Police send warning to drivers ahead of holiday season

| 24/11/2009

(CNS): Local officers will soon begin the Christmas road safety enforcement campaign, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said today (24 November). The aim is to both discourage and detect instances of drink driving and speeding, and to challenge all bad driver behaviour the service warned. “The message is clear – don’t drink and drive and don’t let others drive when they shouldn’t,” police said. Drivers with high blood alcohol content are at an increased risk of car accidents and vehicular deaths.


Every accident caused by drunk driving is completely preventable, the RCIPS said in a statement, but unfortunately alcohol impaired driving remains a serious problem that can affect many lives. The Traffic Department alerted drivers to the fact that it takes less alcohol than one might think for driving to be impaired and warned of the risks to motorists and pedestrians alike.

“As we approach the holiday season it is essential that drivers remember that if they are going to drink they should either leave their vehicle at home or find a designated driver. Any amount of alcohol can impair reaction times and the consequences can be devastating,” advised Inspector Adrian Barnett, officer in charge of the RCIPS Traffic Management Department.  “It is a privilege to own a driver’s licence and as we share the roads with other drivers we must travel within the laws.”

Last year 321 people were charged with driving under the Influence on Cayman’s roads, an increase of over 18% on the previous year and an average of 26.7 arrests per month. The 2008 Christmas police campaign had a significant impact on the statistics as only 15 drivers were arrested during December. However, the campaign did not manage to influence behaviour once it was over, as 31 drivers were arrested in January 2009. According to the latest RCIPS statistics between January and June of this year 167 drivers have been arrested for DUI.



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  1. Cross de Board says:

    How about the ignorant a$$e$ that turn into and out of that complex on the Harquail Bypass completely ignoring the signs that say no right turn???

    Going in from the north – suck it up and go to the round about by ALTs and come back.   Turning south coming out, same thing – go to the round about by Camana Bay and follow the rules of the road.

    Or is this a special enclave for the (definitely) mentally and semi-physically handicapped that cannot read and comprehend signs and have a penchant for risking the lives of others by not following the signs?

    Please, next time one of you wants to pull this stunt – do it when I am barrelling down the bypass at the legal 40mph in my SEMI TRUCK – cause I ain’t stoppin’ for ignorance – the more of that we can eliminate, the better!!!

    Might stop by for a canape at the funeral, if that’s OK. 

    Perhaps a full-time police man right at the base of Mount Trashmore could solve this…