the mercy of the guardian and the financial times of London and he still want to stifle us from having freedom of speech, shame on you Mr. Jack, do you even know and understand what you wrote on your blog?

      We are very proud people here we eat and breathe just like you and your Uk  croonies  do, we should not stand by and allow you all to sink us any further down. I am saying this with a heavy heart, BUt, I do beleive that you and the brittish are trying very hard to start a revolution here in these islands by your actions and words. You need to appoligise to these people before you leave, as you have caused a lot of  discord here.Tempura,Spit etc etc. Only God knows what issues and  how far you have betrayed us. I say this now and forever, we need to break away from the UK if we want to survive.               Caymanians we need to pray and fast  about this one , our country is slowly  beign taken away from us.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not wishing to offend the above poster, but the Financial Times is far more responsible and professional in its behaviour than you give them credit. The Guardian has a dwindling readership of people with ever decreasing influence or relevance; they are not included to believe anything apart from Cayman is a hot bed of tax-evaders and money lauders.

        H.E. is correct in his criticism of the language used in many of the posting on CNS and elsewhere. Some would never be allowed in the UK, US and most of the developed world, and could even leave the owners of the medium open to prosecution. With rights come responsibilities; the right of free expression comes the responsibility of not inciting hatred.
  16. Anonymous says:

    The worst governor we have had for the Cayman Islands.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Your Excellency – All we are now doing is blogging our disapproval of your blogging of your disapproval to our blogging of our disapproval.

    Instead could you please consider whether intentionally or unintentionally your running of our immigration system (for which you are responsible) and our prison system (for which you are responsible) and our police (for which you are responsible) and our civil service  (for which you are responsible) and our legal department (for which you are responsible) and our international relations (for which you are responsible) might have conspired together with our own inadequacies to put us in the position we find ourselves. Can you please blog on that!

    • whodatis says:


      What say you Gov’na Jack?!

    • to the poster 9:50  All we want to know.

      You said a mouth full for all of us, Yes where is his responsibility for all the depts that is under his  ruling.

       We are only blogging just like he is, whats good for the goose is also good for the gander, AMEN

  18. Anonymous says:

    Jack concluded, “Government in my view should only intervene in rare circumstances like national security or public morals, but there too only when really necessary and subject to safeguards.

    National security is Jack’s responsibility, and as for public morals I believe we were morally bankrupt long before the money ran out. But Jack isn’t likely to admit that any of that happened under his watch.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is coming out on CNS is really what a cross-section of the community feels.

      Unfortunately for the Governor, many are not very happy with the course he has taken over the last two years.

      I think that CNS provides a good service to allow the community to vent — psychologists have long proscribed to "talk" therapy.  If people are not able to express themselves in one way, they will, as "Jane" said, find perhaps more destructive ways to be "heard".

      I do allow, however, that there are times when we could be more constructive in the things that we say, and perhaps we could be more mindful of two fundamental tests of communication — is it true? is it helpful?

      I cannot, however, have a lot of sympathy for the Governor’s position.  I am sure it is not comfortable, and I am sure that he thought he was doing the "right" thing.  But when you are Governor you are called upon to make decisions that impact the entire country, present and future, and it is an awesome responsibility.   It is too delicate a situation that does not allow for abject failures of judgement.

      Unfortunately, "the higher monkey climb, the more he expose."


  19. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    Hit the road Jack…! and take your communist ideas with you!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Kettle calling frying pan. He needs to worry about his disastrous tenure here before he attacks people expressing their disgust as his failures!

  21. Anonymous says:




  22. Anonymous says:

    Governor  Jack please tell us exactly what has and is bothering you. It is obvious you have been hurt despite your denial.  Is it the attacks on some of those costly decisions you have made?

  23. Mike Hennessy says:

    "Irresponsible" reporting and commentary are always (always with no exceptions that I’m aware of) the justification for censorship.  Of course, the definition of what is "irresponsible" is up to the same people who are made uncomfortable by the media. 

