Jack tells Mac back off Dan

| 05/11/2009

(CNS): Following the public attack on the auditor general on Wednesday by Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush, the governor has now stepped in to the fray to back Dan Duguay’s decision to examine the tendering process of the new cruise port development. In a short statement released on Thursday afternoon, literally days before his departure from Cayman, Stuart Jack hit out at Bush when he said he firmly believes that one of the fundamental checks and balances in the system of government is an independent auditor Ggeneral and that Duguay has a legitimate right to investigate projects of this nature.

The governor points to the independence of the office and the fact that the auditor general should be free to go about his business unhindered by political interference, as set out in the new Constitution: “In the exercise of his or her functions the Auditor General…shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority..,” section 114 [6] of the Constitution notes. “That applies to the elected government, the Governor or anyone else,” Jack stated.

He went on to say that Duguay was accordingly entitled to look into the tendering arrangements of the port development project. “That is particularly applicable in this case: a major project with potentially significant economic, environmental and other implications for the country; the non-traditional process that has been adopted; and the continuing lack of information.”

The governor said that this didn’t mean that the auditor general was trying to frustrate the project. “The Governor is sure that the Auditor General wishes only to check that it has been done in a proper way,” he went on to say. “Nor does it mean that the Auditor General is conspiring with anyone else to stop the project.”

The governor said that as far as he was aware, the AG had decided to examine the tendering process for the port independently and on his own initiative and with no other motive but to ensure a fair and accountable process and thereby, value for money for the Cayman Islands. The governor then said he looked forward to the full cooperation of the government and Port Authority with the enquiries of the auditor general. 

Speaking at a press conference yesterday morning, Bush launched a full frontal attack on the government auditor for suggesting that he may wish to examine how the decision to award the project to Dart Enterprises Development Company (DECCO) was made, given the selection committee was made up of four politicians as well as two members of the port authority board.

The LoGB accused Duguay of conspiring to undermine the economic fortunes of the country and indicated he felt his co-conspirator was the governor and likely the FCO. He called the AG a cowboy, said he didn’t know anything about these kinds of developments, and accused him of shooting from the hip and running amok to serve some other agenda.

Despite the outburst, Bush had already said that he would be cooperating with the office and had told the post’s selection subcommittee to meet with Duguay and notify him on the processes and steps to be taken.

In the wake of the insults and accusations, Duguay told CNS yesterday that, since only an MOU had been signed so far, he would simply be gathering facts and would not undertake any audit unless a contract was signed which had not gone via the Central Tenders Committee. He also made it clear that if it was evident and transparent during his information gathering phase that this project provides value for money with no question marks, he would not necessarily need to proceed to a full audit after all.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    we have gone from 1.9million cruise people to 1.5 and counting. all of us in tours and taxis  and downtown stores and restaurants are DYING a painful death.  All this began before the so-called economic crisis also, when in we had that first 30% or so drop in one year.  Less people coming on ships is disaster for local businesses even when the economy is ok, but to have a bad times and less and less people coming on ships is a perfect storm.  

    We have  people still coming on the ships but they are tighter with their money for tours and shopping, but at least they are still coming!!! People who have no money are not taking cruises, someone loosing their house in the USA is not taking a cruise. the point is that travelers of all kinds have some moneny to spend and we all can get some of it when they are here if we do a good job. if they never come, we dont get anything. dont people understand this???

    we have all invested in our businesses and so also  in this country to serve this part of our tourist business, but we have been left behind in the wake of the cruise ships that have been passing our country because we didnt  keep up with the times and have a proper port.  it is stupid and childish to think that the ships will always come here, it is stupid to think we should just tell them they have to come every day of the week so we dont get too many people on one day. who do you people think you are?  this is business for them. we are not entitled to the ships coming here, we have to be a place they want to go.  if they say they want a pier or they wont come, they we have two choices. no pier means less and less ships, anyone who thinks different is a fool. 

