Premier warns UK he’ll fight

| 06/11/2009

(CNS): The country’s new premier has sent a message to the UK that he is now the chief defender of the Cayman Islands. During his speech at the Constitutional Commencement Celebrations, McKeeva Bush said he had fought the UK’s representatives in the past and won and he would do so again, as he warned the incoming governor not to try and micromanage. Following the ceremony, in which Bush was sworn in as Cayman’s first premier, he spoke about his own political career and avoided references to the constitution, which he has often said he did not vote for, until towards the end of his presentation when he said he would be seeking to improve it.

In the wake of mounting disagreements between Bush and the UK, he also took the opportunity to make it clear he was not afraid of the FCO and that he would not be weak. “This is our country,” he said to the gathering in Heroes Square but sending a clear message to the UK and its representatives.

Bush said very little about the Constitution itself, despite the fact that it was the Appointed Day. However, he said he was the “first among equals” and “the one that was chosen to be there” that day.

He also spoke again about the creation of a nation building programme which would be part of the office of the premier — a new initiative that was first announced in the Legislative Assembly during the budget debate when some $2.5 million was allocated to it. He said he intended to encourage young people to participate in the future politics of the country.  Noting that it was always the same people who were prepared to participate in public life by being on boards and committees, he said he wanted to prepare the way for much greater participation by the people in government in future.

The new premier also spoke again about his concerns that with the changes in the Constitution his government had lost three votes in the Legislative Assembly. The three missing seats are destined to go to elected members, which, under the new Constitution, would be returned to office at the next general election. However, Bush has now made several references to the missing votes over the last few weeks, although it will not alter his majority in the House, it may indicate that the contested issue of a byelection could be about to be raised again by the UDP.

Other announcements included the creation of what he called the premier’s island council, which would be in addition to the district councils provided for in the new Constitution. Bush also said he would be introducing a number of awards and prizes under the premier’s office.

The governor, who was making one of his last public appearances before leaving the islands later this month (no official date has yet been set), spoke directly to the Constitution itself. He said it gave the people far more opportunities to participate in the running of the country and play an increased role in public life, with the introduction of various councils and commissions as well as the people’s referendums. However, Stuart Jack also pointed out that the UK still retained the ultimate power and was there to ensure good governance.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sick and tired of the nonsense coming from PPM’s bad mind supporters and other haters of Premier Bush.International readers of CNN must certainly feel the anger and  hatred thats being thrown around, nothing but negative vibes.PPM lost the elections and McKeeva Bush is now our premier,please get over it !…..Before ending there are two(2) points i would like to make. 1) why don’t PPM disorientated supporters talk about the letter that uncle Tru-Tru and John Mclean wrote to the Net News and Caymanian Compass last week! PPM disorientated supporters must think Tru-Tru would stand by them, what a hell of a blow! 2)PPM disorientated supporters along with haters of Premier Bush must fall on their knees right at this moment and pray to God thanking him that it was Premier Bush and not uncle Ezzard at the podium.Premier Bush did well and believe it or not he was too soft on mother England.Now just imagine if it was uncle Ezzard at the podium, what a situation that would be,British warships would have our islands surrounded by now,enough said on that.In closing i must warn PPM bad mind supporters along with others  to stop the rhetoric and contribute more positive solutions for our country!

  2. Looking in the Barrel says:

    All we are seeing in these posts are vitriolic, “it should not be Mckeeva”, hate-mongering!

    McKeeva is the First premier, not Kurt, Not Alden, Not Arden, Not Rolston, not Lindford…..that cannot be reversed no matter what the other gentlemen thought. Elections are over. The blogs are burning up. UDP won majority. PPM did not. okay, we got that 6 months ago. (And for the record, I did not vote for either group as there were really good independents this time around)

    We have what we have. The economy is terrible. the UK is cleverly dismantling our Financial industry. Are we going to cut off our nose to spite our face? Will PPM trade us in for the government majority? Will UDP continue to make enough mistakes to help them??

    Caymanians please stick together. Some of you Love McKeeva. Some of you Love Kurt. Some of you will go to your graves like that. We get that. Lemmings normally do that.

    Tone down the rhetoric. PPM MPs please stop acting like spoilt children. Pay attention in the Parliament. Do your homework. You ARE representing the people, all of the people of your districts. Act your age. And UDP folks especially Elio – please stop campaigning and blaming everything on PPM. Start earning your way by doing and producing.

    It is our only way forward. A divided country is an open door for the UK.

    • Anonymous says:

      "(And for the record, I did not vote for either group as there were really good independents this time around)".

      For the record, it was people like you that put McKeeva in power. Didn’t you understand the days of the independents were over?  



  3. Anonymous says:

    Shame on all the fools who even wasted their time to attend this ceremony or bothered to listen to McKeeva’s speech. Come on now, you all should have known better.

    By the way – praying is not going to help all that much. Perhaps it is time for some action for a change, rather than waiting for somebody else or something else to to sort out this mess of impending dictatorship and ignorance come our way.

    • Who you fa says:

      My friend if you are looking for a fool, well all you have to do is take a good look in the mirror; i’m sure that you will see biggest one on earth.

      Friday was a day for all Caymanians and I am proud to say that I was a part of it.  Mckeeva is Premier becausethe majority of the people supported his party in the last election, all of you do a great disservice to this country when you allow party politics to overshadow your love for the country.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who you fa, I suggest you look in the mirror & you will see the biggest fool on earth, because in your comments you foolishly say that "Friday was a day for all Caymanians"!!!! Are you being serious? You say you were there so surely you must have heard the speech, if not all at least some, & you have the audacity to say that "Friday was a day for ALL Caymanians"??? WHO YOU FA? You must be fa Mac Bush!

        Friday was SUPPOSED to be for ALL Caymanians, but as you well know McKeeva Bush made Friday for MCKEEVA BUSH! Then, of course Friday was also a little for his family, the udp & a few supporters, but first & foremost McKeeva made Friday all about himself, him & him! It was all about I & I, & me me me me, & me again! How pathetic & ARROGANT!

  4. bradley says:


    Last week, I saw our Premier live. I heard him say he is not scared to sue the Governor, to the effect, “I did it before, and I can do it again.” I don’t know what’s up McKeeva’s sleeve, but I am concern for the direction I see our country is heading. If we loosen our ties with the UK, it could negatively impact these Islands. We need to be more careful now how we tread along the path of our self-determination.
    Let us PRAY and SUPPORT all our leaders that God may see us through this ordeal between us and the mother country. Let us remember WHO GOD really is! Let us remember we are but MERE HUMAN BEINGS, susceptible to the ills of pride and ego. Let us remember God is a God of “good” relationships or “no deal.” He is not a God of broken relationships unless it is of necessity. Also, remember, He is a God of PEACE and LOVE towards all mankind.
  5. Anonymous says:

    CNS you sure gave the PPM propaganda machine some fodder in this one. These guys are really cranking up the rehtoric.Has anyone really taken a look a the number of pro-PPM postings. I know that there isn’t that many of them left so the team must get together armed with their laptops and computers ready to fire off the minute the postings go up.

     Give them their due, they are doing a good job playing it up and this medium will most certainly be used tremendously at the next election. The UDP better get their machine cranked up as well.

    Go Team!!

    • da wa ya get says:

      Ha! Honestly, I think ppl are now becoming aware of the haze the UDP put them under before during and after the elections….many ppl who voted UDP are now kicking themselves and asking why did they vote for UDP, why did they think UDP (Mac) had changed.

      The UDP has returned to their ways, the ones they didd so well to disguise during the elections. We are now seeing the UDP Govt bully people, circumvent the laws and much worse…a Lepoard can’t change his spots, but he can diguese them for a while by rolling in the mud.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well Said, Two Thumbs Up!!!! The Leopard never change his spots but roll in the mud of Dictatorship….

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if I were not pro-PPM prior to May 20th it did not take me long to realize I sure as hell am not pro-UDP……been getting all the help I need straight from Mac to confirm now that I surely am a PPM supporter.

    • the Watcher says:

      With Kurt at the helm of the PPM, what is there to worry about. He is no leader so what’s the problem?

    • Anonymous says:

      Go Team PPM..Get those UDP posters before they get a chance to put anything up.  Let’s show them true PPM style! Crank up the PPM webmaster propaganda machine..Don’t stop the Progress, remember you are doing this for love of country!!

      • Anonymous says:

        We don’t have to worry too much about the udp posters because most have them have gone home now! All those that were paid to drive up & down in the hundred Andy’s rent-a-cars following the UDP like blind bats during the election campaign, have all now been disgarded by the UDP! They fulfilled their purpose & were let go, & I hear that they are steaming mad at being used! (THAT WHAT UNA GET!).

  6. Mary Bodden-Trumbach says:

    To all those that are criticising me let me first say that I have every right to my opinion.  My father was a man, he had faults which i do not dispute but he had wonderful good points about him and most of all heloved his people and he loved his beloved Islands Cayman.  I take offence to some of the remarks passed because, yes, i am a good person i think but i am only human and our family has suffered tremendously because my father was who he was and the way we have had to constantly put up with the gossip, rudeness, hurtful remarks and actual slights.  Yet throught it all we ha ve held out head high and done what my father would have wanted, Help my people in any way that i can (my family does the same).  We took the good with the bad and supported him because he wanted to be in politics and he had vision.  Whoever said they know me and are surprised at my comments really doesnt know me because I protect my own.  for mr. bush to compare himself to my father (who Mr. Bush disliked immensely) I am angry about.  I do not see where I have dredeged up anything because all the negative comments passed we have heard them for years and years.  If You did not like my father fine.  Once you are a politician, your main concern is not to be "liked" as you have a job to do to protect, honour and love your people.  I still say I see stormy days ahead and this was only confirmed by Mr. bush’s intolerable speech.  Again, all the negativity against the PPM is not necessary as without all their hard work Mr. Bush would not now be our "Premier".  Once again, to all those who have written negative remarks about me I am still the same Mary I have always been.  I turn the other cheek to you all.  Mary Bodden-Trumbach

    • Anonymous says:

      Miss Mary, you just keep strong as I guarantee that all the degrading and nasty remarks against you and your father, National Hero Mr. Jim Bodden, are being posted by McKeevaites who are blinded by greed and jealousy. There will NEVER come a time that anyone, even the most die-hard McKeevaites, could ever compare him to Mr. Jim Bodden, and I say that not as a supporter of Mr. Jim Bodden but a realist who loves Cayman First and Foremost! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Ms Mary

      It would appear that you have taken a stance and are very pro-PPM which is not my issue with what you have to say.

      I am not about McKeeva or Jim.  I am about Cayman. I have known you for years and would never have known that you harbored such feelings of hatred and anger.

      I can understand it coming from posters that are pro-PPM or pro-UDP but you, I thought, was a true Caymanian and would not allow this type of politics to reduce you to the level that you apparently have decided to lower yourself. I look back on the many years I knew Jim, and despite all his faults and in spite of all the good he did, I really don’t think he would have supported you writing as you have. What McKeeva said was one thing, and to be honest and I may be wrong, I thought he was honoring the memory of your father, not putting him down, but to lash out the way you did makes me believe that something has changed in you.

      Mary, we are Caymanians first, spewing out hatred and anger and prophesing doom and gloom needs to be left to the politicians and we need to be asking God’s forgiveness for them. Encouraging and becoming a part of this behavior is niether good for one’s soul or for the good ship, Cayman.

