Robbery toll increases

| 19/10/2009

(CNS): Police have confirmed that another daylight armed robbery has taken place today, Monday 19 October, at a shop on Sheddon  Road .This morning at approximately 10:40 a masked gunman entered the Alpha Outlet store on Shedden Road and demanded money. According to CCTV footage the man, who was wearing a hood over his face, did not escape with any cash and was said to have fled in the direction of Mary Street. Meanwhile, on Sunday a man escaped from an attempted robbery in Gun Bay, East End, though police said no weapon was involved.

The RCIPS confirmed that the man escaped his two would-be assailants by driving away, The incident was called into the 911 communications centre around 10:30 pm on Sunday evening.

Bodden Town CID detectives are currently investigating the Gun Bay incident and anyone with information can contact them on 947-2220.

CCTV footage on News 27 reveals the details of this morning’s daylight robbery in which the gunman failed to rob the store.

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Anyone with information of any crime can call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    :50 Mr. Richard Brown, yes I will say it again. "I have never heard a Caymanian going overseas and commiting murders and drug trafficking"  am not saying that we Jamaicans all are bad.

    But I have to tell the truth and you are correct that mybe some Caymanians are out there committing crimes which are not reported.  Am 40yrs old and I read a lot but to be clear I have never heard of a Caymanian killing/ taking the life of someone overseas.

    Jamaican from Spanish Town/ Red Hills

  2. Worried says:

    The police need to round up everyone they see walking up and down Eastern Avenue in the middle of the day, who do not appear to have an purpose to their day…

  3. Anonymous says:

    9:25 you know that all of this increase in crime is not all doing by the Caymanian young men. 

    What about Ms. Roberts death and the many other deaths commited by Jamaicans all over the world.  At least I have NEVER heard of a Caymanian going overseas and commiting these types of crimes.

    Stop and check youself, that visa thing was set for a reason and remember you can buy a POLICE CERTIFICATE in Jamaica.

    You know that I am RIGHT with this one and as a Jamaican am discussed by the way you all conduct yourself when you leave home.  Make it bad for the few good ones.

    Yes, am a proud Jamaican who hold my head high and behave myself when am in another mans country.


    • Richard Brown says:

      13 :54

      I am certain that criminal behaviour is not endemic to one nationality..i did not say Jamaicans are free of commiting crime in the Cayman Islands..What i did say was that teh introduction of teh visa system seemed to do nothing but inconvenienced regular law abiding citizings..your own post seems a little redundant. That is..If it is a fact and that’s a big if…then the people that are able to ascertain a police rercord for visa purposes are indeed criminal elements hence the visa requirements become redundant..For you to make a general statement that youhave not heard of any Caymanian committing crimes overseas is pretty irrelevant..It doesnt mean that thye dont. I am not a proud jamaican because I didnot do anything to be a Jamaican..but i am a common sense one.who realizes that you can make accusations and gloss over the facts  but in the end the problemn will still remain..Eg..Blacks being eagle watched by whites in departments stores when whites were being ignored and left to rob the store..

  4. Anonymous says:

    9:28 I agree with you, some parts of the world they will beat or stone you to death.

    I don’t mind helping if am around when one of these fools come to rob, I beleive in kill or be kill.

    We have to make a stan and parents, yes you parents who will cry down the place saying they did this to my baby.  No your baby did this to themself.

    my 2 cents on this topic

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anybody notice there is something which seems to keep coming up in these reports, they all run towards ‘Mary Street’…….

  6. Open Invitation says:

    Dear Mr Robber:

    Please present yourself at my business anytime.  I have a number of wonderful surprises for you and look forward to exposing you to vigilante justice.

     It is my only hope that you are legally resident and currently employed with full benefits as you are definitely going to need your health insurance coverage.

    Unlike the Royal Cayman Islands Police Farce, I will be imposing a swift and solid justice on your sorry a$$ and you will wish you had chosen to sleep in and skip visiting me!


    An Increasing Number of Caymanian Businesses



    Dear Businesses:

    Arm yourselves, be prepared to act – the police obviously can’t.

