LoGB to address fund experts over lunch

| 04/10/2009

(CNS): Given the current global developments surrounding the fund industry, the annual Cayman Fund Focus 2009 conference is likely to attract considerable attention. The one-day conference on Friday will feature discussions on International Regulation, Product Development, Insurance for the Fund Industry, Liabilities of Service Providers, Restructuring and Liquidation issues, and the Global Challenges and Opportunities Facing Cayman. The leader of government business, billed as the keynote address, adds to what Campbells, the organizers, called an impressive list of speakers.

Alistair Walters, a partner at the local Campbells office, said registrations were strong again this year because of the presenters the firm has assembled andthe challenging environment for the funds industry. He said that, while attempts are being made to hold some places open for walk-in attendees on the day of the conference, it would be wise for anyone wishing to attend to pre-register with Campbells directly or through the conference website.

“This year we are delighted that the Leader of Government Business/Premier Designate, Hon W McKeeva Bush OBE, JP, has agreed to provide the key note address,” Walters added. “Now, more than ever, government and private sector have to work closely together, and we very much appreciate that he is able to take the time out of his extremely busy schedule to address the funds industry at this event”.

The conference which is in its 7th year and a regular fixture in the financial services calendar will be held at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman on 9 October. For more information visit www.campbellsconference.ky or call 949 2648.

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  1. Geordie Sam says:

    But will he field questions?

    • Anonymous says:

      Lord I hope not.

      • Senor Piscasso says:

        Q: "Dear Premier-Designate,

        As part of my firm’s diversity policy we can only invest in countries that have adequate provision against discrimination on the basis of sexuality.  Can you please confirm what laws Cayman has in this regard or law that it will be introducing, sothat I can confirm that Cayman complies our diversity requirements."

  2. Joe Average says:

    Thank you all for inviting me here.  I would first like to explain


    Could I have the PowerPoint please?


    Remove the D and E and the B and the T

    Replace them with an S a U an R a P an L another U and an S.


    Thank you is the buffet out yet?

    • Heaven help us... says:

      LOL!!!!!!!! Many of the CNS postings give me a good laugh, actually keeps me very entertained, but this my friend is the bestest laugh of them all….

      I only hope that Mac sticks to the proper speech that will be prepared for him and hightails it off the stage soon as there is the slightest sign that there may be questions hurled at him!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully the dirty laundry will be left in the Glass House and a constructive, positive and reassuring presentation will be given. One consistent with the competent and sophisticated image that it is necessary to present.