Burglaries continue in islands’ capital

| 10/10/2009

(CNS): On Thursday, 8 October, another four businesses in George Town fell victim to the islands’ continuing crime wave. The RCIPS said it had received three reports of businesses being broken into and one of attempted burglary. One man was arrested and investigations by the Criminal Investigation Department are underway to establish if he is linked to all four incidents. Cops said they were alerted to the first incident at approximately 2:45am when a report of an alarm going off at the National Building Society, Trinity Square, was reported to the 911 Emergency Communications Centre.

When officers arrived they discovered that glass from a window had been removed. It appears that the alarm scared off the would-be burglar as no entry was gained to the building. At approximately 3:45am another report of alarm activation was made to 911. Police attended Parker’s Pay Less on Eastern Avenue and found the front glass door had been broken in. At this time it is understood that a Makita angle grinder was stolen but police said further investigations continue.

An employee arriving to work at Larry’s Tires & Batteries, Shedden Road found the building had been entered and 6 tires stolen. The culprit managed to gain entry by removing part of a wooden structured wall.

Whilst on patrol on Eastern Avenue police officers observed a man running from the vicinity of Cayman Glass, further enquires established that the business premises had been broken into by way of the door lock being forced open. A 25-year-old man, who was seen running from the scene, was apprehended and arrested for suspicion of burglary.

The RCIPS said that burglar alarms are the first step to securing businesses against intrusion and theft. “With an audible alarm that notifies intruders that they have been detected, it reduces the amount of time they have to steal your property or damage your business. Alarms are also an effective tool to give owners, employees and customer’s peace of mind,” a police spokesperson said.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling crime stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. CatMan says:

    re: Well Said

    I am in complete agreement with you.  I actually have no permit employees, but it has not been easy to find good Caymanians. In fact it has been hell.  I have hired Caymanians who are flat out lazy. I ask nothing of my employees that I would not do myself. I actually had a girl tell me she was "allergic to cleaning"  and therfore unable to take out the trash or keep her work area tidy.   And we as business owners have to jump through a hundred hoops to let these deadbeats go?!?!

     I expect my staff to work hard when we need to work hard, and they can kick back a bit when we don’t need to work hard.  I think a job should be a life style, and I want it to be a place you want to go to, a place you are appreciated, and a place that you are loyal to, and is loyal to you.   Above all, I expect my staff to be motivated, and in return they are rewarded for a job well done.  I listen to their ideas and always give bonuses when they go above and beyond.

    I do not dock employees pay for staying home with a sick child, frankly as a parent myself I think you should be home with your child when they are unwell, and I have no problem with paying an employee sick days to stay home (where they belong) with their sick child.

    While I do not pay staff for a percentage of there sick days (although I think it is a good idea), it certainly factors into their annual bonus. 

  2. Twyla Vargas says:

    Dah wha una get  18:53, I agree with some of your comments and would like to further say that emloyers better watch their business closely now.   Because when ever you see october ring in, right until the week before December…………..Breakings, and breakings of business primises too much to count.  Stealing from your employees,  Your business place going get set up to be robbed and so much it will make your head spin.  

     You see the facts are I dont know where locals are going with all those tyres from Larrys?  I want to know what they are going to do with all of those stolen tools, computers, cameras and very thing that can be moved.   I want to know why is it that, whom ever responsible is hiding the names and nationality of these persons committing these crimes.  I want to also know why is it that we supposed to have over 3,000. overstayers on the Island with no picture printed in the News paper.  If you applying for resident/status it is there, so wha go on now.

    I want to know why Outsiders are holding church in the Bodden Town Civic centre.  I want to know how certain expatriate, flybynite Church pastors are ordering materials and furniture under the pretence of construction a church.  They are not paying any duties, they have no land to build on, and stacking containers sending the same material and furniture off the Island.  "Stop playing church" !!!!! This is why sinners do not want to come to repentance….!!!!!There are only a hand full of people who are interested in seeing things done right on this Island.  As far as I see it we are "Out Lawed" 

    Last but not least I want to know if Bodden Town still have representatives.   Mind you I want to know a lot…., so I am expecting some sensible answers to my questions, !!!!! not comments on what colour lipstick I am wearing….. Da

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with Twyla… How about the Immigration Department start posted Photoss and names/Alias for these overstayers.. and perhaps we can be a little more cautious and observing of our neighbors/tresspassers/random joes!

      • Anonymous says:

        Just to add to Twylas suggestion. Now that we have more Police on the streets I strongly suggest that they stop all those so many strange and criminal looking faces that are rambling all over Cayman and investigate them. If they dont have their documents on them then put them in your car and take them to wherever they are living and let them show them to you. Then call Immigration if needed. Ihave never seen more frightful and strange people in all my 50 years.  I am afraid to go to work, church, shopping and even outside in my yard. Please please do something about all these illegal people.


    • Anonymous says:

      I think you need to look a bit closer to home to see who these criminals are. they are not the spawn of the devil foreigners but in fact Caymanian youngsters who have been neglected by years of your greed, selfishness, preaching and promiscuity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, have you been to the Labour Department?  You should go some time and see who is coming in for all the jobs that all the foreigners are doing…….if going into the Labour Department with earrings in their ears(males) and pants showing off their underwears looking for a job, is that the sameway they go on an interview?  And we wonder why there are so many "foreigners" working here in the Cayman Islands. 