    Let’s show these cowards that we can and will fight back and we will NOT be intimidated by them.


    A Concerned Citizen



    Dear Mr Police Man:

    Do your job before the above comes to pass and you end up being called to a far more serious crime scene – seriously – if I get my hands on one of these guys you are going to be responding to a justifiable homicide!!!


    A Fighter.

  7. Richard Brown says:

    2 years ago it seems as if the general consensus was that Jamaicans were responsible for the crime in Cayman. so they introduce a visa system as if..that would prevent anything..the only thing that prevented was normal jamaicans from visiting the islands….two yeas later it seems as if crime is worse…whats next? Expel all the Jamaicans?..the fact is when you start blaming crime on people, things or whatever intead of implementing plans ahd doing real intel work the problem still remains

  8. Anonymous says:

    Some of these shop owners are going to start fighting back and I’m not going to feel sorry for any robber who gets hurt!! And as for the police all their good for is giving people speeding tickets instead of worrying about the real crime. Way to go po-po!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Baines, where are the Police? What are you doing with the millions of dollars that were thrown your way by the previous PPM administration?

    The RCIP need to be much more visible and vigilent to act as a deterrent. We need proactive policing not  reactive policing. RCIP members should be in "hot" areas on a full time basis. It is not uncommon to see police full time on street corners, supermarkets and known high-crime areas in other countries. Why are we not seeing this here? The Cayman approach of having a car drive by every 30 minutes does not cut it!!! Not at a full complement of officers? If you don’t have enough bodies cut back on the partner system and get some of the more senior officers out from behind desks and into the streets setting an example for the younger officers.

    One thing that Stuart Kernohan did well when he first arrived was get the cops out of their cars and onto the street patrolling. I remember seeing a significant change in police presence shortly after he arrived (pity he got distracted by Jack and his keystone cops). Now I have no idea where the cops are other than driving up and down in new cars on their cell phones and sitting at the dock in expensive boats.

    It’s time for better leadership and new tactics. Your current approach is not working.

  10. Caymanian to the bone says:

     This & all the other robberies is what happens when we stand by and refuse to give assistance and information to the police! If I were a criminal damn right I’d be out robbing places – if the police can’t get info about who shot Carlos Webster inside a packed nightclub do you really thing that they’ll catch these guys?? 

    These burglars/robbers are laughing all the way to the bank.

    Bring back Derek Haines!


  11. Anonymous says:

    All i seem to be reading on here everyday now is about the crime in GC! its turning into an undesirable place to be! the RCIPS needs to step up and get rid of these criminals!


    THis never used to go on on GC 5 years ago so what the hell is happening? what happened to "the safest island in the caribbean"


    get tough with these people as they are ruining it for everyone 

  12. Anonymous says:

    These Cayman Islands appear to now be in destructive mode, at throttle speed. Regrettably it is likely to get worse before it gets better and rather than the LoGB making impassioned please to Caymanians to tolerate foreigners he had better take a breather and try to understand that soon there will be little left for either his beloved foreigners or us the Caymanian people, some of whom were responsible for placing him back in office.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Wow – one call to a radio station – anyone seen a black male in the shedden road area wearing a long sleeved orange coloured top ….?

    Too late now. Hey Police – why not establish a hot-link to radio stations to immediately announce stuff like this with enough detail tht the public can stand some prospect of helping.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Crime is out of control whether you want to believe it or not !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Blame Mckeeva Bush & the UDP. They blamed the PPM when they were the government.

      Blame Mckeeva Bush for causing all this when he sold out our country in 2003 with all those status grants. PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING because of Mr. Bush & his cohorts. They said it wouldn’t affect us, well I hope to hell they see just how much those damn grants are hurting us now! PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING, they have no work & they have no money to pay bills or buy foods. There is no excuse for crime, but it all started in 2003 by Mr. Bush & his cohorts. BLAME MR. BUSH & HIS COHORTS, NO ONE ELSE!