    we need a pier, so how do we get one?  we are beyond broke.  if you want something and dont have any money, what do you do? you borrow money which we cant, you steal which we probably cant, you go without which would begin the slow painful death of all our hard-earned businesses or……you get someone to buy if for you. so if the darts can do that for us we should all rejoice that there is a good honest way out for this problem.  all of us that have to work with the cruise people know what a mess the Royal watler is from hearing from them about no shades or rain shelter, it is ugly, the taxis have no where to go, it is dirty, the lines are very long and that is what the goverment built. we would be lucky to have something nice like camana bay on the dock for the people to see first and last when they visit here

    nothing is free and we should know that, but if  darts have to get paid back and that is from the moeny the ships would pay to use the dock then that should be no problem.  anyone who says how much money the goverment is loosing from that is not understanding that this moeny wont come if there isnt a dock and if they could pay for the dock they could have that moeny but since they cant they have to have someone else pay for it and those people have to get paid back somehow.   same thing, no ships no people, no business in Cayman for all of us and no cruise line money tp pay for anything. more ships, more people, more business for all of us and more cruise line money to pay.   how do we get more ships and stop the loosing of more and more money? you get a dock for cayman and the ships stop leaving, more will start coming, more people will come into the island from each ships, more ships will come back to cayman and they will all pay the fees that will pay back the darts for building the dock we must have and we cant afford to build ourselves.  

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the mose sensible post her.  WELL SAID!!!

    • Joe Average says:

      Well said, you have a convincing argument,and I’m beginning to see your point.  What you said makes a lot of sense.  Given past projects I think the problem most people have is that they have lost faith in whatever the government seems to get involved in.  If it is a win-win the non-compliance with procedure rings some alarm bells.  And the lack of forthcoming clear information are what most are concerned about. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jack please leave now your tme is up, you want to speak up for your friend Dan now but when you should have done/said more about Bridger and his croonies making laughing stocks of these Islands people and all our CI$ you didn’t do a thing… shame on you!!

    You caused enough chaos goodbye… Safe travel and good riddance!!

    • Thanks says:

      Don’t listen to these types of comments.  You have stood up for the rule of law at a time when some in government have nothing but contempt for it.  Thank you for your service.

  3. Anonymous says:

    To I CU,

    If you think that the Governor receives any support from the PPM then you surely have not listended to Alden McLaughlin, Kurt Tibbetts and Arden McLean to them in years. Get a life I C U. Stop imagining who the real enemy is.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do get real;

    You can trust Mac’s political instincts. What he is doing benefits Cayman . 

    What has the FCO  done  that benefits Cayman   If Mac says he will sue we know after the Bodden Town debacle that his legal advice will be spot on and the other local pundits hopelessly off   The tender process is designed to see the proper application of CIG money. No CIG money is being applied . Tough if you don’t like it but the rocket scientists who invented the rules didn’t think of PFI initiatives .That is why the FCO are panicked and so is Jack . Mac has seen has a clear route out from the carefully designed  pincer movement and The UK Govt can’t stop it

      Caymanians bleating about selling their heritage had better realize that it’s this or direct taxes or property tax at   least until Mac cuts the Civil Service. Yes you may have to sell some things That is because  your rubbish financial management has lead to a crisis. You need to stop giving a stuff about PPP or UDM and focus right now on how you get out of the mess. Because there is nothing to say if you keep up this schoolyard behavior and don’t get behind your leader that it won’t get worse.


    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps if ‘our’ Leader gave up his ‘schoolyard behaviour’ people would be a little more inclined to get behind him…..instead his crazy self centered antics do nothing for him nor this Country!

      • Frequent Flyer says:

        My thoughts I exactly! But I’ve been thinking that since the last time he was in office. Someone said Caymanians have a memory like an elephant. Maybe just too forgiving and think he will change??  Can’t imagine why he would do that..

  5. An Upset Caymanian says:

    STOP!  Acting like little kids and get on with your darn jobs!  Instead of throwing slogans at each other, what you politicians need to do is to focus more on our Children’s education and Criminal Justice in this Country.   Especially cold cases that went unsolved for many years  within that corrupted Police Dept.

     Focus more on Immigration to let them Fingerprint all of these expats coming into our Country, that’s what you all need to do.   Also last but not least put aside some of that money you all are spending on yourselves and your mistresses while your fool fool wives stay at home and take your sh*t!  For once think about your own Caymanians and stop being selfish!  that once they get layed off from a job they will have something to fall back on create programs like Food Stamps….Medicare and Unemployment!  With that being said am out!