      Mary, I say this in jest and in good nature, Lay down your sword  of anger and pick up the mantle of love. Pirates Week is upon us, and yes it might be our last, so let’s stop our fighting and go out and enjoy ourselves as Caymanians and remember the man who gave us this week in the first place but above all, let’s ask God for forgiveness, patience and kindness and for us to all remember that we are Caymanians first and not to let the worlds of poitics and political parties continue to divide us.

      I will continue to pray for you and to ask God to give you the strength to find inner peace and forgiveness. May God richly bless you!



      • Anonymous says:

        Ms. Mary, stay strong. Do not let these uncouth supporters of Mr. Bush get you down. No one is perfect, & very possibly Mr. Jim did make mistakes, but who hasn’t? There will always be rumours, for crying out loud there are rumours about our Saviour Jesus Christ (the only perfect person there ever was), so it will happen to anybody. But for people to upset you by chastizing you for defending your father’s memory is very low, & sounds very much like udp personnel! It has upset the supporters of the udp that McKeeva Bush embarassed them as he did on Friday, they are waking up to the reality that he truly is an embarassment to Cayman, & because they find it hard to defend his actions they are seeking other venues to vent their disappointment, & unfortunately for you they zeroed in on your defence of your father. We can expect no better from them, "like father like son" so to speak, so stay strong Ms. Mary. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Unfortunately, in your confused opinion that I am a supporter of McKeeva, you completely missed my point. My point is that we must be Caymanians first and stop tearing down our fellow man.

          Both Jim and McKeeva have faults lots of them. If they didn’t we wouldn’t be having these conversations would we? We have literally turned ourelves into PPM and UDP political gangs.

          Mary is a woman that I have known and respected all of my life and to see her getting caught up in this mess is very, very sad. It shows me that our people, young and old no longer respect or care for each other. There was a time that no matter what political side you were on, it didn’t make a bit of difference when it came down taking a stand and we stood together.

          McKeeva is our first Premier, like the man or not, we should be proud that a Caymanian is finally in that position. Kurt will have his day but at another time. We can’t keep crying over spoilt milk forever, what is done is done. We must stop this political warfare be it UDP or PPM.

          For me, I have not taken sides, I knew Jim well and never had a problem talking to him, he was man that could accept criticism although many times never use it. McKeeva and Kurt are younger Caymanian men, both to be respected for their contributions and I can shake the hand of either of these men without fear or retribution from either.

          It is time and I beg of you as I did with Mary, to recognise that we are Caymanians first, we all have our problems, we all have our faults. Let’s stop tearing down each other for political party sake. The election is over and won’t be held for another four years. Let’s be constructive and rather than tearing each other down, let’s identify problems and work to solutions.


      • Mary Bodden-Trumbach says:

        In reply to these two comments above by two people I do not know but seem to know me.  I do not hate anyone.  I have changed yes in some of my opinions but ANYONE THAT REALLY KNOWS ME will tell you all a different story about me.  Yes, I am pro PPPm but that does not make me a terrible person.  I have read all of the comments posted here that have been way more vicious than mine has been yet you seem to be harping on my comments.  My father would BE VERY PROUD OF ME FOR STANDING UP FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IN EVEN IF HE DID THINK I WAS WRONG.  But I know he does not think i am wrong.  Did you even notice what i was trying to say concerning our young people and our country.  You seem to be just focusing on what I said about mr. Bush.  I did not open up anything ocncenring my father, like i said there has been talk for years which we have learned to cope with.  I am not bitter, just hurt.  THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE.   I LOVE THE CAYMAN ISLANDS AND MY PEOPLE, but I will tell them when they are wrong, some people do not like to hear that.   I do not think at this time i am wrong in stating our I feel. AGAIN, I AM ONLY HUMAN.  MY MAIN CONCERN IS THE DIRECTION THE COUNTRY IS TAKING AND HOW IT WILL HARM OUR CHILDREN.  OUR CHILDREN ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT IN OUR LIVES.  Politicians come and go. they make messes which have to be cleared up and they do good as well.  Again, I am veyr much surprised at the comments of people who I do not know saying they know me.  You don’t know me.  You all have decided to have your say to me because I was honest enough to sign my name what about the others who have said much more terrible things than me, yet I dont see much comments about what they said.  anyway, I have better things to do with my time so think what you want about me.  I emphasis i am the same person i have always been just alot older and wiser and more careful.  MY kindest regards to everyone and I ask God to bless you all.  Commenters, as you can see I can pray for myself and i believe in the Almighty God who i hope will see us through these very rough times ahead. Enough said.  Mary Bodden-Trumbach

    • Anonymous says:

      Mary, you are the kettle calling the pot black. Are you saying that unlike your father McKeeva doesn’t love his people and his country?  Surely you don’t believe this and say it purely out of anger. Despite what Jim or Mckeeva did or will ever do. I have never once doubted that they both loved their people and their country. You may not like either politically but you cannot deny their strong support of their people and country. Jim died in office and McKeeva probaly will too. No one stays there that long without the people’s support. 

      Jim was a man of many faults and you, unlike most, suffered through that with him and so you must know what it is like for McKeeva as well who has many of the same faults. Just because they were political rivals doesn’t mean the hatchet can never be buried.

      It is very hypocritical of you to come on here and accuse people of "rudeness, gossip, hurtful remarks and actual slights" when you are doing the same thing. We are Caymanians first, stop this!

      You opened this can of worms to the detriment of your father’s good name. Let him rest in peace!





      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry to bust your bubble for you 04:30 but it has become more & more obvious that Mckeeva Bush loves Mckeeva Bush & money, history shows this, so in an indirect way Ms. Mary is correct!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t believe what I hear our Premier say on Friday it was with utter disgust he made me sick. He needs to engage his brain before unleashing his tongue. Can you imagine how the dignitaries that were visiting must have felt listening to that grap. I hope they don’t think the rest of the Caymanian people are like him.

    I really wonder who wrote that speech, as some of his speeches are very well written and though provoking. Maybe he wrote this one, please Premier speech writters don’t let him do that again. 




    • Anonymous says:

      Dignitaries? He invited his friends who are just like him so they would have felt quite at home, I only hope that real Dignitaries did not hear his diatribe as we will all be judged by the actions of Caymans Premier – OMG, can this be Real?

  8. Anonymous says:

    My thoughts on November 6, 2009 “Colossal Historical Blunder!”

     The speech by our newly crowned Premier was a concoction of contradictions; his tone and demeanor ranged from a “look at me now-from rags to riches,” an evangelical preacher at convention , a Barbaric fanatical leader “I’m the Chief Defender of the people,” to a UDP party clown!

     While the beginning of the speech was palatable and could be appreciated by many when he described his humble start in life, this just served to remind me how he had improved himself! Not through a better education or working on his protocol(he could not even remember all dignitaries invited) or the improvement of his grasp of the English language, but rather as an opportunist who has clearly used his country and time in politics to go from “rags to riches.”

     His use of Christianity also insulted my sensibilities as his behavior certainly is not what I want to emulate  as a Christian!

     His constant veiled threats against the UK and insults to the outgoing Governor (as much as I am glad he is leaving) were uncalled for and clearly contradicted his call for unity and a better “non-leaky” relationship with the UK. And did I hear him say that “we are independent?”

     He also contradicted his call for unity by constantly taking jabs at the Opposition despite the obvious political move when he hugged the Honourable Leader of the Opposition!

    Then to top it all off he sang the UDP party song! Yes!

    The man is a disgrace to our people! He talked at length about the youth and elderly, but his behavior was a sore example to set moments after being sworn in as our first Premier, at what should have been a celebration for all!

    God help us all!!

  9. British Bulldogs 123 says:

    Mr. Bush’s brazen defiance of the UK can only be described as empty sabre-rattling. Although he is referred to as Premier, he is no more at the top of the pile or "first among equals" as he puts it, than a ham sandwich.

    He has no power at all. He is about to sign a piece of Legislation that effectively emasculates him and he won’t even know it.

    I would invite the curious to read the following document posted on a government website.

    Page 11 states….

    (5) Where the Director is satisfied that it is necessary for the performance of his duties under this Law to do so, the Director or an authorised officer may enter any premises with or without the consent of the owner or occupier, and take such action as he may consider necessary in the public interest.


    Page 10

    Disaster area or hazardous area

    10. (1) Where the Director reports to the Governor in Cabinet–

    (a) the existence of any local condition in any part of the Islands tending to endanger pubic safety, and there are no powers under any law other than this section whereby such condition may be removed or guarded against; etc etc. (the word pubic is actually there)

    So massive powers are given to the Director of Hazard Management and the Governor who is effectively in charge of the police force.

    If Mr. Bush has read this and I seriously doubt it, then he will find himself crying in a corner while the police are kicking down the doors his own included.

    We expats have watched as the Caymanians have bickered among themselves foolishly thinking that they are the centre of the Universe.

    Well, you have been successfully divided with your UDP and PMT whatever ranting and you have failed to feel the noose as it tightens around your neck.

    There is no place in this world for expat-bashing. That is nothing less than a hate crime, and unless you did not know, you belong to the UK and to educate you further, the UK now belongs to the EU who will have absolutely none of your foolish games.

    Perhaps you know that last week, the UK government said it would no longer request a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, so that means Cayman as well has no say in the matter.

    How does Lisbon affect Cayman, you may ask?

    Lisbon effectively grants sweeping powers to the (soon to be announced) Leader of Europe and that means Leader of Cayman too, not Mr Bush.


    XXXXXX has been researching the full details of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty reinstatement of the Death Penalty:

    (a) Article 2(2) of the ECHR:
    ‘Deprivation of life shall not be regarded as inflicted in contravention of this Article
    when it results from the use of force which is no more than absolutely necessary:
    (a) in defence of any person from unlawful violence;
    (b) in order to effect a lawful arrest or to prevent the escape of a person lawfully
    (c) in action lawfully taken for the purpose of quelling a riot or insurrection.’

    So you would be warned about public displays of defiance as there is provision in the Law to deal swiftly and without retribution.

    Also, you may be aware that here is no place for God in the European Constitution, but we have decided that this will not be a problem for the Cayman Islands because they seem to have the same God as we do, the god of money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the info . . . very interesting . . . this new world order.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The only persons who should beattacking Mac here are the PPM candidates and members who voted straight. The rest of you created this so shut up.

  11. Anonymous says:

    OMG. Do we really have to put up with this until 2013.

    I cant take any more of this already.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Shame on McKeeva – that speech was horrible. NO other words to explain it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I really hope Mac is not trying to pull a Fidel and launch 80 years or UK resistance. That speech did nothign but divide us further. I could care less about the anti UK sentiment, but he took shots at the PPM and anyone who dares oppose him and I was so waiting for a unifying speech and was completely disapointed. He could have seized the day with an emotional, encouraging, strong pro Cayman speech but instead chose to take pot shots at anyone withing hearing distance. I was embarrased by his antics and in the space of a few minutes, realised that on this historic day, our leader chose to "mock" and "ridicule" and failed to "inspire"….he has a lot to learn about leadership. How I wish it was Roy Bodden or Gilbert Mclean, or Arden, or Alden (forget Chuckie) standing there, but no we got the UDP comedy act… andonce again he "stepped out of line"…..I am going to go bury my head in the sand now.


  14. Anonymous says:

    As the person who remarked about the Father of the House and subsequent comments- to the person who replied with ignorance that I should be ashamed of the UDP- PLEASE take note that I suppported NEITHER the UDP or the PPM so I am in no way ashamed of any party.

