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| 21/10/2009

(CNS): With crime hitting the headlines day after day, local security firms are finding themselves advising more and more people on how to keep safe. Island Electronics Security & Monitoring, Ltd. (IEL) said that the police can’t do it alone and people need to take responsibility to protect themselves and their property. With advances in technology, the firm says that modern security systems are far more affordable than people think and no longer something exclusive to those who don’t have to worry about their budget.


“In the end, can you afford not to consider your safety and the safety of your family?” Vangie Hunter office manager asked on the eve of the firm’s appearance at the Chamber’s Expo.

Island Electronics Security & Monitoring, Ltd. (IEL) is a Caymanian that boasts 23 years of experience in state-of-the-art installations and monitoring. “The common misconception is that security systems are only accessible to the very rich,” said Hunter.  “There are so many different options available on the market these days suiting a wide range of budgets, that no home or business need do without the necessary protection.”

The firm also offers evaluations which include a comprehensive security plan and suggestions that address possible weaknesses in the property which can be easily rectified. Hunter also noted that the firm can protect hoes and business against fire and other damage as well as theft. Sensors, alarms and video surveillance equipment can pinpoint problems and emergencies and provide immediate, sometimes lifesaving, alerts. 

“Business owners may be surprised to learn just how far fire and security technology has advanced.  IEL’s line of fire products do not just include individual smoke alarms – they can also offer fully integrated systems where all sensors are linked via a comprehensive database that notes their precise position in the building so that should a fire occur, the location and status of the threat can be instantly identified,” added Hunter. “Video surveillance allows you to view and record all sections of your building at all times with ease, particularly as the fuzzy product of yesteryear has been replaced with crisp, crystal clear displays.”   

The firm said the right security and monitoring systems can help businesses assess employee habits, keep an eye on suspicious behavior and lower liability and insurance payments.  

Hunter noted that with the increase in burglaries and aggravated burglaries over the last six months, people need to be far more aware of how vulnerable they are to crime. “Insecure properties, back doors that can be jimmied open, and glass windows are prime targets for thieves,” Hunter explained adding that sadly there is a greater risk of occupants suffering a physical attack if they encounter the intruder.

“I urge everyone to consider increasing their security measures to counteract this present blight on our society,” Hunter said. “Peace of mind is priceless.”

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