  6. Anonymous says:

    So, rather than admit he was wrong and wear his poppy on the correct lapel, he decides (and it must have been a conscious decision, as all his colleagues are wearing a poppy) not to wear one at all.

    How pathetic and disrespectful!

  7. I. C. U. There Too says:

    It is so interesting to see all the "Support the Governor" posts on here. The computers must really be busy at the FCO, AG’s and PPM’s offices recently.


    I have not found 10 people that think this Governor has been good for the Cayman Islands. While I have the greatest respect for the Office, I must say that this gentleman has been the worst Governor for Cayman since Jack Rose in the 60’s. 


    The Governor is simply pushing Caymanians to react so that the UK can have a good reason to pack in our Government and do the Turks & Caicos dance.


    Fortunately, many of us Caymanians realize that and are simply waiting for him to leave. Has anyone found out when that is??  I predict they will just issue a statement that for personal reasons he had to leave to the UK in a hurry.  That alone will be proof of how the Islanders think of this man.His wife, who seems a lovely person, unfortunately never got the opportunity to interact with the Caymanians as the previous Governors wives did. I guess that says something as well.


    Personally hope the Governor did not give himself Cayman Status as past Governors did.  He should go and reassess his time here along with his new honours from the FCO, which will undoubtedly be forthcoming.



    • Anonymous says:

      LOL! Is that what you think – that the only people disapproving of McKeeva’s outburst are the FCO, the Governor, the AG and PPM supporters?! Newsflash!: Ordinary Caymanians with no particular political affiliation are becoming deeply concerned at Mr. Bush’s actions and rhetoric. While I have disapproved of a number of the Governor’s actions and will not miss him, he is perfectly right in this case. Give the devil his due.

      No Governor has ever given himself status. It is not his to give. It may be given by Governor in Cabinet.

      You need to take the partisan blinkers off, lay down the Kool Aid and sober up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Someone must have told MB by now that he was wearing his poppy on the wrong lapel but I predict that he will do so again today. The man is stubborn and would see it as a sign of weakness to comply with convention. We’ll see. 

    • Poppy Cock says:

      Mac wears his poppy on the correct side and it is part of a British conspiracy to discredit him which has started the vile campaign that he has made a mistake.  Either that or it was Kurt that put the poppy on the wrong side and it was the PPM’s fault. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva is utterly ridiculous!! He never changes and those fools in WB keep putting him back in office. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Honestly what kind of cracker jack politicians do we really want?

    This man is an international embarassment and he ha been so from the first term he was elected. One would THINK he would have learned something over the years about decorum and manners … BUT NOOOOOOO

    Maybe the protocol office should be sending him on a course on diplomacy! The people ultimately get the government they deserve! They elected people who are mostly uneducated and ignorant to their core – so what different do we expect.

    God help us all after this man becomes Premier!

    • Anonymous says:

      Not agreeing, or disagreeing with your comments! In your opinion what significant difference does the designate "Premier"(as opposed to the now LOGB) have in "Unchecked Authority"?

      I personal have not concluded much difference (as per my question) after reading the role of the Premier in our new constitution.

      More insight is welcomed.


      • Anonymous says:

        This is not a question of opinion. As premier Mac has the power (by way of advice to the Governor) to appoint and remove his fellow Ministers. Now that the FS is no longer part of Cabinet, as Minister for Financial Services he has obviously taken on the role of Minister of Finance. It now requires a 2/3 majority of the entire House to remove which means he would have to lose ALL his backbench support plus the support of independent Ezzard Miller and the PPM Opposition in order to be removed. He can now chair Cabinet where it is not practicable for the Governor to be present. He can now set Cabinet’s agenda and and call meetings of Cabinet and not wait for the Governor to do so.  

  10. Anonymous says:

    Finally… Someone who will stand up to the arrogance of our ( NOT my) new dictatorship government. Guess after his past track record, Big Mac thinks he is in total control and fails to realize that we are not as close to Cuba as he imagines.