    However you on the other hand makes me shame to know that I live amongst such ignorance and stupidity

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sun, 11/08/2009 – 12:48, 12:53 and 1:23 I would like to thank each of you for replying to Mary Trumbach’s post.  I was wondering if maybe I was the only person around with a memory of the rumours of her father’s past! Some folks do need a reality check instead of a clouded, emotional memory.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even so, I dare say her father was a smidgen better than Mac and I would also be offended by the comparison.

  16. Bracker Dan says:

    We all need to "Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy."

    What’s done is done, now, get yourselves together, and submit your plans and projects to The Premier and ask him, to help us help him to push Cayman out of the mess we’re in.

    Complain, complain, complain. How about, let’s get it done, let’s get it done, let’s get it done. I mean some of you are at peoples back because of spelling mistakes in their post! Are you for real? Have you nothing better to do?

    c’mon people, FOCUS, we got plenty of work to do, and we better make darn sure to do it.

    Let’s get together now and turn all of this negative energy into positive visualization for the country.

    bunch if kaklin’ hens in the coup.

    "oh boo hoo, I am such a victim, woe is me, boo hoo, he’s the Premier, boo hoo…" never seen a society so full of "I’m a victim" mentality.

    SNAP! Back to Reality!

    Where is your backbone? We have work to do… now Cowboy up, and let’s git ‘er done.

    PS. He can only be a Dictator, if you allow him to be one…. research Venezuela, and what almost happened in Honduras.





    • Anonymous says:

      You must have forgot about the Premier we have to deal with here, we must submit our plans to whom may i ask?  Because my friend this is not K.T and PPM you are dealing with here, where we could have submit plans and ideas to them and they would take it into consideration. Remember the first Premier is about himself not about us, well i guess you never listen to the speech he delivered on Friday, so how you could ever post a comment without knowing what 85% of the people on this post is all hype up about, so take a back seat and learn something about what is going on before you post.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sun, 11/08/2009 – 15:36 you need to get a grip because I can assure you that there is little difference between those two. The truth is that your K.T. and gang only listened to their croonies too, not to the rest of us who made sensible suggestions. Please, stop the party politricking because they are both too similar for comfort.

        • Anonymous says:

          Tibbetts has his issues, such as failure to be proactive, but speaking from my personal experience of both, he is absolutely nothing like Bush. The PPM wanted people to participate in service to their country regardless of political affiliation. They listened to environmentalist groups e.g. the building the road through the iron wood forest. They had respect for the rule of law and equally important, respect for people regardless of whether they supported them politically.  There was none of the vindictiveness and just sheer nastiness that characterizes this govt. There were no dealings that lead one to suspect corruption. 

        • Anonymous says:

          As a former PPM member I totally agree. Decison making was not a strong point of that party.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Hi Cowboy……

      Whats done is done. Doesn’t mean that it OK. Doesn’t mean that when it is done and done and done again and again that it becomes OK. I see unbridled governing and I believe that there needs to be some common sense brought into the occassion before "we move on".

    • Anonymous says:

      SOOOOOOO why was it that the udp were unwilling to help the PPM in anyway when they were in government, BUT NOW you are asking everyone to "get yourselves together" & help????? How come we didn’t hear you telling the udp to help the PPM instead of fighting them down?

      "What’s done is done" & now you must learn to accept the criticism, because as sure as hell is hot you & your udp are going to get a lot of criticism for all the wrongs XXX they do, & for anything they do that is not in the best interests of Cayman. The udp have the majority & will always win the vote, even when it is wrong as we have witnessed, BUT FOR SURE YOU & YOUR UDP WILL BE HEARING ABOUT IT, & please do not rule out any protests, because the way things going right now, we gonna be on the streets very often, protesting the destruction of our country, so please GET USE TO IT!

    • Anonymous says:

      "bunch of kaklin hens in a coup"??? "oh boo hoo, I am such a victim…."!!!! How on earth can you or any of your UDP lackies talk about other people complaing or "kaklin"? Were you born yesterday, or is your memory so bad that you cannot remember back a few days, or even remember the past 4 years?

      The UDP, led by their loud mouthpiece McSaadam & his spineless cohorts, spent the last 4 years "boo hoo-ing" & crying & complaining more than any politicans in history, & since the election which the UDP won, they have continued their crying, complaing & "blame game" more that any winning government in the history of these islands!

      It really shocks me when people such as yourself complain about others who criticize McSaadam & his hopeless ever silent lackies after you all spent so much negative energy hitting on the PPM. Go get a life, or shut up girl!

      Now "let’s get together & turn all of this negative energy into positive visualization for the country"!! We are doing our part, so please do yours, & if you take take the heat in the kitchen then please get out, & GET OUT NOW!

    • Bracker Dan says:

      Kakle dem a kakle…

      " Say mi, t’row mi corn, an’ a call ol’ fowl

      I’m saying, ‘Clook-clook-clook, cluk-cluk-cluk’ "

      PS. I loved the speech, it was awesome… I especially love the part where The Premier came back to the mic and sang a little Thanks and Praise.

      You all wouldn’t know about Thanks & Praise… only beat down and criticize.

      Clook-Clook-Clook…. Cluk, Cluk, Cluk.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said, Bracker Dan.  Every individual here; the people as a whole need to understand the power that they have.  Doing nothing just gives it away.

  17. They sat up and listened says:

    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

    Well….I don’t think McKeeva’s speech was on par with Mandela’s.  And Mandela didn’t write it.  He chose those words.  And I don’t think any of us would deny it moved people, and still does.  It isn’t often people have an opportunity to stand together and at the same time celebrate.  Mckeeva can be excused for assuming it was his moment.  And perhaps even for not saying anything quite as eloquent.  But in assuming it was his moment and forgetting it was their day too he denied the people of Cayman the opportunity to participate, and leaving many questioning why they had been invited.

    • Anonymous says:

      yOU KNOW WHAT MADE MR JIM POWERFUL? I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY OF WORKING CLOSE WITH JIM AND HE FED HIS ENEMIES. Dont worry he knew them they did not fool him but he won them with kindness. Unlike some of these young pompus politicians they do not know their friends from their enemies, you see they do not trust no one. They think of all as being fake like themselves. Supporters dont put your heads on the block because you will surely get them chopped off. Politicians now a days is I FIRST, I SECOND, I THIRD. They will use you and then they will kick you. Remember like Number I from the Brac says on the talk show "I TOLD YOU".


  18. obe says:

    I do enjoy the irony of this headline with those pictures. What’s that on his chest? So much for "down with the imperial oppressors!"

  19. Anonymous says:

    After listening to the acceptance speech of the new premier, I, too, was applled to hear him likening himself to the Late National Hero, the Honourable James Bodden.  He lived his life for the entire Caymanian people, not only those from their own district.  The future of our beloved isles Cayman looks very dismal and I can only hope that we get through the next 4 years in one piece.  I saw that the T & C were represented on Friday.  Maybe our new premier should research what caused their problems, so when he is prepared to take us down the same path, he will stop and remember that our ultimate ruler is Great Britain.  Do not even talk about independence, Caymanians.  We cannot survive properly now without taxes, how are we going to ensure that we can survive when we get our independence and lose our tourist industry andthe entire financial industry moves to a more secure jurisdiction.  Stay awake, my beloved Caymanians and fight for what you know is right, not what someone hypes you up to believe.

  20. Anonymous says:

    While Mr. Craddock did hold the "Father of the House" title for many years, the title was held the longest by the late Hon. T.W. Farrington CBE, JP from the district of West Bay.

    With that said, it was heart warming to see Donnie sworn in yesterday as the first Deputy Governor for Cayman. It was equally as heart warming to see Premier Bush and Deputy Premier O’Connor-Conolly take their high oaths of office.

    I was at the ceremony and while Kurt acted noble, the actions of pompous Alden left much to be desired. He is an arrogant and self-centered person that should hang his head in shame, especially considering that his fore fathers were once upright and respected politicians.

    Mac- congrats. Let the hate-mongers continue with their tyrade of negativity and party BS. Maybe the bloggers from PPM can look at their leader and see how he behaved himself on Friday and do the same thing. To Kurt- whilst I am no fan of yours- I MUST say CONGRATS for your statesmanship and outstanding human behaviour Friday. Maybe Kurt if you "divorce" yourself from certain PPM members, you will one day be the Premier. Just a thought from what I have been hearing.


    • Anonymous says:

      How would you feel if you work so hard to achieve something and never have the moment to say anything about  what you have achieved or even being recognize for the hard work you put in it? Well if the answer is upset or hurt by the moment of not being recognize.Then you understand how Alden and all the PPM members must felt on that day. So go get a heart and have some feelings.

      • Anonymous says:

        ahhh…poor poor KT and AL AL . My God get a grip, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Suck it up and move on. There is not a damn thing you can do about it now but to be a man and grow some balls . It was their own stupidity and ineptness that did them in. I for one am not going to put my life on old and cry for them. Country and Over the Edge are still open with some sad country songs on the jubebox…Have a drink and get over it!

        • Anonymous says:

          Boy I look forward to the day when you will look around and realise your glorious leader has screwed you too. Think back to today when that happens, and enjoy the taste of crow, my friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      At least our leader Kurt acted "noble" & you congratulated him for his "statesmanship & outstanding human behaviour," which is more than you or anybody can say about your leader Bush. He was a DISGRACE & EMBARASSMENT to the Cayman Islands. McKeeva Bush is the POMPOUS one, more arrogant than any politican in our generation. I am proud to support the PPM, can you honestly say the same about the udp after your pompous leader embarassed us all so terribly on Friday? I guess not!

      • Anonymous says:

        I wish that the PPM and UDP would impress on the idiots who post party based comments on here to act with some form of dignity, at least for themselves. Posts like that made by Sun, 11/08/2009 – 17:28 comes across as written by a whining child whose team lost on the sports field! Come on guys! Grow up, will you? Lets face it, Kurt is no more educated than McKeeva nor does he carry himself with any more class or self respect. As far as I’m concerned they are in many ways cut from the same cloth, so to speak, hence the reason I chose not to be a member of either party. Neither of these two would have been my choice for Premier, however, we have ended up with Bush and will be stuck with him for at least another 3 + years. So, suck it up and ask what you can do to help your country and stop the rubbish.

        • Anonymous says:

          To: Sun, 11/08/2009 – 18:13, you mention the post Sun, 11/08/2009 – 17:28 saying that it "comes across as written by a whining child" but you for some reason did not say anything about the posting of Sun, 11/08/2009 – 10:46 which is who started the idiotic & childish remarks and name calling. Since you found fault with 17:28 but did not mention 10:46, I have no alternative but to be suspicious of your words & where your loyalties lie, despite your claims that you are not a member of either party! You may not be a "member" but I do suspect, because of your biasy, that you are a "closet" supporter of a party, & it’s not PPM! Not true? If I am wrong about this, then I suggest you try & be a little more fair in your comments, if you want us to believe your postings! OK?

        • Anonymous says:

          "Lets face it, Kurt is no more educated than McKeeva nor does he carry himself with any more class or self respect".

          You are probably wrong about the education but you are certainly wrong about the class and self-respect. Tibbetts is always dignified and respectful.

        • da wa ya get says:

          Are you aware that Mac does not have a high school diploma???

          Come on people!!! We need standars here!!! No one, regardless of the circumstances, should be running a country without at least a high school diploma(which I can assure you Kurt has)!!!

          You mean to tell me that after all this time Mac couldn’t have studied for his GED(high school diploma equivalent)???

