Questions in Lords about tropical idylls

| 23/11/2009

(The Independent): Michael Ashcroft has asked a significant number of questions in the House of Lords about British policy in a region of the Caribbean where he has extensive business interests. Half the questions he has put to ministers since late March have concerned Belize or the Turks and Caicos Islands. In April and May, the billionaire deputy chairman of the Conservative Party submitted written questions to ministers about government and EU aid to Belize, in Central America, where he made a large part of his fortune. He also asked whether any officials from the British Treasury had visited the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos in the previous six months.

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  1. What?? Me?? says:

    Lord Ashcroft.  Billionaire businessman.  Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party with personal holdings and investments in the Caribbean and Central America.  Questions government policy not towards his British constituents, that would be beside the point but strangely, to areas where he has substantial holdings and investments. Can we put any pieces together here? 

    My God.  Does the House of Lords still actually exist in our modern world? This would not be typical colonialism or using political position for personal gain?  Would it?