Cayman Finance opens web window to the world

| 19/11/2009

(CNS):Part of its goal to promote the Cayman Islands in a positive light and continue the battle to counter the attack on the jurisdiction and other offshore centres by the G20 countries, Cayman Finance has introduced a new website which, it says, reflects the organisation’s new emphasis on public disclosure, information sharing, and its proactive approach to the global village. In keeping with the focus on being proactive now instead of reactive, the site is a global platform for Cayman Finance to deliver its own message to the world about the industry.

The updated site includes a new blog section, where representatives of Cayman Finance, formerly the Cayman Islands Financial Services Association (CIFSA), will be posting commentary on issues or events that will affect the jurisdiction.  Members of the public are invited to leave their own comments on each blog posting in the hopes of creating a broader understanding of the key issues and promoting productive discussions on these topics, although users are asked to leave a name.

“The new site is very much a news portal, a central resource if you will, where individuals can find the latest information and commentary on issues affecting Cayman’s financial services industry,” says Anthony Travers, Chairman of Cayman Finance, whose latest blog on the site criticizes the Foot Report for missing the mark and cultural particularism.

Located at, the site also includes international news with stories from around the world related to financial services. Cayman Finance news contains all the news releases from Cayman Finance, an Events section highlighting upcoming conferences and events, a Publications section where members can share reports, surveys, presentations, ad summaries of legal decisions, and an Archive section for news releases and articles from prior years.  The home page contains a section called The Latest that pulls the most interesting news stories from each section and includes other original content released by Cayman Finance.

Taking advantage of the latest technology available, Cayman Finance said the site also includes a powerful multi-media section and is connected to the most frequently used social media sites.

“This incarnation has been developed with an international audience very much in mind and with the goal of supporting the global public relations and lobbying efforts undertaken by Cayman Finance in defense of the local industry,” the organization said. 

Lauding the amount of information on the site and its powerful search function to help users find the specific information they are seeking, Cayman Finance said it anticipated the new website to be an effective tool in developing stronger relationships with news outlets around the world.

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