    I regard Governor Jack as competent and well-meaning, that doesn’t mean I think he’s always right.  While Icertainly can appreciate his exasperation at what’s going on, I have to agree with the earlier poster who sees lively and even heated discussions over certain subjects as ultimately beneficial.  There is no benefit that I can see to sweeping sensitive subjects under the carpet and pretending they don’t exist. 

    No one disagrees that Cayman has serious problems and may stand at a historical crossroad, but I don’t think the media is the problem and I don’t think those problems will be solved or abated by in any way stifling the media. I’m afraid that in this case, His Excellency the Governor has gone mosquito hunting with an elephant gun. 

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      MH….great post……agree with you and you expressed it in your better far better than most of us could have. 

  24. Joe Average says:

    Do I hear SLAPP?

    Strategic lawsuit against public participation?

    Look it up.


    CNS.  We are behind you.  Whatever it takes.  100%

    Because this is our business.  Our views.  Our democracy.


  25. whodatis says:


    Governor Jack – are you serious?!

    First of all, let me express my joy in reading of the Governors concerns – this to me demonstrates that the voices of Caymanians are being heard – finally!

    The colonial mindset has severly damage the Caymanian collective psyche, however, it is clear that many of us, especially the younger generation, are now viewing things from another perspective.

    This is obviously a threat to the traditional format of doing things, so here we are, flirting with the "notion" of media censorship in the Cayman Islands.

    Furthermore, it truly irks me to hear the person in his held position criticize the media for allowing "divisive commentary" … Governor Jack – please take a good look around you.

    The Cayman Islands have LONG BEEN didvided!

    It is just that the opportunity has only recently become available for this division to be acknowledged, addressed and debated.

    However, let us be clear – these "divisive" comments come from both and / or all (depending on the issue) sectors of the resident community.

    I have been a part of many a spirited debate in Cayman’s "new media" and the experience has been amazing. Of course things get a bit heated at times, however, more often than not it concludes with a mutual understanding of the other’s perspective.

    Governor Jack, might I at this time respectfully direct your attention to the newly elected European Parliament?

    Therein you will find seated DEMOCRATICALLY elected representatives of the far-right, (Neo-Nazi?), and racist British National Party (BNP) – put into power by the people of Britain in June of this year. (* The UK is however by no means unique in this situation. The majority of (older) EU nations also appointed outright and self-acknowledged far-right and racist political parties during the aforementioned elections.)

    The UK along with the EU have not even remotely similar percentages of "immigrated" persons – nor, might I add, are they at any risk whatsoever of being disenfranchised within their own country! Therefore, Governor Jack, can you please explain to me the reasons behind these British and European political developments in this age of 2009?!

    If I may quote a well loved pastor in our community: "I said that – to say this!" – Talk is cheap – actual socio-political realities are not!

    Suppressed hypocritical realities such as these are at the forefront of the minds of many Caymanians today.

    Caymanians are world renown for being warm and friendly people – that is our nature. Sadly it has attributed greatly to our apparently impending demise.

    People flocked here by the hundreds of thousands over the past few decades and we have obviously embraced them with open arms. However, fast forward to today and we are now labelled as racist and xenophobic!

    What happened between then and now? Can the "nature" of a people do a complete "180" in the time of ONE GENERATION for no reason whatsoever? I think not.

    In any event, I believe that our local media houses do a very good job in moderating the public’s comments and postings – especially CNS, and they shoud be applauded – not threatened. I see nothing out of the ordinary here when compared to comment sections in online British news websites.

    In any event, Cayman, pay attention – these words came from the Governor … please understand the significance of this fact!

    Let us continue to engage in useful debate, however, we should remember to keep it civil and to steer clear of potentially libellous and slanderous actions.

    Keep up the good work CNS.



  26. anonymous1 says:

    Are these comments directed at this site?