Hospital issues urgent appeal for blood

| 26/10/2009

(CNS):  The Cayman Islands Hospital is making an urgent appeal to people in the community to donate blood. B, A or O negative blood donors are being asked to give blood as soon as they can as the hospital is in urgent need of all three types. Anyone who can help is asked to call the blood bank immediately on 244-2674 or 244-2677 to arrange to make a donation and possibly help save a life.

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  1. Handcock says:

    Last time I offered to give blood the hospital informed me they needed a pint. A pint I said, that is an entire full armful. One cannot wander around town with an empty arm. So I declined. I do not mind giving less or even a pint if they put the needle in several places. They also wanted to give my blood away without telling me the name of the recipient. I am a bit particular about this.

  2. A Negative says:

    Is that true about not accepting blood from people who have spent 5 years in England since 1980?

  3. Sentinel says:

    Well I gave my pint last week. More people should enroll for this life saving gesture of caring for our neighbours.

    Give blood, it saves lives and the life it saves  may be your very own.

  4. Ex Pat says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that this was an ignorant statement.  I (sincerely) apologise for this statement and would just like to point out that we don’t all share that poster’s sentiments.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Suggest mobile units visiting each district and maybe work places would get a bigger response.

    Also, Brits are in the habit of giving blood, yet their blood is not accepted in Cayman Islands. Has there been any change in this policy?


  6. excluded says:

    I would give blood in a heartbeat – pardon the pun! 

    Unfortunately FYI.. you are excluded if:

    ·         Have you visited, or lived in Europe between 1980 and the present?  If so, have you spent a total of 5 years or more in BSE risk countries of Europe between 1980 and the present?  (Please include time spent in the UK from 1980 and 1996).

    PLEASE re-examine this policy!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The fact that the British cannot give blood is truely ridiculous, especially as a British colony. Clearly someone in the hospital feels it better to follow American rules than english ones (as brits can freely give blood, and do, in the UK). The irony of course is that American meat is known to have also had BSE, just named something entirely different, making it perfectly safe to eat.

    • Mad Moo says:

      Margaret Thatcher ate British beef for years, didn’t do her any harm.

  7. Anonymous says:

    For god sake don’t give blood in case it ends up saving the life of an evil foreigner only here to eat Caymanian children.

    Seriously though, if it was you thatneeded blood after crashing your car when driving home drunk you wouldn’t be ignoring these pleas to give blood.

    I know the concept of giving something away without receiving payment is not part of the greed that make up Caymanian culture but this could be a first step towards becoming a civilised society and paying back the expat communites that support your lifestyle.



    • Anonymous says:

      ….. and paying back the expat communities that support your lifestyle.

      What an ignorant statement!  And may I be so bold to be as ignorant by stating that you certainly wouldn’t be here if you weren’t making the money that you obviously can’t make at home!

      • Anonymous says:

        No you may not be so bold.  And it’s not the money, it’s the weather.

        • Poly Glot says:

          I can make more money at home, but the effort needed here is much less.  Lack of competition makes Poly a rolly-Poly.

          PS Give blood.  Consider it a good Hallowe’en anecdote.

      • Localeigner says:

        Have you given blood lately?