US arsonist may be in Cayman Islands

| 15/11/2009

(CNS): According to the popular US television show, America’s Most Wanted, alleged arsonist James Lyman Hill may be in the Cayman Islands. Hill, who reportedly set his girlfriend’s house ablaze in 1997 when she broke up with him, has apparently faked his own death twice. While police in the US believe he is still alive, his whereabouts are unknown but several sources place Hill in the Cayman Islands, AMW reports. He is described as a white 66-year-old man, 6 feet high and 200 lbs. Police say he is a heavy drinker and abusive to women. Hill is a carpenter by trade and may be working as a handyman.

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    As the original poster of this information (the police).  I am glad to see some response.  Mr Hill was known to be a sailor and spoke of the Cayman Islands throughout his life.  He was making inquiries as for the passage to the Caymans during the last sighting of him in 1999.  Anyone who can float a boat can make it to an island and no need for fingerprints or passport (happens daily).  Several relatives and friends believe he is in the caribbean and will be for the remainder of his life if he has his say.  I hope people of the islands pass this info around and we bring Mr Hill to justice.  For more info please contact me through the US Marshal's website.

  2. Jim says:

    Boy am I glad I shaved off my beard a few weeks ago!

  3. Anonymous says:

    "According to the popular US television show, America’s Most Wanted"…


    Wow what a legitimate resource!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Another strong case for why we need fingerprinting NOW!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think this is more about Mr. Hill! AMW said they strongly believe he is on the islands, this is based on reports or tips. Maybe he have shaved his head and beard, changed his name.

    AMW also said they will be going international to search for some of these fugitives – Mr. Walsh may come there if tips contine to come in, or if they have a solid lead.

    I personally have been following the case of missing  5-year-old Shaniya Davis of North Carolina. Her mother was just arrested for allegedly selling this child for human-trafficking/sex trade. The suspected kidnapper admitted to kidnapping her after being caught on a hotel surveillance camera, but refuses to say who, what, where this child is – it’s been 5 days now. 

    • Anonymous says:

      If he’s in thecayman Islands in cayman, Cayman Brac or Little Cayman, it should not be difficult to trace him. Starting with distributing flyers, posting flyers of his picture everywhere, the immigration and Police departments searching their files for photo’s , full face as well as profile, also with the use of artists who are able to sketch him without his hair or with the use of computer images created without his beard, mouthstach etc.

      Bank Accounts, checking with local banks. Medical Records, checking with the Hospitals and private doctors especially, dental records, dna samples,

      construiction companies etc. supermarkets surveilance cameras, (he has to eat) He’s a drinker, check the bars, amd their survailance cameras. It is imperative that survailance cameras be installed in all businesses, it helps solve crimes 95% of the way the camera tells what really happened.



      • Anonymous says:

        Every time I arrive on-island, I have to present a passport.  If Mr. Hill did, then authorities should know whether or not he is here.  Every time I arrive on-island, I am asked to fill out a form which asks where I will be staying.  If Mr. Hill did, then authorities at least have a starting place to look.  Of course, that information may be falsified, but at least look.  The Keystone Cops approach to law enforcement has got to go!!

        • Anonymous1 says:

          You think he entered with a real passport?  It would be fake with lots of changes to his appearance.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Looked up AMW – Mr. Hill if you are in Cayman, you need to come back to the states and have your day in court. You can run, but you can’t hide forever.

  7. Cuban says:

    yes you have to fingerprint everyone, including permanent residentes, born or not born here, or they dont brake the law? but I rather prefer not to test everyone for drugs, more than half of the perople I know use them, but they are nice, great workers and CAYMANIANS.

    If you stop using "this people" phrases and change your mentality we can get along quite well. Drugs are illegal, aint matter where are you from and they should be harder on the offenders, give me a break, someone is on jail and still is allow to call a talk show? is that a country club?

  8. Bodden says:

    James Lyman Hill "MAY" be in the Cayman Islands


  9. Caypolitics Truthseeker says:

    "Several sources place Hill in the Cayman Islands"

    My BS alarm is sounding. The US and the  CI Police (still under the Gov) are competent to cooperate with US police if need be. Give one reliable source (not "several sources") and the police should take it from there. 