  21. Bulldog says:

    You can call him Premier, you can call him local mayor (which he basically is), you can call him whatever you want, but the man with ultimate power for this territory lives at 10 Downing Street and without that backing up the Cayman Islands the Islands would be bankrupt, drug crime ridden and have at least 30% unemployment.  Just think about that when you do more puffed out flag waving and UK taunting.

    • German Shepherd says:

      Hello, Cayman is  "bankrupt, drug crime ridden and have at least 30% unemployment."

      Where have you been? Probably too far up 10 Downing’s street a**.


  22. Anonymous says:

    It is with sadness and shame that I am admitting here, as a born Caymanian and a fellow West Bayer to McKeeva Bush, that I was never more embarassed to listen to his disgraceful speech. He is so full of anger and misconceptions of the UK and fellow statesmen in the opposition PPM.  The Governor speech was well written and precise . Whereas, the Premier McKeeva’s speech was disgusting. He sounded like a Sunday Preacher at his pulpit, quoting Bible verses and at the same time threatening the FCO, The Governor, the PPM, the next Governor and comparing himself to Mr. Jim Bodden and how all the former statesmen were all influental in his passage to Premier hood.  If they were, I will admit here and now, they did a very poor job in bringing him along. After 25 years in the house McKeeva has not learnt any protocols and to think how he must had embarrased his wife sitting right behind him, by talking about the girls. McKeeva should had focus on the Constitution and less on the Me Me Me.  He should not had been Politicking, he should had kept his speech simple and concise, it was his shining moment yes, but it was not time for superman to appear, as he admitted he is the protector of his people.  He has been in the house 25 years now and he has failed miserably to protect his people, so I dunno what made him think he was defending us at this event. The Constitution should had been the focal point, hence the Premier and the deputy Premier position.People were invited based on the Constitution and the Theme of the day should had been just that.  I am begging the UK to please be our protector, be that Super Hero that can defeat this Superman McKeeva Bush.  He is leading us on the road to destruction, just for the Almighty dollar. Keep a very close eye on every move he makes, because its all for HIS benefit and not the Caymanians people. 

  23. Sad Caymanian in exile says:

    If Big Mac continues on this confrontational path with the UK, his government runs the risk of being fired and direct rule from London will be imposed. Alternatively, the UK will tell Cayman it is time you become independent. What is Big Mac trying to prove by pursuing confrontation with the UK? He is only making a bad situation worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      You all seem to be missing the reason why, in my hunble opinion, Mr. Bush is pushing the button with the UK, & has done so everytime he has had the power & opportunity to so. The title of Premier is great, & he really revelled in the pomp & circumstance of the big moment, but it has always been his dream, in mu humble opinion & because of his actions, to be Cayman’s very first PRESIDENT! Premier Bush sounds great, but to him PRESIDENT BUSH sounds even better! Think along the lines of President Castro, Saadam Hussein, Chavez etc etc, that’s the power that I am afraid is craved!

  24. Anonymous says:

    To Mrs Mary Bodden-Trumbach;

    You have a right to your own opinion and so do I.

    Perhaps you should have mentioned in your post that it was the Honourable Mckeeva Bush (Executive Council) who sat in the Legislative Assembly at the time, many years ago, who ushered and pushed a National Hero’s Bill for the Cayman Islands of which your father was so duly honoured as our "first national hero"

    Your father probably would never have become "a national hero" at the time, had it not been for McKeeva’s vision and determination to see it fit, to recognize such persons of the past and present. If my memory serves me correct, it was also the Honourable McKeeva Bush who pushed for Mrs Sybil McLaughlin to become our second national hero as well.

    I suppose to you, McKeeva Bush wanting to cancel "Pirates Week" that your father created, was an insult to you and makes him a swash-buckling pirate and a dictator.

    While I would agree that Mr. Jim Bodden did many positive things for the Cayman Islands and I do support him as our National Hero, let us not forget some of the scandals during his tenure in the Unity Team Government.   

    CNS, I have delibrately chosen not to mention any of these out of respect for the Bodden family but let me assure you, it was not all a shining and glittering past during 1976-1984.

    Mrs Trumbach, you must remember that if there is one thing that we native Caymanians have been blessed or perhaps cursed with, is a very good memory like an elephant. Our remembrance of one’s not so colourful past, seems to be alive and well up until death. 

    And so, please be very careful when you accuse that "sugar-head boy from Old Bush in West Bay" (Premier Bush) of being a dictator. You really wouln’t want us to unearth the past, would you ??    




    • Anon says:

      You are right, everyone has an opinion. Mine would be that neither of our local national heros did anything that could be considered "Heroic". It appears to me that the first one happened because political supporters had a statue with nowhere to put it – it is really ironic that Mac made a "hero" out of the man that seemingly disliked him, actually sued him and won. The second one seemed to happen because she was really good at her job, but the Govt. of that day wanted to move her out and this was the way they did it – a shame really. I’m positive that if we were honest as a people, we could find in our past a real heroic person who went above and beyond the call and was not paid for their duty.

    • Mary Bodden-Trumbach says:

      To Anonymous Sunday 11/08/09-01:23

      I have every right to say waht i want as i do hope we still have freedom of speech.  should i start with all the escapades of the politicians since my fatiher’s time? Mr. bush in particular should be careful.  I know full well everything about my father.  I still hold him high as he loved his people.  A s for Mr. Bush nominating my father as first national hero he most assuredly had his agenda and made sure we were excluded as much as possible from the proceedings.  My father did not want greatness, he refused so many awards as all he wanted was progress for his people.  My father had his clay feet but mr. Bush should look down and see his own.  We do have a dictator and Mr. Bush’s speech was one of the most appalling speeches I have every had the misfortune to hear.  He totally disrespected his people in my views.  also writer be careful putting down my father there are still alot of wonderful Caymanians who hold him dear and yet they knew his faults.  Mr. bush’s problem is that he thinks so much of his own importance that he fails to see his own faults and that is where he is hurting his people.  I too, as a loyal Caymanian HAVE A VERY LONG MEMORY OF THE SLIGHTS MY FAMILY HAS HAD TO FACE FROM NOT EXPATRIATE BUT MY OWN CAYMANIANS.   It makes me wonder if you hated my father so much why you do not state your name.  I state mine as I am very proud of it and what it stands for.  Mary Bodden-Trumbach

  25. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    God help us all and give this man guidance and a conscience to do what is right for the Caymanian people.

  26. Mary Bodden-Trumbach says:

    To the writer comparing my father to Mr. Bush SHAME SHAME ON  YOU! Mr. bush is nothing like my father.  He is all about himself and what he can get for himself.  he is not for his fellow Caymanians.  anyone who believes his lies are fools.  When is he going to get rid of the many people on contract in the Civil Service alone and give those jobs to our intelligent, capable young people who are here with educated qualifications and are cominghome from university with these qualifications.  It seems he gives appointments haphazardly to his cronies to boards they are not even qualified to be on.  He is not looking out for any of you and you better open your eyes.  We have very rough seas ahead of us.  My father loved his people, his country and did whatever he could to help everyone but he was also proud to be connected to the United Kingdom and was very proud that it was during his tenure and under his instigation that the Queen visited these wonderful Islands.  I am very proud of him for that among other things. I am also proud he created Pirates Week!    PLEASE PLEASE DO NT COMPARE MR. BUSH TO MY FATHER AS IT SEEMS MR. BUSH WANTS TO DO AWAY WITH EVERYTHING MY FATHER DID AND HELD DEAR.    Mr. bush is all ME, ME, ME.  that was clearly visible in his horrible and most embarrasing speech yesterday.  We now have our FIRST DICTATOR!  where ar eyour backbones Caymanians!  Mr. bush spends all his time ranting and raving about the PPM government when they had the misfortune to inherit his mess plus deal with hurricane Ivan and Paloma.  Hats off to their work!  Well done PPM!  Mr. bush conveniently fogets all the havoc he has caused and continues to.  Wake up Caymanians we have a rough three plus years ahead of us.  Writer, my father was a man of integrity and honesty and loyalty, AGAIN, PLEASE DO NOT COMPARE!  THERE IS NO COMPARISON!   Again, as a Caymanian I am most embarrassed over the travesty of yesterday.  I sign this proudly as the daughter of the Hon. James M. Bodden first National Hero.  Mary Bodden-Trumbach

    • Anonymous says:

      Miss Mary, I congartulate you on what you said but also for stating who you are. If I was Mr. Jim Boddens child I would be Extremely proud but I would be more than Disgusted for anyone to compare mckeeva bush with your father. First of all, your father was Honorable and deserved being our first National Hero, something that bush will never deserve but dont put it past him awarding it to himself because as you quite rightly state, bush is about ME ME ME and more ME! You stand proud Miss Mary along with all your Family.

    • A Concerned Caymanian says:

      Well said!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ms Mary, you obviously have the strength of your father’s personality, which I greatly admired. However, I do not consider that you have done either yourself or your father’s memory an honour by the comments you have written here.

      Let me say that I understand your anger, much of which I share, but there is an old saying, "Don’t eat rice when it is hot" and this was one such occasion. For the record I must state that I am most definately not a McKeeva supporter, nor am I constituent of his, and while I am a proponent of free speech I am a bit disappointed at the manner in which you have chosen to express yourself, which incidentally is akin to what he does and the actions you criticise.  I agree with you that there is little comparison between Premier Bush and your father. And, of course, Premier Bush will receive criticism, much of which is probably deserved, and, yes, there has been and no doubt will continue to be questions posed about his ability and integrity, but so was the case with your father Mary. I am old enough to remember the rumours.

      The fact is, anyone who takes public office must expect to be criticised and questioned, it is the right of the people, but such should be done respectfully. Until they are found guilty of misdeeds we should all have enough respect for our country and the office they hold to treat them with respect, even when they do not appear to have enough sense to respect themselves.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sun 12:48:

        Well said and sympathetically expressed given a daughter’s natural love for her father, even though he was far from being on the side of the angels.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting post Mary. "my father was a man of integrity and honesty and loyalty".  Really? The fact is that if honest history of many past politicians was published one might might be surprised to see the comparisons with McKeeva Bush.

    • Anonymous says:


      I certainly appreciated the good things you had to say about your father but the rest of your writing is not very much like the, Mary I know and i have known you all my life.

      We are all Caymanians and although I would be the first to rush to defend my father, please remember that the good book says that "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory ofGod." Jim had his faults just like McKeeva and even Kurt does now but they are all good Caymanian men. They are sons of our soil, like it or not.

      Spewing out hatred and rage and calling names is unlady-like and unbecoming of someone of your stature. Your father would be appalled!

      I am no UDP or PPM supporter but I am a Caymanian and I am totally amazed at how this party politics have turned some people.

      Mary, I know you are angry but ask God for his patience and guidance and don’t continue to lower your good self in this manner.  It is not worth it and will only serve as it has done here to cause more harm than good.

      I will say a special prayer for you and ask God to watch over you.



    • Anonymous says:

      Mary, Jim was the closest thing to a dictator that Cayman ever had and believe it or not I admired him for some of those qualities. It looks like McKeeva is only taking a page out of his book when standing up to the governor. Call it dictatorship or whatever you like, finally someone since Jim’s death has been able to stand up to a sitting governor and defend his country.

      Jim blazed the path and Mckeeva seems to revel in it. I was never fond of either man but again I admire their ability to stand up and be counted despite being trampled on by their own people for doing so.

      We Caymanians have divided ourselves so much now that we are starting to implode. Maybe it’s time that we all start realising that we are a dying breed and constantly bashing each other publicly and otherwise only will serve to further destroy us.


