Former public bank manager sets up private firm

| 03/12/2009

(CNS): The former general manager of the Cayman Islands Development Bank has set up in private practice and says he aims to help small business with a range of services. Ralph Lewis said that his consulting and counselling agency Lewis Consulting Services (LCS) will offer reviews of existing businesses looking at Operational Efficiency, Customer Service, Core Systems, Inventory Management and Financial Discipline to improve business performance in what are challenging times for all small medium enterprises (SMEs).

"The foundation for my new business venture is based on integrity and confidentiality, which are the major components for consulting and counselling", said Lewis, who said he was qualified in banking, financial counselling and operational efficiency. "SMEs globally have been struggling to survive in the current economic climate and those domiciled in the Cayman Islands are also experiencing their share of challenges. The recommendations provided by LCS will offer affordable tools and techniques which will increase the survival rate of these businesses. "

Lewis, said he has been involved in banking for the last 30 years, regionally and claims to have been instrumental in improving operational efficiency, customer service and core system conversions in various institutions across the Cayman Islands for over 25 years. "This level of expertise and experience can only add value to the business operations consulted by LCS", Lewis added saying his long term plans include expansion within the Caribbean region through partnerships with established development agencies.

An additional service offered by Lewis will be personal financial counselling. In the near future, he will be teaming up with local media houses to produce a number of programs on budgeting and personal debt management. 

"The current economic crisis has affected the disposable income levels for individuals thereby placing tremendous strain on financial resources and relationships."  Lewis said his financial counselling tools and techniques can provide much needed assistance and direction to individuals attempting to gain control over their finances and in turn their lives around.

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