    Congratulations to Gov. Jack and to AG for doing a most desperately needed job!! Well Done!

    Don’t know if anyone else finds the behavior of present Cabinet embarrassing and deplorable, but to publicly continue to berate and belittle individuals is totally unprofessional, petty and simple. Definitely NOT what any of us would expect from our leaders. As a Caymanian, I am utterly appalled and disgusted at the continual, disrespectful and arrogant attitudes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here! Here! Well said my friend. I have been saying the same thing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Governor for your kind support for the Auditor General.  Looks like Auditor General’s position has been made very strong and truly independant under the new constitution. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    The governor is not defending the A G. he is right .the A G has the right to examine all projects over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. he is to do it if he wish without political interference.  i wonder if mack do read his constitution,this is what the country is run buy.. or maybe he just trying to frighten off the AG from looking into hi ellegal moves.  what a shame to be a leader of this country   dictators do not want any body to question thier decisions  thanks for speaking jack,,,,but good riddance to bad rubbish soon 

  13. Anonymous says:

    For once I find the Governor doing something that is fundamentally right!!!!! When the consequences are far reaching, unforgiven and will extend into all future generations, we have to plot our course carefully!!!!  

  14. Anonymous says:

    I agree Governor Jack, tell Bushy where to get off. If nothing is wrong why is he so afraid of a audit being done.

    Please tell me what does Elio, John John, Capt Eugene know about port development, if sure does amaze me that politicians are making these decisions. Be careful of PEPS, Political Exposed Persons, there could be deals being done under the table.  It seems that most people that are in agreement with the dock  are only those persons that know what’s in it for me.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Good – Mac needs to know who is boss.

  16. Iron Wood says:

    I can almost make a song with this heading CNS!! Dave Martins would put the lyrics like this ….

    The dock is mine, I can bath there anytime, despite to what Jack & Dan D have to say – the Mac will have his way. Soooo, Jack pack ya bags fly back to UK on a BA & never come back to stay……Mac back off Dan, cause Jack is the man – he has to has his way – cause Cayman is under the UK …..

  17. Anonymous says:

    Governor Jack! When you get back to the UK send us a muzzle so that we can restrain  Mack from attacking any and everyone that demands he do his job in the interst of the Caymanian people and not himself.

    Mack  needs to be muzzled before he actually bites someone.

    The way he was barking at the AG yesterday suggests he is entering his biting phase.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Gov is right on the money.

    We need to have an auditor general unhindered by politics.

    We can only hope that the Auditor General is not pressured to mysteriously resign after exposing these irregularities.

    Its hard to understand why our people get up in arms when the facts are presented about irregularities in our system.

    Lets hold those responsible accountable and fix the problems instead of pointing fingers at Mr. Gov and the Auditor General etc.

    Mr. Auditor General please keep up the excellent work!

  19. Anonymous says:

    For once, Jack is right. Mac is succeeding in improving Jack’s image just when he is exiting.  

  20. Anonymous says:

    "…he may wish to examine how the decision to award the project to Dart Enterprises Development Company (DECCO) was made, given the selection committee was made up of four politicians as well as two members of the port authority board".

    As I recall, wasn’t of these politicians, the one spearheading this, an employee or business associate of Dart? Perhaps he still is. Can anyone say "conflict of interest".

  21. Anonymous says:

    When you throw a rock in a pig pen, the one that squeals is the one that got hit! Clearly the FCO got hit with Bush’s “rock” yesterday based on the UK representative’s comments.

    And as the “value for money” argument…a port facility for NO money sure sounds like value for money to me!!!

    ahhh, FCO, try again. Things getting clearer.

    • anonymous says:

      Mac sqealing loudest!

      Seems Mac got hit!… by all his squealing. Just because the Auditor General wants to make sure all is above board. If Mac has nothing to hide then he should welcome the AGs questions/enquiries.

      No wonder he gets the title "Macdinijad"…he’s behaving like a spoilt bully dictator.

      Thank you Gov and AG


    • durrrr says:

      you really think the new port will be free? DECCO will be paid by the cruise companies… and those are revenues which would have gone to the government if it built/owned the new port. To put it another way, DECCO have effectively agreed to build it on the condition that the government pays over all future revenues from the cruise companies.