    • Well said... says:

      Well said – I had the same commentary to Rooster 101 this morning – and a lot more – see below.

      As a small business owner, I would like nothing more than to hire Caymanians.  However, my business is not glamourous.  It is hot, sweaty and involves a lot of lifting.  At the same time, it has security sensitive aspects attached to it as well, in this current economy in particular, the work is sporadic.  
      Bearing the above in mind, we have to ensure all employees are physically willing and able to handle the demands of the job, ensure they have no criminal background, and have them willing to share the burdens of an economic downturn, and take their share of hour cuts as needed.
      I think we are a very fair operation, we start our employees at $10 and hour, and raise it upon completion of probation, and then again annually.  We pay an annual bonus of at least 2 weeks salary.  We pay pension, health insurance and ensure all employees are provided benefits and rights as required by the law.  Currently we have 3 Caymanians and 3 work permits, one of whom is being rolled over very soon and a second who has applied for PR.
      Furthermore, as a small business, we all know and realise the importance of each employee and the impact when any of us takes a sick day or vacation.  As such, I make the offer to pay salary in lieu of vacation if employees chose to work the whole year and take no or only part of their vacation.  We also offer to pay half the salary for any sick days not taken.
      These strategies are designed to discourage frivolous sick days, or abuse the system and take "sick" days as vacation.  It also rewards the healthy and those that would rather work as hard as they can and not go on vacation.
      So, in all, I think we are very fair.  And I know other businesses that offer similar benefits.  I also know there are far more that don’t.  And my employees all know this, and they are loyal and we have a virtually 0% turnover.
      As a couple of them have recently been rolled over by immigration, I have sought out Caymanian replacements.  But to no avail.  All I ask is for potential employees to meet the following criterion:
      1, Show commitment to employers – if you have a series of jobs of only a year or two, you will be asked about this.
      2, Have a clean criminal record – this is a must as we are contractually obligated to certain clients to ensure this.
      3, Be prepared to answer some questions about your historical vacation and sick day patterns.
      4, Dressproperly, speak well, have a positive attitude and be willing to work hard.  
      Sadly, almost every referral I have received from the Department of Employment Relations failed significantly to meet these guidelines.  Fortunately, I did find a replacement and am proud to have added this Caymanian to our workforce.
      So before any employee starts generally bashing employers, remember, we business owners are Caymanians too – we want to help our own, but we need to ensure our decisions are for the benefit of the company, and other employees as a result.  
      Bearing this in mind, ask yourself the following questions before you go out and cause needless discord in the Caymanian business community:
      1, Have you ever taken a sick day when you, yourself were not sick.  Sick days are not for hangovers, tiredness, caring for a sick child or family member.
      2, Do you feel you give 100% when you are on the clock?  No excessive cellphone use, no lingering between tasks?
      3, Have you ever, or do you still, bring your breakfast to work with you, clock in, then sit to eat?  Same for lunch?  If I am paying you to work, I expect you to work.  If you are not working, it is tantamount to stealing – you are getting money to perform a task but choosing to do things for yourself instead.
      4, Do you have more than one or two jobs of less than a year or two on your resume?
      5, Are you happy to wear a uniform, keep your shirt tucked in, remove excessive jewelery, etc.?
      6, Do you actively spend time looking for the next job?  Is the Jobs Section something you jump to each week?  Do you read these while you are on your current employer’s clock, or do you do this outside work hours? 
      If you are an able bodied, honest, hard worker that can answer the above questions correctly and are willing to put in an honest day’s work every day, then I look forward to hearing from you the next time I am looking for an employee. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I am an honest, hardworking, dependable, caymanian male, willing and capable of all the above and in desparate need of a job.  When you have a job that is vacant, please feel free to contact me on 939-4648.

        CNS: Perhaps you could post your resume in our Classifieds section. Someone has also started a conversation in the CNS Forum.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We need to immediately deport everyone from off-island who cannot prove on independent evidence that they have and will continue to earn enough to support themselves.  No bank statements showing a steady income, off you go.  No bank account, off you go.  Found standing around during work hours, get a free ride directly to the airport.

    If the person is local, I can’t suggest anything because Caymanians are untouchable.

  5. what a mess! says:

    Das wah una get!

    Keep on importing cheap labour and making it impossible for people to afford to live here….while protecting the wealthy elite from contributing to taxes for Social and othe causes….and watch the crime continue to increase

    Una cyah hear….una gha hawe teh feel!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are correct and this mess was caused partly by people not being able to afford to live here or maybe because they have been laid off from work. But it is not due to foreign labour, the foreigners are doing the jobs that no Caymanian is willing or able to do.

      The main problem is the breakdown of the fabric in Caymanian societies, the family unit. For too many years the Caymanian parents have let their greed get inthe way of their families. They have sold off the family land and wasted their money by living beyond their means with their luxury vehicles and blackberrys. Their children have grown up with an entitlement culture thinking they don’t need to bother going to school because they have the ultimate qualification, a Caymanian passport.

      The lack of education and the perceived legal requirement for all Caymanian teenagers to have children before they reach 16 has created a generation of gangsters and gangster wannabes. Too lazy to take up hard work, instead the steal, cheat and murder their way through life.

      Meanwhile the families blame everybody else but themselves. Blame the expats, blame the police, blame the UK. In reality there is one person to blame. Find a mirror and look in it, then you will see who to blame.