    • Anonymous says:


      No disrespect to your father but everything you are saying about McKeeva is the same thing everyone was saying about him in his day. Be careful, spit in the sky and it will fall in your eye.

      What you have done now is to stir up bad memories of Jim instead of letting us remember him for all the good he did and not have to reminsce about the bad.

      Defend your father but not by knocking somebody else’s down. As a previous poster has written, "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." I will only add the we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Hatred and harsh words only stir more of the same.


  27. anonymous says:

    Behavior of Mac disgusting!

    Once again he is an embarrasment to Cayman. And if he and others have their way with Independence from UK, Cayman will shortly thereafter be a complete dictatorship.

    A Native Caymanian

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, another Cuba in the Caribbean I am afraid – If we let it happen!

  28. Anonymous says:

    I want to apologise for the behaviour of our Idol Premier Bush. He was not quite himself Friday.

    He was feeling under the weather from praying too much. So much has happened in his life over the last 12 months. From a 350 pound over weight ailing mand to to a fit as a fiddle defender of the people. He saved the islands from economic chaos created by that Kurt Tibbetts. He is truly a hero! From rags to riches!  That is my boy! 


  29. Anonymous says:

    Even with its many failings the focus yesterday should have been on the new Constitution overall, and not just on the swearing in of a Premier.  Unfortunately no statesman was seen or heard by that speech.  Was the tone of the speech because of hunger or to impress the visiting Caribbean politicians?   Nelson Mandela said,  "If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner." and  ". . . the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself. . . Great peacemakers are people of integrity, of honesty, and humility.

    Defender of the Caymanian people", please . . . no real statesman needs a constitution to really do that!  Why weren’t you doing that many years ago?  Defender of yourself and the shadow government that is really running these Islands.  As Mandela also said,  "We need to exert ourselves that much more, and break out of the vicious cycle of dependence imposed on us by the financially powerful: those in command of immense market power and those who dare to fashion the world in their own image.”

  30. Anonymous says:

    Let’s hope some of these writers did not vote for him. 

  31. Proud Westbayanian says:

    Congratulations Premier Bush!!  You the man!!!!  I am absolutely certain you will be able to steer our ship through the treacherous waters, on top of the towering waves, and battle the storms while the bilges fill with water. And hold onto the tiller while the spray lashes your face and lightning crashes and planks come loose. And fight off sea monsters and giant squids. And steer the boat without a compass. At night. Through the reefs. And land safely on the beach while the waves pound the boat to splinters on the jagged rocks.


    gee. I scared myself.   I hope it was someone else’s boat

  32. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why Mr. Bush did not use the opportunity Mr. Ezzard Miller provided at the private member motion debate in the Legislative Assembly to make the comments he made at this historic occasion and in front of the visiting foreign dignitaries.  He should have made all this anti-UK comments at the LA.  But he decided to oppose the motion as well as no harsh criticism on the UK. He really needs to behave like a statesman now more than ever…… I wonder whether FCO could send him to the Foreign Service Training College in London for a mandatory crash course on diplomacy.  Cayman cannot afford to be a laughing stock in the international media.

  33. Anonymous says:

    CONGRATS  to The Deputy Governor, Premier & Deputy Premier!

    Those who were so embarrassed or disappointed please try to get over it!!

    Stop & think what ‘BRIAN GIBBS, TEMPURA, the ex UCCI Pres. etc. etc. did to us  then we will all feel sick.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m way too sick off listening to Mac to even try to think! Sorry! No getting over this my dear!

  34. Anonymous says:

    This is the work of Almighty God,Premier Bush is there as our first premier because God put him there,there is nothing the UK, PPM, Benson Ebanks or others can do about it.Haters can call him whatever they want,Kim Jong Bush,McGeorge Bush or Macdinejad,  it simply does not matter now.Haters eat your hearts out!…….Long live PremierMCKEEVA "KING DAVID"BUSH and may Almighty God bless Premier Bush and the Cayman Islands.

    • anon says:

       Good God! "King David"?? 

      • Anonymous says:

        Who reverence a god that would do such a thing. My god would never do something so stupid.

      • Anonymous says:

        Seriously! I understand the pride some feel that one of our own Caymanians has risen from humble beginnings as a self made man to become our Islands’ first Premier. But this comparison is a tad excessive!

        And that justifiable pride should be tempered by concern over the ill-conceived speech our new Premier delivered.

        McKeeva is not a stupid man. He is too good a politician (manipulator) to be stupid. But he does have a chip on his shoulder that he needs to brush off to lead.

        I have to admit – I personally like him very much, but do not often agree with his politics or tactics.

        To Mr Bush – Please put politics, personal grudges and insecurity aside, and build a real legacy – I hope that you will indeed be a defender of your people – but antagonising the UK is not the way to do it.


    • Hold it!!! says:

      I’ve changed my mind.  Sorry.  I made a mistake I thought it was Pirates Week….  GOD

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG, Please leave GOD out of anything to do with McKeeva Bush. You UDP people are sinking lower and lower each day but that is expected BUT keep GOD out of this and don’t confirm how low you all really are!

  35. John says:

    Here is my grades for the event-

    Parade Police Prison etc  (B)

    General organization and seating   (D)

    Musical selections ( A)

    Speech by Premeir ( C)

    Swearing in of the Premeir (F) No Bible- one cannot affirm with the bible

    Content of the creamony (F)- who was the MC- could we have been given a little talk on the consitution.

    Weather (A+)

    • Anonymous says:

      You are wrong sri.  There was a bible.  But sadly, there was no copy of the Constitution.  The Portfolio office was wrong not to present the constitution at this occasion. If one was presented, forget about politics, it could have been kept in the museum for future generations to see it.

      • Anonymous says:

        The whole thing was an organisational mess "arranged" by the Protocol Office which is itself a repository for civil servants that have not been able to be of any use elsewhere. Sad, pathetic and expensive to the taxpayer. 

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree 110% with your comments regarding the mess called the "Protocol Office." I have never in all of my years seen such a blundering bunch of misfits and it was more than embarrasing to see it all played out in the presence of visiting dignatories, whose names and titles the Premier was obviously not even apprised of! That office is an obvious waste of government funds and their duties should simply be returned to the ladies who have done a great job at organising government events for many years. The organisation of this event did not have to be expensive, and I hope it was not, because the main requirement was common sense and knowledge of protocol, both of which was clearly lacking on this most important occasion.

  36. Anonymous says:

    CNS – Would it be possible to post a list of the visiting heads of state and other invited VIP"s who attended.

    I think that the list may contain a few names worthy of concern.

    I may be mistaken by I though I saw the former Premeir of Turk and Cacios there.

    It is funny how the close relationship between Misicks party and the UDP has never really been fully reported on.

    • The Force says:

      It would be great if we could see that list.  Also, I wonder if it is possible for the entire speech to be put on line?  I guess that may not serve any purpose since it appeared that the Pemier wandered off and did his own thing over and over again.

      Does anyone know whether CITN will be replaying the ceremony in its entirety? I made the mistake of attending in person and as a result missed much of the ‘interesting’ stuff. I think those that stayed at home and watched or listened on radio were much better off.

      Organizational disaster, in my opinion. Angela Martins would have been the person for the job. But then again, we’re still paying the bills for all her lavish events. Can’t please ’em all, I guess!

  37. Anonymous says:


    I was really hoping for a Barack Obama speech, but then again I can’t expect that from someone like Mac.  Seriously we need to re write the elections requirements and set standards in Cayman we need educated people to run this Country.  Nothing about yesterday was inspiring for better things to come in Cayman.It was a total embarrassment to Cayman and Caymanians He has no respect for our Mother Country, as he insulted them right before the Governor but seconds before he swore to the Queen!  I am in total disgust.  Only uneducated ppl found that speech to be great…

    • Edwards says:

      No respect for mother country????? Are you kidding me. These people from your precious mother country is trying everything to distroy the Cayman Islands and you worry about disrespecting them.

      It is time that some Caymanian in the position to do so stand up to these people, and let them know that Caymanians will NOT be bullied any longer.

      If you were in the Cayman Islands after Ivan you will remember that  your precious ‘mother country’ did not give a Caymanian, or anyone living in the Cayman Islands (who most people had lost almost everything, some had lost EVERYTHING), not even a 10centcandy to help the hunger.

      So please get your head out of whatever crevis you have it in, and look at the real situation. The UK GOVERNMENT is trying to DESTROY the Cayman Islands.

      On another note, I am neither UDP or PPM, I am independent all the way, but nobody and I mean NOBODY else, of those elected have the guts to stand against the UK like Mr. Bush. No matter what anybody think about the man.

      So I say for now, at this time, he IS the right man for the job. Now is no time for yes men, or women. Now is fighting for the future of the children time.

  38. Anonymous says:

    To 11/06/09 – Fri 17:28

    Please check ‘speech’ not -speach- the wrong time & forum to be embarrassed I’m afraid! Maybe he wouldn’t learn much from you.

  39. Anonymous says:

    As many hounourable, respectable decent gentlemen have served as MLA’s in Cayman through the decades, it is a shame that the first premier would disgrace us with such a hostile, self-centered speech.  This is no reflection on the heritage of these islands.

    I pray the UK does not hold his antics against us.  He really does not represent the majority of us.  What a shame.

    • Common Sense says:

       Well said.  I love Cayman too and am proud of our long history and benefits from the UK and do not want to isolate ourselves.  I respect the Queen and our long history.  (and I am a Caymanian/American, not British).

      • Anonymous says:

        I wish the rest of our Caymanians would feel that way too I am proud to be part of the of UK as well the UK have been good to us but a few selected caymanians fail to see the good UK is doing for cayman, which is very sad indeed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would you really expect anything different.  Where were the Caymanian children and youth in this event?  The constitution is their future but they were not included.  Many of the schools have excellent bands, this could have been an opportunity to show Caymanian culture. This should have been about the constitution, Cayman and all things Caymanian not one person.  Disgraceful but its not surprirising.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday the new Premier displayed his most egotistical side I have ever seen and heard from a leader of a Country.  His speech was all about I and Me and not much about the people constitution and the Islands.  When he threathened the Governor, he was only displaying his own opinion, he was not speaking on behalf of the people of these Islands. Governor Jack, please keep the pressure on McKeeva Bush, the Dictator.  Please do not let him scare you, the Auditor General or the next Governor, instead clip his wings now, before he totally destroy these Islands.  I wish the celebrations were focused more on the Constitution than on the Premier, though.  That was the only reason I was listening to the event on the Radio, but was greatly disappointed.  McKeeva turned that event more in his favour.  Perhaps, we should have another holiday on Tuesday to celebrate the New Constitution and some acknowledgement of Alden McLaughlin and the Constitution Office and their efforts to get it launched.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Enter the PPM aka "Sore Loser Party" propaganda, no solutions webmasters  team!!!

    Let’s get to work guys! We have got to outdo and undermine anything and all posts that were pro yesterday’s event’s. Everyone, make sure you go for Mckeeva’s juggler!! ,

    Go Team!!!



    • O'Really says:

      "juggler!!" Love it. Worthy of BigMac himself. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow, the poster was right, PPM’ers at their best…Go Team!!

        • O'Really says:

           When you’re dealing with someone who can write " …make sure you go for Mckeeva’s juggler!! " you don’t need to be anywhere near your best. 

    • Anonymous says:

      What? Big Mac gets a juggler as part of the Premier package? Is it to alleviate stress through entertainment (you know his blood pressure must be through the roof what with the anger pent up in that body)? And why do we want to attack the juggler? All he does is toss balls in the air.

