Merry Kwanzaa! – An African Christmas

| 13/11/2009

(CNS): Cosima “Tiggi” Kohl, a student in 3C at Cayman Prep, has donated a tree to a local marine preservation charity through “Smile Africa!”, a project set up by the 7 year old together with her mother, Jane Wareham. The tree has been donated to raise funds for the protection of maritime life in the Cayman Islands using decorations hand made in Southern Africa. One of the most rewarding results of the decoration of the tree donated by Smile Africa! is that the purchase of the ornaments are donated to sponsor children in Africa. A total of ninety children will receive food and clothing through the US registered charity, Charity USA and the Child Health Site.

The theme of the tree, one of twelve donated by local companies and individuals, is “Merry Kwanzaa! – An African Christmas”, in keeping with sponsorship by the “Smile Africa!” project started in April 2009 for the benefit of Facing Africa, a UK registered charity for the benefit of NOMA sufferers in North Africa. Kwanzaa is an African American and Pan-African holiday celebrated by millions throughout the world African community that brings a cultural message of what it means to be African and human in the fullest sense.

Cosima organised and collected the decorations and designed the tree herself (shown inset). The donation followson from the Civvie Day organised in conjunction with Cayman Prep earlier in the year, that resulted in $1,200 for the benefit of Facing Africa and the George Town Hospital Paediatric Ward. The event raised over $14,0000 with the help of corporate sponsors such as Stuarts Attorneys, RBC Wealth Management, dms Management, Krys & Associates and other sponsors, showing once again that the finance industry in the Cayman Islands is not just about personal gain.

Further major fund raising events are planned for 2010 to raise money for the children who suffer from the devastating disease known as NOMA including an Ultra-Marathon to be held on 21 February 2010, details of which are to be published shortly.

By giving up so much time and energy to the donation of the tree, Cosima hopes that her behaviour will encourage and inspire others to do more.

Look for details of up coming events to be held for the benefit of Facing Africa to be announced shortly. Donations can be made by logging on to the main website at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Admirable but here at home in Cayman I will say, "Merry Christmas" with a smile and offer some hope to our poor, whose is a growing community. I work to assist many of our local underprivileged and hope that a fair share of these types of charitable events would be donated to help our poor here at home, not just our Pediatric Ward at GT Hospital. As I said, this is an admirable effort but we have much need here as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very true! The problem is that many believe, and unfortunately children are being taught, that there is no poverty here. I too work with underprivileged persons in these islands and applaud you for highlighting this very real and growing situation that is for the most part ignored.

      • Just Askin says:

        Would you two read the story again? "The tree has been donated to raise funds for the protection of maritime life in the Cayman Islands using decorations hand made in Southern Africa". Anyhow, she better hope the Deputy leader don’t catch her. It’s Festivus for the rest of us!


  2. Joe Average says:

    Sorry about my posting mistake adults are sometimes are in too much of a rush. 

    But I meant it

    We should all be proud of this little girl.  She and her friends are going to show us the way!  Thank you to the sponsors also.

  3. Joe Average says:

    This is a little girl would should all be proud of, and I’m sure her parents are just as proud.

    Good for you Cosima!!  Thank you for teaching us how to make the world a better place.