    TruthseekerCP (Sorry TS, but I really had this name first, and now that CTTB and other Caypolitics posters are re-emerging,  I would at least like to hold on to this handle long enough that they might rememeber who is posting. Godspeed!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Any wonder crime is running rampant in the Cayman Islands.  We are constantly letting in criminals from other countries, without fingerprinting them or doing any background checks on them.  I bet we cannot enter the USA without being fingerprinted and we have no choice or say, so then why should the visitors to Cayman have so much choices? Other foolish things the government are doing cost money, then why not get the finger printing system on board too and start screening everyone from 13 years and upwards. This should also include everyone else that is already on the Islands. McKeeva please protect YOUR Cayman people and get busy with the job.

  11. Richard Wadd says:

     ALL residents (even visitors as far as I am concerned) should be photographed AND fingerprinted as standard procedure. From a resident applies for a Passport, Driver’s License, Voter Registration (ANY National ID), they should have this information in a Central Data-base shared by BOTH Immigration and the Police.

      ALL Visa applicants should have to submit finger-prints, and Photo’s, and ALL visitors should be ID at Port of entry, just as in the US.

      FACT, some "Visitors" gain entry to these islands for Criminal Gain. FACT, some visitors come here under False Documentation, or use someone-else’ Documents. There have been at least one recent case where a person who had been deported previously, had re-entered using False Documents ‘borrowed’ from another person. 

      I don’t think Law-abiding citizens would object if it is for their Security.

  12. Anonymous says:

    For God sakes don’t say too much about this; you will have people saying that you are being "anti-foreign"


  13. Anonymous1 says:

    If we had fingerprinting, we might have caught him by now. 

    Maybe we can give him a five year work permit.  I’m sure he can put together a false document claiming he’s a financial wizard.

    Just a suggestion if you haven’t done this already…post to Facebook, please.  Will help reach a lot of people. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Now aint that dandy! Hopefully our new Chief Immigration Officer will take the necessary steps to find him if he is here! If he is here it will show how dangerous it is to depend on the inadequate background checks that we do for work permits. Have any of you read the immigration forms? We do not even have these people coming here to work tested for drugs and am sure that many of them are drugs users. They need to be tested when permits are being renewed too and also when they apply for permanent residence or Cayman status.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope you are advocating compulsory drug tests for ALL employees including Caymanians – because believe me there would be some results that might well surprise those who say its all the expats – go down the summary court daily and see which nationality it is who are charged for consumption and possession of ganga on this little island!  And while we are at it if you have nothing to fear because you are all so law abiding then lets fingerprint EVERYONE on the island .  I’m game – I am an expat with nothing to hide – happy to be fingerprinted and drug tested – just so long as it is not discriminatory on the basis of nationality (ps that would be against the new Caymanian Constitution)

      • Can't do that says:

        You can’t fingerprint everyone as it is contrary to the CIG’s obligations under the ECHR.  Nor could Immigration give the police access to any fingerprint information.

        • Anonymous says:

          We do every thing here differently dont we?

        • Anonymous1 says:

          Immigration don’t need police. Fingerprint on entry like US.  Let’s get rid of ECHR if it’s going to protect criminals.  If the US can do it, we can too.

          My father always say "if you have nothing to hide, I should be able to turn on the light."  I have nothing to hide so fingerprint away.

    • Anonymous says:

      It may not be on the ‘immigration form’ but it’s certainly a requirement to geta  work permit. All expats need to have a blood test and full medical before being given a work permit. A further blood test is usually required on renewal. This would pick up any drug use.

      Whilst I am sure that like the police clearance checks there is room for abuse, that is more due to the ingrained corruption within the Caymanian police, government and immigration system than a lack of a process. The rules are in place but greed and incompetence greases the wheels to get the criminals permits.

    • Anonymous says:

      Immigration needs to be of Intelligent, concerned , and caring Caymanian Staff. For years Ihave noticed that once you stand in front of the counter and laugh up, flirt up, and make believe you can get whatever you go there for, not to mention the gifts. We have many experienced older Caymanians that could handle these positions. You need have to have that sixth sense in order to help do a good job. Then the other little finky finky person in the line that is honest is given a hard time.  Wake up Caymanians your children is going  to SUFFER for what you do today. We just cant only blame Mack.