      You meant jugular, oh brilliant poster.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, don’t take it out on the juggler! It’s more conventional to go for the jugular!

    • Anonymous says:

      10:34, ever heard of kettle calling the pot black? There is no one better at trying to "outdo and undermine" than Mr. Bush & his tag-alongs. I suggest you talk to them first about undermining anyone, but I realise that to talk to McKeeva Bush & the udp about "outdoing & undermining" is a waste of time! Even you would have to agree that he was a total disgrace & embarassment to the people of Cayman yesterday. OMG what a shame & scandal he is!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is it that when a lot of persons speak out about something that is wrong & distatseful they are called the "Sore Loser Party"?? Who, may I ask, criticized & complained more than Mac, the UDP & the udp supporters during the last 4 years? No amount of complaining can equal what the mischevious & destructive UDP did during the PPM government. If you would like to complain, please ensure that you are clean first. Always remember that "if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones"!! OK?


    • Anonymous says:

      Oh most honorable Premier, what are doing posting comments on CNS (YOU THINK WE DON’T KNOW IT’S YOU), & mis-spelling at that, the word is jugular, big mac. Now run along back to your office, or do you prefer that garbage dump truck POO 2, that picks up & delivers garbage everyday? Just run along Mac, & stop wasting time posting on CNS!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday was an historic day in the Cayman Islands and whether or not we agreed with the changes to the Constitution it has taken place. We also now have our first Premier in the person of the Hon W. McKeeva Bush and I congratulate him on his appointment.

    I would also like to especially extend warm congratulations to the Hon Donovan Ebanks who also made history by being appointed as our very first  Deputy Governor.  Yesterday as I watched his swearing in I thought of his father, the late Mr. Craddock Ebanks, who held the title of "Father of the House" for more years than many can remember, while representing the district of North Side. I think it is most fitting that the dice would fall for his youngest son, Donny, to make history in this way. 

    Those of us who know Mr. Donny will be aware that he does not like the limelight nor pomp and pageantry, however, I can say unreservedly that he is more than capable of filling this position and as a Caymanian I am very proud of him. It is a bit sad that Mr. Craddock is not here to share in this moment but it was most touching to see him honour his mother, Mrs Louise or "Weesy" as she is affectionately known, who was there in her wheel chair, along with his children to witness this historic occasion. The people of North Side, Hutland in particular I am sure, all congratulate Mr. Donny and wish him God’s blessings on this most fitting appointment.

  43. Anonymous says:

    As a native Caymanian of many generations I was disgraced by McKeeva’s speech. Sadly, I think it only appealed to the uneducated – as usual!

  44. kd says:



    For the record… we aren’t a country… we are a ‘colony’ aka British Overseas Territory & will never get to use the term ‘country’ properly unless we gain independence.

    "Territories of countries or individual parts of a country are not countries in their own right. Examples of entities that are not countries include: Hong Kong, Bermuda, Greenland, Puerto Rico, and most notably the constituent parts of the United Kingdom. (Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England are not countries.)"(

    As for Mr. Bush’s proclamation that he will "fight the UK"… What’s stopping the UK from just tossing us aside if there is enough unrest, i.e. saying "here, take your independence, & stop trying to have your cake & eat it too"? And for the record, the Governor can exercise complete executive authority if the UK deems necessary… i.e. if we are causing problems or embarrassment (case in point à Premier Misick of the Turks & Caicos). Therefore, no level of fighting can stop them from making us do exactly what they want.



    • Anonymous says:

      AND your point is WHAT???!! We all know this but there is still nothing wrong with our leader being assertive.

      • anonymous says:

        Being assertive is one thing…but being agressive is another. Mac is being agressive…and agression does NOT make good relations…it makes/leads to hostile relations.

        And in the case of small island territories, is more often than not, about some self-centred politician wanting more and more power…even if it means independence. And we can all see how that has turned out for our neighbors who have chosen the path of independence…a very small minority get very rich while the remaining peole live in gross poverty, violence and ignorance, with no recourse at all.

        Macs behavior does not come across as "assertive"…he is behaving like a spoilt bully who does not want any questions from anyone…not even the UK! And he seems to now be positioning himself to make that happen…(antagonize the UK every at every opportunity…and spout much rhetoric so as to make independence from the bad UK seem a good idea) this is all politricks…POLITRICKS for selfish ends.

        And it’s not only Mac playing at this game…several of our politicians!!

        People…do not allow this beautiful island to go Independent…the end!

      • kd says:

        Forget your biased emotions & with a clear, rational mind read my post again. Therein, the answer to your question lies. 

  45. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand how some of the people on this Post agree with the way Macdinejad is behaving and support the things he says in regards to the UK, FCO and etc. I listen to him a bit today and all i can hear  is him, him and more of him but nothing at all on the new Constitution, Oops I forgot he did’nt vote on it either and yet he wears the crown of the first Premier which is of the new Constitution pure Hyprocrisy…… And he don’t have respect for the Mother Country ( He said he had fought the UK’s representatives in the past and won and he would do so again, as he warned the incoming governor not to try and micromanage.) Wait that songs like a dictator to me not a Premier of Her Majesty… I’m so dissappointed with those who support this kind of behaviour from someone who suppose to be leading the country and abiding by all the rules of the Constitution than to try to be above them all. This is sad day IMHO to see someone being crown premier that did’nt work to support the new Constitution or even obey the rules of the old one a sad day in history it is.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Did I miss something! The public was invited to attend the "celebration for the Commencement of the Cayman Islands Constitution" … and it did not take place!

    What happened to the launch of our new Constitution? Shame on (Protocol Office or) whoever/s planned this event and left out what (we thought) was supposed to be celebrated today! Could there not have been a presentation, (or at least the sighting), of a leather-bound copy of the new Constitution, or something that commemorated coming in to effect of our new governance document? 

    No objection to the Swearing-in of the Premier, Deputy Premier and Deputy Governor as part of the ceremony, but personally, I left feeling short-changed on the Constitution celebration.

    That the ceremony did not include participation from a cross-section of Caymanians from other districts and/or all three islands was also a disappointment.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree regarding the lack of celebration for the new Constitution. And I would think that most of the people organising the event assumed there would be more reference to it in the speach of the Premier (given that post/title wouldn’t exist without the constitution). No person is bigger than the whole, despite McKeeva acting otherwise…

  47. Proud UDP Supporter says:


    No on could have ever fit this role better than you. Some may not like it but that’s the way life goes. We all can’t get what we want when we want. 

    Love you to death Premier Bush May God Continue to bless and keep you steering and battling this ship. All your supporters love you and wish you well. 

    • Anonymous says:

       That’s right us supporters will for ever love him and hope God will continue to Bless him and his Family 

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you all realize that Mack is the only Politician that can run in any District in the Cayman Islands and win the Election?  Come on Bro Jonesie you will do it again. You have the perfect wife to support you. She never insults nor hangs up the phone on your supporters, not to mention her attire, she dosent wear any flee market hats. She was one of the best dressed at the swearing in, but we know why too, its because you do the shopping no wonder. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS MACK.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I watched coverage of this historic event on Cayman 27 today and felt very proud to be a native Caymanian. We have come a long way and no doubt many challenges lay ahead of us.

    I cannot remember a time in my life that we collectively as a nation, had to fight for our homeland for mere survival and go to great lengths to maintain our reputation. We have been attacked in the international press from the highest office in the US, to the highest offices all over Europe and then so blatantly from the Prime Minister of #10 Downing Street in London. 

    The Cayman Islands have literally become the "bastard child" of the UK with all the heat that we have endured under Stuart Jack and his cohorts in the FCO. No doubt we are wounded, but we are still standing strong, in one piece and upright. I’m reminded of what Premier Bush said today, that the older generation are "very tolerant" but those whom are upcoming, won’t be.

    I cannot think of anyone who is most deserving to be the first Cayman Islands Premier than that "poor sugar head boy from Old Bush in West Bay" as he said. McKeeva is like the male "Mother Theresa" to the people of the Cayman Islands. No matter who you are or where you are from, if McKeeva can help you, he will. That’s the man I know from the time I can remember myself growing up in these Cayman Islands. 

    I really don’t expect anything different from the new Governor whom will be arriving in January 2010, as I believe most Caymanians have now realised that this is "an agenda" from the UK that has to be fullfilled at all cost.

    I will close by saying that I do expect that within the next eight (8) years the Cayman Islands will be an independent nation, not necessarily because we want this, but we would have no choice, having been cornered and pushed into doing so. As I said earlier, we are the "bastard child" who became too prominent and it’s time for that to be reversed, as seen in the eyes of the UK and other nations around the world.

    God Bless the Honourable Premier W. McKeeva Bush in steering this ship (Cayman Islands) through these treacherous waters that lay ahead.       


    • Anonymous says:

      I am a proud UDP member & supporter, but unfortunately I was not happy today, & I must say that I am not proud of our leader, the new Premier.

      I have proudly supported the UDP since 2001, proudly flying my green flag on my SUV & proudly wearing my UDP T-shirts during election time. Elections are over, & I celebrated our win. But today I went to the L.A. to celebrate Cayman & our new constitution (which I did not vote for). I had hoped that this would be non-political. I was hoping for a celebration for all of Cayman but I was very upset with our leader’s speech, it was full of anger towards others, venom & hatred. I was very embarassed to be wearing my green, & I could see many of my friends & fellow UDP supporters were embarassed & upset. I really wanted to leave when our leader started attacking people, such as the new Governor, the AG & even his opponents. That was uncalled for, & I was sad, & even though I never thought I would say it, today was one day that I was not proud to be UDP.

      I went to town happy, & I left sad, because today was not supposed to be about politics.

      • Common Sense says:

        Another well said comment.  Even if you support a political party, you can still be embarrassed if they overstep and make mistakes.  That is what happened yesterday.  Some voice of reason needs to check our new Premier’s ego.  Even the USA’s Obama admits it when he makes a blunder…..I wish our island acted a little more sensibly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous Fri, 11/06/2009 – 19.59, you have sunk to the lowest of the lowest when you compare, someone with McKeeva Bushs past life, with a great Christian lady Mother Theresa. But I guess that being a supporter of McKeeva Bush allows you to sink into the gutter to join him. Please for the sake of the Good Christian Cayman people stay off CNN and dont post such insulting degrading posts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not even the few supporters of UDP could have been proud of their Leaders speech and behavior today. It is funny but his big money backers (especially the ones from our close neighbouring Island) seemed to have dissappeared very quickly and I don’t blame them as it was truly an embarrassing performance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Taday is a day that all PPM supporters can proudly boast to being supporters of the PPM! I have NEVER been more disgusted than I was today listening to the disgaceful speech of Mckeeva Bush. This is one time that I can say that Bush embarrassed all of Cayman. I am sure that deep down even the die hard few of the udp must have been disappointed. If the other members felt proud of Mr. Bush today, then it is sad that they are no better or different than him. Did he really have to say the things that he said, & did he really have to be so uncouth, nasty & political? Today was not a day for political campaigning, or for tearing down his enemies including the Governors & FCO!

      Today is the reason why I am proud, VERY PROUD, to be a supporter of the PPM. I can truly say that I am proud of Kurt, Arden, Alden, Tony & Moses, as well as all the other former PPM elected members who worked so hard to get for us, the Cayman people, a new modernised constitution, despite the opposition & fight by the udp & Mckeeva Bush.