      • Anonymous says:

        Look idiotic political thinkers, you’d better understand that this is much beyond a PPM or UDP creation or problem it is a serious situation for all of us to work together and try to reach best solutions on. Regardless of their ignorant history the UDP gained the majority votes in the past election and they are who we now have in power. The PPM were no more sensible or proactive on this issue than the UDP are and if the truth be told, both of these parties have contributed in some way to what is now happening. Thankfully I voted independent and am relieved of conscience that I did. Stopthe ignorance guys, embrace your country not a political party.



      • Anonymous says:

        Why are youso ignorant? So you think because caymans cant get jobs  thats why they go and rob? or you saying its expats doing this?

        There are jobs out there that people can get but they are too lazy to go look for them.

        But i will ask you this. If caymans had jobs you think that there would be less crime? I dont see how we can justify crime because we think Bush is the blame. 

        Why not blame the people that are doing it? I dont think anyone is to blame other than the people that are doing it.

  15. Anonymous says:

     This is starting to sound like just after Ivan when for several months all we heard about were armed robberies. 

    No suspects, no arrests and no news and they just suddenly stopped.  Have there been any prisoners released in the last 6 months that were arrested 4 years ago? Seems even if they were originally arrested on something unrelated every newly released prisoner is worth a second look.

    Also if the police know that most of these crimes are perpetrated by 15 or so individuals, doesn’t it make sense to watch them 24-7? Either they’d be caught or they would do nothing while being watched. It can’t be more expensive then any other police action plan we’ve seen recently.

  16. Anonymous says:

    We neeeeeeeeeeeed police patrolling -walking, driving, sailing, riding..

    I mean patrolling, i do not mean cruising through, I mean like looking, observing, listening, asking questions, searching people. 

    I do not mean to restrict to areas that are considered troubled areas, I mean good areas(in comparison) that we want to keep that way.

    Exercise your police powers -enquire on persons place of abode(everyone must have one according to the police law or they are considered a vagabond & means of income etc.), the police law give you this right and I mean really confirm their information.  There are many people that are not working(but seem to be living comfortabily-how) and actually are shacking everywhere).

    Come on RCIPS -lets get this crime rate down-arrest, charge & CONVICT.




  17. Twyla Vargas says:

    ITS CALLED PAYING ATTENTION to every one.  Definately we are going to have to spend some money to catch these Bamdits.   I dont want to say, but figure out something.  Each person who has a business need to be more observant.  Let your staff do their work, while you spend some time doing observation who come in and who go out.

    i am sure that these bandits are not just walking in off the streets and commiting this crime.  They are comming inside looking around, checking out who is around, shopping, eating, drinking, but observing.   Eberybody is at risk, so we just have to watch everyone.  When they come in the first time, there will not be any masked face, but when they come back to robb they have it.    I am also wondering where are the security guards, if there are any in these places.  They should be placed outside, where they can observe get away cars or something.  Please  do not give up.  Trust me they will soon be caught.  Stay safe.  Until

  18. MIchael says:

    CNS please inprove the reporting, it is a bit light on details.

    CNS: The information we are getting from the police is a bit light on details. Please make this point to David Baines.

  19. Anonymous says:

     The island 100 square miles , a population of 48,000 how the heck is this  happening 

    These criminals are on the island and they are staying as pickings are easy by the looks of things 


    So Mac  where is the task force to deal with this or are we going to stick our heads in the sand and let the criminal element destroy Cayman because that is what will happen


    • Anonymous says:

      the islands is 76 square miles not 100…. the police is only good for one thing and is to write ticket i call them toy cop

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have a novel idea…

    Why don’t we have the armed robbers arrested, convicted and sent to prison.

    Just a thought…

  21. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding me?  Information about what?  How about where in Gun Bay.  How about what time the crime occured.  How about a description of the two criminals; were they white, black,Latino. How old were they?  Were they on foot, bikes, a car. What kind of clothes were they wearing.  Which direction did they go.  Good God, give us something to work with.  This is absolultley pathetic.

  22. A Cayman Girl says:

    How many is that now…?

    CNS – Do you have the figures, so far, for this year’s armed robberies and murders..? Perhaps compared with the previous 2 or 3 years..?