      I would be interested to see what this is actually going to cost in real terms… does anyone know what we currently earn from the cruise companies, and will no longer earn once the new port is built?


      To be clear, I’m not criticising the deal or saying it’s a bad thing… we obviously can’t afford to pay for it up front ourselves at the moment…. but it’s just wrong to say it is not going to cost us anything… and that is the precise reason why the AG needs to look into the tendering process.


      And that’s without mentioning how easy it would be to accuse the UDP Government of being corrupt otherwise… transparency is vital.

  22. Anonymous says:


    The title should have been "UK tells little Caymanian to back off", presumably if Mac doesn’t back off the UK will continue to destroy his country and the lives of his people by imposing direct taxation.

  23. Anonymous says:

    At least the Governor has done something sensible to end his term!

    Thanks for this Jack.  But, good riddance!

  24. Anonymous says:

    and for those of you who didn’t believe Mckeeva’s conspiracy theory, here you go!!!

    Time to get Jack Off this island. Everybody got your green iguanas and wild chickens? Can’t wait fo his ‘appointed!"

    CNS:  Any idea when he is leaving? i have a funny feeling he will draw more crowds that the Constitution will tommorow! I will be there with a crocus sack of grren iguanas and I will ask BA to print a bag tag with the name JACK on it.

  25. olecuz says:

    Yes you right about that one, defending his friend, but on the other hand should Mac spout of like that? some times its best to play a fool to catch a fool, so Mac, keep the cool OK, Jack soon be gone,Amen.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why the rush to defend the Auditor General?

    The UK must have an interest in delaying our economic recovery.

    • Anonymous says:

      …because the Auditor General is trying to ensure that we the people do not get ripped off with this deal.  If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  No one is above the law or the constitution. If the cruise ships ae going to be paying Dart landing fees, etc. instead of the Govt. who is going to lose all that revenue?  Yes, we are!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Jack please Pack!!!!!!!!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Any Governor would do the same IMHO. For me as a voter and a citizen I would like to know that proper objective due diligence was done on any CIG expenditure from 250k to the "largest project" now…$150,000,000.00. Many do not understand the resistence the cabinet has to proper planning and vetting when spending the peoples money. 

      • Anonymous says:

        But its not the peoples money, this isnt going to cost us one red cent. By the way, I selling swamp land too if you interested?


        • Anonymous says:

          Ever heard of Opportunity cost?

          Education, education, education

          • Anonymous says:

             yes, nothing comes free (no free lunch)..but also u have to look at the cost-benefit principle… McKeeva Bush wouldn’t make a proposition that would cost the country more than it would benefit it..After all, he’s Caymanian..why would he do sumting to destroy his own country?

            • Anonymous says:

              That is precisely why such decisions are placed before the Central Tenders Committee rather than having them made by an individual. Besides the fact that the CTC members were selected because of their expertise, your argument falls flat if the individual stands to benefit immensely even if the country loses. The CTC eliminates the chance of people spreading rumours that decisions were made for personal gain, or questioning how someone comes to acquire immense personal wealth whilst putting country first.  

            • Lachlan MacTavish says:

              We don’t knoe what the benefit is because no in depth studies have been made or if they have not published. So how do we know if this "dock project" is the right project. In my area we have a 20,000,000 desal plant project. So far three years have been spent on design, impact/envir studies and pos/neg cost analysis. That is the way it is done……now tell me 6 mo’s with no published reports is the rt way to take on 150,000,000 

    • Anonymous says:

      YES, that’s what you mac-ites would like, "jack to pack" "dan to run" & them Big Mac can do whatever he likes! Ltf%C

    • Anonymous says:

      Jack A.. time to pack, take the buggy and leave the Rock ASAP, back to fisch and chips s…….!

  28. Anonymous says:

    ……enter Jerry Springer….:) Well done Guv, Dan is the man!  Happy, safe long weekend to all.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I wonder who advised the Governor on that section of the New Constitution?

    He sure found it quick to defend his friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you talking about todays constitution or tomorrows constitution????