      Thank you PPM, thank you Alden, thank you Arden, thank you Kurt, thank you Tony, thank you Moses, & thank you all of the PPM for what you have done for our beautiful Cayman Islands. You will all go down in history as our heros, because today was possible because of you! Mckeeva Bush & the udp will go down in history as fighting against it, & encouraging people to vote against it. That will be their legacy!

      • Mary Bodden-Trumbach says:

        Dear Writer,

        As a founding member of the PPM I too agree with everything you said.  I publicly thank my PPM leaders as well for the hard work they did in the face of tremendous adversity.  Congrats on getting us our new constitution because it was your hard work.  Mr. bush voted against it but can now bask in his glory.   But his glory will not last forever.  The PPM is still HERE!  Mr. Bush disgraced and embarrased us yesterday by hs usual bombastic actions.  I agree with you our PPM leaders will go down in history for the hard work they did to get us this constitution dispite everything Mr. Bush and his crowd tried to do.  Proudly signing my name Mary Bodden-Trumbach

      • Anonymous says:

        The Premier took the opportunity  on Friday to get certain important points accross. Points, though difficult to deal with and hear, had to be said.  I am proud to be a supporter of the UDP – those of you who are making the negative comments are the very same ones , who, when the PPM  was driving us into bankruptcy and hopelesness sat back and kept your mouths shut just because that was where your loyalty lay.   And now, as a loyal UDP grass roots  supporter I say to our new Premier, this title fittingly  was passed on to you and no one except you is more deserving. You are indeed the defender of the people and the majority is proud of you.  It is indeed an honor to share this moment with you and the Cayman Islands. God bless you sir and your beautiful family. 

        • Anonymous says:

          I can see you not feeling well, i think you should take some pain killers and get back on the Meds, i never read so much foolishness in my life until I read yours now go and get some rest.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said. The speech was though-provoking and at the same timed showed the humility and other sides of the Premier.

      Our late national hero Jim Bodden would have been proud, as they are of similar outlook.

      Especially the part " I am the great defender of the Caymanian people".

      • Anonymous says:

        Was he serious? Did he not mean "I am a great defender of the Caymanian people except if:

        They demand an impartial application of the Law

        They want checks and balances

        They want business to take place without grace and favor

        They query why there is so much direct foreign influence in my party

        It does not suit me and my friends …


        We need a leader who is willing to make the hard decisions and risk not being re-elected – to do the right thing. What I saw yesterday had the trappings of a cult – and is frankly a little bit scary.





      • Mary Bodden-Trumbach says:

        Whoever wrote this PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT INSULT MY FATHER’S MEMORY BY COMPARING MCKEEVA BUSH TO HIM.  MY FATHER WAS A MAN OF HONOR ANDINTEGRITY.  your remark is insulting tomyself and my family.   YESTERDAY WAS A DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY TO GRANT SUCH AN HONOUR TO SUCH A AN UNDESERVING PERSON AS MCKEEVA BUSH.  Yesterday’s display was most embarrassing to the majority of Caymanians.  Especially Mr. bush’s speech.  He as usual  made it all about him.  with Mr. bush it is ME, ME, ME.  LOOK AT ME! Conditions are very serious herefor our young Caymanians.  Is he going to get rid of the many people on contracts in government and give our very intelligent, able and resourceful young Caymanians their rightful place in the civil Service with much deserved jobs that they can competently handle, or is he going to continue giving false promises to them.    This man has nearly destroyed our country and my fellow Caymanians are helping him. He is also trying to tear down everything my father stood for or created.  Yet you praise Mr. Bush.   WE NOW HAVE A DICTATOR NOT A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY.  Mr. Bush cares for Mr. Bush ONLY.  He continues to insult the PPM government but they inherited the MESS FROM HIM.  The PPM government  have shown more respect and manners than he has.  My fellow Caymanians  how long are you all  going to listen this man’s lies  let him ruin our beautiful country.  His very press conferences are ludicrous as he is the only one who is allowed to speak.  His fellow ministers just sit there and say nothing so we dont have a true picture of what is realy going on.   Where are our backbones!    My father protected and defended his country but he was also very proud to be a part of the United Kingdom.   ONCE AGAIN WRITER, PLEASE DO NOT INSULT MY FATHER’S MEMORY.  In closing SHAME ON YOU!   signed Mary Bodden-Trumbach- proud to be the Hon. James M. Bodden’s daughter and a Caymanian !

        • Anonymous says:

          Well said Ms. Mary, I fully understand how you feel, & how very insulted you must have felt reading that ridiculous comparison!

          The Hon Jim Bodden was not a thief, he did not sell out Cayman, he did not hate other Caymanians & he certainly did not encourage other nationalities to hate Caymanians! Mr. Jim was always a gentleman, & he was an honest politican, & as we all know he is a National Hero. What an insult. Thank you Ms. Mary for correcting the writer of that insulting posting! 

          • Mary Bodden-Trumbach says:

            Dear Writer,

            THANK YOU!  My father would be so proud of you for standing up for him.  You are so right in everything you said.  I hope others see as you do what our new Dictator is.  Kindest regards to you Mary Bodden-Trumbach

          • Anonymous says:

            Whew! What sensitivity!

            When does the word ‘similar’ equate to ‘identical’ and how could that be a direct comparison?

            If you look closely I think the writer was trying to say that they are passionate about the Cayman Islands, and that is all.

            Let us not read more into what was said, as obviously they are two different people.

  49. Anonymous says:

    It is so ironic that the UDP supporters would be out there celebrating what? a new Constitution that they didn’t want and all of their party voted against it, except Rolston.

    McKeeva’s speech should have been about the Constitution not about how he slept on plantain trash bed, how heavy he was and the girls liked how he looked, how disrespectful to his poor wife sitting there listening to her husband saying how the girls liked how he looked. What poor taste, on this historic day.  He should be ashamed, and turning around to give the Governor a message, and saying that the Oppostion must be laughing at him now but he is not going to look around. His wife took the opportunity I hope she say that Kurt’s facial expression didn’t change.

    Isn’t it amazing that they have used this event to have a fun raiser, odd isn’t it, they don’t want to call it a celebration party as they did nothing toward assisting with the constitution.




    • Heavy Cake says:

      I agree, can’t say it was the greatest of speeches on such a historic day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kurt was bored stiff and almost falling asleep!

      • Anonymous says:

        Kurt always appears that way. That is when he is listening most intently.  Ask him any question about what was said and it will prove my point.

  50. Bulldog says:

    Who does this Bush chappie think he is?  He needs to be taken down a peg or three, pronto.  I hope the new Governor is very firm and let’s him know who this territory really belongs to. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Your title should have been "British Bulldog."  I am glad that Mckeeva is ruffling British feathers. hopefully one day we can clip them and send you colonialists back home to the UK where you belong,

      Remember one thing, we built this country with very little assistance from the UK and even in times of dire need the UK was not there for us. You moved here for a better life, I bet I can count on one hand how many Caymanians call the UK home or moved there from here to make a better life.

      Be grateful that we are peace loving people and continue to welcome you despite your total lack of respect for us and our country.


      • QE2 says:

        I provide for the benefit of you and your buddy Kim Jong Bush a link. Scroll down a bit and get back to me about that whole "Country" thing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Very intelligent, Fri 11/06/2009 – 20.42, shows the level of your thinking but I suppose you are following your leader – no brains!

      • Anonymous says:

        The one reason why the Cayman Islands have been financially successful is because we are a UK dependent territory & the STABILITY that comes with that! I am no big fan of the UK, but I can tell you that the day we become independent of the UK we will soon be on the streets begging, because all investors will pick up & run!

        If you think that investors will keep their millions in a small country that is answerable to no one, then you are sadly mistaken. No foreign investor is going to leave their millions in a small island that they do not know what is going to happen from one day to the next! They would have no confidence that we will not end up with some ruthless dictator, & they will all pull out their millions the very next day. No one will invest in an independent Cayman, they would have too much to lose! Not to mention all the expenses that come with being an independent territory. No one thought Jamaica, the jewel of the Caribbean, would end up as they did, & Jamaica has more to offer than we do, & far more to fall back on than we do, but look at them now.

        Yes, you go ahead praying for independence, we will end up worse off than Jamaica, begging on the streets with no where to live. No one thought it could happen to Jamaica, & no one thinks it can happen to us, well think again.

        • Anonymous says:

          I highly agree with you, I hope some Caymanians would wake up and stop living with a mind of fantasy that we can survive on our own, I been preaching this for along time that if it was’nt for UK we would’nt be where we are today but there is a certain Political Party and some Politicians in which i don’t have to mention their names that want’s us to destroy our relationship with the UK in which i disagree on and they need to stop putting a veil over the eyes of caymanians telling them that UK want’s to destroy us and don’t care about us which is far from the truth, this needs to stop!!! I want the caymanians to take a good look around and be grateful that God blessed us with the UK for we could have been a high poverty place. Like i said before that this certain party and Politicians needs to stop spreading faults stuff about Uk and blinding the eyes of our caymanian people for we would regret everyday of our life for the day we choose to go Independent. So Caymanians please stop bashing the UK and talking about Independents and give God thanks instead.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well said!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        At the rate this country is going we may just soon have to pack up and go to the UK to survive. We caymanians are BRITISH you know and move there to live and work. Better hurry get your British passports if you dont have them yet.

      • Makam says:

        First if it had not been for immigrants (from all parts of the world including the UK) YOU would not be here!

        Second if it were not for Brittan this Island would have belonged to the Spanish at one time…look at how their ex-colonies are doing.

        Third you did not build it without help; we received a lot of help in all ways from the Jamaican people..the same ones all the self rightous bigots are blaming all the crime on!

        Fourth you would be surprised how many Caymanians left to live and still live in England; I know 3 all within a 20 mile radius living in England.

        Fifth if we are as welcoming as you profess to be why is it so many posts on this site are Ex-pat bashing or making derogatory remarks about how they got their status.

        Ex-pats came here to live work and yes make money. We have all the advantages (no need for work permits, no rollover, preferential treatment, we can set up our own businesses, most of us got a little bit of land to build on) so why is it some of us cannot get jobs? Because some (and I said SOME) are so lazy that they rather make money selling drugs than doing an honest days work. Look at all the young driving around in fancy cars when they should be at work..and where do they get the money from.


      • Anonymous1 says:

        I think some people need to read their history books.  Hello people?  You seem to forget that unless you came here recently…all of our ancestors are from UK which makes us British. Duh? 

        And if you are one of those 5th or 6th generation Caymanian  ..well, guess what? You are still British.

    • rock'n in the free world says:

      Chappie??  Bulldog??   What are you talking about??  Listen old "bloke"…this country or territory as you refer to it…. belongs to US.  We’ll pretend you didn’t say anything to the contrary.  Now go eat your kippers.

      • Bulldog says:

        No. I looked on the map. It was coloured reassuringly pink.  It definitely belongs to the UK.  

        • Think Pink says:

          Pink?  Omigod!!  are we really a part of the U.S.??  Iraq?  Venezuela?  Russia?  Libya??   I’m looking closely.  Yes.  It appears the UK is part of Nigeria.  These colored maps are so confusing wouldn’t you say Bulldog.  Let’s hope the Nigerians treat them properly.  I prefer the one where the world is a blue jewel like no other. Floating in space.

      • upset stomach says:


        Seriously now folks, surely we must all agree now! After this latest embarrassing fiasco by our new Premier, we must all now be united in grief! I have that feeling of when someone very close has died! Maybe because it honestly feels like today Cayman died, I don’t know.

