Consultant arrives to shake up social services

| 15/11/2009

(CNS): The Ministry of Community Affairs and Housing has engaged an overseas community development consultant to train staff from the Community Development Unit of the Department of Children and Family Services in community outreach techniques. The ministry said the move is aimed at strengthening community outreach and closer collaboration with government agencies and the people. Minister Mike Adam said that partnership between government and the community is critical and government staff must harness their skills in order to engage citizens in their own development.

The community development consultant, Dr Peta-Anne Baker, is the coordinator of the Social Work Programme in the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, and she will be in Cayman until 22 November to assess training needs and conduct relevant sessions. The ministry said Dr Baker has written articles and conducted extensive training and research in the areas of social policy and planning; gender analysis; and sustainable social development, including community organising and development.

Adam said Dr Baker’s visit was key as the ministry works to encourage community members to participate in the development of strategies that affect them. “Stable communities are the foundation upon which we build a prosperous economy," Adam said.

At the last government press briefing, Premier McKeeva Bush said preliminary goals for the ministry were to renew and refocus agency staff and to enhance the delivery of services at the community level, in particular the use of participatory techniques for working with communities.

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  1. Annoymous says:

    More consultant, from Jamaica and I must say that they have the best Social Services in the world.  NOT!!!

    Here we go again spending like we have money to burn.  I am so tired of the abundant amount of lies that this Govt. is telling to get ahead. 

    The pulse of the country is wait and see….but I say the longer we wait and procrastinate on these changes we will be the ones suffering at the end of the day. 


    • Anonymous says:

      LOVE MR ADAM TO DEATH BUT I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS.We have quite a few unpaid Community workers in  Cayman right now that if employed would enhance the Social Service  Is this going to be another ……like what some bright box brought in to work with the hurricane committee, she too was from Jamaica. Could Mr Adams ask her to bring her flag with her when she is coming so that we can take ours down and put hers up. I TOTALLY AGREE THAT SOCIAL SERVICE NEEDS ALOT OF IMPROVEMENT  BUT HELL WE NEED TO INVOLVE CAYMANIANS. Thats one of the biggest problems now with that Department. Dr Frank had the proper solution what a pity that he did not get re elected.


  2. Caymanians for Good says:

    Social Services is a bigger threat to our budget than Cayman Airways and HSA combined!

    We Caymanians have gotten to be lazy, hand out seeking group unfortunately. While many struggle to make it happen and do work hard we are being let down by many who are welfare seeking when they could get out there and work. If they can walk to the department for a hand out, then they can work!!

    I do not need a consultant to tell me what to do here. Shut down Social services completely. People complain about Cayman Airways but Social Services is a far bigger threat.

  3. whodatis says:

    I have personal knowledge of an individual who is currently undertaking a LOCAL degree course that is directly related to Social Work.

    However, it appears that the person’s degree program is missing an "important" module which will have the effect of preventing them from becoming a "fully qualified" social worker within the DCFS – this person will instead be forced to work as an ASSISTANT to a "fully qualified" social worker (expat perhaps?) for an undertemined period of time!?

    Nonetheless, the person is still enrolled in the program, being sent abroad for conferences, sitting examinations, doing internships – the whole lot! This person does NOT have the resources to study elsewhere, this person is a DIRECT PRODUCT of the Social Services of the Cayman Islands (comes from a very troubled environment and background and relied heavily on that department as a child) – in my opinion this individual should be heralded as the ultimate success story!

    Instead there are hurdles and roadblocks being erected all around them.

    Cayman / Mike Adam – get your sh#t in order!

    ** Not the first time such circumstances have taken place in this country either. I know another individual that worked in that department for about 15 years, but due to similar types of garbage they took the heart-wrenching decision to leave and pursue other interests.

    Cayman … why do we do this to ourselves time and again?! Our young people need OUR help most of all!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mike is a joke!

    It has been 6 months, and he has done absolutely nothing.

    Now he is doing what any politician can do – spend money we don’t have on consultants that will tell us what we already know.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please tell us how much money etc. is spent supporting persons who are not Caymanian?

    • Anonymous says:

      08 09  Can someone please tell us……………………..I SAY AMEN…………..

      that department need some looking into ASAP.  Consultants or not, something needs to be done.  Caymanians are getting chump change while foreign nationals are reaping gold nuggets.  Do what you have to do Mike.  And una  need to give him time to get started now.  So let us see the results of all by next year May.   We will be watching. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is good news but even better news would be the training of all staff, from the top down, in the correct management of this important department. It would also be helpful to the country’s budget if the Minister was to obtain the list of names of persons who are receiving payouts by the department and ensure that only those who are truly eligible gets it! 

  7. Anonymous says:

    More consultants? Wasn’t it this same bunch of UDP hypocrites that complained whenever the PPM engaged an overseas consultant? But poor old Adam, I honestly believe he needs the help of a consultant, he needs any help he can get. He is, in my very hunble opinion, not very capable, & I suppose we will have to excuse the consultant in his case!

  8. MRS says:

    Consultant arrives to shake up social services —> HALLELUJAH!

  9. Just askin says:

    Mr. Mike! I thought we had shelved quite enough expensive consultants reports? What part of Jamaica fits in to the "Stable Communities" bracket?

    Just askin

    • Anonymous says:

      Any information  and ideas needed towards Social Services can easily be gotten from quite alot of our very own uneducated natives. You see they know their people, and the ones who have the real need, and not greed. I take my hat off to them . I  would like to point out some to you that so silently work in their Communities. You have  Miss Alex, Bonnie, Miss Josie Solomon, Miss Melba, Miss Hope , Miss Zoe, Miss Eve Flowers, and Miss Sherlene Schmidt also last but not least our very own Miss Beulah MCField.Forgive me if I  forgot your name, as I AM SURE THAT WE HAVE EVEN MORE SILENT WORKERS OUT THERE. Our less unfortunate  will only  relate to certain individuals that they know. I think that it is a waste to bring in strange people to deal with our poor people. Most of the time they dont get the attention that is due to them, it is horrific to see the assistance that is given to the expats, while our own is passed by.I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE DAY WHEN A CAYMANIAN WOULD GET THAT KIND OF JOB IN JAMAICA.