Jesus ‘may have visited UK’

| 25/11/2009

(The Independent): A new film suggests that Jesus may have come to Britain, as described in the hymn Jerusalem, its director said today. The documentary, And Did Those Feet, explores the story behind the legend which survives in the hymn, for which William Blake wrote the words. The legend claims Jesus visited several places in the West Country, such as the Roseland peninsula and Glastonbury, with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathaea. In the film, Scottish researcher Dr Gordon Strachan said it is plausible Jesus may have visited Britain to further his learning.

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  1. They're kidding says:

    Jesus What???  Visited the UK?  Sure he did.  The Sun reports: rumour has it he then vacationed in Spain.  where he was eventually going to retire and open a pub called The Cave.