        Instead of talking about this historic day & trying to make the Cayman people feel good about our special day, Bush amazingly talked about girls liking him, suing people, threatening governors, insulting the governor, insulting the opposition, campaigning for the next elections, ridiculing others, making fun of those who oppose his views, & the list of insults & embarrassment goes on & on!

        Is this really what our once beautiful, peaceful Cayman Islands has come to? These are dark dark days for Cayman, & Bush somehow managed to make it seem even darker! I mean really, NO ONE CAN DEFEND HIS AWFUL speech today, NO ONE!

        • Anonymous says:

          "and the least of them shall lead us" well said Mr. McField. You eloquently described what’s happening with Mr. Bush becoming our new Premier.  Perhaps if he had been rich, white and blue blood the PPM supporters would be more tolerant.  Well, he is none of these things, so get over your jealousy.

          Some people will never get over Mr. Bush becoming our new premier and will continue to lambast and try to undermine him. But if the Premier allowed every wry word spoken by a PPM supporter to deter him, then, he would not be the one who is being celebrated as the new Premier. The PPM could learn a thing or two from our Premier.  The premier was fittingly celebrated last night with a UDP fundraiser at the Ritz. Hundreds of people attended what was the most beautiful function ever put on in the Cayman Islands.  The committee responsible was recognized by the Premier and he had every right to do so.  He must have felt honored that this committee went to such extremes to celebrate him.  The people there were from a great cross section and every one was impressed by the caliber of Caymanian performers who were show cased. Congratulations to our Premier, may God continue to keep you safe in the palm of His hand.

          • Anonymous says:

            Typical of the UDP & their supporters, you have to sink so low as to bring RACE into this argument, TYPICAL udp, they will do anything & say anything, no matterhow stupid it is, in their attempts to get ahead politically! SHAME! & please take that racial crap back to where you come from, thanks!

          • Anonymous says:

            "palm of HIS hand"? DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH, OR CRY!

            He may pay millions to be king in this life, but always remember "GOD don’t like ugly" & one day he shall know this FOR SURE!

      • cnsb says:

        Actually the Cayman Islands do not belong to you – that’s why Mac had to play nice in order to get his loans.

    • Anonymous says:

      How can you talk about the man like that, after he gave you status? Mac, da wa yu get!

  51. Twyla Vargas says:

    EVERYONE HAS THEIR OPINION, but I say His Excellency Premier Bush is the correct man to run this country. And I add the Excellency before it because that is just how much I respect him.    I am not going to be prejudice, but I cant help remembering the words of my Grand parents, parents, uncles and aunts, that the people of Cayman never received any help from the UK.  I was especially very sad when my dad relate to me how the people of Cayman were starving to death for food in 1933.  He said that his mother had to boil wild parsley for the children to eat, and this happened to many families.

    England never sent one slice of bread, a blanket, or cot, for the people of Cayman.  It has only been of lately that England has paid any interestin the Cayman Islands.  Why?  because they want to control our finances and tell us who to sleep with.  I am behind  Premier Bush 100% for standing up and defending what we worked so hard to put together, just to be torn down by jealous people.   That is all it is.  Mr Premier, do not let it happen under your watch; and any Caymanians who do not see what is happening here is only being political vindictive.   Send that message clear Mr. Premier and treat yourself just like any Primer should be treated.  Trust God to direct your path.  In the days of Christ he had to intervene and assist with battles.  He will assist with yours too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I would be 100% behind my uncle aswell so I don’t blame you but that does not mean we agree with you – far from it!

    • Makam says:

      Once again you have shown a lack of education.

      In 1933 people in England were starving to death! FACT!

      How many starved to death here?

      Do a little research before comming out with these stupid statements..oooops forgot you think of Mackeeva as an Excellency…that explains it all.


      "Birds of a feather flock together"


      • Anonymous says:

        Well said Makam, I totally agree with your comments, but what else can you expect from someone who thinks of big mac as his Excellency! As you say "birds of a feather flock together" & this is very evident!

      • Edwards says:

        I don’t always agree with Twyla, but, lets forget 1933. Lets talk about September 2004.

        WHAT did the UK government do for the hungry and homeless of the Cayman Island including UK citizens after Ivan? NOTHING thats what.

        A british warship was in the harbour doing what? keeping the peace,  then when they saw that nobody was killing each other they left, who did they help, who did they feed?

        This is 2009 and to this day what has the UK government gave to help those who was left homeless from a natural disaster. The funds Cayman received was from the European Union.

        • Anonymous says:

          May I ask who is UK a part of? Because when i last checked they were a part of the European Union and by the it is because of the UK we received those funds so stop being ungrateful and see if you can learn more of what is going on here and don’t let them put a veil over your head telling you that UK hate us and done nothing for us which is pure lies.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Congrats McKeeva on your new position and a job well done today. No matter how we feel about the man, he is one of us, he is Caymanian and he believes in his country.

    Let’s for today set aside our political differences and applaud the three very deserving Caymanians on their new positions.

    • Anonymous says:

      He certainly didnt set aside any political differences!


    • Anonymous says:

      He does not represent me. I want to Governor gone as much as he does, but I certainly would not make a mockery of todays event to make the point!


    • Anonymous says:

      I  too join in saying CONGRATULATIONS. Just like a good old friend of mine from Cayman used to say when referring to Mr Bush " THATS MAN". Truth is he used to live in West Bay but he was from Cayman Brac.

  53. Anonymous says:

    He said he was "first among equals." No person should come before our Constitution (which is what we were celebrating today, not the office of Premier that was only created by said Constitution).

    In other words McKeeva may as well have stated: "All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

    Take a moment and reacquaint yourself with Orwell’s Animal Farm. The parallels in the actions and rhetoric of the UDP are astounding. Terrifying, in fact. I find it no coincidence that today the skies were dark to foretell an impending storm.

    I’ll leave you with this chilling thought, portending things to come if we sit idly by:

    "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

  54. Anonymous says:

    The Great Hypocrisy

    I write this on, Constitution Day, in the gloomy weather of rain, wind and the nearness of approaching tropical storm, hurricane Ida. Ironically todays weather may be a sign of the future, and the things to come under the leadership of our new premier. I read the premiers speech and comments on this important day in our history and I can only feel sadness and concern for our future.

    Today should be a celebrated and joyous day in our history for all Caymanians, as we inaugurate a premier and implement the modernization of our new constitution. However the irony of it all is that we are inaugurating a premier who was against the modernization of the constitution preferring to keep the old constitution. He did not support the constitution nor did he vote for the constitution encouraging his party and his party followers to vote NO against the constitution, however he is now the beneficiary of the previous administration’s hard work and efforts already spouting off how he is going to exercise his new powers under the new constitution.

    What hypocrisy ! A premier who did not support or believe in the constitutional modernization, a self professed christian who cannot follow christian values, principles or ethics, and a person who cannot pass the simple Rotarian four way test.

    The Premiership should be a highly respected and truly honoured office for a statesman, instead, Cayman now has what they voted for, an ignorant, uneducated dictator, a bully who intimidates all who may not agree with him. Lets look at just this past week as an indicator of his record in the lead up to this important day, today. He has threatened to sue people for just doing their job and looking after the best interests of the Cayman Islands. He has suggested International conspiracy and has publically threatened the AG, the Governor, the UK Government and all who stands in his way over this past week, so I ask is this a stable and sane man, worthy of the honour of being the premier ? His experience as a janitor/gardener is glaringly obvious and certainly does not qualify him to lead a nation as a statesman representing the country on the International stage.  He is six months into his term and is already back at  showing the world how personally immature and insecure he really is as he leads our country into a future which will be a future of embarrassment and ruin under his leadership.

    Fellow Caymanians, you now have what you voted for however it is not too late to wake up, put your glasses on to see the reality of our future under  the new premier. Make it your business to know what is going on in our country. Dig deep into corruption, secret deals, favours and the total lack of tranparency. Be a watchdog and actively make a difference by doing some thing about wrong doing for the benefit of both present and future generations. We are only the caretakers of this country for our children, our grand children and future generations and therefore cannot afford to allow our country to be run by thugs. They are our employees working for us and therefore must be controlled by the wishes of the electorate. What ever happened to democracy and management by consensus. 

    Others in the administration, some who could be people of  principle and good ethics will be disgraced by their leader as they follow him down the garden path into disrespect and shame. Stand up independently to be counted and you will be respected by your electorate rather than dishonoured as an ineffective follower.

    Best wishes to all,

    An advocate  for total transparency, high principle, good ethics, fairness, and rightfulness for all concerned.

    • O'Really says:

       Very well said!

    • irarms says:

      You are absolutely correct! The irony here is heartbreaking!

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny I bet you support Obama though!!! Ironic how people here support him as he has less experience in handling a country than Mr. Bush who has over 25 yrs of public service to Cayman. I wont say anymore because I would get a bit rude!

      • Anonymous says:

        & furthermore, Obama hates Cayman & wants to hurt us, so please do not compare our "defender of Cayman" with a person like Obama who wants to destroy us! I will have none of it!

  55. rock'n in the free world says:

    I’m going to get drunk.

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL! Good idea!!!! That’s the only way to drown these feelings of embarrassment. Why did he have to choose this day to rant??

    • Anonymous says:

      Country and and Over the Edge are open!! Come join the boys!

  56. Anon says:

    It was embarrasing to hear our new Premier’s speach. On a day that should have been about the new constitution and what it will do for our country, we got posturing, fist shaking and me, me, me, me . Such a shame and in front of the world too. But then since he did not support it & only seems to really be concerned with himself, what did I really expect. I thought all of the religious references to ethical behavior were real funny given his history.

  57. The Force says:

    History was made today and for the most part, I think the Caymanian people are proud to have come thus far.  Our new Premier was at his best: witty, sarcastic, melodious, humble, puffed up – everything all rolled into one well dressed package.

    I have to say that I felt it for Alden McLaughlin who I know was so very passionate about the new constitution. Well Alden, you made your mark – you got the Constitution voted in but this really should have been your day.

    As a patriotic Caymanian I have to lend support to our Government and would like to help in any way possible.  It is obvious that more help is needed and I trust that they will embrace those of us Caymanians who are willing to do just that.

    God bless the new Premier and his team. God bless these three Cayman Islands.


  58. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bush,

    Churchill did not say, “a fortnight in politics is a lifetime.”  I think you may be confusing him with Harold Wilson who said, “a week is a long time in politics.”

    However, Churchill did say the following:

    1) “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” 

    Think about that. It could change the way most people perceive you these days.

    2) “I have never developed indigestion from eating my words. 

    You’ve said some particularly silly things recently. Why not apologise to the AG and just say sorry?

    3)“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average (West Bay) voter.” 

    Sorry, my insertion – but it makes me laugh.

    4) “When the war of the giants is over, the wars of the pygmies will begin.”                                                                                  

    I think that what Churchill was anticipating here was that when the great struggles had ended – World War 2, The Korean War, Vietnam, The Gulf War etc., some country’s leaders would take huge satisfaction from successfully suing the UK government over a relatively unimportant issue and then later crowing about it at a public meeting, thereby making a fool of himself.

    5) "It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations.” 

     Say no more!

     Anon  (because I’m a pigmy too and I don’t want to be sued)


  59. Anonymous says:


    If there is ever anyone deserving of this – it is you my fellow West Baya!!

    Some refer to you as a dictator – you are a man of balls and guts and will get the job done – you don’t sleep on the job or have to be driven home…God Bless you and these Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hear! Hear!!

    • Anonymous says:

      An excellent man for the job, but I Am afraid that his bretheren has choosen some wrong voting buddies for such important Boards. They can destroy him and others. It happened with the past Government as well.7